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Over the past two decades, we have witnessed Hugh Jackman’s incredible transformations on both stage and screen.

However, few have caught the world’s attention like his portrayal of deadly super-mutant Wolverine, taking his body from a lean 170 pounds to the iconic, cut physique.

How does Hugh get ready for these roles? Also, how has he maintained a great physique for more than 20 years?

Today, I will take you through Hugh Jackman’s workout routine and diet plan, including his training fundamentals and his massive 8,000 calorie eating plan for the upcoming Deadpool 3. There are even some sample plans to help you get ripped like Weapon-X.

Let’s jump in.

Hugh Jackman Current Bio and Stats

Hugh Michael Jackman was born on October 12th, 1968 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Hugh took to acting during his younger years, starring in a production of My Fair Lady.

After high school, Hugh attended University of Technology, graduating in 1991 with a Bachelor of Communications.

Following this, Hugh returned to acting and pursued his passion for drama at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

It was here that Hugh was recognized for his talents, landing roles in ABC-TV prison drama Correlli (1995).

In the coming years, Hugh would make a name for himself performing in stage productions before being cast in X-Men (2000).

This role would introduce Hugh to resistance training, which would become a staple for his entire career. 

Since then, Hugh has become one of Hollywood’s biggest shapeshifters, transforming his body from the jacked Wolverine in the X-Men films to his leaner showman physique required for countless stage productions. 

  • Age: 55 Years Old
  • Height: 6’2” (188 cm)
  • Weight: 181 lbs (82 kg)
  • Birthday: 12th October, 1968
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer
  • Retired/Active: Active

Hugh Jackman Workout Fundamentals

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Hugh’s entry into playing Wolverine came from a rocky beginning. The director of X-Men suggested he only train for three weeks prior to his shirtless scenes in the film.

Little did Jackman and the director know that this would not be enough, resulting in all shirtless scene filming being pushed back. Hugh was sent back to the gym, giving way to the training methods we’re discussing today. 

Hugh’s routine consists of traditional bodybuilding and strength training movements to promote muscle growth, helping him bulk up from a slim 172 lbs to a ripped 195 lbs.

That initial run-in with a shirtless scene would be a mistake that he would not make twice. He would maintain his size for each subsequent film, looking more muscular and meaner with each appearance. 

His training is based on a six-day training split, with blocks focusing on volume with lighter weight and higher reps, progressively overloading toward heavier weight for lower reps.

This helped him build mass and improve strength

To give himself an even greater cut, Hugh would dehydrate himself for his shirtless scenes, giving him a more ripped look.

He would drink 10 liters in one day and then stop drinking water for the next 36 hours leading up to his shoot. 

Over the next day and a half, he would be constantly going to the bathroom until he was completely dehydrated, removing mass amounts of water weight.  

However, this is not recommended as it is dangerous. Even Hugh himself advises against this practice if you are training.  

Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

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Now that we have covered Hugh’s training fundamentals, it’s time to get into his workout routine.

This program is based on a five-day split workout routine, allowing back-to-back training days and two rest days on the weekend.

Hugh also adds 30 minutes of cardio into each session with a 10 minute warm-up which also contains dynamic stretching. There’s 20 minutes at the end to burn additional fat

Below, we have the exercises, sets, reps, and rest times, plus a weekly schedule to give you a solid routine right out of the gate.

Hugh Jackman Workout Split Weekly Schedule

Chest & ShouldersLegs & AbsBack & BicepsChest & ArmsLeg & CoreRestRest

Chest & Shoulders (Duration 60 – 70 Minutes)

hugh jackman workout routine
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Warm-Up (Cardio, Dynamic Stretches)110 Mins1-2 mins
Barbell Bench Press41045-60 secs
Dumbbell Shoulder Press41030-45 secs
Behind-The Neck-Press31030-45 secs
Cuban Press31030-45 secs
Tricep Dips31230-45 secs
Tricep Pushdown3830-45 secs
Lat Raise3830-45 secs
Front Raise3830-45 secs
Rear Shoulder Flys3830-45 secs
Overhead Press3830-45 secs
Steady State Cardio (Treadmill, Elliptical)120 Mins

