Most famous for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars trilogy, Adam Driver has risen to be one of the most successful working actors today.

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, Driver began acting and quickly rose to stardom after several breakout roles.

Now, he’s working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, with a list of credits longer than this article.

For those unfamiliar with Driver’s work, here’s a brief highlight reel of some of his best performances:

However, Adam isn’t only famous for his acting chops. His imposing physique has taken the spotlight on several occasions.

This article will provide an overview of Adam Driver workout routine and diet habits that give him his superstar build, turning heads on film sets and photoshoots.

Adam Driver Current Bio and Stats

  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6’2”-6’3” (188-190cm)
  • Weight: Approx. 195lbs (88kg)
  • Date of Birth: November 19, 1983
  • Occupation: Hollywood actor
  • Career: Former U.S. marine
  • Notable Achievements:
    • Teen Choice Award for Best Movie Villain 
    • Multiple International Best Actor Awards
    • Two Golden Globe nominations
    • Served in U.S. Marine Corps.
    • Starred in Star Wars sequel trilogy

Adam Driver Workout Fundamentals

adam driver workout
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Driver formed his foundation of fitness when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps after the September 11 attacks. 

As a marine, Adam trained intensely, as he and his squadmates were required to be prepared for anything.

After over two and a half years of service – and just months before deployment to Iraq – Adam suffered a severe sternum injury in a mountain biking accident.

This led to Driver’s medical discharge and the pursuit of an acting career, another passion of his.

If you haven’t seen Adam’s TED talk on transitioning from marine to actor, it’s worth a watch:

After several successful Broadway, TV, and film roles, Driver was cast in Disney’s Star Wars trilogy as Kylo Ren.

This was arguably Adam’s first role that required a level of physical transformation, if only for the amount of stunt work he performed himself.

After The Force Awakens in 2015, Driver played an emaciated missionary in the Scorsese film Silence.

Driver lost an initial 30lbs (14kg) for the role, with a further 20lbs (9kg) being lost over the duration of filming for story purposes.

In total, the actor went from around 208-157lbs, a weight loss of just over 50lbs.

We’ll cover this period in his career in more detail in the diet section.

Driver was required to bulk back up significantly for The Last Jedi, becoming meme-worthy with his shirtless scene in that film.

We’ll cover the training for this type of role, too.

Finally, the latest hype around Adam’s physique has been in response to his recent campaign for Burberry:

The photos from this campaign reveal a lean, muscular build that strikes maybe the best balance the actor has achieved so far.

Adam Driver Workout Routine

adam driver workout routine
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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Adam Driver has mentioned in several interviews that his approach to physical training comes out of necessity for his acting roles, as well as to maintain his sanity.

The actor’s workout routine can vary drastically depending on what is required for his next performance.

The following schedule is just one example of what an average week might look like for Adam to maintain a fit, healthy physique:

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: Workout 1
  • Tuesday: Cardio
  • Wednesday: Workout 2
  • Thursday: Cardio
  • Friday: Workout 3
  • Saturday: Rest / cardio
  • Sunday: Rest

For those looking to follow a similar schedule, the workouts remain as templates for you to use with the workouts coming up in the next section.

Adam Driver Style Workout Plan

These workouts reflect the different stages of Adam Driver’s career, both as a young Marine and as a maturing actor in his 30s.

You can browse the following workout sessions and choose which ones to incorporate into your routine depending on your goals.

For any of these workouts, perform an appropriate warm-up prior, and use stretching and soft-tissue recovery techniques where needed.

Adam Driver Marine Corps Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Push-ups1 x 2 min AMRAP2-3 min
Pull-ups3xMAX2-3 min
Plank1xMAX1 min
Sit-ups1 x 2 min AMRAP
Ammo lift (dB OH press)3 x 1 min1 min
3 mile run / 880 yard sprint1 x Time trial

Adam Driver Kylo Ren Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Thrusters3×101-2 min
Reverse lunge + curl3×121 min
Romanian deadlift + bent row3×101 min
DB front raise (alternating)3×121 min
Cable woodchoppers3×101 min
Cable straight-arm pulldown3×101 min

Adam Driver Burberry Model Workout

adam driver model workout plan
Photo by Devin Dygert from Pexels
ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Squats3×8-121-2 min
Power clean + press3×8-121-2 min
Deadlift3×8-121-2 min
Lateral raise3×10-151 min
DB bicep curl3×8-121 min
Bosu crunch / dragon flag superset3xMAX30 sec

Go for cardio and muscular endurance in the Marine-style workout, or mass-builders and shoulder strengthening in the Kylo Ren session.

Alternatively, you can sculpt a lean and strong model physique like Adam with the Burberry workout.

Insert one (or a mix) of these sessions into the weekly schedule above for a body ready to break into Hollywood.

Adam Driver Dieting and Food Preferences

adam driver diet
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

After years in the military, Driver was exposed to a lot of simple meals consisting of various sources of protein, carbs, and vegetables.

As mentioned, he is somewhat more relaxed with his diet these days – except when preparing for a more physical role.

As a 6’3” guy with more of an ectomorph build, Adam is able to eat a lot of food without gaining and storing excessive amounts of body fat.

While he is intensely private and finds talking about training and diet ‘boring’, these are some of the foods Adam has mentioned eating in interviews.

Adam Driver Meal Preferences

  • Breakfast: Eggs, smoked turkey, cereal
  • Lunch: Salads
  • Dinner: Whole chicken, fish tacos
  • Snacks: Cereal, peanut butter
  • Late Night: Second dinner! 

Adam Driver Diet Plan

adam driver dieting plan
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

While things like multiple bowls of cereal and whole chickens might not necessarily fit within your diet goals, they can be part of a balanced diet.

If you’re more inspired by Driver’s recent Burberry physique, many male models are proponents of the Paleo style of eating.   

This way of eating consists of lean meats and fish, fruits and vegetables, and nuts, with minimal grains, dairy, and processed foods high in salt, sugar, and fat. 

This example day of eating is the culmination of resources regarding Adam Driver’s diet, and it comes together pretty well.

Meal 1

  • Six egg whites, one yolk
  • Two pieces smoked turkey
  • Cereal

Meal 2

  • Whole chicken (or part)
  • Salad

Meal 3

  • Fish tacos
  • Salad


  • Peanut butter
  • More cereal!

Adam Driver Supplement Preferences 

Driver lost 50lbs for his role in Silence by living off small salads and diuretics, although this is definitely not something we recommend.

Following this, you can see the impressive level of mass the actor put on to reprise his role in Star Wars

This is a classic example of the bear mode physique, and you can find out all about the supplements suggested for this goal in our comprehensive article on the subject.

Whether you want to bulk up like Kylo Ren or get a supermodel fit like Driver in his Burberry advertisements, consult with a professional before taking any new supplement.

Final Thoughts  

So, what do you think about Adam Driver and his approach to diet and training?

Let us know your favorite Adam Driver physique – and which style of Adam Driver-inspired workouts you plan to try in the comments.

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