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Which Cardio Machines Burn the Most Calories Per Hour?

Which Cardio Machines Burn the Most Calories Per Hour?

Choosing what type of cardio to do can be overwhelming: Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Stair Climbers, Stationary Bikes: There are so many different options. And while each can help you burn calories.  Which are actually the most effective cardio machines that burn the most calories per hour?  To help you make a decision, I’ve answered this

How Long Does It Take To Tone Flabby Arms

How long does it take to get toned arms? 4 Week Action Plan!

Are flabby arms the first thing you notice when you look at yourself in the mirror? If so, you’re not alone. Flabby arms affect countless men and women. But fortunately, you can tone up your arms fast. And in this article, you’ll discover how to lose arm fat with a science-backed approach, so keep on

Reaction Exercise Drills

Reaction Exercise Drills for Improving Reaction Time

When I started taking physical fitness more seriously, I didn’t think of reaction time exercises. Like many others, I would strive to improve flexibility, toning, and endurance.  But without good reaction time, your active lifestyle has an expiration date. Not only does reaction time determine your success as an athlete, but it helps us prevent

squats without shoes

10 Reasons You Should Squat Barefoot (+5 why you shouldn’t!)

Who doesn’t love taking their shoes off after a long day? But should you take them off to squat? There are pros and cons for everything in life and squatting barefoot definitely has its benefits, but is it right for you? There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to squatting barefoot. Training barefoot

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