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Over the past decade, Michael B. Jordan has risen to fame as one of Hollywood’s biggest leading men.

Beginning in HBO’s classic series The Wire to physically imposing and inspiring transformations in Creed and Black Panther, Jordan’s name has been lighting up box offices around the globe.

So, are you wondering what Jordan does to transform himself into the formidable Eric Killmonger and gritty Adonis Creed?

Today, I will be covering the Michael B. Jordan workout routine and diet plan, including his bio, workout fundamentals, and diet plan to help you achieve his elite athletic physique

Let’s dive in. 

Michael B. Jordan Current Bio And Stats

Michael B Jordan was born in Santa Ana, California on February 8th 1987 to father Michael A. Jordan and mother Donna Davis.

Jordan was raised in Newark, New Jersey and is the middle of three children.

His first appearances on screen were small parts in The Sopranos and The Cosby Show before landing his first major part in The Wire (2002).

Throughout the 2000’s Jordan would go on to appear in other hit shows like Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, establishing himself as a solid upcoming talent.

Jordan would go on to play parts in Red Tails and Chronicle before scoring his first lead role in Fruitvale Station (2013).

It was Jordan’s portrayal of Oscar Grant that made him a formidable player in film, opening doors and netting him roles in movies like Fantastic Four and Creed (2015).

The physical transformation and performance essential to the latter film helped Michael attain A-list status. Since then Jordan has gone on to play major roles in Marvel blockbuster, Black Panther as well as reprising his role in Creed II (2018).

Lately, he’s returned for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Creed III (2023), where he would display yet another staggering physical transformation. 

  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Height: 6’ (182.5 cm)
  • Weight: 185 lbs (79 Kg) 
  • Birthday: February 9th, 1987
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer
  • Retired/Active: Active

Michael B. Jordan Workout Fundamentals

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michael b jordan workout routine fundamentals

Michael B Jordan’s transformation began during the filming of Fantastic Four, where he would begin training with his trainer Corey Calliet to help pack on muscle to play the hot-headed Johnny Storm.

During production, Jordan and Calliet became like family, spending each day working on sculpting his superhuman build.

Following filming, Jordan would quickly continue his training to portray the Adonis Creed in Creed.

Here, he would immediately call on Calliet to assist him in his pursuit for his elite boxing physique. 

To Jordan’s credit, he jumped straight into training, giving him a year and a half to increase his muscle mass and endurance

First, Jordan went straight onto a strict clean diet of no sugar, just chicken, broccoli, and rice. He trained two to three times a day, six days a week.

His morning would consist of one hour of powerful, explosive movements, with interval training, plyometrics, sprinting, and skipping.

This was followed by three hours of boxing work, spread across the day into three separate sessions.

During this time he also performed four muscle-building sessions per week with a focus on bodybuilding workouts. 

Each day would also contain an ab workout to give him those lean, cut abs to bring his boxing body together. 

Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine

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Jordan’s training workout routine for Creed is up there with one of the most intense in all of Hollywood.

Below, we will be discussing Jordan’s workouts for Creed and Black Panther, covering his sets, reps, rest times, and weekly schedule to guide on your transformation.  

Michael B. Jordan Creed Workout Routine

Jordan’s workouts were grueling, training six days per week with a mix of interval training, plyometrics, boxing training, and weights.

While we know his weight training routine, little is known about his exact conditioning program, so we will create a program based on his training routine

Michael B. Jordan Creed Weekly Schedule

Condition Boxing Chest Back ArmsConditionBoxingBiceps Triceps LatsConditionBoxingConditionBoxing LegsConditionBoxingChestArms ConditionBoxingRest

Michael B. Jordan Creed Conditioning Workout (Duration 45-50 Mins)

michael b jordan's workout routine

The following workout is a conditioning consisting of a warm-up, circuits, and sprints.

The exercises in the circuit are to be performed one after another with no rest, with a 60-second rest at the end. 

This is to be completed three times.  

ExerciseSets Reps
Skipping110 mins
Tabata Squats (20s on/10 off)14 mins
Battle Ropes140-60 secs
Medicine Ball Slams130 secs
Squat Jumps130 secs
Push-Ups130 secs
Box Jumps130 secs
Rest160 secs
Treadmill Sprints (30s on/30s off)115
Skipping 13 mins

Michael B. Jordan Creed Strength Workout 

The following workout routine is performed  four days per week, following his morning conditioning routine.

