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Welcome to my Jocko Greens review. I’m going to go over all components of this up-and-coming greens formula to see if it’s truly beneficial and valuable.

I’ve reviewed many different superfoods and greens supplements before. With my background in holistic health, I know which ingredients are effective and what doses to use. 

This Jocko Greens powder contains many good, well-researched ingredients. However, there are several concerns with dosing. 

Overall, I still like the product and think it has benefits in some cases.

There’s much more to go over. Keep reading my Jocko Greens review to get the full picture. You’ll learn about the main features, ingredients, pricing, possible benefits, and more.

About Jocko Fuel

Jocko Greens is made by Jocko Fuel, a sports nutrition line created in part by Jocko Willink. You may know the former Navy SEAL as a highly popular speaker, podcaster, and general motivational influencer

The company was created to help a wide variety of individuals optimize energy and performance through quality, clean products. 

Jocko supplements are advertised to be for athletes, industrial workers, military, and anyone else who leads a busy, active lifestyle. 

All products in this line abide by what they call the “Jocko Fuel Standards”. This includes responsible sourcing, natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and whole-health benefits. 

What is Jocko Greens?

Jocko Greens is an organic greens and superfoods supplement designed for total-body health and wellness. 

It contains a blend of powerful superfood fruits and vegetables, adaptogens for stress management, and probiotics for digestive health. 

Jocko Greens green powder is marketed as an easy, convenient way to get more nutrition in your daily routine. It is reportedly formulated to actually taste good with the use of all-natural sweeteners – nothing artificial.

Who is Jocko Greens for?

jocko greens review

Jocko Greens by Jocko Fuel is advertised for anyone who wants to get in more fruits, vegetables, and nutrients daily.

It may be a good option for people who lead busy, hectic lifestyles and can’t prepare all of their own healthy meals.

Also, Jocko Greens may be useful for athletes, manual laborers, or anyone else who goes through a lot of physical exertion and needs help to “maintain the machine” as they put it.

Things To Consider Before Buying Jocko Greens

We’re looking at an industry producing hundreds of similar supplements. Here are a few facts about Jocko Greens before we dive deeper into what, if anything, sets it apart from others.

Label Transparency

One of the first good things to see with Jocko Greens is the fully transparent label. I can clearly tell how much of each ingredient is in this product. 

This helps to determine the overall effectiveness and to more easily gauge any concerns for safety and side effects.

General Ingredient Profile

Jocko Greens keeps it relatively basic with fruits, vegetables, algae, and herbs. These are found in most other superfood supplements, too. In general, they’re included to support immunity, energy, and total health and wellness.

They also include adaptogens and probiotics which may offer additional benefits for stress management and gut health, respectively. 


The regular price of Jocko Greens is about $1.75 per serving, which is a moderate price for a greens powder. Later in this article, you’ll also see the specific subscription savings that are available. 


Many greens powders have a terrible taste; it’s just the unfortunate truth! But Jocko Greens is advertised to actually taste pleasant.

They use natural fruit flavors and stevia to provide a sweet, but not overpowering, flavor that may mask some of the bitterness from the greens.

Money-Back Guarantee

Jocko Fuel offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This isn’t a huge amount of time, but still should be enough to determine the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of this greens powder.

Jocko Greens Features

Jocko Fuel Greens has multiple intriguing features for those looking to buy a greens supplement. Here are a few, as well as their potential benefits.

Organic, Nutrient-Dense Superfoods

jocko greens features

It can be tough for many people to get enough fruits and vegetables every day. Maybe you’re busy and can’t prepare meals. Or, perhaps you simply can’t stomach five to six servings of plants per day. 

However, fruits and vegetables are essential for many aspects of health. Failing to get these could lead to inadequate nutrient intake and poorer health overall.

Jocko Greens claims to offer organic superfoods to provide your body with a wide range of nutrients. 

Their formula includes organic fruits, vegetables, and other superstars like spirulina and wheatgrass to provide powerful health support. 

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, & Antioxidants

If you’re a hard-charging athlete, busy executive, or just a regular guy or gal who leads a stressful lifestyle, you need to be particularly concerned with getting enough nutrients. 

