If you follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or you just have a Netflix subscription) you’ll know the face of Ryan Reynolds very well. 

As one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood today, Ryan Reynolds has combined his acting chops with a magnetic personality – and a shredded physique to top it off.

Part of Reynolds’ rise to fame has definitely been his series of iconic shirtless scenes in roles from superhero to vampire hunter.

This article will cover the types of training, diet, and supplements used by Deadpool himself to get into action hero shape film after film.

Keep reading to get a Ryan Reynolds workout routine and diet plan you can try for yourself.

Ryan Reynolds Current Bio and Stats

After appearing in smaller sitcom roles, Ryan Reynolds shot to fame by starring in films like Van Wilder and Harold and Kumar.

Ryan Reynolds’ physique first turned heads in Blade: Trinity, before becoming a staple in the superhero category with his work in Green Lantern and Deadpool.

  • Age: 45
  • Height: 6’2” (188cm)
  • Weight: Approx. 190lbs (87kg)
  • Date of Birth: October 23, 1976
  • Occupation: Hollywood Actor
  • Career: Actor
  • Notable Achievements:
    • Multiple film award nominations and wins
    • One of the highest-grossing filmographies in Hollywood
    • Stakeholder in many brands/companies

Ryan Reynolds Workout Fundamentals

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Fundamental to Ryan Reynolds’ training is having professional guidance. 

To get in such good shape for his action roles, Ryan Reynolds recruited the help of celebrity trainer Don Saldino.

Saldino is the mastermind behind such epic Hollywood physiques as Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and Sebastian Stan. He’s been working with Reynolds for over a decade.

As mentioned, the first appearance of Reynolds which made the fitness world pay attention was his appearance in Blade: Trinity.

For this role, Ryan put on an impressive amount of muscle mass in aesthetic proportions, along with a low body fat percentage.

Ryan Reynolds Workout Routine

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As for the training sessions that get Ryan Reynolds into shirtless-scene shape, his team’s philosophy has been to keep him two to three weeks from film shape at all times.  

This requires a workout regimen that maintains a good amount of muscle mass in the right areas. Plus, it involves staying lean enough that a few weeks of dialing in can produce the right result.

Reynolds therefore trains frequently using whole-body programs with a lot of functional movement thrown in.

Because he performs many of his own stunts – even into his mid-40s – Ryan also spends plenty of time doing mobility and injury prevention work.

Ryan Reynolds Workout Plan

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Ryan Reynolds workout routine

The following sessions consist of exercises for each muscle group, particularly when they need to be on display for the camera.

You can perform these workouts individually as more of a bro split, or you can take one exercise from each to form four different calorie-burning circuits.

Take a look at Reynolds in Deadpool for a preview of the type of physique this workout produces: 

Here are a couple of example schedules to get you into Deadpool-lean shape:

Weekly Schedule #1

  • Monday: Ryan Reynolds Abs Workout
  • Tuesday: Ryan Reynolds Arms Workout
  • Wednesday: Ryan Reynolds Chest Workout
  • Thursday: Ryan Reynolds Back Workout
  • Friday: Ryan Reynolds Shoulder Workout
  • Saturday: Ryan Reynolds Leg Workout
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Weekly Schedule #2

  • Monday: Whole Body Workout (Exercise 1 from each session)
  • Tuesday: Whole Body Workout (Exercise 2 from each session)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Whole Body Workout (Exercise 3 from each session)
  • Friday: Whole Body Workout (Exercise 4 from each session)
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Ryan Reynolds Abs Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
dB Suitcase Carry3×30 sec each side30 sec
Hanging Knee Raise3×8-151 min
Hollow Hold3×20-30 sec30 sec
Ball Slams3×30 sec30 sec

Ryan Reynolds Arms Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
dB Bicep Curls3×12-151 min
Dips3×12-151 min
EZ-Bar Preacher Curls3×12-151 min
Close-Grip Bench Press3×12-151 min

Ryan Reynolds Chest Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
dB Incline Press5×81 min
dB Floor Press5×121 min
Dips5×81 min
Push-ups5×12-151 min

Ryan Reynolds Back Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Pull-Ups5×5-101 min
dB Pullover5×121 min
dB Bent-Over Row5×121 min
kB Swings5×101 min

Ryan Reynolds Shoulder Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Band Pull-Aparts3×12-1530 sec
Single-Arm dB Shoulder Press5×12 each side1 min
dB Lateral Raise 3×12-151 min
Farmers Carry3×1 min1 min

Ryan Reynolds Leg Workout

ExerciseSets x RepsRest
Goblet Squat5×101 min
Single-Leg Glute Bridge5×10 each side
dB Reverse Lunge5×10 each side30 sec
dB RDL5×151 min

Ryan Reynolds Dieting and Food Preferences

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Ryan Reynolds meal plan

To fuel not only his training but to lean down to shredded body fat levels, Ryan Reynolds sticks to staple, nutritious foods.

