• virtual personal training benefits
    Training / Published on September 26 2022

    What Is A Virtual Personal Trainer? FlexIt Fit Quick Review

    Want to get fit but don’t know if you should choose a virtual personal trainer versus an in-person trainer? Do you have a busy schedule or don’t feel comfortable in a gym setting? Both online and in-person options certainly have... Read More

  • thigh exercises with resistance bands
    Training / Published on September 21 2022

    15 Best Thigh Exercises With Resistance Bands: Complete Thigh Band Workout

    Ready to learn some thigh exercises with resistance bands? Resistance bands are amazing for allowing you to work out wherever you want to and still get whole-body resistance. It’s common to want to change the shape and tone of the... Read More

  • kettlebell workout plan tips
    Training / Updated September 17 2022

    The Best 12 Week Kettlebell Program With PDF

    Have you ever looked at kettlebells and wondered if they were worth using in your programming? You hit the gym and see other members using them with such creativity. They’re lean and functionally fit, and seem to have an endless... Read More

  • broad shoulders female causes
    Training / Published on September 7 2022

    How to Reduce Broad Shoulders For Females: 6 Tips To Reduce Broad Shoulders

    Everyone has a different preference for how they wish to look, but some body parts complaints are more common. For instance, a lot of women wonder how to reduce broad shoulders in females.  Of course, broad shoulders are still desirable.... Read More

  • what is functional strength training
    Training / Updated September 17 2022

    What Is Functional Strength Training? - Benefits & Exercises

    Functional strength training is a term we hear in fitness media and marketing, as well as among industry professionals.  The problem is, functional training often gets thrown around without more explanation about what it is and how it can benefit... Read More

  • knees over toes program
    Training / Published on August 10 2022

    What Is The Knees Over Toes Program, And Is It Safe?

    If you follow the fitness community on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you’ve no doubt come across videos of the Knees Over Toes Guy. His name is Ben Patrick, and some of his viral content shows him performing impressive feats. These... Read More

  • lower back dumbbell exercises
    Training / Updated August 21 2022

    Top 10 Lower Back Exercises With Dumbbells

    The lower back is an area often neglected in many people’s workout routines.  While the traps and lats get plenty of attention, few people have lower back exercises with dumbbells written into their regimen.  There are many reasons why it’s... Read More

  • horizontal push exercises
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    The Ultimate Guide To Horizontal Push Exercises

    Whether the goal is muscle growth, strength, or endurance, most workout programs are based on foundational movement patterns. One of these important movements is horizontal pressing. This is where we’re pushing the upper limbs in front of the body. This... Read More

  • what is reverse pyramid training
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    The Best Reverse Pyramid Training Guide: Exercises & Sample Program

    Is your workout routine feeling a bit too routine?  Pyramid training has long been used by lifters to change things up. The ability to stack sets and work with greater resistance can be a great way to challenge your mind... Read More

  • powerlifting program
    Training / Updated September 16 2022

    The Best 10 Week Powerlifting Program For Strength Gains (With PDF)

    Weightlifting and resistance training have been around for thousands of years as a way to create a stronger and more capable body. Over time, several specialized forms of weightlifting have become popular sports in their own right. Powerlifting has slowly... Read More

  • 5 day dumbbell workout
    Training / Updated August 9 2022

    The Best 5 Day Dumbbell Workout Split For Muscle Building

    When we think of resistance training, our minds often lead us to the gym.  However, when you have limited equipment or time, you can end up skipping a workout. All the while, there’s a set of dumbbells collecting dust in... Read More

  • do squats work abs
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    Do Squats Work Abs?