After all, it’s the vitamins, minerals, and more that influence your physical and mental performance

Jocko Greens green powder claims to be filled with all of this plus antioxidants and other plant nutrients to bolster your health and optimize performance. The intention is to keep your immune system, gut, brain, and other areas in peak shape. 

While many of the ingredients in Jocko Greens are known to be beneficial, some particular standouts are spirulina, wheatgrass, spinach, sweet potato, banana, and goji berry.

Stress-Busting Adaptogens

Chronic stress is a very common problem today. Maybe you’re one of those people who is starting to feel the negative effects from stress, such as increased irritability, trouble sleeping, or muscle tension.

Jocko Greens includes adaptogenic herbs for stress support, including ashwagandha and rhodiola. 

These may help your body handle stress better and in turn decrease some of the negative effects. It may bring about more calmness, less tension, and improved well-being.

Vital Probiotics

Bloating, gas, constipation, and other gut problems can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. 

Jocko Greens claims to help get rid of those problems by using effective, high-quality probiotics. These are meant to balance your gut health and improve digestive power, which may reduce troubling symptoms.

Delicious Taste

Jocko Greens green powder features

Even if you have a product that’s the healthiest, most nutrient-dense drink on the planet, it won’t do much if you can’t drink it without gagging. 

You need to find something that you can be consistent with.

Jocko Greens claims to have a delicious flavor that masks the greens and makes it easier to drink. 

They use natural fruit flavors alongside stevia extract and monk fruit to provide a sweet flavor without being overwhelming. This may help you actually enjoy a greens drink for once.

Does Jocko Greens really work? 

Alright, let’s cut right to it.

Based on what I’ve seen, it’s possible that Jocko Greens can work. That said, individual results may vary, and no one can guarantee any specific health benefits.

Still, Jocko Greens’ formula is definitely filled with healthy ingredients that provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds. 

However, many of these ingredients are underdosed, especially the adaptogens and certain fruits and vegetables. This unfortunately decreases the potential effectiveness of Jocko Greens.

Keep reading my Jocko Greens review to get even more insight and learn if it’s still valuable. I’ll also cover some possible alternatives that may be better for you.

Jocko Greens Ingredients 

Jocko Greens powder is filled with over 25 ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, other superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens.

Here are all active Jocko Greens ingredients:

  • Organic Vegetable Blend:
    • Organic Spirulina
    • Organic Wheat Grass
    • Organic Kale
    • Organic Spinach
    • Organic Beets
    • Organic Sweet Potato
    • Organic Broccoli Sprout
    • Organic Chlorella
    • Organic Oat Grass
    • Organic Cabbage
    • Organic Carrots
  • Organic Fruit Blend:
    • Organic Banana Powder
    • Organic Pineapple
    • Organic Apple Powder
    • Organic Grape
    • Organic Goji
    • Organic Pomegranate
    • Organic Acai Powder
    • Organic Wild Blueberry
    • Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract
  • S11™ Probiotics Blend
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium breve
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Organic Vegetable Blend (5,400mg)

The Organic Vegetable Blend contains 11 vegetables and other greens. Even though it’s a blend, it’s nice that they list out the amount of every ingredient within.

Organic Spirulina (1,170mg)

jocko greens ingredients

The biggest portion of the Organic Vegetable Blend is spirulina, which is a nutrient-rich algae. In particular, spirulina is high in vitamin E, beta-carotene, iron, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, copper, and chlorophyll. 

Research shows that spirulina has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It may also help improve cholesterol, immune function, and metabolism

Effective dosage according to Examine: 1 to 8g

Organic Chlorella (180mg)

Chlorella is another algae with many nutrients, such as vitamin B12, iron, calcium, omega-3s, and various antioxidants.

It likely reduces inflammation, supports metabolism, and boosts immune function. But the dose in Jocko Greens is very low.

Effective dosage according to Examine: 6 to 10g

Organic Wheatgrass (900mg)

Jocko Greens green powder ingredients

Wheatgrass is a cereal grass rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. It is filled with vitamins A, C, E, and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, flavonoids and other antioxidants, and more.

