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Welcome to my LIIFT4 review.

Are you looking to improve your health from the comfort of your home? There are more fitness programs online than ever. If you’re too overwhelmed to figure out which is best for you, you’re not alone. 

However, some of these programs are truly effective and convenient. Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, improve your agility, or do something else, you don’t have to go to a gym to make it happen!

I am a personal trainer and nutritionist, and I have worked with clients both in the gym and online. Which works better for you is a personal preference, but many clients thrive with online trainers.

That brings us to LIIFT4. LIIFT4 is a program that’s available on Beachbody On Demand.

However, I recommend reading my FlexIt Fit review, too. Our research has concluded that FlexIt Fit is a better alternative to LIIFT4 because you get personalized attention and guidance in real time that is tailored to your specific goals. 

Keep reading to learn more.

About LIIFT4 

LIIFT4 Review

LIIFT4 is a workout program made accessible through Beachbody On Demand. It is an eight-week program where you exercise four days a week for 30 to 40 minutes each day.

Every individual workout is unique, so if you get bored easily and are not a fan of repeat workouts, this program is for you! 

It combines intense cardio and heavy lifting. It’s recommended for those with intermediate exercise experience.

What is LIIFT4?

LIIFT4 is an intermediate-level online exercise program presented by Beachbody On Demand. 

Who is Joel Freeman?

Joel Freeman is a Beachbody trainer and the one who will take you through all 32 LIIFT4 workouts.

Joel has worked in gyms for many years and taught various group fitness classes in person. He also helped a corporate wellness program at the Washington State Department of Health.

Joel started working with Beachbody back in 2005 and has made a substantial impact on their platform ever since. 

What does LIIFT4 stand for? 

LIIFT4 stands for Lift, HIIT, Rest, and Repeat. 

This gives you an idea of generally how the workouts will go – they will be intense but effective!

What is Beachbody On Demand?

Beachbody on Demand is an online platform that was first created in 1998 and has grown immensely since. It allows people to stream over 1,500 videos and access over 75 health programs from their personal devices.

The goal of Beachbody is to help people improve their health from home. This may be by gaining muscle, burning fat, improving flexibility, developing better nutrition habits, or something else.

Things to Consider Before Buying LIIFT4 

LIIFT4 Workout considerations

1. Online Program Only

With LIIFT4, everything will be accessed online, including the workout videos and additional materials. This can be fairly convenient since you can utilize the various tools from any location.

However, some people do end up discovering that they need in-person training to have the most success with reaching their goals since it is relatively easy not to show up and make yourself work out some days. 

2. Subscription-Based 

Because LIIFT4 is a program on the Beachbody platform, you have to sign up for a BOD subscription to access it.

You can choose either a three, six, or 12-month subscription plan. This subscription also gives you access to their many other programs and products.

3. Requires Equipment 

To successfully complete all eight weeks of LIIFT4, you will need dumbbells or resistance bands and a foam roller. A mat is recommended but optional.

Take this into consideration in case you do not have any home gym equipment and do not wish to invest in any.

4. Self-Motivated

With LIIFT4 and other Beachbody programs, you are on your own regarding motivation to complete the workouts. 

While it is unrealistic to expect anyone to be motivated 100% of the time, it is essential to be at least aware that you will have to be self-motivated for LIIFT4.

When it comes to pursuing your health goals, it can be of tremendous help to have a coach that checks in on you or a trainer that takes you through the workouts either virtually or in person.

5. No Customization

There is no customization involved with LIIFT4 since it is a program of pre-made workouts that anyone who signs up follows along with. 

Making general workouts available to the public makes it more cost-effective for customers. However, you are missing out on utilizing workouts that have been designed specifically for you and your goals.

6. Additional Materials Provided

A plus of the LIIFT4 program is that it comes with a few additional materials in combination with the workout videos. 

This content helps keep you organized throughout the eight weeks and provides you with helpful nutrition tips and more.

What are the features of LIIFT4?

LIIFT4 features

1. 4 Days a Week Training Over 8 Weeks 

With a total of 32 unique workouts, it is ideal that you complete four workouts every week for eight weeks.

The following is the workout schedule provided:

  • Monday: Chest/triceps
  • Tuesday: Back/biceps
  • Wednesday: Recovery
  • Thursday: Shoulders
  • Friday: Legs
  • Saturday: Recovery
  • Sunday: Recovery

2. Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Because of how each LIIFT4 workout is designed, you are able to both build muscle and burn fat when going through the routines.