    So, do squats work abs? Yes and no! Many compound exercises require a strong core to lift heavier amounts of weight safely. Squats are certainly included in this group. While you squat, your abs work because they are activated during... Read More

  • bodyweight workout plan pdf
    Training / Updated August 28 2022

    The Best Bodyweight Workout Plan PDF For Beginners

    In the pursuit of mass and fitness, the humble bodyweight workout can be seen as inferior to its gym counterpart. If you’re anything like I used to be, you always compare bodyweight to a regular gym routine. I would compare... Read More

  • workout split for women
    Training / Updated August 9 2022

    The Most Effective Workout Split For Women I Beginners & Advanced Level 

    Is your current program not giving you the results you’re looking for? Have you plateaued and want to kick-start a new phase? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, there’s a workout routine for women... Read More

  • powerbuilding program
    Training / Updated August 9 2022

    The Best 12 Week Powerbuilding Program (With PDF)

    In the world of resistance training, several specialized sports have developed over the years. Some athletes want to prove themselves by lifting the most weight possible. Others strive to attain the most aesthetic physique. While bodybuilders, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters... Read More

  • 12 week resistance band training program
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    The Best 12 Week Resistance Band Training Program With PDF

    Looking for a 12 week resistance band training program to help you transform your physique no matter where you’re at?  You’ve come to the right place! Going to the gym can be beneficial, but having a resistance bands workout routine... Read More

  • leg press foot placement
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    The Ultimate Guide To Leg Press Foot Placement

    The leg press is an absolute staple exercise in many leg day workouts. The leg press machine is a safer alternative to free-weight exercises like the barbell squat. That being said, the leg press still requires some know-how for those... Read More

  • How much should I be able to squat
    Training / Updated August 5 2022

    How Much Should I Be Able To Squat?

    When we think of lifting, one of the key movements that comes to mind is the squat. The squat sits on the throne of lifting royalty. It’s an exercise that incorporates the muscles of the entire body, which is great... Read More

  • why do bodybuilders tan
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? Bodybuilder Tanning Explained

    If you follow professional bodybuilding at all, you’ll have noticed a common trend in competition. It’s rare to see a competitor on stage who isn’t darkly tanned, looking shiny and defined. A well-applied tan can make a marked difference to... Read More

  • hook grip deadlift
    Training / Updated August 5 2022

    A Detailed Guide To Hook Grip Deadlift

    The deadlift is one of the fundamental exercises for increasing overall muscle strength and development. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it allows you to lift some of the heaviest loads possible by a given individual. But,... Read More

  • Why are my legs so skinny
    Training / Updated August 24 2022

    Why Are My Legs So Skinny?

    Having skinny legs can be one of the most frustrating challenges many of us face in and out of the gym. Whether you have been smashing them for years, hitting your first plateau, or you don’t train at all, skinny... Read More

  • how much does a trap bar weigh
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh? 21 Hex Bar Brand Comparisons

    Have you ever wanted to try using a trap bar at the gym but don’t know whether it’s a good training choice? If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many of us (myself included) gravitate toward our favorite... Read More

  • square butt
    Training / Updated August 4 2022

    How To Turn A Square Butt Into Round Glutes: Exercises, Workout Plan, And Diet

    Are you frustrated because you feel you have a square butt?  You are not alone - many women are experiencing the same thing! The appearance of your bum can be attributed to multiple things. This includes genetics, how often you... Read More

  • dumbbell lat workout
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    10 Top Dumbbell Lat Exercises For "V-Taper" Back

    Fewer muscles are more imposing than a strong set of lats. They not only shape our upper body but also provide us with considerable strength.  But for many gym-goers, knowing how to target the lats can be difficult. Leaving our... Read More

  • what does pr mean in the gym
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    What Does PR Mean In The Gym? Track And Set New PRs

    Many people in the gym are focused on their physiques, training to build muscle and lose body fat. While these are great goals, it helps to have actual performance targets to track your training progress. To this end, PRs -... Read More

  • Rear Delt Workout
    Training / Updated July 27 2022

    13 Best Rear Delt Exercises, Stretches, And Warm Ups For Shoulder Growth

    Training and growing the muscles of the upper body have got to be a main reason we go to the gym.  The pursuit of a lean and formidable physique is something that I and many of my clients over the... Read More

  • Bro Split Vs PPL
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    Bro Split Vs PPL: Guide To Which Is The Best Training Split

    So, you’ve started lifting. Maybe you’ve seen some good results in the first six months or more using a traditional full-body program. But now it’s time to take your training to the next level. You need more focused workouts to... Read More

  • Arnolds Chest & Back Workout
    Training / Updated July 18 2022

    Ultimate Arnold Split: How To Work Out Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