Some of the possible benefits of wheatgrass are weight management, reduced inflammation, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and antioxidant effects. 

Organic Oatgrass (180mg)

Oatgrass is a cereal grass with many similar nutrients as wheatgrass. However, the dosage is much lower and it’s unlikely to have as much of an effect. 

Vegetables (2,960mg)

The other seven ingredients in this blend are all different vegetables. Their total doses add up to 2,960mg, so it’s a pretty significant portion. 

The vegetables included are spinach, kale, broccoli, sweet potato, beets, cabbage, and carrots. 

There isn’t much research on supplementing with vegetable powders since this isn’t as common as simply eating the whole vegetable.

But of course, there is plenty of research showing the nutrients and health benefits in these vegetables. They provide vitamins, A, C, E, and K, magnesium, fiber, potassium, folate, and a wide array of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and lutein. 

In general, vegetable consumption increases overall health. It may improve gut health, heart function, metabolism, and immunity, among other things. 

Organic Fruit Blend (3,600mg)

The Organic Fruit Blend is made up of nine fruits. These are banana, pineapple, apple, grape, goji, pomegranate, acai, wild blueberry, and cranberry. 

Organic Banana Powder (1,080mg)

jocko greens powder ingredients

Banana is tied for the highest-dosed fruit in this blend, along with pineapple. This fruit is loaded with many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A precursors, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and many antioxidants/polyphenols.

In general, bananas are simply good for overall health and may improve gut health, skin and eye health, metabolism, and many other things.

Organic Pineapple (1,080mg)

Pineapple is high in vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, and antioxidants such as flavonoids. It also contains bromelain and other enzymes which may help with digestion. 

Generally, pineapple has benefits for gut health, inflammation control, and nervous system function, just to name a few. 

Organic Goji (180mg) and Organic Acai (90mg)

Jocko Fuel greens ingredients

Two “exotic” ingredients in this blend are goji and acai, which I grouped together due to their typical classification as superfood berries. 

Both goji and acai contain stellar amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants (e.g. carotenoids, anthocyanins), fiber, and other nutrients. 

These berries may have benefits for gut health, heart support, inflammation reduction, and general wellness. 

Other Fruits (1,170mg) 

The other fruits in Jocko Greens are apple, grape, pomegranate, wild blueberry, and cranberry. 

They each provide many different nutrients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants (e.g. flavonoids, lignans, anthocyanins, quercetin).

There are certainly specific benefits to each of these fruits. But broadly speaking, they all offer support for overall physical and mental health, such as brain function, heart health, immunity, and metabolism. 

Effective dosage: Unknown (however, an established dose for blueberry powder is 5.5g, which may translate well for the other fruits in general).

S11™ Probiotics Blend (9 Billion CFU)

The S11™ Probiotics Blend is a trademarked blend of 10 different probiotics, all of which are either Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium based.  

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are two of the most well-researched types of probiotics. They naturally occur in the gut. Supplementing may help to provide a more balanced microbiome (gut environment) in cases where there are too little good bacteria or too many bad bacteria.

This may lead to improved digestion and gut health, as well as reduced diarrhea, constipation, and other symptoms. 

Rhodiola Extract (50mg)

Rhodiola is an herbal compound often used for energy and vitality enhancement. It acts as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body to deal with and recover from stressors. 

This is done through a number of actions in the body, such as in the nervous and hormonal systems.

Research shows that rhodiola can reduce stress, improve vitality, decrease fatigue, and enhance strength and endurance. However, the dose in Jocko Greens is pretty low.

Effective dosage according to research: Doses as low as 50mg can work for fatigue, but generally, 288 to 680 mg is most effective and noticeable

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract (50mg)

KSM-66® is a trademarked (and the most well-researched) form of ashwagandha root extract. Ashwagandha root has been used in traditional medicine for many years as an all-around health-booster and vitality enhancer.

Like rhodiola, ashwagandha is an adaptogen that may reestablish strength and vigor in the body after facing stressful situations. 