It is important to note that your caloric and protein intakes also play a massive role in whether you primarily lose weight or gain muscle because of the workouts.

3. 30–40 Minute Workouts

Each workout lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. They’re short enough to be reasonable to complete with your busy schedule but still long enough that you have time to get real work in.

4. Weight Training and High-Intensity (HIIT) Cardio for Complete Body Transformation

Joel recognized the benefits of both weight training and HIIT when he created every LIIFT4 workout, so he was sure to include them both.

Weight training allows you to build muscle at a steady rate, especially when progressive overload is utilized by consistently increasing weight and intensity.

HIIT cardio gets you burning calories efficiently and challenges your cardiovascular system so your stamina can improve.

5. Individual Workout Routines

While each workout is different, there is a general system in place. 

After a warm-up, you will jump into some intense heavy lifting to work on activating your muscle fibers. 

Weight lifting intervals and circuit training will transition you from lifting to HIIT, where you will start burning even more calories and challenging your cardiovascular system.

The workout will finish off with some abdominal training and a cooldown.

6. Recovery Days

In addition to exercising four days a week, you are encouraged to engage in recovery days to help minimize soreness while allowing your muscles to repair and grow stronger than before.

The two episodes Roll & Recover and Stretch have been provided to help you do just that.

LIIFT4 Program Overview 

LIIFT4 Program Review

LIIFT4 Get Started Guide

Quick Start

In the Get Started Guide, the Quick Start section gives you a general overview of what the program will entail. It covers taking measurements, summarizes the nutrition guide, and addresses the workouts.

The Workouts

With the workouts, there are four different styles that you will engage in throughout the program.

LIIFT 50/50

These types of workouts involve you starting out by lifting heavy to truly challenge the muscles. Then, things are switched up, and you get thrown into an intense HIIT regimen!

LIIFT Intervals

These workouts have you do fast weightlifting intervals that alternate with quick high-intensity cardio segments.


The circuit workouts involve weight lifting only, and you will cycle through various exercises with minimal rest.


Cardio is the primary focus of these workouts, and they are designed to help you burn fat explosively and efficiently.

Getting Started 

Learn about everything you need to know regarding picking suitable weights, proper form, recovery, and more. Recommended videos of Joel explaining the whole process are also referenced here.

Program Materials 

In this section, summaries of the program materials are provided. These include the Get Started Guide, workout calendar, weight progression tracker, and quick start nutrition guide.


It wouldn’t be Beachbody if they didn’t refer to their supplements somewhere in a guide! In this section, Shakeology and a few other fitness supplements are promoted as assets to your success with the program.

Please note that these are not essential for you to reach your goals.

Track Your Progress 

Taking general measurements in addition to weight is very important since you may be gaining muscle during this program, making adjustments on the scale not always what they seem. Be sure to use this section for additional perspective on your progress!

Workout Calendar 

The workout calendar is undoubtedly helpful because it gives you a clear picture of how the workouts were meant to be completed and in what order.

While it may be unrealistic for you to complete each workout on the assigned day of the week, do your best to still at least complete all four workouts each week.

LIIFT4 Weight Progression Tracker 

Along with the workout calendar, print out the weight progression tracker and have it near you during every workout.

Use this tracker to write down the weight you lift with each workout to ensure that you gradually lift heavier over time.

Quick Start Nutrition Guide 

The nutrition guide starts off with BeachBbdy pushing their Shakeology and other nutrition products, which is common across the board with all their workout programs. 

Once you get past this section (which doesn’t happen till page 34), you will see some general nutrition tips and various recipes for you to try.

For the most part, the recipes are healthy and simple to make. However, a few seem to be a bit excessive with the number of ingredients and may take too much time to create. Definitely browse the recipes, though, to see if anything stands out to you!

Music Playlist 

Five different playlists have been created for the LIIFT4 program alone!

And, so you don’t have to listen to songs on repeat every day of the week, there has been a separate playlist created for Chest & Tris, Back & Bis, Shoulders, Legs, and HIIT.