We have also listed an ab workout that is performed everyday to carve out a lean and functional core

Sets that are denoted as 10-1 are performed the first set at 10 reps, second set nine reps, and so on until the exercise is complete.

Chest, Back, and Arms
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Incline Dumbbell Press31245-60 secs
Dumbbell Fly31245-60 secs
Push-Ups1010-145-60 secs
Dumbbell Kick Back31530-45 secs
Tricep Pushdown22030-45 secs
Dips1010-145-60 secs
Biceps, Triceps, Lats
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Barbell Bent Over Row31245-60 secs
One-Arm Dumbbell Row31230-45 secs
V-Grip Cable Row31230-45 secs
Dumbbell Curl31230-45 secs
Barbell Curl31230-45 secs
Hammer Curl31230-45 secs
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Back Squat38-1245-60 secs
Romanian Deadlift31245-60 secs
Dumbbell Lunges330 secs Each leg30-45 secs
Single-Leg Hip Extensions31545-60 secs
Leg Curl31230-45 secs
Chest, Arms, and Abs
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Dumbbell Chest Press56-1045-60 secs
Dumbbell Flys51045-60 secs
Push-Ups51030-45 secs
Dumbbell Kickback31530-45 secs
Dumbbell Curl41230-45 secs
Dips42030-45 secs

Michael B. Jordan Creed Ab Workout Routine

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Crunches32530 secs
Leg Raises32530 secs
Reverse Crunches32530 secs
Toe Touches32530 secs
Sprinter Sit-Ups32530 secs

Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Workout Routine

To transform himself into the hulkish Eric Killmonger in Black Panther, Jordan would have to considerably increase his muscle mass.  

He would abandon the high-intensity boxing training, replacing it with a bodybuilding routine to pack on additional mass. 

His Black Panther routine again followed a five-day per week routine, which helped him put on an additional 10-15 lbs. of muscle. 

Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Weekly Schedule 

Chest, Shoulders, TricepsLegs, CoreBack, BicepsRestChest ShouldersPull, PosteriorRest

Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Workout 

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press48-1230-45 secs
Dumbbell Fly31230-45 secs
Machine Shoulder Press410-1230-45 secs
Dumbbell Lateral Raises310-1230-45 secs
Dumbbell Shrug31230-45 secs
Weighted Dips38-1230-45 secs
Skullcrushers210-1230-45 secs
Legs and Core
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Back Squat48-1245-60 secs
Leg Press31245-60 secs
Leg curl310-1230-45 secs
Leg Extension 310-1230-45 secs
Standing Machine Calf Raises15-2030-45 secs
Seated Calf Raises315-2030-45 secs
Plank320 secs30 secs
Decline Sit-Up312-1530 secs
Hanging Leg Raises312-1530 secs
Back and Biceps
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Lat Pulldown32530-45 secs
T-Bar Row32530-45 secs
Weighted Pull-Up32530-45 secs
Reverse Grip Barbell Row38-1230-45 secs
Back Extensions312-1530-45 secs
Barbell Curl38-1230-45 secs
Hammer Curl31230-45 secs
Chest and Shoulders
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Seated Dumbbell Press48-1245-60 secs
Bent Over Reverse Fly31230-45 secs
Dumbbell Chest Press48-1230-45 secs
Push-Up312-1530-45 secs
Close Grip Push-Up312-1530-45 secs
Rope Tricep Pushdown38-1230-45 secs
Pull and Posterior
ExerciseSets RepsRest
Deadlifts48-1245-60 secs
Close Grip Lat Pulldown38-1230-45 secs
Dumbbell Curl31230-45 secs
Barbell Hip Thrust38-1230-45 secs
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift38-1230-45 secs
Standing Machine Calf Raises315-2030-45 secs
Seated Calf Raises315-2030-45 secs

Michael B. Jordan Dieting and Food Preferences 

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michael b jordan diet preferences

For Jordan to transform himself into an elite boxer and militant Killmonger he upped his protein and carbohydrates to smash out his sessions and build lean mass.

Michael B. Jordan would eat six meals per day consisting of high protein foods such as lean chicken, beef, and fish. This is coupled with a mixture of brown and white rice, broccoli,  potato, and sweet potato. 