This herb seems most effective for stress and anxiety, although it may also improve cognitive function, hormonal function, and exercise performance. 

Again, the catch is that the dose in here is pretty low.

Effective dosage based on data: 250 to 600 mg

Milk Thistle Seed Extract (50mg)

jocko supplements greens ingredients

Milk thistle is a medicinal plant. Its seeds are rich in a compound called silymarin, which is known to support liver function and promote detoxification. 

It may even help liver cells regenerate. Plus, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Unfortunately, Jocko Fuel underdosed this ingredient, too. 

Effective dosage according to the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences: 280 to 1,260mg

Available Flavors 

One of the ways Jocko Greens claims to stand out is through its high-quality flavor.

Jocko Greens comes in two fruit flavors:

  • Peach 
  • Pineapple Coconut

This product is flavored with only natural fruit flavors, stevia, and monk fruit extract.

Jocko Greens Pros/Cons

Jocko Fuel did quite a few things right when crafting Jocko Greens. However, there are also some ways it could be better.

Listed below are the main pros and cons. 

Jocko Greens Pros

  • Organic fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods
  • Decent dose of spirulina
  • The total dose of superfoods overall is solid
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Made in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility
  • Great taste (potentially)
  • Moderately priced
  • Soy-free

Jocko Greens Cons

  • Some individual ingredients are dosed too low
  • Possible allergic reactions
  • Not 100% vegan (contains milk)
  • Some may find flavor too strong/sweet

How To Use Jocko Greens

Jocko Greens comes as a scoopable powder. The directions state to mix one scoop of Jocko Greens powder with eight ounces of water. 

Consume daily for optimal effects.

Recommended Dosage

It’s best to just stick with one serving (one scoop) per day. Consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement, especially if you take medications.

Real Customer Jocko Greens Reviews

In this section of my Jocko Greens review, let’s look at reviews from real customers. 

Jocko Greens seems to be highly rated. It has a 5-star rating on the Jocko Fuel website, which is based on nearly 300 reviews.

I also wanted to check Amazon since on-site ratings can be biased. But Jocko Greens still rated very high on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on over 1,000 reviews.

Here are some of the positive things people were saying in these reviews:

There were some negative comments too, though:

  • A decent amount of buyers didn’t like the flavor; some said it was too strong
  • Several customers said the price was a bit high for the value

Here are some full-length Jocko Greens reviews to give you more information and details:

“So I was a little worried about the flavor, and if it would actually taste like the description said. Upon mixing up the product, you kind of get the sense it may taste like grass, but it does not. 

For it being a keto, friendly, a.k.a. sugar, substitutes it actually has some pretty good flavor and is not over sweet. The ingredient quality is pretty top notch and I did notice within a day of using I started to become regular.” – Quentin L.

“The taste is decent. One does not have to choke it down but I wouldn’t say it’s pleasant either.I am noticing a difference in my mood and energy levels. Not huge, but noticeable. 

Even on a high protein diet that usually binds me up, my bowel movements have been regular and I don’t feel so bloated.” – Harold K. 

“I would definitely recommend your greens to everyone! I have tried a lot of different brands & these are the best, coconut pineapple! They are delicious & I actually look forward to drinking them, not gritty at all. And they definitely help with my digestion.” – Sue D. 

“Doesn’t taste like your average greens. Very good flavor and quality ingredients. What a great product I highly recommend!” – Blake F. 

“I have been using Jocko Greens for several months now. I religiously make sure this is the first thing that I put into my body in the morning. I can attest that I have experienced an improved immune system. My household has gotten sick and I have not. 

The probiotics are a benefit as well, as I have not had any digestive related issues.” – Brian

“Just got it last week, took it for 3 days straight and although it taste great, it definitely makes you gassy, and it’ll make you go to the bathroom #2 idk if anyone feels the same but yeah, tastes good but the gassy feeling is terrible.” – Roberto C.

“I tried so hard to want to like this but the taste/smell just wasn’t for me. I don’t think any of these will be good for me. If you aren’t picky then I am sure you will like it.” – Kacie F. 

