Editorial Guidelines

Exercise With Style is committed to 100% transparent and reliable health and fitness resource. All our content is backed by the latest scientific research and publicly available studies. 

Furthermore, we provide thorough and unbiased reviews of products and services in the health and fitness industry. Our writers are industry experts with qualifications closely aligned with the type of product, services or topic they are reviewing or writing. 

We also have a medical review board with Medical Doctor’s (MD) credentials to cross-check any claims, research and scientific references that are medically fact-checked for accuracy and transparency.

This reassures our valuable reader’s absolute confidence in our editorial policies and review processes.    

Our Content Editorial Processes

All our articles go through a rigorous editorial process before we publish our content. It’s important that our content is of premium quality and we use top-tier quality assurance standards to meet these guidelines.

We Use Credentialed Experts

We only use credentialed writers who are experts in their fields to write our content. Our team consistents of medical doctors, registered dietitians, nutritionists, certified trainers, holistic health coaches, strength and condition experts and sports rehabilitation therapists who have years of training and experience to write the most cutting-edge health and fitness information. 

Our processes for writing informational Health and Fitness Content

We research a topic thoroughly and create an outline, our field expert then researches the topic in deeper detail and gathers scientific references and reads research papers.

Our medical doctors or expert reviewer in that field of work will review all the information and adjust the content if required. The next line is our Editor in Chief who combs through the article and checks all the references and provides approval to publish the content.

Finally, we review the content one last time with our Content Manager and publish the article. 

We use industry-trusted resources that are publicly available to everyone who has access to the Internet. 

What Are Industry-Trusted Resources?

When we are linking to industry-trusted sources we are commonly referencing some of the following:

Peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals that prevent bias or misrepresentation of the facts. We often reference government and educational institutions like John Hopkins University or Harvard University.

When we review supplements, we often check the effective dosage of each ingredient to make sure brands are providing the right amount of ingredients from what the science indicates is an effective dosage.

We often reference Examine which has the latest nutrition and supplement research database with expert researchers who comb thousands of studies and condense all the facts into one convenient location.

Our processes for reviewing a product or service

We review health and fitness supplements, weight loss services, health and fitness apps, fitness equipment and gear. How we review each product or service does differ depending on what that might be however we follow very specific base guidelines no matter what we review.  

As we outlined above with informational content. Reviewing products and services follows the same content procedures, however, we have many checks prior to even writing the review.

It’s impossible to purchase every single product and service with a website our size. We don’t have a budget like Forbes. However, we believe our review process is extremely thorough and extensive, even more so than big-named, big-budget websites. 

In cases we are not gifted or purchase a product or service, we scour the internet looking at video reviews, website reviews, Amazon comments, buyer’s reviews, forum comments, Trust Pilot, Better Business Burea (BBB) and comparison websites.

These are just the initial checks and balances on a product or service. We simply don’t progress a product or service review if we find it to be to have overwhelming negative customer feedback.

Here’s what we also look at:

Regulatory Advice and Business Complaints Websites

We look for advice from regulatory bodies such as the FDA, TGA, EMA and other international bodies.

We look at a company’s track record by digging into Better Business Bureau website and how well the company responds to complaints. What type of complaints and if we see a pattern of concerns. 

No business is crystal clear and we take what people say into consideration and note whether their customer service is a priority. 

We Seek Industry Experts 

When we need further information regarding a product or service we actively look for guidance from the brand or associates in the field. This can be employees, former employees or an expert who has expert knowledge on the product or service. 

Brand History

Brand history is an important factor during our review process. We want to make sure brands follow regulatory guidelines and check for recalls, safety concerns and manufacturing processes. 

We review products and services from reputable brands with proven quality standards. 

Quality Assurance & Safety Standards

We review brands that have a track record for quality and safety standards for supplements, fitness equipment and services. 

What We Don’t Do

We’ve built trust with our readership and continue to improve how we operate and continue to develop better processes and systems to progress our growth and transparency and we have strict guidelines.

Below are our strictest guidelines.

Never Hide Sponsorships

In some cases, we accept products or services from brands to physically review. In those cases, we clearly state that we received the items to review.

Although, the brands are told upfront that this does not sway how we review the products.

We never accept payments to sway a product review. NEVER!

Ignore Facts

We NEVER recommend or endorse products or services that are unregulated or unsafe to the consumers and we never make false claims based on pseudo-science or junk data.

Ethical Concerns

We never recommend products or services that cause harm to people, animals, or the planet.

If you have concerns or feedback please email us at [email protected]