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Jonathan Majors is one of Hollywood’s biggest up-and-coming leading men known for his strong, dramatic performances.

His career was launched into the stratosphere when he landed the role of Dame in Creed III alongside Michael B. Jordan. Here, he sported a cut, muscular heavyweight boxer physique.

But have you ever wondered what Jonathan Majors does to obtain the body that has become a global phenomenon?

I have the Jonathan Majors workout routine and diet plan. We’ll cover his training fundamentals, nutrition, and supplements to help you chisel out the body of an elite athlete.

Let’s dive in.

Jonathan Majors Current Bio and Stats

Jonathan Majors was born on September 7th, 1989 in Santa Barbara, California.

Majors’ earliest years were spent on a military base as his father served in the US Air Force. However, his father would leave, not returning for 17 years.

Jonathan’s youth was difficult, growing up in rough neighborhoods surrounded by drug dealers, recently released prison inmates, and crime.

A product of his surroundings, Majors was arrested for shoplifting and suspended from high school for fighting.

During this time, he was also kicked out of his home and began living in his car while he worked two jobs.

It was here that Majors got into acting after watching Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Majors’ would go on to study at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts before attending the Yale School of Drama, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in 2016.

Since then, his career has been a whirlwind, securing a role in The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), which would prove to be a breakout performance.

This would lead him to landing roles in HBO’s Lovecraft Country (2020) and Marvel’s Loki (2021) before transforming himself into the fitness icon for Magazine Dreams (2023), Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023), and Creed III (2023).  

  • Age: 33 Years Old
  • Height: 6’ (183 cm)
  • Weight: 197 lbs – 200 lbs 
  • Birthday: 7th September, 1989
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Retired/Active: Active

Jonathan Majors Workout Fundamentals

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Jonathan Majors’ workout fundamentals for Creed III saw him step into a new way of training, combining boxing with his resistance training routine.

Jonathan would begin each day with a three-mile run, followed by his boxing session, acting and choreography, and weights.

Majors did this for an incredible 18 months, not only transforming his physique, but his mindset as he pushed through to portray an elite boxer

Training under former bodybuilder and actor Mark “Rhino” Smith, Jonathan performed a three-day weight training split twice per week. He was targeting two muscle groups each session, which was built around supersets.

This would reduce the training time and increase intensity, as there would be limited rest breaks. 

Over the course of this period, Majors was preparing for three films that would allow him to utilize this training routine and alter his physique for each role.

He packed on 10 pounds for Creed III, another five to portray Kang in Ant-Man, and a further six for Magazine Dreams, where he would play a bodybuilder.

This intense training routine would see Majors get down to an impressive 5% body fat, which is evident with his lean, cut abs and obliques.

Jonathan Majors Workout Routine

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From what we can see from Jonathan’s workout fundamentals, he left nothing on the table for his preparation for Creed III.

Other than his back and abs day, the full details of Jonathan’s for Creed III workout routine isn’t clearly documented.

So, we have taken his training from a number of different sources and compiled the exercises into a complete workout

The workout program below is a six-day per week program, based on a three-day split routine twice per week. One day a week is designated for rest and recovery.

The program below is listed with a weekly schedule to help get you into a solid routine.

This is complete with exercises, sets, reps, and rest times to guide you through your Jonathan Majors workout routine.  

Supersets are highlighted. The exercises are performed back-to-back with no rest. 

We have also included a sample of Jonathan’s boxing exercises and combined them into a program you can follow. 

Jonathan Majors Creed III Weekly Schedule

Boxing/Back & AbsBoxing/Chest & ShouldersBoxing/Legs & ArmsBoxing/Back & AbsBoxing/Chest & ShouldersBoxing/Legs & ArmsRest

Boxing Training (Duration 90 minutes)

jonathan majors workout
ExerciseSets RepsRest
3 Mile Run1
Jump Rope120-30 mins5 mins
Shadow Boxing63 mins60 secs
6 Rounds Technique63 mins60 secs
6 Rounds Sparring63 mins60 secs
Shadow Boxing With Weight43 mins60 secs
Push-Ups42560 secs
Sit-Ups42560 secs

Back & Abs (Duration 40-45 mins)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Straight Arm Lat Pulldown31030-45 secs
Close Grip Pull Ups31045-60 secs
Leg Raises310-1230-45 secs
Oblique Knee Raises38-1030-45 secs
Single Arm Dumbbell Row31030-45 secs
Dumbbell Shrugs31230-45 secs

Chest & Shoulders (Duration 40-45 mins)

jonathan majors' workout
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Dumbbell Chest Press310-1230-45 secs
Push-Ups31530-45 secs
Dumbbell Decline Press310-1230-45 secs
Incline Push-Ups31530-45 secs
Military Press31230-45 secs
Dumbbell Lateral Raises31230-45 secs
Dumbbell Front Raises31230-45 secs
Bent Over Dumbbell Flyes31230-45 secs

Legs & Biceps (Duration 40-45 mins)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Barbell Back Squat310-1230-45 secs
Barbell Walking Lunge31530-45 secs
Leg Extension310-1230-45 secs
Lying Leg Curl31530-45 secs
Leg Press31230-45 secs
Barbell Bicep Curl31230-45 secs
Reverse Grip Curl31230-45 secs
Barbell 21s37,7,730-45 secs

Jonathan Majors Dieting and Food Preferences

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Jonathan Majors dieting and food preferences prioritize lean sources of protein, complex carbohydrates, and greens spanning six meals.