Below is a list of his preferred foods on the average day. This can give you a better understanding of what it takes to obtain his lean, muscular build. 

Meal 1Oats, Rice, Eggs, 6x Egg Whites
Meal 2Protein Shake, Oats
Meal 38 oz. Chicken, Ground Turkey, Rice, Sweet Potato, Vegetables
Meal 48 oz. Fish, Ground Turkey, Rice, Sweet Potato
Meal 5Protein Shake, Oats
Meal 68 oz. Chicken, Ground Turkey, One Cup Vegetables, Olive Oil

Michael B. Jordan Diet Plan

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michael b jordan diet plan

Michael B. Jordan’s diet plan for his role in Creed was one of the strictest diets we have reviewed to date, and a  testament to his dedication to his transformation.

His diet in this phase was relatively boring, consisting of little more than chicken, broccoli, and rice. 

So, with that in mind we will cover a Black Panther-inspired meal plan to pack on size.

This will consist of six high-protein, nutrient-dense meals per day. 

Meal 1

  • 2x Poached Eggs
  • Whole Wheat Toast
  • Banana

Meal 2

  • Protein Shake
  • Fruit
  • Nuts

Meal 3

  • 2x Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap
  • Mash Sweet Potato

Meal 4

  • 2x Scoop Protein Shake (Banana, Berries, Oats, Honey) 

Meal 5

  • Baked Salmon
  • Brown Rice
  • Baked Potato
  • Stir Fried Vegetables

Meal 6

  • Protein Shake
  • Protein Yogurt
  • Fruit

If you are serious about training like Michael B. Jordan, we recommend tracking your calories and macros.

This will ensure you are eating enough protein to grow lean muscle, carbohydrates to train, and fat to absorb nutrients crucial for growth and overall health and wellbeing.

To find out your exact calorie and macronutrient intake, try our advanced calorie and macronutrient calculator.

This will give you an accurate reading based on your age, gender, height, weight, and activity level, which will help you transform your physique. 

Michael B. Jordan Supplement Preferences

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michael b jordan training supplements

For Michael B Jordan to perform his workout routine day in and day out, he needs to fuel his body with high-quality food.

But to take him to the next level, he would need assistance from a range of supplements to bridge the gap.

Jordan took protein to build muscle and assist in recovery, BCAAs to promote muscle growth and reduce soreness, and a multivitamin for general health.   

Here is a list of all the supplements Jordan’s been known to use to help him with his training.

Final Thoughts

Michael B. Jordan’s workout routine and diet plan is one of the most insane we have ever seen, but it seems to have paid off massively. 

His commitment to his roles and dedication to his transformations are truly inspiring.

If you are considering trying the Michael B. Jordan workout routine and diet plan, be sure to fuel your body correctly with nutrient-dense, high-protein food, consume the correct calories and macros, and prioritize rest and recovery.

This will ensure your growth and make huge steps to making a head turning transformation.

So, are you thinking of training like Michael B. Jordan? Which workout are you most interested in?

Let us know in the comments. 

How to get a body like Michael B. Jordan?

To get a body like Michael B. Jordan you will need to eat a high-protein, nutrient-dense diet combined with high-intensity training consisting of boxing, plyometrics, and free weights.

How many hours a day does Michael B. Jordan work out?

For the role of Creed, Michael B. Jordan trained six days per week, three sessions per day, for four to six hours in total.

Does Michael B. Jordan lift weights?

Yes, Michael B. Jordan does perform a resistance training routine for both his roles in the Creed and Black Panther franchises.

How many times a day does Michael B. Jordan work out?

Michael B. Jordan trains up to three times per day. Creed required the most, with sessions dedicated to boxing, weights, and high-intensity interval training.

What is Michael B. Jordan workout routine?

The Michael B. Jordan workout routine consists of a traditional bodybuilding routine, boxing, and explosive high-intensity training.

Does Michael B. Jordan work out everyday?

Almost. Michael B. Jordan trains six days per week when preparing for roles in movies like Creed and Black Panther.

How long did Michael B. Jordan work out for Creed?

Michael B. Jordan’s transformation for Creed was spaced out over a year and half. This was his choice, as it allowed him to take his time building the physique of an elite boxer.

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