Alternatives To Jocko Greens

Jocko Greens certainly isn’t the only possible greens supplement out there. Three alternatives that are also worth checking out include Primal Greens, Athletic Greens, and Supergreen Tonik.  

Primal Greens

Primal Greens is a superfood complex made by Primal Harvest. This formula contains many different fruits, vegetables, superfoods, herbs, and antioxidants to restore health and vitality. It also uses digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics to improve gut health.

All it takes is just one scoop daily. The company claims you’ll experience better energy, improved immunity, and excellent digestion.  


  • Diverse mix of health-boosting ingredients
  • Provides high amounts of vitamins C, E, B12, and zinc
  • Offers subscription savings and bulk deals
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No gluten, dairy, or soy


  • Regular price is pretty high
  • Uses proprietary blends 

Read my full review of Primal Greens here

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens (AG1) is one of the most well-known green drinks. It is filled with over 75 ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, 21 vitamins and minerals, probiotics, and more. 

It’s designed to offer many nutrients that you may not get enough of, especially if you are an athlete or other highly active person. Some of the possible benefits are improved immunity, more energy, better gut health, and detoxification. 


  • Many healthy ingredients (75+)
  • NSF Certified for Sport; Strict practices for safety and quality
  • Ingredients are well-researched
  • Bioavailable forms of most vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, paleo, keto, and low-carb diets
  • Non-GMO and free from many top allergens


  • Higher priced than other similar supplements
  • Uses proprietary blends (lack of disclosure)
  • Low amounts of some micronutrients, esp. the minerals 

Read my full Athletic Greens review here

Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik is advertised as a daily wellness formula for optimal health. It contains 38 ingredients, including superfoods, adaptogens, and many plant-based nutrients. 

This greens formula is particularly designed to help people who deal with brain fog, anxiety, low energy, and frequent illnesses. It also claims to support gut health and overall wellness.


  • Fully transparent label
  • Clinically researched ingredients (38 in total)
  • No artificial ingredients
  • One-year guarantee
  • Dairy-free, caffeine-free, egg-free, soy-free


  • Pretty high-priced
  • No fruits in the formula

Read our full-length Supergreen Tonik review here

Jocko Greens vs. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is one of the most popular greens drinks that people compare to other similar products. Let’s see how Jocko Greens compares to Athletic Greens in the table below. 

ProductJocko GreensAthletic Greens 
Total Dose10.2g12g
Main IngredientsFruits, Vegetables, Other Superfoods, Probiotics, and AdaptogensFruits, Vegetables, Other Superfoods, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Adaptogens, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, and Added Vitamins and Minerals
Regular Price$52.99$99
Subscription Savings10%: down to $47.6920%: down to $79
Bulk Savings NoneYes (double subscription)

Health Benefits of Jocko Greens

When taken regularly, here are some potential Jocko Greens benefits:

  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Digestion and Gut Health
  • Immune Support
  • Stress Management
  • Aids in Detoxification
  • Promoes Alkalization
  • Decreased Inflammation

Increased Energy

jocko greens benefits

Jocko Greens may increase energy, especially if you don’t have a very nutrient-rich diet. The various superfoods in Jocko Greens may give you more vitamins, minerals, and more you need for energy and both physical and mental performance. 

Improved Digestion and Gut Health

Jocko Greens green powder could also improve digestion and gut health. First, it contains probiotics that may improve your gut health and other aspects connected to gut health, such as immunity and skin.

Also, the various plant foods in Jocko Greens may contribute to healthier digestion and gut function.

Immune Support

Another possible benefit of Jocko Greens is immune support. Many of the ingredients in this formula are rich in immune-supporting nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, and folic acid.

On top of that, Jocko Greens may strengthen the gut-immune connection, which could also enhance immunity.  

Stress Management

Jocko Greens may also promote better stress management. This is because it uses rhodiola and ashwagandha, which are adaptogens that may reduce stress hormones. 

Also, getting more fruits, vegetables, and superfoods in your diet could potentially reduce stress by simply making you healthier overall.

