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The golden era of bodybuilding saw many incredible physiques boasting flawless symmetry and incredible conditioning.

However, few athletes have ever displayed Tom Platz’s dedication to leg training.

With a love of squats bordering on obsession, Tom’s ability to push his legs to the limit made him part of the bodybuilding elite.

So, how exactly did Tom Platz achieve those legendary legs?

Today, let’s discuss the Tom Platz workout routine and diet plan. I will prove to you that with Platz’s training and diet plan, you too can grow huge legs like The Quadfather.

Let’s jump in.  

Tom Platz Current Bio and Stats

Tom Platz was born on June 26th, 1955 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. At the age of nine, Tom took an interest in training after coming across a bodybuilding magazine at a local drug store.

Flicking through the pages, Platz was so inspired by the incredible physiques that he decided on the spot to pursue a career in professional bodybuilding. 

Tom would go home and tell his dad about his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder, who then went out and helped him purchase his first 110-lb. set of dumbbells.

Platz and his father would set up in the basement and begin training, rigging up a bench to perform bench press.

This would be the beginning of Tom’s lifelong journey, as he would train with his dad every night after dinner, trying out different exercises. 

Later on, Tom joined Armentos Gym at age 15, which helped him connect with Olympic weightlifters Norb Schemansky and Freddie Lowe.

It was here that Tom built his foundation, learning how to squat correctly. This movement became an obsession, as he would focus heavily on his leg training from here on.

His drive and dedication to strict form and high-volume training would help him develop massive 30-inch thighs, earning him the nickname The Quadfather.

His physique earned him a place in IFBB Pro Mr. Olympia from 1979-1986, with him reaching his peak and earning an IFBB Mr. Universe title in 1980. 

  • Age: 68 Years Old
  • Height: 5’8 (172.5 cm)
  • Weight: 225-235 lbs (102 – 107 kg)
  • Birthday: 26th June, 1955
  • Occupation: Professional Bodybuilder
  • Retired/Active Retired
  • Accolades: IFBB Mr. Universe 1980

Tom Platz Workout Fundamentals

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Tom Platz’s workout fundamentals were based around high-volume training and strict form, with his leg day routine becoming stuff of legend as it helped him develop those enormous quads.

Tom would train six days per week, performing a three-day split twice per week.

This included a leg routine where he would perform the back squat for 25-50 reps before hitting hack squat and leg extensions for four sets of 15-20 reps. 

To match his monstrous thighs, he took his calf training to another level, maxing out with “as many reps as possible” (AMRAP).

Tom’s numbers were listed at a crazy 52 reps for a 350-lb. back squat and an incredible 635 lbs. for eight reps.

What makes this even crazier is that Tom was not only strong, but he had the endurance to match, as he could perform a 225-lb. squat for up to 10 minutes.  

This high-volume training would also stretch into his ab routine, performing sets of 100 crunches and AMRAP Roman chair sit-ups multiple times per week. 

Tom Platz Workout Routine

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Now that we understand Tom’s training fundamentals, it’s time to check out the workout that turned him into The Quadfather.

Below is Tom Platz’s workout routine, which is a three-day split routine to be performed twice per week.

Sunday is the rest day. 

We have listed his training program complete with exercises, sets, reps, and rest times, as well as a weekly schedule to help you train with an exact routine like Tom.

Highlighted exercises are to be performed as a superset and the exercises listed with AMRAP means to perform as many reps as possible. 

Tom Platz 6-Day Workout Split Weekly Schedule

Chest, Shoulders, CalvesArms, AbsLegs, AbsChest, Shoulders, CalvesArms, AbsLegs, AbsRest

Chest, Shoulders and Calves (Duration 60 – 70 Minutes)

tom platz workout routine
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Dumbbell Bench Press105-1545-60 secs
Bench Press55-1030-45 secs
Dumbbell Flys55-1030-45 secs
Barbell Upright Rows68-1230-45 secs
Lateral Raises615-2030-45 secs
Cable Lateral Raises3AMRAP30-45 secs
Standing Calf Raises45030-45 secs
Seated Calf Raises3AMRAP30-45 secs

Arms and Abs (Duration 70-90 Minutes)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Dumbbell Curls68-1245-60 secs
Close-Grip Bench Press66-1030-45 secs
Barbell Curls46-1030-45 secs
Cable Pushdowns412-1530-45 secs
Wrist Curls415-2030-45 secs
Crunches210030-45 secs
Russian Twists110 mins30-45 secs
Roman Chair Sit-Ups4AMRAP30-45 secs
Standing Calf Raises45030-45 secs
Seated Calf Raises3AMRAP30-45 secs

Legs and Abs (Duration 70-90 Minutes)

tom platz leg workout
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Barbell Back Squat225-5045-60 secs
Hack Squat415-2030-45 secs
Leg Extensions415-2030-45 secs
Leg Curls612-1530-45 secs
Standing Calf Raises45030-45 secs
Seated Calf Raises3AMRAP30-45 secs
Crunches210030-45 secs
Russian Twists110 mins30-45 secs
Roman Chair Sit-Ups4AMRAP30-45 secs

Tom Platz Dieting and Food Preferences

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Tom Platz attributes much of his success on stage to his diet.

He has a keen eye for detail with his training and his diet was exactly the same, writing down what he ate and counting calories and macronutrients, which he still does to this day.

This built his understanding of what certain foods would do to his body and physique, eating accordingly for the different seasons of his training. 

