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Hello, and welcome to my Hyperbolic stretching reviews.

Have you ever gone stand up after a long day chained to your desk and knew you were in for a struggle?

Your legs feel weak as your arms pry you up off the seat. Your back and hips feel like they’re doing everything possible to keep you glued into place.

You are not alone.

These days, our daily life requires extended periods in a sedentary position. It’s something I’ve spent almost a decade treating as a personal trainer and therapist.

If this is you, perhaps the tailored approach of Hyperbolic stretching can help. It was designed by an ex-computer programmer who struggled with these very issues.

Keep reading to learn what Hyperbolic stretching is about, how it works, things to consider, and the benefits of the flexibility program.

Let’s jump in.   

About Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching is a daily eight minutes of stretching designed to help you increase your flexibility without reducing performance.

Typically, when we think of extreme flexibility, such as the splits or high-flying martial arts kicks, we imagine elite athletes who train multiple times per day.

These feats are unlikely to be achievable for the average gym goer, but that’s where Hyperbolic stretching comes in.

It’s a program designed for beginners and advanced users. It claims to provide participants with newfound mobility and strength through a greater range of motion.

Hyperbolic stretching does this through PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). 

Research illustrates that this type of stretching helps improve joint range of motion and muscle elasticity, by altering the body’s protective reflex.

By using PNF stretching, the Hyperbolic stretching routine allows you to bypass this reflex, helping you obtain next-level flexibility.  

Who is Alex Larsson?

Alex Larsson is a former computer programmer turned fitness and flexibility specialist, and creator of the Hyperbolic stretching program. 

Larsson came up with the idea to create the program after years of 10-hour-plus days at his desk forced his body into neurological shutdown.

After a long day of coding his back, hips, and thighs, suffer such fatigue that it impaired his movement.

It was after seeking medical advice with the prognosis of rehabilitation that he began to look for his own answers.

Prior to this moment he had little experience in sports or physical activity and was unsure if he would ever regain his function again.

Seeking out activities such as yoga and martial arts to pursue greater flexibility, he found it difficult to assume even the most simple poses and stances. 

After much research, he stumbled onto a loophole that helps increase blood flow to his muscles and allowed him to regain his flexibility within weeks. 

What is Hyperbolic stretching?

Hyperbolic stretching is a four-week online program that takes users through a routine that lasts between eight and 10 minutes.

The program will walk you through easy-to-follow weekly workouts with key areas to focus on.

Hyperbolic stretching uses movement and resistance to get a deeper stretch. 

The program offers self-paced videos, meaning you can relax and take your time as you listen to your body.

Videos share demonstrations while the cues help you nail your positioning. 

Who is Hyperbolic stretching for?

Hyperbolic stretching reviews

Hyperbolic stretching has two available variants, one for men and one for women. This is because women typically have greater flexibility.

Stretching programs are at their best when they help anyone of any flexibility level, and Hyperbolic stretching does just that.  

As Alex himself was bigger when he created it, the program is developed with beginners and advanced users in mind.

Alex suggests that so much of our potential is hidden behind our immobility. It makes not only physical activity difficult but general daily functions.

He wanted to increase his flexibility for his martial arts practice and understands that many people struggle with their sports because of a lack of mobility. 

Larsson’s since helped improve flexibility for dancers, gymnasts, weightlifters, martial artists, and the average gym goer.

How does Hyperbolic stretching work?

Hyperbolic stretching routine

Hyperbolic stretching’s secret is how it develops the pelvic floor muscles.

The body has a stretch reflex that limits our ability to take our muscles to their full stretch. This is a function that stops overstretching or tearing of the muscle.

Hyperbolic stretching works directly into switching off the stretch reflex, allowing for greater elasticity.  

This is done over four weeks using five phases including warm-up, split test, exercises, and a flexibility maintenance routine.

The program is also designed with not only performing the correct stretches but with the correct sequence.

Each exercise is programmed in an order that will increase flexibility with each subsequent stretch. 

The routine is performed as little as 3 times per week.

Meaning you can make big improvements to your mobility and daily function within an achievable amount of time. 

Does Hyperbolic stretching really work?

Hyperbolic stretching uses principles used by many different industries including dance and martial arts and tailors them into an easy-to-follow program.

It has helped over 750,000 people worldwide, with thousands of success stories from people regaining function and quality of life. 

Plus, this is all backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hyperbolic Stretching

Hyperbolic stretching is a great program. However, there are some considerations to make before purchasing.