These include quality sources of protein, as well as a mix of energy-providing carbohydrates and vitamin-rich vegetables.

Ryan Reynolds Meal Preferences

  • Breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal, applesauce
  • Lunch: Tuna, gluten-free wraps
  • Dinner: Chicken breast, brown rice, vegetables
  • Snacks: Protein shakes, almonds

Ryan Reynolds Diet Plan

Ryan Reynolds diet plan

The following Ryan Reynolds diet plan is based on the eating plan used to lean down for his Deadpool physique.

The meals are split over six eating periods per day, with a protein shake between meals (which we’ll cover in more detail soon).

Meal 1

  • 2 eggs
  • Quick oats
  • Applesauce

Meal 2

  • 1 scoop whey protein powder

Meal 3 (Pre-Workout)

  • Tuna in water
  • Gluten-free tortilla wrap
  • Sauce of choice (low-calorie)

Meal 4 (Post-Workout)

  • 1 scoop whey protein powder
  • 1 handful almonds

Meal 5

  • Chicken breast
  • Brown rice
  • Steamed vegetables

Meal 6

  • 1 scoop whey protein powder


Calories: 1900 kcals

Protein: 185g

Carbohydrates: 175g

Fats: 55g

Ryan Reynolds Supplement Preferences

Ryan Reynolds supplements

Ryan Reynolds tends to stick to a relatively low-calorie diet when getting ripped for superhero roles.

To ensure adequate protein intake, muscle mass retention, and workout performance, a few supplements help support Ryan’s training goals.

A whey protein supplement helps support muscle tissue without the extra calories found in many food sources.

A creatine supplement helps muscle performance and maintaining muscle weight, especially while leaning down.

Finally, during filming stints with 15-hour long days and not much sleep, a caffeine hit before a workout can help get a bit more juice out of it.

Ryan Reynolds Supplement Stack:

  • Whey protein powder
  • Caffeine (coffee)
  • Creatine

Closing Comments

So, what do you think of our guide to Ryan Reynolds’ workout routine and diet?

It’s no surprise that Reynolds relies on a professional trainer to get in shape. However, the fact that he maintains most of this physique between films shows real discipline.

Let us know your favorite Ryan Reynolds movie (and favorite physique) in the comments.

If you know any fellow Ryan Reynolds fans who want to get in superhero shape, be sure to share this article around.


What is Ryan Reynolds’ workout plan?

Ryan Reynolds works with celebrity trainer Don Saldino to maintain his superhero shape.

Their training involves functional movements, mobility work, and the appropriate isolation work to make certain muscles ‘pop’ on screen.

How did Ryan Reynolds get strong?

As mentioned, Ryan Reynolds trains using large muscle-group exercises that allow shifting heavy weight.

While endurance and muscle growth are definitely part of the routine as well, strength training definitely helps the muscles perform as well as they look.

How did Ryan Reynolds get his abs?

To get such an impressive six-pack, Ryan Reynolds has to focus on cutting down to close to single-digit body fat levels.

To ensure this doesn’t take months every time, Reynolds and his team keep him two to three weeks away from filming shape at all times.

This means that while not shredded year-round, Ryan is always able to get there at short notice.

What kind of workout does Ryan Reynolds do?

Training for over a decade now, Reynolds focuses on staying in great general shape, both for appearance and performance.

His workouts consist of exercises for injury prevention, mobility, functional strength, and conditioning.

Reynolds will get his cardio done by tacking on short HIIT bursts at the end of his weight training circuits. 

How many calories does Ryan Reynolds have?

The calories Ryan Reynolds consumes depend on his current goals for health and film roles.

When bulking up for Blade: Trinity, Reynolds was reportedly consuming upwards of 3,200 calories per day.

In the example diet plan above, he cut down to just 1,900 calories to get ripped while maintaining muscle for Deadpool.

What diet does Ryan Reynolds have?

Ryan Reynolds’ diet consists of a balanced, nutritious mix of whole foods supported by high-protein supplements.

In the diet plan example given above, Reynolds would consume six meals per day, with protein shakes between each main meal.

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