Platz maintained his weight at around 225 – 235 lbs., with a “eat big, think big, and train big” to build lean muscle mass during the off-season.

Below we will present to you both Tom’s in-season and off-season dieting and food preferences. You’ll see his preference for eating nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods high in protein, which he referred to as farm-to-mouth.

He is also a big believer in eating bacon, whole eggs, and butter, making them a regular part of his diet. Tom also favors slow chewing to improve digestion.  

Tom Platz In-Season Diet

tom platz diet
Meal 11 Cup Oatmeal, 6 Eggs, Bacon, Fruits
Meal 24 Hamburger Patties, Large Salad, Baked Potato
Meal 36 Eggs, Cottage Cheese, Nuts, Fruit
Meal 4Steak, Vegetable, 4 Pieces of Whole Grain Toast, Glass of Milk 

Tom Platz Off-Season Diet

Meal 12 Butter and Jelly Whole Grain Toast, Milk, Orange Juice, Coffee, Supplements
Meal 26 Eggs, 1 Hamburger Patty, 2 Pieces of Whole Grain Bread, Large Salad, Juice
Meal 3Cheese and Crackers, Milk, Juice
Meal 416 oz Steak, Large Salad, Cottage Cheese, Nuts, Bread with Butter, Baked Potato, Milk
Meal 5Ice Cream, Nuts

Tom Platz Diet Plan 

tom platz diet plan

From what we can see, Tom Platz’s dieting and food preferences were made up of unprocessed foods with a solid base of protein for each meal.

To help you build a body like The Quadfather, we have a Tom Platz-inspired diet plan. It takes many of his foods and adds subtle changes for variety to help you remain consistent with your diet. 

And of course, there’s both an in-season and off-season diet plan to help you build yourself year-round.

In-Season Diet Plan

Meal 1

  • 1 Cup Oatmeal (Almond Milk, Banana, Greek Yoghurt, Berries, Honey)
  • 6 Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
  • 2 Whole Wheat Toast

Meal 2

  • Baked Potato (Ground Beef, Low Fat Cheese, Beans, Light Sour Cream, Beans, Salsa)
  • Protein Shake

Meal 3

  • Lean Beef Tacos (Flour Tortilla, Low Fat Cheese, Corn, Beans, Red Onion, Rep Pepper, Lettuce, Jalapenos, Coriander, Salsa, Light Sour Cream)
  • 6 Poached Eggs

Meal 4

  • Steak
  • Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable with Brown Rice
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Glass of Milk

Meal 5

Off-Season Diet Plan

tom platz off-season diet plan

Meal 1

  • Air Fried Whole Grain French Toast (Butter and Low Sugar Maple Syrup, Banana Berries)
  • Juice
  • Protein Shake

Meal 2

  • 2x Breakfast Burrito (6 Scrambled Eggs, Ground Beef, Whole Wheat Tortilla)
  • Green Salad (Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado, Red Onion, Corn)
  • Juice

Meal 3

Meal 4

  • 16 oz Steak
  • Sweet Potato Mash
  • Green Salad (Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado, Red Onion, Corn)
  • Sourdough Bread with Butter

Meal 5

  • Protein Ice Cream
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Banana

Tom Platz has long been known for his attention to detail both in his training and nutrition, which helped him become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

If you are thinking of trying Tom’s workout routine and diet plan, we strongly suggest you track macros just as he does.

This will ensure that you are eating the correct quantity of food, giving you enough carbs for energy, protein to build muscle, and fat to absorb essential nutrients.

To do this, use our advanced calorie and macronutrient calculator.

Just plug in your age, gender, height, weight and activity level to receive your recommended calorie and macro intake. 

It’s the first step in giving your body all it needs to achieve outstanding results. 

Tom Platz Supplement Preferences

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tom platz training supplements

Tom Platz supplement preferences were much different to what we see today, as the industry had yet to boom.

Tom would take around 75 desiccated pills over the years he was competing. 

Below is a list of Tom’s supplements that helped him get his incredible physique.  

ProteinUsed to build muscle and assist in recovery
IronSupports the body’s growth and development
Vitamin B12Keeps blood and nerves cells healthy
CoffeeIncrease energy and boost performance

Final Thoughts

Tom Platz’s passion and intensity helped him become one of the most iconic bodybuilders we’ve ever seen.

His sheer love for the sport has stuck with him to this day, as he continues to educate and inspire lifters around the world. 

If you are considering trying the Tom Platz workout routine and diet plan, we strongly recommend you track your calorie and macro intake to optimize your body for performance. 

This, combined with his legendary leg training program and weekly schedule, will help ensure the success of your Tom Platz workout routine.

So, are you a fan of Tom’s physique and training principles?

Let us know in the comments.

Did Tom Platz train abs?

Yes, Tom Platz trained abs four times per week after his arms and legs session. During these sessions, he would perform 100 reps for both crunches and complete AMRAPs of Roman chair sit-ups and 10 mins of Russian twists. 

How much does Tom Platz weigh?

Tom Platz weighs 225-235 lbs (102 – 107 kg), this varies based on the time of his season. 

What does Tom Platz eat?

Tom Platz prioritizes unprocessed foods that are high in protein with his diet containing beef, eggs, butter, whole grain bread, cottage cheese, oats, milk, juice and coffee.

How tall is Tom Platz?

Tom Platz is 5’8 (172.5 cm)

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