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  • Future App Graphic
    Muscle Building Programs / Updated August 2 2023

    Future App Review: Is Future Fit App A Good Virtual Personal Trainer?

    Hello, and welcome to my Future app review.  Time is a precious commodity. It seems to be even more scarce when it’s time to exercise. To be fair, it’s become increasingly difficult to pull ourselves away from our desks, go... Read More

  • Hammer and Chisel Review Beachbody Workout
    Muscle Building Programs / Updated March 15 2023

    Hammer And Chisel Review: The Beachbody Master's Workout

    Beachbody on Demand is a large platform with many programs. Could Hammer and Chisel be worth your time and money? Getting in shape from home is more than possible. With today’s technology, anyone’s living room can be a home gym.... Read More

  • Body Beast Program Review
    Muscle Building Programs / Updated March 15 2023

    Honest Body Beast Review: Is Body Beast Any Good? 

    Are you looking for some guidance to transform your health? Welcome to my Body Beast review! What do we look for in an exercise and nutrition program? It should give you your money’s worth, be geared toward your goals, and... Read More

  • Superhero X12 Review
    Muscle Building Programs / Updated March 15 2023

    Superhero X12 Review: Does It Really Work?

    This is my review of the Superhero SX12 program. Torch fat and increase muscle - it’s a common goal. Is the stereotypical superhero body attainable for everyone, though?  To be honest, I don’t look at pictures of Marvel superheroes and... Read More