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Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens are two of the most popular green powder supplements

These greens supplements can be beneficial for you if you find that you aren’t quite getting all of the fruits and vegetables that you need per day (which is 1 serving per meal and snack!)

You might be thinking of purchasing one, but aren’t they basically the same? The truth is, each has its unique set of ingredients, benefits, features, pros, and cons. 

If making that decision sounds like it might take some time, don’t worry! That’s why I am here. 

As a Registered Dietitian, it is my job to guide people toward the best supplement that covers their needs. 

At  A Glance

Now, while Bloom Greens is a good option, I typically prefer Athletic Greens thanks to its wide range of ingredients. Its blend can help improve overall health, decrease digestive issues, boost energy, and reduce inflammation

However, Bloom Greens can be a solid Athletic Greens alternative. It can help improve gut health, boost energy, and enhance the immune system. 

Remember that regarding nutrition, there is no one-size-fits-all. 

Keep reading as I compare Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens side-by-side to help you choose the best green powder for you. 

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Quick Facts: Face To Face Comparison 

Athletic GreensBloom Greens
Major Health ClaimsPromotes Gut Health
Supports Immunity
Boosts Energy
Helps Recovery
Improve inflammation 
Boost immune function
Reduce Digestive issues. 
Increased energy levels
Dietary PreferencesCaffeine-Free, Dairy-free, Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Corn-free, Lactose-free, Sucrose-free, Egg-free, Peanut-free, and VeganGluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Soy-Free.
Ingredient Count7540
Probiotic Count7.2 Billion CFUNot listed
Calories per Serving50 Calories per scoop15 Calories per scoop
Macronutrient Count per serving6g Carbohydrate, 2g Protein, 2g Fiber, No fat listed3g Carbohydrate,  2g Fiber, No protein or fat listed
Net Carbs Per Serving4g1g
Serving RecommendationsTake one scoop (12g) per day with 8-10 ounces of water first thing in the morning.Add a scoop (5.4g) of Greens to water, or your favorite beverage, stir, and enjoy!
Price Per Serving (One-time purchase)$3.30$1.33
CertificationsNSF Certified for Sport
Third-party tested by NSF
Manufactured in a TGA-registered, NSF (GMP) registered facilities
Manufactured in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Introductions

Before we dive deeper into each product, we need to understand where they come from and what they are. 

What is Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens is a green powder supplement made with 75 ingredients. It has different vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, adaptogens, herbs, and spices to help improve health, reduce digestive issues, and improve recovery. 

Athletic Greens + 5 Free Travel Packs
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What is Bloom Greens?

Bloom Greens has 40 ingredients. In the formula, you can find different fruits, vegetables, adaptogens, and probiotics to help improve digestion, support the immune system, and boost energy levels.

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Standout Features

athletic greens vs bloom greens

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Athletic Greens vs. Bloom. What makes each of them one of a kind?

Athletic Greens

  • Made with 75 ingredients
  •  NSF Certified for Sport
  • Caffeine-Free, Dairy-free, Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Corn-free, Lactose-free, Sucrose-free, Egg-free, Peanut-free, and Vegan
  • Third-party tested
  • No Artificial Ingredients
Athletic Greens + 5 Free Travel Packs
Athletic Greens® - Official Site

Get free Vitamin D3+K2 AND 5 free travel packs when you buy a double subscription to Athletic Greens!

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We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

Bloom Greens

  • Made with 40 ingredients
  • 5 Different Flavors
  • Strong digestive support blend
  • Available at Target and Walmart

Product 1: Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens  was founded in 2009, and while it has had several changes in its formulation throughout the years, they’ve managed to create a top-notch product each time. 

Currently, their only product (which is top-selling in the current market), is called AG1. It is a blend of 75 superfood ingredients that offers many proven health benefits.

With that said, it’s no wonder several well-known health and sports spokesmen stand behind the product. 

Main Benefits

Athletic Greens can improve overall health, but what are the main benefits you might obtain when including them in your daily diet?

