For anyone with their finger on the pulse of contemporary bodybuilding, there is no bigger name at the moment than Chris Bumstead.

Winner of the last three Mr. Olympia classic physique titles, Bumstead is pioneering a return to the classic style of bodybuilding.

In addition to being a champion on stage, Chris – or Cbum as he’s known by his fans – is a popular online presence with an easygoing personality.

If you’re not familiar with the legend that is Chris Bumstead, take a look at his latest title-winning Mr. Olympia performance:

Let’s dive into Chris Bumstead workout routine and dieting plan.

This article outlines the training, nutrition, and mindset of the reigning Mr. Olympia classic.

Chris Bumstead Current Bio and Stats

Chris Bumstead is one of the best-known bodybuilders in the fitness world today.

Not only has he won the last three consecutive Classic Olympia titles, but he is also a prominent social media influencer and businessman.

Chris has large followings on Instagram and YouTube and has successful businesses in apparel, supplements, and training memberships.

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6’1” (185cm)
  • Weight: 235-264lbs (106-120kg)
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1995
  • Occupation: Professional bodybuilder
  • Career: Bodybuilder, business owner
  • Notable Achievements: 
    • Runner up, Mr. Olympia Classic Physique 2017-2018
    • Winner, 3x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique 2019-2021

Chris’ weight can fluctuate significantly between the off-season and competition.

For example, his stage weight in the Mr. Olympia is around 235lbs, while his heaviest off-season weight last year was 264lbs.

Chris Bumstead Workout Fundamentals

Chris Bumstead Workout

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With a background in team sports, Bumstead began weightlifting at the age of 14.

After building a solid foundation for several years, Chris began competing at age 19. He gained his IFBB pro card in 2016 at age 21.

As a competitor on the world’s biggest bodybuilding stage, Bumstead’s workout routine revolves around cycles between the off-season, and competition.

The workout examples below can be used in either case. However, the parameters may need to be modified to suit your particular goals.

Cbum does experiment with volume and frequency in his training programs. That said, he claims the most important factor is intensity.

This is supported by research, with maximal hypertrophy occurring – especially in the larger type-II muscle fibers – when training with high intensity.

Let’s take a look at a typical training week for Cbum.

Chris Bumstead Workout Routine

Chris currently trains with a 5-day split routine, or ‘bro split’. This allows him to hit his focus areas with sufficient intensity and recovery time.

The following is a typical week of the current Cbum workout schedule.

Weekly Schedule: 

  • Monday: Chest workout
  • Tuesday: Back workout
  • Wednesday: Leg workout
  • Thursday: Arms workout
  • Friday: Shoulder workout
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: Rest day

For those who prefer a different schedule, here is a breakdown of Chris’ approach to a three-day workout split like the PPL split:

Chris Bumstead Workout Plan

At the highly advanced level Bumstead currently trains, he is able to vary his workouts on the fly.

The following workouts are based on Cbum’s most recent sessions, with plenty more examples being available on his YouTube channel.

In addition to these weight-training sessions, Chris does a lot of cardio – up to one to two hours daily in comp prep.

Even during the off-season, Cbum performs cardio such as outdoor cycling four times per week to maintain heart health and conditioning.

Make sure to adjust the training parameters or exercises to suit your current training level and goals.

Chris Bumstead Chest Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Incline dB chest press4×8-122-3 min
Incline machine press3-4×8-122-3 min
Seated cable chest fly3-4×8-121-2 min
Close grip machine press3×8-121-2 min
Machine chest fly3×8-121 min

Chris Bumstead Back Workout

Chris Bumstead Back Workout
ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Wide grip lat pulldown3-4×8-121-2 min
Supported dB row3-4×8-121-2 min
Supported machine row3-4×8-122-3 min
Seated supported machine row3-4×8-121-2 min
Rope straight arm pulldown3-4×8-121 min

Chris Bumstead Leg Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Adductor machine3×15-201 min
Leg extension3-4×10-151-2 min
Hack squat4×8-122-3 min
Leg press3×8-122-3 min
Leg press calf raise3-4×12-151 min

Chris Bumstead Arm Workout

Chris Bumstead Arm Workout
ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Rope tricep pushdown SS4×12-15
Rope overhead extension 1-2 min
EZ bar curl3-4×8-121-2 min
Incline dB tricep extension3-4×8-121-2 min
Incline dB curl SS3×8-12
Incline dB alternating hammer curls1-2 min
V-handle cable curls3×8-121 min
Single-arm cross-body cable extension3×8-121 min

Chris Bumstead Shoulder Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Machine shoulder press3-4×8-122-3 min
Seated dB shoulder press3-4×8-122-3 min
Seated dB lateral raise3-4×10-151 min
Leaning cable lateral raise3×10-151 min
Machine reverse fly3-4×8-121 min

Chris Bumstead Self-Care Activities

At the elite level of bodybuilding, mental health and focus become even more important.