Consult Your Physician 

If you have a history of chronic pain before trying the program, it’s best to talk to your doctor first.

While the program suggests it is for all experience levels, Hyperbolic stretching isn’t a professional treatment for chronic pain. You should also ensure it doesn’t interfere with any treatment you’re currently receiving. 

Not For People Recovering From Major Surgery

If you are recovering from major surgery or injury, seek the advice of your health practitioner for guidance before participating in this program.

Stretching and mobility exercises can be excellent ways to improve physical health.

However, if you are currently on a rehabilitation plan from your doctor or physical therapist, ensure that this fits within your current plan. 

For All Body Types

Don’t be discouraged from using the program if you are obese or just consider yourself unathletic.

Hyperbolic stretching is a routine that is suitable for all fitness levels. You can participate in this program regardless of your height, weight, or size.

Try Lighter Stretches

If you are unsure of your ability to perform the stretches in this at the program’s suggested intensity, consider a lighter dynamic stretch routine before purchase.

This will help you understand if this style of stretching and training is right for you. 


Hyperbolic Stretching is a program that relies on consistency to see any results.

So, before you purchase, be sure that you can stick to the prescribed eight-minute routine. Plan to perform it three to four times per week. 

Access to Streaming or Digital Devices

Hyperbolic Stretching is only available online, so before you purchase the program be aware that you have to have access to streaming or digital so you can use the program.

The program is compatible with all devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. 

Hyperbolic Stretching Features & Benefits 

PNF stretching features

The hyperbolic stretching routine has been praised by its participants around the world.

But what are the features that have so many of these users raving about the program?

Hyperbolic Stretching Features

Hyperbolic stretching offers many features to help you improve your muscular elasticity and function, including:

  • Unlock the life-changing benefits of flexibility that improve daily life
  • Three-second muscle contraction secret to help you drop into the splits
  • Shortened stretching routine for busy people
  • How to do full splits and high kicks easily
  • Ultimately body flexibility routine
  • Six-minute flexibility maintenance routine
  • Precise calculation of time to achieve the splits

Hyperbolic stretching not only offers a way to achieve life-changing flexibility but it may also reduce pain and dysfunction.

It trains you how to stay that way with its six-minute maintenance routine.

Hyperbolic Stretching Benefits

The hyperbolic stretching routine is more than just a program that increases your flexibility.

It can change all aspects of your life, including:

  • Reducing stiffness and tension
  • Improving posture
  • Improving circulation
  • Improving performance
  • Reducing post-workout soreness
  • Improving Sleep

The lasting impact on your flexibility and mobility can make a significant impact on your mental health and overall well-being.

Pain, stiffness, and restriction can be mentally and emotionally tiring.

By improving your flexibility, your posture will improve, your strength will increase, and your confidence will be boosted.

The freedom of movement gives you a complete physical overhaul.  

Hyperbolic Stretching Pros 

To recap, here’s a list of pros for Hyperbolic stretching:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant lifetime online access
  • Exercise tip email
  • Playable on any device
  • Takes only eight minutes per day
  • Might improve sleep
  • May improve hip, back, and leg pain
  • Better athletic performance
  • Improves circulation
  • Can be done anywhere

Hyperbolic Stretching Cons 

Here is a list of cons when performing the Hyperbolic Stretching routine. 

  • Official website health claims are vague
  • Hyperbolic stretching is only available to purchase exclusively at the official website
  • The program can’t be used offline

Not recommended for:

  • People suffering from chronic pain
  • People recovering from a joint, or muscle injury/surgery

Real Hyperbolic Stretching Customer Reviews

Hyperbolic stretching reviews

Hyperbolic stretching has thousands around the world trying the routine.

Here are some real Hyperbolic stretching reviews to help you decide whether this is the right product for you.

The positive reviews point out the following:

  • Easy to follow.
  • Simple movements.
  • Affordable price.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Increase strength.

However, here are the negatives that some consumers have found with the program:

  • It may take longer than four weeks for some people.
  • You may experience muscular pains.
  • Instructions are unclear about where stretch is meant to be felt.

Here are some of the customer reviews for Hyperbolic stretching:

“This totally removed my sciatica and I was only doing the front split program.”

Pam L., 43

“Best decision I ever made. This method builds flexibility and strength in a simple and truly unique way.”

Cathy R., 59

“I didn’t care about splits but this helped my tight hips, hams, and lower back a lot!”