    When you ask people who their inspiration for the gym is, certain names will pop up time and time again. Superhuman figures like Hercules or Batman aside, one of the biggest gym heroes in history has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger.... Read More

  • How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group for Weight Loss
    Training / Updated September 18 2022

    How Many Exercises Per Workout? Muscle Grouping, Sets, And Reps Guidelines

    Whether you’re researching your first-ever weight training program, or just looking to progress from one split to another, there are a million things to consider. One of the central questions is, how many exercises to do in each workout? This... Read More

  • Cable shoulder workouts
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    Ultimate Cable Shoulder Workouts: 17 Cable Shoulder Exercises for Strength and Size

    The shoulders may be one of the most enjoyable muscle groups to train in the gym. One of my favorite ways to train them is by using cables. Their pivot joints, interchangeable handles, and the ability to change the resistance... Read More

  • Underbutt Exercises
    Training / Updated July 18 2022

    16 Best Underbutt Exercises For Bum Crease and Lower Glute Workout Program

    Designing a booty workout that allows you to feel more confident is key to improving your self-image and physical strength. Also, who doesn’t love having a bum crease?  Luckily, numerous exercises can help you build and shape your bum, so... Read More

  • Leg Press Alternative
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    14 Effective Leg Press Alternative Exercises (With Videos)

    The leg press is one of the most iconic pieces of machinery in the gym. The exercise itself is a staple in any gym or leg day routine. The leg press does a fantastic job of challenging our lower body.... Read More

  • Cable Chest Workout
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    Ultimate Cable Chest Workout: 16 Cable Chest Exercises For Mass

    In the realm of chest exercises, the first moves that may come to mind might include classics like the barbell bench press or push-ups.  However, gym-goers who’ve been training for any length of time will know the value of the... Read More

  • Lat Pulldown Alternatives at Home
    Training / Updated August 26 2022

    14 Excellent Lat Pulldown Alternatives (Dumbbells, Barbells, Bands, Cables, and Machines)

    If you’ve ever signed up to a gym and been given a complimentary program, you’ve no doubt seen the lat pulldown. This exercise has been a staple of back workouts for decades, as it’s a fun, safe, and effective back... Read More

  • which cardio machine burns the most calories
    Training / Updated April 12 2022

    Which Cardio Machine Burns the Most Calories Per Hour?

    Choosing a cardio machine isn’t as easy as it looks.  With a range of cardio equipment available at most gyms, how do you know which is most effective? Treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, and stationary bikes. All can help you... Read More

  • Back And Bicep Workout For Muscle Growth
    Training / Updated August 11 2022

    Complete Guide: Back and Bicep Workout with 15 Powerful Exercises for Muscle Growth

    While international chest day often steals the spotlight in many lifters’ training schedules, there’s a whole other side to upper body training - literally! The muscles of the upper back are some of the biggest in the body, making them... Read More

  • Long Head Bicep Exercises
    Training / Updated August 5 2022

    11 Top Long Head Bicep Exercises For Massive Peak

    Few body parts draw attention quite like a strong set of biceps.  If you don’t have well-sculpted biceps, you want them. And if you do have them, you want more of them.  But what does it actually take to build... Read More

  • Dumbbell Tricep Exercises
    Training / Updated April 14 2022

    13 Effective Dumbbell Tricep Exercises (Pictures) to Maximize Muscle Growth

    Training our triceps is one of the most satisfying muscle groups to work in the gym.  Whether it's finishing off a push day or smashing through an arm day, the pump we get can feel unmatched.  But when it comes... Read More

  • Hack Squat Alternative
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    11 Top Hack Squat Alternatives (Pictures) for Size and Strength

    Squats are commonly touted as the king of all strength exercises. The barbell squat is a staple for a strong, powerful lower body. But because the squat requires a lot of strength and skill to master, other options have been... Read More

  • Smith Machine Bar Weight
    Training / Updated May 24 2022

    12 Popular Smith Machine Bar Weights: 4 Factors To Consider for the Actual Bar Weight!

    If you’re a regular gym-goer, or if you have a particularly well decked out home set-up, you’ve probably come across a smith machine. While these machines can sometimes be a great source of ‘gym fail’ entertainment, they’re actually a highly... Read More