Workout Videos 

LIIFT4 workouts


This category consists of four workouts, which are 20 minutes each, so they are a bit on the shorter end if you are in a rush! The workouts include the following:

  • Chest/Back Circuit
  • Legs LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulder/Arms LIIFT Intervals
  • Full Body HIIT

Week 1: Build It

Cycle through every muscle group with this week’s workouts. They last between 31 and 39 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Back/Biceps – Circuit
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – LIIFT 50/50

Week 2: Build It

This week’s workouts last between 28 and 39 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – Circuit
  • Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – HIIT

Week 3: Build It

This week’s workouts last between 31 and 38 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Back/Biceps – Circuit
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – LIIFT 50/50

Week 4: Build It

This week’s workouts last between 29 and 39 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – Circuit
  • Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – HIIT

Week 5: Build It

This week’s workouts last between 28 and 39 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Back/Biceps – Circuit
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – LIIFT 50/50

Week 6: Build It

This week’s workouts last between 26 and 38 minutes and include the following:

  • Chest/Triceps – Circuit
  • Back/Biceps – LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulders – LIIFT Intervals
  • Legs – HIIT

Week 7: Shred It

Time for things to switch up a bit! This week’s workouts last between 32 and 39 minutes and include:

  • Chest/Back – Circuit
  • Legs – LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulders/Arms – Circuit
  • Full Body HIIT

Week 8: Shred It

This week’s workouts last between 32 and 40 minutes and include:

  • Chest/Back – Circuit
  • Legs – LIIFT 50/50
  • Shoulders/Arms – Circuit
  • Full Body HIIT

Recovery Workouts

The workouts listed above are certainly intense, so it is important to schedule at least one recovery workout every week.

Joel went ahead and recorded two recovery workouts for you to utilize as needed. They last around ten minutes and involve stretching and foam rolling.

What Equipment is needed?

LIIFT4 Results

Dumbbells or Resistance Bands

To build muscle, resistance is vital! While some exercises are bodyweight-only, a good number of them require you to utilize either dumbbells or resistance bands. 

Be sure to have at least one to get the most out of the workouts.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are great for warming up your muscles before a workout and recovery afterward as well. Be sure to have one handy for the workouts.

Core Comfort Mat (optional)

While a mat is certainly not required, it will make performing exercises on the floor more comfortable. Consider purchasing one if you do not already have one in your home gym.

LIIFT4 Pros 

  • Four days a week of training is recommended, and this can be handy for those who have a busy schedule.
  • They are fast workouts (30-40min) that allow you to work on improving yourself in a timely manner, and you are more likely to be able to complete all four.
  • There is a large variety of workouts (32 workouts), so you will not have to repeat any and get bored.
  • The meal plan includes a cheat day.
  • Each muscle group is targeted every week, making it an efficient program overall.
  • Beginner and advanced versions of exercises are shown during the workouts to help accommodate all levels.

LIIFT4 Cons 

  • You must have your own equipment – dumbbells or resistance bands and a foam roller.
  • Some testimonials are from Beachbody coaches, which displays a conflict of interest.
  • The PDFs try to sell you more services and supplements that you don’t necessarily need.
  • More attention could be given to the muscles of the lower body.
  • You can’t customize the program.
  • There is no live feedback that would help with proper form and injury prevention.

LIIFT4 vs. Body Beast

LIIFT4Body Beast
Exercise32 workouts covering an 8-week period that focus on weightlifting and HIIT20 workouts covering a 12-week period with a bodybuilding focus
NutritionAccess to the Quick Start Nutrition GuideAccess to the Quick Start Guide to Nutrition and Eating Plan
Additional MaterialsGet Started Guide, Workout Calendar, Weight Progression Tracker, and Music PlaylistQuick Start Guide, Fitness Guide, Workout Calendar, Beast Up Workout Calendar, Body Beast Worksheets, Body Beast Tally Sheets, Beast Up Workout Tracker, and Music Playlist
Equipment RequiredDumbbells or resistance bands and a foam rollerDumbbells, bench or stability ball, and chin-up bar or bands with door attachment

LIIFT4 vs. p90x3

Exercise32 workouts covering an 8-week period that focus on weightlifting and HIIT21 workouts covering a 13-week period that focus on building muscle, cardio, and yoga
NutritionAccess to the Quick Start Nutrition GuideAccess to the Quick Start to Nutrition Guide and the Nutrition Guide
Additional MaterialsGet Started Guide, Workout Calendar, Weight Progression Tracker, and Music PlaylistFitness Guide, Workout Calendar, Worksheet, and Music Playlist
Equipment RequiredDumbbells or resistance bands and a foam rollerDumbbells or resistance bands, chin-up bar or bands with door attachment, yoga mat, sturdy chair, and tape