This ensures that he has the fuel to perform his workouts and protein to build lean muscle and improve his recovery. 

Below is a list of Jonathan’s food preferences to give you the full picture of his daily eating.

jonathan majors diet
Meal 112 oz.Ground Turkey, 1 Cup Brown Rice, 1 Cup Green Beans 
Meal 21x Scoop Protein Shake
Meal 36 oz Chicken Breast, 1 Cup Spinach, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil  
Meal 41 Cup Greek Yogurt, 1 Cup Mixed Berries
Meal 58 oz Ground Bison, 20g Salted Butter, 1 Cup Asparagus
Meal 61x Scoop Protein Shake

Jonathan Majors Diet Plan

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jonathan majors' diet plan

Now that we are clear on what Jonathan Majors eats to fuel his body, let’s make things a little more interesting with a Jonathan Majors Creed III-inspired diet plan.

This diet plan will again be structured around six meals per day. However, we will put a twist on the meals to make them more palatable, improving your chances of staying consistent.

Meal 1

  • 1 Cup Oats, Almond Milk, Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, Mixed Berries
  • Scrambled Eggs

Meal 2

  • 1x Scoop Protein Smoothie (Ice, Banana, Berries, Greek Yogurt)

Meal 3

  • 2x Whole Wheat Lemon and Herb Baked Chicken Wraps
  • Banana

Meal 4

  • Honey Soy and Garlic Baked Chicken 
  • Green Salad (Baby Spinach, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado)

Meal 5

  • 8 oz Korean Ground Beef Bowl (Minced Garlic, Topped Spring Onion and Sesame Seeds)
  • Korean Beef Bowl Sauce (Brown Sugar, Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Ground Ginger, REd Pepper Flakes, Pepper, 
  • 1 Cup Brown Rice   

Meal 6

For Jonathan to build lean muscle for his role as Dame, he would have needed to fine-tune his nutrition through calorie and macronutrient tracking.

This would give him the tools to control his nutrition on his way to leaning down to an impressive 5% body fat.

If you are considering trying Jonathan Major’s workout routine and diet plan, we strongly recommend you do the same.

This will ensure you have enough protein to build muscle and recover, carbs to fuel your intense boxing and weight sessions and fats to absorb vital nutrients

To do this, use our advanced calorie and macronutrient calculator.

Just punch in your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level to receive a precise calorie target to help you achieve that menacing, heavyweight boxer physique.  

Jonathan Majors Supplement Preferences

jonathan majors supplements

Jonathan Majors dieting and food preferences were incredibly strict for his 18 months of training for Creed III, as it was the key to carving out his elite boxing physique.

However, with all great workout routines comes a solid supplement stack to bridge those nutritional gaps and improve recovery.  

While little is known about Jonathan’s exact supplement preferences, we have provided a range that we believe to be highly beneficial to this type of training.

Below is a list of our recommended supplements and its purpose to help improve your training and results. 

Whey ProteinBuilds muscle and improves recovery
Pre-WorkoutIncrease energy and improve performance
CreatineReplenishes energy and boosts performance

Final Thoughts

Jonathan Majors physique is nothing short of incredible. His combination of genetics, grit, and dedication to long training regimens transformed his mind and body.

If you are considering trying the Jonathan Majors workout routine and diet plan, be sure to set a routine, follow a schedule, and track your nutrition. You’ll also want to stick with it for the long haul, as he did.

Stay on point and watch as you carve out your own lean, heavyweight physique.

So, are you thinking of trying Jonathan’s workout routine? Which part of his training interests you?

Let us know in the comments. 

How many times a day did Jonathan Majors workout?

Jonathan Major trained three times per day, including a morning run, boxing session, and a choreography and weight session.

How did Jonathan Majors train?

Jonathan Majors trained like a boxer waking up early each day for a three-mile run before boxing training and resistance training. 

How much does Jonathan Majors bench press?

Jonathan Majors’ max bench press is said to be around 340 lbs (154 kg).

How did they train for Creed 3?

Jonathan Majors trained three times per day, starting his day with a three-mile run, boxing session, and weight session. 

What did Jonathan Majors weigh in Creed 3?

Jonathan Major weighs 202 pounds for his role as Dame in Creed III.

How tall is Jonathan Majors?

Jonathan Majors is 6’ (183 cm) tall.

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