Some of the activities Cbum likes for taking care of this include therapy sessions, reading stoic philosophy, and ensuring he gets at least eight hours of sleep.

While diet and exercise are the focus of getting into shape, mindset and mental health are equally important to success.

Chris Bumstead Dieting and Food Preferences

Chris Bumstead Diet

As an elite-level bodybuilding athlete, Chris’ diet obviously has several distinct phases.

The foods mentioned below are typical across various times in Bumstead’s yearly cycle and can change depending on his goal at the time.

While he loves food as much as anybody, Cbum is a great example of the level of discipline necessary to compete at the highest level.

Chris Bumstead Meal Preferences

  • Breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, bagel
  • Lunch: Meat, rice, pasta
  • Dinner: Meat, rice, pasta
  • Snacks: Additional meal, protein shake, fruit
  • Late night: Additional meal, protein shake

Chris Bumstead Diet Plan

The following examples show the meals and foods eaten by Chris during both his off-season muscle-gain phase and cutting for competition.

In Cbum’s case, his ‘bulking’ diet is over 5,000 calories daily. Meanwhile, his cutting diet close to stage time is closer to 1,600 calories.

We have a 3000 calorie meal plan and an article of 11 simple 1000 calorie meals for muscle growth if you want an idea of what to eat for bulking.

If you are unsure of your macronutrient requirements for bulking, use our advanced macro calculator for muscle growth.

The amounts and calories from each meal have been intentionally omitted from these examples.

This is because Chris himself says not to copy what he does, and to create a nutrition plan that is tailored to your own needs.

That being said, here is some inspiration from Cbum’s current diet plans.

Chris Bumstead Bulking Diet

Meal 1

  • Bagel
  • Ghee butter
  • Shake: Protein, oats, almond butter, fiber
  • Glucose supplement

Meal 2

  • Steak
  • White rice

Meal 3

  • Chicken
  • White rice
  • Hot sauce

Meal 4

  • Sweet potato
  • Ground turkey
  • Banana

Meal 5

  • Sweet potato
  • Ground beef
  • Avocado

Meal 6

  • Shake: Protein, oats, almond butter, glutamine

Chris Bumstead Competition Prep Diet

Meal 1

  • Morning drink: Ice, daily greens powder, GI supplement, Glutamine, Fiber
  • Egg whites
  • Full egg
  • Sugar-free ketchup

Meal 2

  • Ground turkey
  • Cucumber
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Oats
  • Protein powder

Meal 3

  • Zucchini
  • White fish
  • White rice
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Low-calorie yellow mustard

Meal 4

  • Asparagus
  • White fish
  • Magnesium

Meal 5+6 

  • Ground turkey
  • Egg whites
  • Whole eggs

Of course, after months of strict dieting, Chris looks forward to epic cheat days like the rest of us:

Chris Bumstead Supplement Preferences

cbum supplement brand

Since diets at the highest level of bodybuilding can be quite restrictive at times, supplements have an important role to play.

Bumstead has a range of supplements in his routine to ensure he meets all the nutritional requirements without unnecessary calories.

Chris also has his own supplement line from Raw Nutrition, including his signature CBUM Thavage pre-workout and Itholate protein.

Here are some of the supplements taken by Chris Bumstead:

  • Protein powder
  • Pre-workout
  • Creatine
  • Glucose supplement with chromium, berberine, etc.
  • Glutamine
  • Daily greens
  • GI supplements
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium

It’s worth mentioning here that Chris is not a natural athlete. While his classic physique is inspirational to regular gym-goers, don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself.

Chris Bumstead App

The CBUM Fitness app is a membership program that allows you to follow the daily workouts of Chris, with several other features. 

The app features daily workouts, exclusive content for Cbum fans, and access to community pages and events like live calls with Chris.


What gym does Cbum work out at?

Chris trains at several gyms across North America, as well as training from his home gym when necessary.

Especially in the last two years, Cbum had to travel to select gyms that could open for professional athletes or train at his home gym.

What is the Chris Bumstead 8 week challenge?

The Thavage AF 8 week challenge is an event put on by Cbum’s social media channels.

It’s an eight-week fitness challenge with prizes such as a year’s supply of supplements, PS5s, and even getting to hang out and train with Chris himself.

When did Cbum start working out?

Bumstead started weightlifting at the age of 14, putting on significant mass up to the age of 19.

This is when he started competing, and he went pro at the age of 21 after winning the 2016 IFBB North American bodybuilding championship.

What does Chris Bumstead do for work?

In addition to being a professional bodybuilder, Chris is a co-owner of the Raw Nutrition supplement brand and Revive MD supplements.

He also manages his social media business and has a successful merchandise line based on his CBUM brand.

Closing Comments

So, what do you think of our coverage of Chris Bumstead’s routine?

Let us know your favorite Chris Bumstead workout – and your favorite Mr. Olympia – in the comments!    

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