  • Pull Ups Alternatives
    Training / Updated April 8 2022

    18 Best Pull Up Alternatives to Train the Same Back Muscles

    If there was only one exercise for a strong, functional back, the pull-up would be among the top contenders. Pull-ups can improve upper body strength and shoulder stability. They also foster impressive core and posterior chain control and endurance. Being... Read More

  • T-Bar Row Alternatives
    Training / Updated August 7 2022

    12 Effective T-Bar Row Alternatives for a Bigger Back

    Certain exercises are considered foundational to building a broad, thick back.  The T-bar row is one such movement. As a compound pull exercise that hits so many muscles, it is a staple in many back-building programs. However, like any complex... Read More

  • How To Bear Mode
    Training / Updated July 30 2022

    Bulking with “Bear Mode”: 10 Tips to Grow Like Jeff Nippard

    If you’ve been into fitness or bodybuilding for any time, you’ve undoubtedly had to face one of the ultimate questions: bulk or cut? There are many ways to do both, and one guy who has seemingly tried them all is... Read More

  • Average Bench Press by Age
    Training / Updated July 18 2022

    What Is The Average Bench Press By Age For Men And Women?

    Along with the squat and deadlift, the bench press is one of the pillar exercises for any gym workout.  A fantastic full-body exercise, the bench press is great for building a foundation of strength and size.    But what is the... Read More

  • Ottermode
    Training / Updated April 7 2022

    Ottermode Physique: Easy guide to achieving Ottermode body type!

    A lot of people assume all guys want that completely ripped, bulky look that some action heroes and bodybuilders have. It’s idealized for sure. But anyone who knows anything about fitness understands that that much muscle mass is hard to... Read More

  • Reaction Exercise Drills
    Training / Updated April 3 2022

    4 Simple Reaction Time Exercises For Improving Reaction Speed

    When I started taking physical fitness more seriously, I didn’t think of reaction time exercises. Like many others, I would strive to improve flexibility, toning, and endurance.  But without good reaction time, your active lifestyle has an expiration date. Not... Read More

  • squats without shoes
    Training / Updated July 18 2022

    10 Reasons You Should Squat Barefoot (+5 why you shouldn't!)

    Who doesn’t love taking their shoes off after a long day? But should you take them off to squat? There are pros and cons for everything in life and squatting barefoot definitely has its benefits, but is it right for... Read More

  • Pullover Machine
    Training / Updated August 5 2022

    Guide to Pullover Machine: Plus Pullover Exercise Alternatives

    Popularized by Olympic champion Casey Victor in 1973, the pullover exercises are starting to become a popular (again) exercise in fitness programs due to their ability to work a whole range of upper body parts like the chest, back, arms... Read More

  • Can i do cardio on leg day
    Training / Updated August 3 2022

    Should You Do Cardio On Leg Day?

    I absolutely hate leg day, but you know the dudes you see in the gym with big upper body and stick legs? I don’t want to be that dude and I know you don’t either. But there is a way... Read More

  • Hard Yoga Poses Exercises
    Training / Updated February 8 2021

    8 Hard Yoga Poses That Will Improve Strength And Flexibility!

    Hard yoga poses are focused on improving the strength, flexibility, balance, increasing muscle growth, and just look completely badass when holding these ridiculous poses! You may be wondering: "How do I advance my yoga skills to the badass level?" Ideally,... Read More

  • 7 Best Yoga Exercises for Men
    Training / Updated May 26 2022

    7 Best Yoga Exercises For Men And Women

    Learning yoga for the first time? Here's the deal: Yoga can be difficult to learn and requires the right training to prevent injuries and get the most out of yoga. You should learn yoga in a three-phase process and foundational... Read More

  • 7 Best Side Delt Exercises
    Training / Updated March 5 2021

    Definitive Guide to Zercher Exercises, Zercher Squats, Deadlifts, Shrugs, And More!

