A power tower is one of the most useful pieces of today’s fitness equipment. Since they offer a multitude of benefits to keep the entire body fit, power towers are now a must-have...

 Fitness enthusiasts can perform several unique strengthening and building workouts. The Power Tower is dubbed...


Fitness buffs are always seeking ways to get fitter and better. When buying fitness equipment, you are likely to encounter two problems: a low budget and limited space in your...

 Unless you own an expansive mansion, you will find that fitting all your gym equipment and accessories in a...


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Walking into the gym for the first time at the age of 16 years old I was confronted with a[...]


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Body Champ Power Tower Review

For bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike, maintaining a muscular and lean physique is highly important. This requirement isn't that easy to fulfill as it requires extensive​...

Gold’s Gym XR Power Tower Review

Maintaining a fit and lean physique is one of the main staples of becoming a bodybuilder. For this, they require rigorous training where they have to focus on all the muscles of the body​...

Stamina 1690 Power Tower Review

A power tower refers to a standing tower made out of different exercise stations in a single cohesive unit. All models of power tower include a pull-up station at the top to allow users​...

Weider Power Tower Review

A power tower is one of the best pieces of equipment you can add to your home-gym. It acts as a beneficial accessory to help you out with several unique workout combinations.​..


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