  • Might improve digestion. Probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes in Atheltic Greens can contribute to improved digestion and gut health. Probiotics, or good bacteria, can help balance your gut  while prebiotics, or fiber that good bacteria feeds on, helps a healthy microbiome grow. 
  • Can boost energy levels. Vitamins, antioxidants, and adaptogenic compounds in this greens blend improve energy by helping your body adapt to stress.
  • Can help reduce stress and improve sleep. Athletic Greens has a unique blend of adaptogens, which are substances that can help reduce stress. One of the powerful adaptogens they use, ashwagandha, can have a positive effect on stress levels and promote a good night’s sleep.  
  • Might support liver function. Milk thistle and Burdock root in AG1 can help improve and maintain proper liver function to help us remove toxins from the body.
  • May enhance the immune system. Antioxidants like vitamin C in Athletic Greens can protect our cells from toxins which keep us getting suck.
  • May promote workout recovery: Athletic greens contains beetroot, which research shows can help improve performance


  • NSF Certified for Sport. 
  • Contains clinically researched ingredients. 
  • Vegan, gluten, and keto-friendly. 
  • Uses non-GMO ingredients. 
  • Third-party tested. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Offers travel-size packets. 


  • Uses proprietary blends. 
  • Higher priced supplement. 
  • Only available only. 
  • Some nutrients are underdosed. 
  • Not all ingredients are organic. 
  • Only one flavor.
Athletic Greens + 5 Free Travel Packs
Athletic Greens® - Official Site

Get free Vitamin D3+K2 AND 5 free travel packs when you buy a double subscription to Athletic Greens!

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We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

Product 2: Bloom Greens

This green powder formula was created in 2019 after one of its founders (Mari Llewellyn) struggled from being overweight. After losing more than 90 pounds, she decided to create a supplement to help support health and wellness. 


Main Benefits

Just like Athletic Greens, Bloom can also improve overall health. But thanks to its unique blend, it can promote certain specific benefits:

  • Might reduce inflammation. If you suffer from constant digestive issues, joint pain, and trouble losing weight, you might have inflammation problems. Bloom Greens contains plenty of  powerful antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation.
  • Can boost immune function. Ingredients like wheat grass, barley, and spirulina offer antioxidants that can protect our cells from toxins, therefore improving immune function.
  • May reduce digestive issues. Bloom Greens has a unique combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes to help reduce digestive symptoms. It can help with bloating, stomach cramps, and gas.  
  • Might increase energy levels. B vitamins in Bloom Greens may have a positive effect on energy levels by ensuring your body has the nutrients it needs to produce energy.


  • Made with natural ingredients. 
  • Soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. 
  • Made in GMP-certified facilities. 
  • Five flavors to choose from. 
  • Lower priced supplement. 


  • Not third-party tested.
  • Uses proprietary blends. 
  • Ingredients might be underdosed. 
  • Not all ingredients are organic. 
  • Only offers a 15-day refund. 
  • Might be out of stock at times.

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Ingredient Breakdown

They may both be green, but there is a massive difference between the ingredients used in Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens. While some ingredients are used in both options, remember that Athletic Greens has 75 ingredients and Bloom Greens only 40. 

Now, let’s analyze the ingredients in Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens. 

Athletic Greens

athletic greens vs bloom

As mentioned before, there are 75 ingredients in Athletic Greens. They are divided into four main blends, along with their vitamins and mineral content.

Overall, Athletic Greens offers high-quality ingredients, some of them which are organic. They also supply a good dosage of probiotics, which is more than the recommended dosage of one billion CFUs.  

But, it only has two probiotic strains. 

Currently, there is no minimum on how many strains a supplement should have. However, I typically recommend having at least five strains. 

Since Athletic Greens has proprietary blends, it is very challenging to determine if it comes in the correct doses. But, there is a way to analyze some of the ingredients. 

For example, the recommended dose for bromelain is 200 to 2,000 mg. Reishi mushrooms have a recommended dose of 1,440 mg to 5,200 mg.

However, they both come in a proprietary blend that has a total amount of 154 mg, which means it is very unlikely both ingredients are in the recommended doses. So, it’s safe to assume that some of the ingredients at Athletic Greens might be underdosed.  