Aids in Detoxification

Jocko Greens could also help with detoxification. This is mainly attributed to milk thistle extract, which supports liver health and detoxification.

But different superfoods in Jocko Greens may work together to further enhance detoxification processes. 

Promotes Alkalization

Jocko Greens green powder benefits

Another possible benefit of Jocko Greens is increased alkalization. 

The body maintains a strict pH balance. Generally speaking, fruits, vegetables, and other foods in Jocko Greens are very alkaline. This might combat the effects of highly acidic foods that many people consume, such as meat, eggs, grains, and dairy. 

It’s unnecessary to avoid any of those food groups for most people. It’s just that many people don’t get enough fruits and vegetables, which may cause imbalances. So, Jocko Greens could help promote more balance.

Decreased Inflammation

Lastly, Jocko Greens may decrease inflammation and oxidative stress. This is due to the numerous anti-inflammatory fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods.

In turn, decreased inflammation may lead to other health benefits, such as improved skin, better immune function, and more energy. 

Potential Side Effects

There are a few possible side effects of Jocko Greens, some of which were mentioned in the reviews.

The possible side effects are gas, bloating, and other digestive symptoms, as well as allergic reactions and headache. 

Always check the label carefully before taking to ensure you’re not consuming ingredients you have a known allergy to. 

Jocko Greens Price

There are 30 servings in each container of Jocko Greens.

The one-time purchase price is $52.99 ($1.77/serving). You can save 10% with their Subscribe & Save option, which brings the cost down to $47.69 ($1.59/serving)

Where To Buy Jocko Greens

You can buy Jocko Greens on the Jocko Fuel website at this link. 

It’s also available on Amazon. However, I recommend buying right from the Jocko Fuel website to make sure you’re getting an authentic product with a valid warranty. 

Jocko Greens Shipping and Returns

Jocko Greens can be shipped worldwide, although there are restrictions in some countries.

They offer free shipping for orders over $99 placed in the lower 48 United States (i.e. everyone but Alaska and Hawaii). 

They also have a 30-Day Return Policy. Return any unused or unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund, minus shipping costs.

Company Details

Jocko Fuel is a US-based company headquartered in Jay, Maine.

You can contact customer support with questions, comments, or concerns at this email: [email protected].

Jocko Greens Verdict

This concludes my Jocko Greens review.

I’ve researched and reviewed many different greens powders. That’s because I know my clients and readers need more ways to improve gut health, boost immunity, enhance energy, and simply feel better.

It’s a real struggle to have issues with one of these areas, let alone a few of them.

Some greens powders can be a waste of money, but after reviewing Jocko Greens, it seems like a pretty good option overall for boosting health and wellness. There are many high-quality fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods. And I like that they’re all organic. 

Additionally, Jocko Greens is reasonably priced compared to some other similar products I’ve seen.

And as a reminder once again, it’s naturally sweetened and is more likely to actually taste good!

However, some ingredients are dosed too low, especially the herbs and adaptogens. 

But all things considered, Jocko Greens is a superfood supplement worth trying out, especially if you are looking for a primarily organic, no-nonsense product. 

Click here to make your first purchase of Jocko Greens, and let me know how it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jocko Greens supplements legit?

Yes. Jocko Greens is made by a reputable company and contains well-researched ingredients. However, individual results will vary. 

What does Jocko Greens help with?

Jocko Greens may help with gut health, immunity, energy, stress management, and detoxification. It may also generally support overall well-being.

Do morning greens actually work?

In general, most greens products are healthy and beneficial. But the degree to which they “work” depends on the exact ingredients. Plus, it depends on what specific benefits you’re looking for.

Are greens supplements actually good?

Some greens supplements can definitely be good. They just need to have the right ingredients at proper doses and without any unnecessary ingredients.

Does Jocko greens have probiotics in it?

Yes. It contains 9 Billion CFU from different Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics. 

How long does it take for greens to start working?

It depends on the effects you’re looking for. In general, it’s best to take greens for at least three to four weeks before deciding if they work.

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