LIFT4 vs. 645

Exercise32 workouts covering an 8-week period that focus on weightlifting and HIIT78 workouts covering a 13-week period that focus on strength, mobility, flexibility, and athletic training
NutritionAccess to the Quick Start Nutrition GuideAccess to the Quick Start Nutrition Guide, Introduction to Nutrition, Introduction to 2B Mindset, and Introduction to PortionFix
Additional MaterialsGet Started Guide, Workout Calendar, Weight Progression Tracker, and Music Playlist645 Get Started Guide, 645 Workout Calendar, 645 Dumbbell Trackers, 645 Form Check Tracker, and Music Playlist
Equipment RequiredDumbbells or resistance bands and a foam rollerPower loops and dumbbells

Real Customer LIIFT4 Reviews 

LIIFT4 customer reviews

Many people have tried every LIIFT4 workout, and they have plenty to say! While you can see the overall objectives when you take a look at the program overview, it is when you read a customer’s LIIFT4 review that you get true insight.

Take a look at some real reviews and overall consensus of what it is like to engage in a LIIFT4 workout.

Positive Consensus

  • A lot of attention is paid to proper form.
  • The workouts are challenging.
  • It is effective for those wanting to gain muscle and strength.
  • It is an efficient program for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to exercise.
  • Plenty of modification ideas are provided.

Negative Consensus

  • Joel didn’t do the workouts himself.
  • Various weights are required for real progress.
  • The program sometimes has to be combined with other workouts due to only four days of exercise being required.
  • Not as many calories are burned during this program compared to others.
  • More attention could be paid to the abdominals.

I really enjoyed it. Currently on week 7 of my second time through. He does a great job of correcting the cast’s form, which I find helpful.

  • Smartalek75 

I’m on week 6 and I’m seeing results. More muscle and strength. I’m planning on trying something else then definitely coming back to liift4 and doing it again. Get ready to love/hate triple bears…quad burners!

  • Coralpeacock

I liked it but I did get a little bored of Joel. He repeats jokes and I don’t really like how he doesn’t do any of the workout with you. That being said, it’s hard to argue with 30 mins 4 days a week. It was still a decent challenge and I did get some pretty nice results for such a short program. I am overweight but my bf even pointed out that my obliques were showing at the end of the 8 weeks.

  • Lovearound

It’s great, but you have to have enough weight in reserve to really progress on it. Otherwise it’ll only take you as far as you have weight.

  • Elchupinazo 

Alternatives To FIIT4 

FlexIt Fit

Designed to help connect you with certified professionals, this app has been helping people all over the world access one-on-one attention during live workout sessions.

FlexIt Fit has made it even easier for you to achieve your fitness goals with their app and team of trainers because every workout you engage in has been designed specifically for you.

During a workout, your trainer can communicate with you and see everything you are doing. This allows them to guide you every step of the way and ensure that you are utilizing the proper form. 

Injury prevention is also a key aspect that FlexIt Fit can make happen that Beachbody programs cannot.

Additionally, FlexIt Fit matches Beachbody when it comes to being able to choose what area of health you would like to improve and pursue. It can be muscle building, yoga, weight loss, physical therapy, nutrition, or something else!

Read our FlexIt Fit review here.

Found Weight Loss


  • Board-certified doctors are available for calls and video chats
  • It’s a flexible program that provides sustainable results
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • No trial period is available
  • The Rx Program is not available in some states
  • There can be potential side effects of the medication

Read our Found review here.

Superhero X12


  • Over 75 exercise and mobility demonstrations are provided for workouts
  • There is also a comprehensive and detailed nutrition guide 
  • Access only requires a one-time payment and no subscription fees


  • Lack of visuals
  • Program not designed for someone wanting to improve flexibility and speed
  • Not a personalized program

Read our Superhero X12 review here.



  • There is no food restriction
  • Sustainable results are the focus
  • You can do a 14-day trial at a minimal cost


  • Is a more costly program
  • Can be excessively restricted with calories
  • There is no face-to-face interaction

Read our Noom review here.

Our Recommendation 

While many results speak on how the LIIFT4 program has made a positive impact on their physiques, it is likely that FlexIt Fit can help you get to where you want to be much more efficiently.