    Zercher exercises were first started in the 1930s. They are named after Ed Zercher, a strong man who competed in professional tournaments of the time. Despite their professional origin, Zercher exercises are simple to incorporate into your existing routine and... Read More

  • Side Delt Exercises
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    7 Best Side Delt Exercises

    If you’re looking for a classic V-shaped bodybuilder’s upper body, you’ll need more than just big arms and swole lats. You’ll need large, round shoulders with plenty of muscle. Part of that is doing side delt exercises. This involves working... Read More

  • Deltoid Muscle Exercises
    Training / Updated September 17 2022

    5 Best Deltoid Muscle Exercises

    Strong arms aren’t the only important thing when it comes to lifting, powerful shoulders are just as vital. Deltoids encase your shoulder joint, providing you with the strength for carrying items from A to B, prevent injury and maintain proper... Read More

  • Military Press Muscles Worked
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    Military Press Muscles Worked and Best Bars for the Job

    Known to be called a shoulder press or strict press or a combination of both, the military press is a movement that has resisted the effects of time. It was one of the very first exercises introduced to the event... Read More

  • Pregnant Yoga Poses
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    Best Machines For Pregnancy Workouts

    Aches? Back pains? Swollen ankles? There is no running away from it during your pregnancy. However, regular exercise may reduce many of the aches and pains that come with carrying your child. Not only that but it reduces stress and... Read More

  • Captains Chair Exercises
    Training / Updated May 25 2022

    Top 10 Captain Chair Exercises To Build Six Pack Abs

    When it comes to exercises that tone your body, the captain's chair is most definitely somewhere at the top of the list. But, it can be difficult to know a variety of exercises that you can do to break up... Read More

  • Seated Cable Row Alternatives
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    3 Seated Cable Row Alternatives

    The seated cable row is a classic exercise that works your upper back, mid-back, and biceps. However, there are many rowing exercise alternatives that are just as effective and work the same muscles out. These alternatives target muscles that minimize... Read More

  • Master Australian Pull Up
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    Master Australian Pull-Ups In Just A Few Hours! Tips And Techniques!

     It is time to get down and under...with the Australian Pull-Ups. The Australian Pull Up is also known as the bodyweight row or the inverted row. It is a great exercise that requires very little equipment and is absolutely perfect... Read More

  • Calisthenics Exercises
    Training / Updated July 6 2022

    The Best Calisthenics Exercises List

    Calisthenics is a type of exercise that develops the flexibility, mobility, control, balance, and strength of the body. It is derived from the Greek words, kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength). Also known as a street workout, it is a form... Read More

  • F45 vs Orangetheory. What You Need To Know!
    Training / Updated May 28 2022

    F45 vs Orangetheory. What You Need To Know!

    When it comes to the fitness industry there is more of an emphasis on community, functional fitness and strength training. F45 and Orangetheory are two of the most popular fitness cults that are all the rage and still booming across the globe.... Read More

  • 6 Yoga Poses For Six Pack Abs For Men
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    6 Yoga Poses For Six Pack Abs Men & Women

    Yoga is becoming increasingly well-known for its ability to build up core strength and give people those desperately sought-after abs. Whilst you may think there is no way holding a few poses will get you that six-pack, almost every pose... Read More

  • 4 Alpha Male Exercises for Broad Shoulders
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    4 Alpha Male Exercises for Broad Shoulders

    Do you have broad shoulders on your Amazon wishlist? You’re not alone – every guy wishes for this ultimate mark of masculinity. Increasing your shoulder width makes your overall frame look beastly, while giving your waist a more fit, trim... Read More

  • Bodyweight Exercises
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    6 Best Strength Training Without Weights For Beginners

    You do not have to have a gym membership or have access to weights in order to get strong. One of the greatest resistance training tools that you have access to every single day is your own body. The biggest... Read More

  • Thicker Arms
    Training / Updated March 13 2021

    Best Arm Workouts Without Weights For Guys

    Building strength and size in the arms is something that many guys desire. What if I was tell you that you can work on building that desired strength and size in the comfort of your own home? No more need... Read More

  • Power Tower Exercises For Abs
    Training / Updated July 12 2022

    4 Best Power Tower Ab Exercises For Six Pack Abs

    “I want a six-pack” is up there as one of the most common responses to the question “what is it you want to achieve at the gym?”. It’s something sought after by so many but something that seems so unattainable.... Read More