List of Ingredients

  • Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw Superfood Complex, 7,388 mg
    • Spirulina, lecithin, apple powder, inulin, wheat grass juice powder, alfalfa, chlorella, barley leaf, broccoli flower, papaya, pineapple, bilberry fruit extract, grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, licorice root, lycium berry extract, ginger rhizome, slippery elm, kelp
  • Nutrient-Dense Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants, 2,732 mg
    • Alkaline pea protein isolate, citrus bioflavonoids extract, artichoke leaf extract, citric acid, rhodiola root, eleuthero root, milk thistle seed, R, S alpha-lipoic acid, ashwagandha, dandelion, hawthorn berry, beta-glucans, policosanol, coenzyme Q-10, stevia, vitamin K2
  • Digestive Enzyme and Super Mushroom Complex, 154 mg
    • Astragalus root, bromelain, burdock root, reishi mushroom, shitake mushroom
  • Probiotics 7.2 billion CFUs, 38 mg
    • Lactobacillus acidophilus UALz-01, Bifidobacterium bifidum UABb-10
  • 21 Vitamins and Minerals
    • Vitamin A: 555mcg, 62% DV
    • Vitamin C: 420mg, 467% DV
    • Vitamin E: 83mg, 553% DV
    • Thiamin: 3mg, 250% DV
    • Riboflavin: 2mg, 154% DV
    • Niacin: 20mg NE, 125% DV
    • Vitamin B6: 3mg, 176% DV
    • Folate: 680mc DFE, 170% DV
    • Vitamin B12: 22mcg, 917% DV
    • Biotin: 22mcg, 1110% DV
    • Pantothenic acid: 4mg, 80% DV
    • Calcium: 118mg, 9% DV
    • Phosphorus: 130mg, 10% DV
    • Magnesium: 26mg, 6% DV
    • Zinc: 15mg, 136% DV
    • Selenium: 20mcg, 36% DV
    • Copper: 195 mcg, 22% DV
    • Manganese: 400mcg, 17% DV
    • Chromium: 25 mcg, 71% DV
    • Sodium: 45mg, 2% DV
    • Potassium: 300mg, 6% DV

There are several nutrients that have more than 100% of the daily recommended value. However, there are some nutrients that the company doesn’t report, such as vitamin D and iron. 

Athletic Greens + 5 Free Travel Packs
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Bloom Greens

Boom Greens has 40 ingredients to help promote good health. It has some organic ingredients, adaptogens, herbs, and probiotics. 

The formula is divided into seven blends including the fiber blend, green superfood blend, pre and probiotics, fruit and vegetable blend, antioxidant beauty blend, digestive enzyme blend, and an adaptogenic blend.

bloom vs athletic greens

One drawback of Bloom Greens is that the nutritional label isn’t as detailed as Athletic Greens. There is no way to know how many vitamins and minerals are present and in what quantities. 

On the plus side, they have one more probiotic strain than Athletic Greens, but it is unclear how many CFUs it contains.

Another thing to keep in mind about Bloom Greens is that it also contains proprietary blends. So, let’s check if their ingredients are underdosed. 

Ashwagandha has a recommended intake of 250 to 1,000 mg. However, the total adaptogen blend is 100 mg, where you don’t only find ashwagandha, but five other adaptogens as well. 

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that some ingredients in Bloom Greens can be underdosed.

List of Ingredients  

  • Fiber blend (1,606 mg)
    • Chicory root fructooligosaccharides, organic flaxseeds, and apple fruit powder. 
  • Green superfood blend (1,367 mg)
    • Organic barley grass powder, organic spirulina powder, organic wheatgrass powder, organic alfalfa leaf powder, and organic chlorella powder. 
  • Pre and probiotics (648 mg)
    • Blue agave inulin, B. bifidum, L, rhamnosus, and L. acidophilus. 
  • Fruit and vegetable blend (572 mg)
    • Organic carrot powder, beetroot powder, kale leaf powder, blueberry powder, spinach powder, broccoli powder, and ginger root extract. 
  • Antioxidant beauty blend (550 mg)
    • Cranberry fruit powder, strawberry fruit powder, raspberry fruit juice powder, elderberry fruit extract, acai fruit extract, Goji berry, horseradish tree leaf, grape seed extract, and matcha green tea leaf. 
  • Digestive enzyme blend (150 mg)
    • Maltodextrin, amylase, amyloglucosidase, protease, acid protease, and cellulase lipase. 
  • Adaptogenic blend (100 mg)
    • Licorice root extract, Rhodiola root powder, American Ginseng root extract, ashwagandha root powder, astragalus root powder, and eleuthero root powder.

