Bretman Rock is a Youtube, TikTok, and TV personality.

He rose to fame in 2016 on the back of a viral Youtube video. Since then, Rock’s status as a beauty and fitness influencer has skyrocketed.

Currently, he has 8.88 Million subscribers on YouTube and 14 Million TikTok Followers.

In 2021, Bretman Rock was given his own show on MTV, which garnered 29.4 million viewers during its six-week span.

YouTube also produced a show called 30 Days With: Bretman Rock where he tried to survive a week in the Hawaiian jungle alone.  

Throughout all of it, many wonder how the star stays so toned and lean.

Today, I’m going to share Bretman Rock’s workout routine and diet plan. His presence on the internet means he shares a lot of his methods. I’ve distilled it here into a plan you can try for yourself.

Let’s dive in. 

Bretman Rock Current Bio and Stats

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Born in the Philippines, Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga moved to Hawaii when he was seven.

Many people are surprised to learn that Bretman Rock is his birth name. His father, Edmund Laforga, was a fan of pro wrestlers Bret Hart and The Rock, and combined these.

His career as an entertainer began with simple YouTube videos creating memes, vlogs, and beauty tutorials.

One of those beauty tutorials, a contouring video, went viral in 2015. He amassed nearly three million new followers in two months.  

A junior athlete, Rock competed in a variety of sports including, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and track and field. 

During his career, he’s been recognized as one of the “30 Most Influential Teens” in 2017 by Time and won awards such as the People’s Choice Award for Best Beauty Influencer (2019).

Bretman’s other awards include the MTV Movie and TV Awards – Breakthrough Star (2021), and Streamy Award – Show of the Year, Best Unscripted Series for 30 Days With: Bretman Rock (2021).

He also made history as Playboy’s first ever gay male cover star

  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’8” (178cm)
  • Weight: 154 lbs (70kgs)
  • Birthday: July 31, 1998
  • Occupation: Youtuber, Tik Tok, MTV Personality, Influencer
  • Retired/Active: Active

Bretman Rock Workout Fundamentals

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The Bretman Rock workout routine consists of home gym training exercises, from his chest and skipping routine, to his famous ABSolutely Not ab workout.

Rock was a junior athlete, participating in soccer, volleyball, and baseball, as well as being on the track team. 

Throughout all his training videos, he states that he is not a personal trainer and that all his recommendations and knowledge come from personal experience.

With sports being such a large part of his life, he’s based his workout routine based on what his coaches have recommended. 

Bretman Rock Workout Routine

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Bretman Rock’s workout is made up of a mixture of stretching,  bodyweight training, and skipping.

Below is a summary of Three Easy Workouts to Look Cute, intended to help you get the Bretman Rock body.

Stretches (Duration 3-5 minutes)

ExerciseSets Reps
PVC Dynamic Shoulder Stretch310
PVC Chest and Lat Stretch310 secs
PVC Twists120
Pigeon Stretch110

Chest (Duration 14 Minutes)

This chest routine is to be completed as a circuit.

Do each exercise with a short 15-second rest between each.

Do the four exercises one after the other, and at the end, take a two-minute rest.

Repeat this four times.

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Push-Ups41015 sec
Diamond Push-Ups41015 sec
Spider Push-Ups41015 sec
3 Sec Hold Push-Up41015 sec
End of Round Rest2 Minutes

Jumping to Conclusions (Duration 11-15 Minutes)

This is a jump rope circuit that requires you to perform 10 minutes of skipping. For every mistake, you are required to perform three burpees as a penalty.

Once your 10 minutes are complete, you will then finish off with one minute of double unders.

If you cannot do double unders, Bretman Rock suggests doing single leg single unders.

10 Min Jump Rope10 mins
Penalty 3 Burpees
1 Min Double Unders1 min

Instagram Story Workout

Below is a list of exercises that Bretman Rock has shared on his Instagram stories.

I will present them as three different workouts so that they are easy to follow.

Based on the exercises provided, the workouts will all be full-body workouts, containing upper body, lower body, and abs, with cardio to finish.

Cardio (20 Minute Duration)

Cardio is to be performed after each session. 

