Jack Cincotta, MS, HHC, AADP


Where are you from?

Sullivan, Wisconsin


  • M.S. in Psychology, Capella University, 2020


  • Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, AADP, 2021
  • Holistic Health Coach, AFPA, 2021

Passionate About

He is passionate about helping others achieve higher levels of health through simple and natural means. Jack is particularly interested in optimizing mental health due to his psychological background and concern for the current state of modern society.


Jack enjoys weightlifting, walking in nature, and playing basketball, softball, and other sports. He also gardens, cooks, and loves to play piano and guitar.


Jack is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner through AADP based in Sullivan, Wisconsin. He has served the southeastern Wisconsin area since 2021 and is excited to continue growing his practice.

Jack also has a significant amount of writing experience as he has written over 120 articles for different health and wellness websites since the beginning of 2021.

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