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Taste Test 

bloom greens vs athletic greens

Determining taste can be complicated since it is subjective. This is especially true with greens powders, where many people averse to veggies don’t approve of earthy flavors.

Let’s see some Bloom and Athletic Greens reviews from real customers to get a better idea of how they taste.

Athletic Greens Taste

Overall, there seems to be very positive feedback regarding the taste of Athletic Greens. People seem to find it enjoyable, and appreciate how easily it dissolves. 

“AG1 is now firmly in my daily routine, and my energy levels are definitely up. Love the taste and easy one stop for all my nutritional top-up needs.” – Linda 

“Love the way the mixture tastes and love the fact that I know taking AG1 first thing every morning is starting my day off right. Wish the bottle that came with the starter pack didn’t feel so cheap, though. Wish it were a HydraPak bottle!” – Jason

“It tastes great, it works great. Gives me the all-day energy I need for work. It could mix a little better in cold water, but that’s no real problem.” – Roger

However, it’s not for everyone. Some people seem to dislike the taste and have problems mixing it in certain liquids. 

“I’ve tried several different green drinks, and I just couldn’t stomach this one. The flavor is not good at all (even mixed with something), and the consistency is extremely gritty. 

Between the cost, flavor, and texture (drinks should not have texture!), and not noticing feeling any different/better, I’ll stick with a different brand.” – Lynnea

“I have to chug this because the taste is not enjoyable and the mixture settles. Canceled subscription, unfortunately.” – Rosey

Ben Dillion, Personal Trainer and writer for Exercise With Style taste tested I tried Athletic Greens for 30 days

Bloom Greens Taste

One of the biggest benefits of Bloom Greens is that it comes in five flavors. So, if you don’t like one, you can try another.

Overall, Bloom Greens has good feedback. People love the flavors and seem to find them enjoyable. 

“I love its mango flavor, it’s delicious, I’m sure I’ll keep taking it!” – Maria 

“I’ve been trying to find greens that taste great, isn’t gritty, and actually work. I’m obsessed with these and will continue to purchase greens from this brand!! I have zero complaints! I even got my mom hooked on it!” – Britney 

“I’m not a big fan of greens, but with Bloom, I can drink my greens and not taste the green. I bought the citrus flavor and the flavors blend well together. I love it. I got my subscription and should be receiving my package every two months.” – Evelin 

However, just like in Athletic Greens, not everyone is a fan of the taste of Bloom Greens. 

“The taste was not good at all! I used an electric mixer and it was still grainy.” – Dezaraye

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Pricing Comparison

bloom vs ag1

One of the biggest differences between Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens is its pricing. 

The following table compares the prices between Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens. 

Athletic Greens

  • Price
    • One container with 30 servings costs $99 if you do not join the subscription.
    • If you want the travel packets, it will cost $109 for a one-time purchase of 30 packets
    • You can opt for a monthly subscription to Athletic Greens, which costs $79 per container or $89 for 30-travel packs per month
  • Price Per Serving
    • $2.63 per serving with a subscription
    • $2.97 per travel pack with subscription
    • $3.30 per serving without a subscription
    • $3.63 per travel pack (without a subscription)
  • Container Size
    • 12.7 oz per container
    • 12g per single-serving travel pack

Bloom Greens

  • Price
    • It costs $39.99 for one container of Bloom greens without a monthly subscription
    • If you chose the subscription plan, it will cost $35.99
  • Price Per Serving
    • $1.20 per serving with a subscription
    • $1.33 per serving without a subscription
  • Container Size
    • 5.97 oz per container

As you can see, Blooms Green is a cheaper alternative to Athletic Greens.