Legs & Abs (Duration 60-70 Mins)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Warm-Up (Cardio, Dynamic Stretches)110 Mins1-2 mins
Back Squat4545-60 secs
Front Squat41030-45 secs
Leg Press41030-45 secs
Calf Raises41030-45 secs
Leg Raise41030-45 secs
Ab Wheels41030-45 secs
Knee Raises41030-45 secs
Decline Sit-Ups41030-45 secs
Steady State Cardio (Treadmill, Elliptical)120 Mins

Back & Biceps (Duration 60-70 Mins)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Warm-Up (Cardio, Dynamic Stretches)110 Mins1-2 mins
Weighted Pull-Up4545-60 secs
Dumbbell Rows41230-45 secs
Bodyweight Rows41030-45 secs
Incline Dumbbell Curls41030-45 secs
Zottman Bicep Curls4830-45 secs
Cross Body Curls4830-45 secs
Pronated Curls4830-45 secs
Steady State Cardio (Treadmill, Elliptical)120 Mins

Chest & Arms (Duration 60-70 Mins)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Warm-Up (Cardio, Dynamic Stretches)110 Mins1-2 mins
Incline Bench Press4545-60 secs
Dumbbell Press 41230-45 secs
Cable Flys4830-45 secs
Narrow Grip Bench Press4830-45 secs
Tricep Pulldown4830-45 secs
Dips4830-45 secs
Diamond Grips4830-45 secs
Steady State Cardio (Treadmill, Elliptical)120 Mins

Legs & Core (Duration 60-70 Mins)

hugh jackman leg day
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Warm-Up (Cardio, Dynamic Stretches)110 Mins1-2 mins
Deadlifts4545-60 secs
Romanian Deadlift41230-45 secs
Zercher Squats41030-45 secs
Bulgarian Split Squats41030-45 secs
Barbell Landmines4830-45 secs
Incline Sit-ups41030-45 secs
Steady State Cardio (Treadmill, Elliptical)120 Mins

Hugh Jackman Dieting and Food Preferences

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Hugh attributes the success of his physique to his nutrition, with a strict ongoing approach to his dieting and food preferences

In years past, he would prepare for huge roles by consuming between 4,000-5,000 calories daily. This diet was made up of high-protein, nutrient-dense foods such as lean meat with complex carbs such as brown rice.

However, his latest diet for the upcoming film Deadpool 3 might be his most impressive to date. He is said to be eating 8,000 calories per day!

That’s a massive 689g of carbs, 609g of protein, and 295 g of fat

Fortunately for Hugh, he has his own personal chef to prepare his meals for him, leaving him with the task of getting it down.

What makes this more impressive is that Hugh eats all this while intermittent fasting.

This meant he would fast for 16 hours, and eat for eight hours.

Research indicates that exercise in a fasted state can improve fat oxidation, using fat for fuel and improving weight loss

Below, we have listed both diets to give you a better understanding of what it takes for Hugh to transform into Weapon-X.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Diet and Food Preferences

hugh jackman diet
Meal 11 Cup Oatmeal, 2 Eggs, 1 Cup Blueberries
Meal 210 oz. Steak, Green Salad, 1 Cup Broccoli, Sweet Potato
Meal 36 oz. Chicken Breast, Green Salad, 1 Cup Brown Rice
Meal 4Protein Shake, Mixed Nuts
Meal 56 Oz. Grilled Fish, Green Salad, 1 Cup Broccoli, Avocado
Meal 6Mixed Nuts

Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 Diet and Food Preferences

Meal 111 oz. Steak, Rice Noodles, 0.5 Cups Carrot, Pepper Strips, Green Beans
Meal 216 oz. Chicken Breast, 2 Medium Sweet Potato, Asparagus, Avocado Oil
Meal 31 lbs Sea Bass, Stir Fried Vegetables, 1 Cup Brown Rice, Avocado Oil
Meal 411 oz. Steak, Rice Noodles, 0.5 Cups Carrot, Pepper Strips, Green Beans
Meal 516 oz. Salmon, 680g Potatoes, Hot Sauce, 1 Cup Broccoli, Avocado Oil

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Diet Plan

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hugh jackman diet plan

Hugh Jackman’s dieting and food preferences are nothing short of incredible, with his dedication to eating high-quality, nutrient-dense food for an extended period of time.

Below, we have provided sample Hugh Jackman diet plans for both his 4,000 cal diet and his 8,000 calorie diet to build that superhuman physique.  