LIIFT4 is completely self-motivated, whereas you have constant support and accountability provided by a trainer with FlexIt Fit. This can make a world of a difference.

When it comes to making a change, whether it be gaining muscle, losing weight, or something else, having a plan in place that has been created for you specifically is essential.

When you sign up for FlexIt Fit, you’re connected with a trainer based on your personal goals. The trainer then designs a workout plan for you depending on what you are striving to achieve, your schedule, and what equipment you already have access to.

This means that each workout is personalized, and the trainer is with you every step of the way, so you never need to doubt what to do next. 

The trainer will also ensure that you are exercising safely, performing the exercises correctly.

Joel certainly goes over proper form in every LIIFT4 workout, but he is unable to be there and actually see when you need to make some adjustments.

Also, if you find your goals change, no problem! With FlexIt Fit, you can just let your trainer know, and they will adjust the workouts accordingly so you stay on track and keep moving forward. 

This cannot be done with LIIFT4.

You can use the FlexIt Fit app anywhere. If you’re traveling, you might have to leave behind your dumbbells or resistance bands and foam roller that is required to get the LIIFT4 results. 

With FlexIt Fit, your trainer can still take you through bodyweight workouts, so you don’t miss a beat.

Another plus is that there is no constant promotion of supplements and products for you to have to sift through. 

Finally, there are no customer reviews mentioning pyramid schemes, as we see in LIIFT4 reviews.


  • Depending on your goals, you can mix and match the trainers that help you get there.
  • The app can be used from anywhere.
  • The online training sessions are more affordable than in-person sessions.
  • The first session you go through is free.
  • Users say that the customer service is excellent.


  • You only have access to the equipment in your home gym for workouts.
  • Some users think they could improve the app.
  • According to some customers, the pricing could be better.

LIIFT4 vs. FlexIt Fit 

LIIFT4FlexIt Fit
Exercise32 workouts covering an 8-week period that focus on weightlifting and HIIT are pre-recorded and scheduled.Personal trainers and health professionals take you through live customized workout sessions when you schedule them.
NutritionYou have access to the Quick Start Nutrition Guide.There are nutrition experts that you can schedule sessions with to receive advice and guidance for your body and goals.
CommunityYou can join a group if you need more support.You have your connection with your trainer(s).
CostIt ranges from $59.58 for 3 months to $99 for 12 months on a subscription basis.Individual sessions cost between $30.60 and $74.50, depending on the plan you choose.
Trial PeriodYou can get a 14-day free trial if you agree to $24.99 per month after the trial.Your first workout session is free.

Where to buy FlexIt Fit

Do you want to take the next step to see if FlexIt Fit is right for you?

You can look further into the coaching from Flex Fit here!

Final Recommendations 

We hope that you enjoyed our LIIFT4 review and have a better idea of what the whole program entails!

While LIIFT4 certainly has its benefits, we do feel that FlexIt Fit is more effective for the average person due to the personalization it can provide. 

Getting motivation and accountability from a trainer taking you through sessions live can make a tremendous difference. If you’re busy or inexperienced, this is a more reliable way to reach your goals.

People buy programs like LIIFT4 all the time and don’t end up completing them. This is less of an issue with FlexIt Fit because the trainers are there with you every step of the way.

Click here to look deeper into the coaching provided by FlexIt Fit.

Comment down below the goal you are trying to achieve with online coaching, and don’t forget to share this review with anyone else who may find it helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LIIFT4 a good program?

For many people, LIIFT4 is a good program! Whether or not you will benefit from it depends on your goals, the equipment you have access to, and your weekly schedule.

Will I lose weight with LIIFT4? 

If you are consistent with LIIFT4, eat in a caloric deficit, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep, your LIIFT4 results could be weight loss!

Does LIIFT4 build muscle? 

As long as you are able to engage in progressive overload with the weights you have access to at home, you can build muscle with this program.

Is LIIFT4 good for beginners?

LIIFT4 can be suitable for some beginners because they demonstrate modifications for exercises.

What is the hardest Beachbody workout?

The hardest Beachbody workout is dependent on who you are talking to! However, common answers are p90x2 and Insanity Max Interval Circuit.

Which Beachbody program gives the best results?

The best results come to you if the program design fits your lifestyle and fitness goals. If you are looking to improve strength and your cardiovascular health, your LIIFT4 results have the potential to be the best!

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