Jump Rope10 Minutes

Day 1 (Duration 25 – 35 Minutes)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Hip Raises420 45-60 secs
Barbell Back Squat Heavy2545-60 secs
Barbell Back Squat Light15045-60 secs
Jump Squats110045-60 secs
Resistance Band Air Squats110030-60 secs
Hanging Knee Raises41530-45 secs

Day 2 (Duration 40-45 Minutes)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Booty Band Air Squat42030-45 secs
Crab Walks 42030-45 secs
Barbell Deadlifts4845-60 secs
Jump Squats42045-60 secs
Handstand Push-Ups31045-60 secs
Sit-Up to Standing 31030-45 secs

Day 3 (Duration 35-40 Minutes)

ExerciseSets RepsRest
Barbell Front Squats41045-60 secs
Kettlebell Overhead Lunges31045-60 secs
Single-Leg Explosive Step-Ups35045-60 secs
Dumbbell Lateral Raises31030-45 secs
Toes to Bar31545 secs
Side Plank Twists31030 secs

What is Bretman Rock’s ABsolutely Not ab workout?

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Bretman Rock ab workout

The ABSolutely Not workout by Bretman Rock is an ab circuit consisting of nine different ab exercises.

The reason Rock has named it this is because that is what you’ll say when you see it. 

The aim is to complete the routine with as little rest as possible. However, if you need to take a break, Bretman Rock recommends resting for 30 seconds after every third exercise. 

Bretman Rock Abs Workout (Duration 6-8 Minutes)

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ABsolutely Not consists of the following exercises.

In and Outs40
Plank60 seconds30 seconds
Plank Side to Side20
Mountain Climbers40
Scissors6030 seconds
Leg Raises20
Toe Touches40
6 inches60 seconds30 seconds

Bretman Rock Dieting and Food Preferences

Bretman Rock diet plan and food preferences

Bretman’s favorite meals can regularly be seen on social media. 

Breakfast Sandwich


Rock’s diet and food preferences consist of meats, greens, and carbs in the form of bread and noodles.

Due to his love of exercise, he understands that his body needs fuel for the intense workouts he performs.

The recommended intake for men is listed at 2,500 calories and 2,000 for women. 

Research shows that an additional 15% is required for muscle hypertrophy. 

That equates to 2,875 calories for men and 2,300 for women. 

During training, protein intake of 1.6-2.2g per kilogram of body weight should be taken to aid in recovery and the building of muscle tissue. 

Here’s a snapshot of what a typical day of Bretman’s eating might include. We’ll break it down more in the next section.

BreakfastA bacon and egg sandwich
LunchSalad with protein
DinnerTraditional Filipino dishes
SnackCoconut water, Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy ice cream

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Bretman Rock Diet Plan

The Bretman Rock diet plan starts off the same every day with his breakfast sandwich.

Depending on what he has available, he will have bacon and egg with some veggies and white or whole wheat bread.

For lunch, he eats a salad with meat for protein.

At dinner, he prefers a traditional Filipino dish such as Filipino spaghetti or adobo.

Meal 1

  • Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich – Fried Bacon, Eggs, Tomato, Lettuce, and Mayonnaise 
  • Protein Shake + Creatine

Meal 2

  • Salmon Salad – Baby Spinach, Arugula, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Salt, Salmon


  • Coconut Water

Meal 3

  • Filipino Adobo – Chicken, Carrot, Red Peppers
  • Filipino Spaghetti – Sausage, Pasta Noodles, Grated Cheese, Pork, Onion, Bell Pepper, Tomato Paste, Evaporated Milk

Bretman Rock Supplement Preferences

Bretman Rock’s diet plan starts off with a protein shake containing creatine. He drinks one per day in the morning, acknowledging that it’s important for muscle growth and repair.

It’s unknown what brands he uses, but he does put both protein and creatine powders in the same daily shake. 

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Final Thoughts

It is no surprise that Bretman Rock takes care of his body. Starting his career as a beauty influencer and comedian, he has since expanded into a global influencer. 

During his rapid rise to fame, he shared his love for sport and fitness, showing his followers exactly what he does to stay in shape.

In addition, he seems to have a well-rounded diet with at least three daily meals, along with protein supplementation.

So, what do you think about Bretman Rock’s workout routine and diet plan? Will you be giving it a try?

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with any Bretman fans you know. 

Does Bretman Rock’s workout work?

Bretman Rock’s workout does work. The exercises he includes consist of a variety of large and medium size compound lifts.

The combination of this with his ABsolutely Not ab routine and jump rope cardio is intense and will definitely elevate your heart rate.  

How long is Bretman Rock workout?

The Bretman Rock workout takes around 25-40 minutes, depending on the workout.

His most popular workouts online take between 25-35 minutes. 

What is Bretman Rock’s ABsolutely Not workout?

The Bretman Rock ABsolutely Not workout contains nine exercises that are to be performed with as little rest as possible.

The workout should take roughly 6 -8 minutes depending on the amount of rest between sets.

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