Meal 1

  • 1 Cup Oats (Banana, Blueberries, Cinnamon)
  • 2x Egg Omelet, Cheese, Spinach, Spring Onion, Tomato

Meal 2

  • Grilled Steak with Salt and Pepper
  • Sweet Potato + 1 Cup Broccoli
  • Green Salad (Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Corn, Green Pepper, Olive Oil)

Meal 3

  • Chicken Quesadilla (Black Beans, Chopped Onions, Red Pepper, Tomato, Corn, Cheese)
  • Protein Shake

Meal 4

  • 2x Scoop Protein Smoothie (Almond Milk, Banana, Peanut Butter, Honey, Blueberries)
  • Mix Nuts

Meal 5

  • Lemon and Herb Baked Salmon
  • 1 Cup Brown Rice
  • Green Salad (Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Corn, Green Pepper, Olive Oil)

Meal 6

Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3 Wolverine Diet

hugh jackman wolverine diet

Meal 1

  • 11 oz. Steak
  • Stir Fried Noodles (Red Pepper, Carrot, Green Beans, Baby Corn)
  • 1 Cup Broccoli

Meal 2

  • 3 x Portuguese Chicken Wraps
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Green Salad (Rocket, Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Olive Oil)

Meal 3

  • 16 oz. Grilled Salmon with Lime and Paprika
  • Steamed Mixed Vegetables
  • 1 Cup Brown Rice

Meal 4

  • 2x Scoop Protein Shake (Peanut Butter, Banana, Berry Medley, Protein Yogurt)
  • Mixed Nuts

Meal 5

  • 11 oz. Steak
  • Mushrooms
  • Baked Potato
  • 1 Cup Broccoli

Meal 6

  • 2x Scoop Protein Shake
  • Banana
  • Protein Yogurt
  • Mixed Nuts

Hugh is a big believer in correct nutrition, carefully tracking his calorie and macro nutrient intake with every role.

If you are thinking of trying either of Hugh’s diet plans, we strongly recommend you do the same. 

This will help you provide your body with the correct amount of carbs for energy, protein for muscle growth, and fat for absorbing essential minerals. 

To do this, use our advanced calorie and macronutrient calculator.

Simply punch in your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level to receive an accurate calorie and macro target to help you build a super mutant body. 

Hugh Jackman Supplement Preferences

Hugh Jackman’s dieting and food preferences are what help him to achieve his incredible body, but he knows that there is always room to improve and bridge those nutritional gaps.

Below we have Hugh Jackman’s supplement preferences to help you boost your protein intake and performance in the gym.

Whey ProteinBuilds muscle and improves recovery
Pre-WorkoutIncrease energy and improve performance
CreatineReplenishes energy and boosts performance
BCAAsStimulate building of protein in muscle and the reduction of muscle breakdown; however, research suggests this is unwarranted
L-Carnitine Improves performance

Final Thoughts

Hugh Jackman’s ability to transform his body from a dancing showman into a super mutant is a testament to his work ethic and healthy lifestyle.

A true performer, he is always ready to do what he must to succeed in his action-packed roles on screen and stage.

That includes doubling his calories and dehydrating himself. 

If you are considering trying the Hugh Jackman workout routine and diet plan, track your nutrition, follow the workout routine, and make it a part of your lifestyle.

Most importantly, don’t try any of Jackman’s more extreme tactics. Stay hydrated, always.

Do this and you will pack on serious mass and create a shredded physique.

So, are you thinking of trying Hugh’s diet plan? What part of his training appeals to you?

Let us know in the comments. 

How many hours a day did Hugh Jackman workout?

Hugh trains between 1-1.5 hours per day performing traditional bodybuilding and strength training movements.

What is Hugh Jackman’s workout routine?

Hugh’s workout routine is based on a five-day training split, with a focus on large compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, and bench press. 

This is combined with cardio for a warm-up and post-workout to help him burn additional body fat.

How many days a week did Hugh Jackman workout?

Hugh Jackman trains five days per week to transform himself into Wolverine. 

How much cardio did Hugh Jackman do?

Hugh performs a 10-minute cardio warm up before each of his sessions, followed by a 20-minute session post workout. 

How to look like Wolverine?

To look like Wolverine you will need to eat a calorie surplus rich in protein. Do resistance training five to six days per week. Combine this with a 10-minute cardio warm-up and 20-minute steady state cardio session to burn extra calories. 

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