However, there are some good reasons for this. Athletic Greens has a bigger serving size, more ingredients, more certifications (third-party testing), and a money-back guarantee. 

Athletic Greens + 5 Free Travel Packs
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Comparison of Side Effects and Safety

Both supplements are considered safe and well-tolerated. 

However, like with any supplement, there is always the risk of having any side effects. The most likely side effects you might obtain from Bloom Greens and Athletic Greens are digestive issues.

You might experience bloating, gas, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. 

If this is the case, you can reduce the dose by half until your body gets used to the supplement. 

Also, some ingredients might cause some interactions with medications. If you suffer from chronic illnesses or are taking any medication, consult your doctor before taking any new supplement. 

Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens: Which Is The Best Option?

Now that we’ve seen everything regarding these two products, we’ve come to the ultimate question: which is the best option?

I think that Athletic Greens is the best option because it has a wider range of ingredients that can help improve performance while helping reduce digestive issues. 

Another reason I like the brand is its serving size. While it might be more expensive than Bloom Greens, it has twice the serving size (12 g vs 5.6 g) meaning you get more product. 

Finally, Athletic Greens is the better choice since it has more certifications than Bloom Greens. It is third-party tested, made in GMP-certified facilities, and it is NSF-certified for Sport. 

On the other hand, it seems that Bloom Greens is not third-party tested, meaning you cannot determine the quality of the products they use. 

Why We Think Athletic Greens Is the Better Option

bloom nutrition vs athletic greens

After comparing the two products, Athletic Greens is the clear winner as to which green powder supplement comes out on top. 

If you are looking to reduce inflammation, improve performance, enhance your immune system, reduce inflammation, and decrease digestive issues, Athletic Greens is better equipped to help you achieve this.

Also, I love that they state how many vitamins and minerals you get from the supplement. IUt’s something I don’t see a lot in other brands. Some might include only a couple, but Athletic Greens give you a detailed breakdown of the nutrient composition. 

So, if you want to improve performance and recovery, reduce stress levels, and improve overall health, then click here to purchase your first order of Athletic Greens.

Final Thoughts on Athletic Greens vs. Bloom Greens

We’ve reached the end of the comparison between Athletic Greens and Bloom Greens. 

While both are popular green powder supplements, Athletic Greens is an overall better option than Bloom Greens. 

Even though it might cost you a couple more bucks, you are getting a high-quality formula with ingredients that can improve your health. 

Of course, everyone is different. Bloom Greens is still a good supplement with a wider range of flavors at a lower price. 

It might be better for someone who has never tried a greens powder, is a little wary of them, and doesn’t want to invest too much.

But, if you want to purchase the green powder supplement I recommend (Athletic Greens), click on the following link to make a purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AG1 and Bloom?

AG1 has 75 ingredients while Bloom only has 40. Also, AG1 has a bigger serving size than Bloom Greens, and more certifications (like NSF-Sports Certified). 

With that said, keep in mind that Athletic Greens is going to cost you two times more than Bloom Greens. 

What greens are as good as Athletic Greens?

Supergreen Tonik is another good green powder supplement. It offers 38 high-quality ingredients that can help improve health. 

The biggest difference between Supergreen Tonik and Athletic Greens is that Supergreen Tonik has a fully transparent label. This means you know what you are getting at what doses. 

How does Athletic Greens compare to other greens?

Athletic Greens is one of the best quality green powder supplements available on the market. It has 75 ingredients to help improve health and athletic/fitness performance.

Is Athletic Greens the best option?

Athletic Greens can be a good option. However, remember that everyone has different needs. To choose the best option keep in mind your current nutrition, goals, reviews, taste, price, and ingredients. 

Are green powders a waste of money?

No, green powder supplements are not a waste of money if you know how to choose and use them. Green powder supplements can help increase your nutrient intake if you have a low fruit and vegetable consumption. 

Still, they are a supplement, so they shouldn’t replace fresh fruits and vegetables. 

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