• does creatine expire
    Nutrition / Updated September 7 2022

    Does Creatine Expire? How Long Does Creatine Last?

    Creatine is without a doubt one of the most-used supplements in sports nutrition.  While you can obtain it naturally in your body, an extra dose can greatly impact your performance or muscle mass. There are several health benefits you can... Read More

  • 1000 calorie meals
    Nutrition / Updated July 31 2022

    11 Simple 1000 Calorie Meals For Muscle Growth

    Can you eat 1000 calories in a single meal? In most cases, people who need very high caloric intakes tend to be athletes or people that often work out.  The trouble is that reaching this amount in one sitting might... Read More

  • can you dry scoop creatine
    Nutrition / Updated August 24 2022

    Can You Dry Scoop Creatine? Pros, Cons, And Effectiveness

    People are constantly looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of their supplements. Such is the case with the social media trend where people try dry scooping creatine.  This is when people take a scoop of their creatine powder... Read More

  • what is the vertical diet
    Nutrition / Updated August 28 2022

    What Is The Vertical Diet: Pros, Cons, And Sample Meal Plan

    Have you had trouble with a bulking phase?  What I hear from a lot of people is how much harder their digestive systems had to work. There are a lot of other symptoms that come with it, too. If bulking... Read More

  • 600 calories a day
    Nutrition / Updated August 26 2022

    Eating 600 Calories A Day For Fat Loss: Should You Do It?

    Are you looking for a new method to help you lose weight?  You might think cutting calories is the best way. You might even get down to the 600-calorie range. As a personal trainer and nutritionist for many years, I’ve... Read More

  • female body toning meal plan
    Nutrition / Updated August 7 2022

    The Best 7-Day Female Body Toning Meal Plan With PDF 

    Health is a major, constant influencer of your energy levels, mood, and confidence.  Health certainly starts from the inside out, but having a toned physique is still a goal many of my clients have.  I’ve been a personal trainer and... Read More

  • How long does creatine take to work
    Nutrition / Updated August 30 2022

    How Long Does It Take For Creatine To Work? Tips For Fast Creatine Results

    So, how long does it take for creatine to work? Well, that really depends on you!  It can be difficult to navigate fitness supplements. There are so many different brands, methods of using them, dosages, and more.  Luckily, creatine is... Read More

  • 3000 calorie meal plan
    Nutrition / Updated August 9 2022

    A Healthy 3000 Calorie Meal Plan With PDF

    Do you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight? It can be challenging to know how many calories you should eat daily.  For the average person, a 3000 calorie meal plan puts them in a surplus. If this... Read More

    Nutrition / Updated June 9 2022

    25 Protein Boosters To Increase Your Protein

    Many people struggle to ingest adequate amounts of protein, especially in situations where our protein needs are increased due to exercise or other bodily stress, growth, and development, or an illness. Adequate protein intake is important for building, repairing, and... Read More

  • Good Fats Vs Bad Fats
    Nutrition / Updated June 26 2022

    Good Fat vs. Bad Fat: List of foods you didn't know had bad fats and probably eat every day!

    Fat has probably been the most misunderstood macronutrient: In the old days, when you need to lose weight for health reasons. Doctors would advise you to avoid fats entirely. A terrible idea. Also, a lot of misinformation has been spread... Read More

  • Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs
    Nutrition / Updated June 3 2022

    Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs: The reason behind the obesity epidemic.

    As of 2019, around 39% of adults worldwide are overweight. And at risk of developing a (serious) health condition.  This huge number has a lot to do with the negative effects of “bad” carbs. And people simply eating enough good... Read More

  • How These Adaptogen Herbs Reduce Stress
    Nutrition / Updated August 1 2022

    Adaptogenic Herbs For Stress And Anxiety management

    Feeling stressed out? Maybe you have a high-pressure deadline at work, laundry and dishes piling up at home, or an empty bank account. In today’s hectic society, there’s just no way to escape stress. In fact, some studies have found... Read More