Mary W., 55

Hyperbolic Stretching Price

Hyperbolic stretching is yours for a one-time payment of $27, which includes:

The Front Split: Eight-Minute Flow for Hams, Hip Flexors, and Lower Back

  • Helps relieve lower back pain
  • Improves hamstring and hip flexor elasticity
  • The first seven days introduces unique stretching exercises and builds strength

The Side Split: Eight-Minute Adductor and Pelvic Strength

  • Increases lateral range of motion in hips
  • Increase hip mobility to help to go into deep side split
  • Improve pelvic floor strength
  • Improve bladder and bowel control

The Front Bend: Adapted for Spinal Power and Relaxation

  • Improves back and hamstring flexibility
  • Aims to allow you to toes your toes in a couple of sessions
  • Improves ability to lift objects

The Upper Body: Maximum Muscle Relaxation and Range of Motion

  • Begins with light dynamic stretches
  • Prepares chest, upper back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps with light stretches
  • Teaches you how to relax your muscles and joints
  • Use this for your pre and post-workout stretching routine

The Dyna Stretch: Dynamic Flexibility for High Kicking and Dancing

  • Boosts dynamic flexibility
  • Strengthens glutes and hip flexors
  • Strengthen muscles through the end range of motion

The Back Bend: Eight-Minute Routine for Core Strength and Posture

  • Teaches you how to perfect the back bend (bridge) for one to two minutes straight
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, abs, upper back, lower back, shoulders, and triceps

Is Hyperbolic stretching legit?

hyperbolic stretching workout

There is no doubt that Hyperbolic Stretching has its fans. As a stretching routine, it does a great job of guiding you on your way to improved flexibility and function. 

While the program does suggest four weeks is all it takes to gain the splits, it needs to say that everyone is different and results may vary.

As a trainer and therapist, when I see my clients use programs that push for greater flexibility, the biggest hurdle is sticking to a routine.

This can be due to time constraints or the program’s difficulty. It can also be a lack of motivation following the initial excitement.

To ensure your results, your best bet is to stick close to the scheduled programming and be patient.

If you feel that you are not staying on schedule or are not seeing the results you would like, consider reducing the intensity.

Progress is never linear, meaning there will be peaks and troughs.

Persevering with the program with consistent effort will help you get the results you want.

Company Details

Hyperbolic Stretching is available to view here on their website.

If you would like to get in contact, head over to their contact page at

Final Thoughts

Hypstretch review

Hyperbolic Stretching is a program that has gained praise from users from all around the world.

Its ability to improve flexibility and function has had life-changing effects for not only its founder Alex Larsson, but for many who had lost hope.

As we age, our muscles shorten and joints stiffen due to our sedentary jobs or physical workloads.

As a result, we can see our physical ability slip away from us.

This makes it difficult to perform meaningful tasks, like picking our children up or playing with them at the park.

By offering a short, simple, and guided eight-minute program, Hyperbolic Stretching not only aims to restore function but improves your quality of life.

Ultimately, it helps everyday people obtain life-changing flexibility, making daily function effortless. At the same time, it helps athletes, dancers, weightlifters, and martial artists perform at their peak.

So, are you looking to regain youthful function and flexibility again?

Why not check out Hyperbolic stretching?

Is Hyperbolic stretching for beginners?

Yes, Hyperbolic stretching is designed to help users with no experience improve their fitness.

Creator Alex Larsson was completely immobile when he began his journey of creating hyperbolic stretching, and it helped him change his own life.

Does stretching build muscle?

No, research confirms that stretching passively and at low intensity does not build muscle.

However, when performed under load, there may in fact be hypertrophic gains.

Does stretching burn calories?

Yes, research indicates that performing a stretching routine at a moderate intensity can burn calories.

Stretching in the form of yoga is beneficial in improving cardiorespiratory fitness and promoting weight loss. 

Can you lose weight by stretching?

Yes, stretching can help you lose weight, however, like most forms of exercise, this should be associated with a caloric deficit.

Studies indicate a calorie intake of 2,000 calories for men and 1,500 calories for women is sufficient for reducing body weight.

Is Hyperbolic stretching PNF stretching?

Yes, Hyperbolic stretching uses PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular fasciculation) stretching to gain its results. 

Is Hyperbolic stretching a scam?

Hyperbolic stretching uses the scientifically-researched PNF stretching principle to improve flexibility and mobility. 

This form of stretching has been used by practitioners and elite sports therapists to help improve athletic function and performance.  

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