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Welcome to this in-depth review of the My Curves on Demand app.

With so many online workout programs out there, which one is going to be worth your hard-earned time and money?

First, you have to figure out where and how you’re going to complete your workouts.

Many of us aren’t comfortable exercising in a gym setting or simply want to skip the commute. Working out at home is a great solution that can still allow you to get in shape and be healthy.

Let’s take a look at what a My Curves on Demand subscription will get you to see if it is what you are looking for.

Also, keep reading to see what real users are saying in their My Curves on Demand reviews. 

Let’s begin!

About My Curves on Demand 

My Curves on Demand is part of a company you may be familiar with, Curves International.  Curves is a women’s fitness franchise that was founded 30 years ago. 

At one point, Curves had thousands of fitness centers just for women open worldwide. While there are a few hundred still operating, Curves has shifted focus to its online services.

The format has changed, but the goal is the same. Curves’ mission is to help the average woman improve strength and her health through exercise.

What is My Curves on Demand and how does it work?

my curves on demand reviews

My Curves on Demand was designed by women. They know what other women are looking for when it comes to staying healthy and being able to do functional movements as they age.

When you sign up for the program, you get access to 30-minute total body workouts that you can do from home with only a resistance band.

Each workout involves a warm-up, cardio, strength training, a cool down, and stretching.

In case working out from home isn’t for you, you can still see if there are any Curves gyms in your area. That way, you’ll have access to more equipment and be in the presence of other women with similar goals.

Who is My Curves on Demand for?

my curves on demand workout

My Curves on Demand is designed for women of all body types who lead busy lifestyles but want to continually better their health to improve longevity. 

It’s great for those who are just starting a fitness journey but feel intimidated by the gym.

Anyone who wants to target all the muscles of the body in a quick 30-minute workout could try a My Curves home workout to see if it works for them!

Things to Consider Before Buying My Curves on Demand  

my curves on demand considerations

1. You must sign up for website access.

To see what kind of workouts and other information you will have access to, you need to make a purchase. 

This may be an issue for some people if they sign up and then realize that the program isn’t actually what they were looking for.

2. It’s not a high-intensity workout.

A My Curves home workout will undoubtedly be intense enough for some women to make progress. However, it may not introduce enough progressive overload for other women to see any real progress.

3. The paid membership is expensive.

Compared to other fitness programs, My Curves on Demand’s monthly subscription is quite expensive.

4. You need an app.

To access the workouts, you will need to have the My Curves on Demand app and a device to view the workouts on.

5. Equipment is needed.

While there is one subscription option that doesn’t require equipment, using their resistance band is highly encouraged generally and necessary for most of the workouts.

My Curves on Demand Features & Benefits 

my curves on demand app features and benefits

Let’s break down what a subscription may give you access to.

Home Workout Videos Include:

Cardio Workouts 

If you are looking to get your heart rate up and improve the health of your heart and lungs, you can follow along with the cardio workouts that focus on many factors. 

These include power, flexibility, strength, agility, and coordination.

Body Basics

These classes involve strength-based functional movements that target the arms, core, and legs. They are of medium to lower intensity and help you build strength and stamina.


Put boxing movements to work in these high-intensity classes that focus on balance, strength, coordination, and cardio.


If you are looking for a class of low-intensity that will help you improve core strength and stability, these balance classes are great! 

The focus is on yoga movements, so the class itself can also be meditative.

Express Workouts

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to complete the full 30-minute workout, you can tune into a 15-minute express workout to still burn some calories but not take too much time out of your day.

Other Classes Include:

No Band or Equipment Needed Classes

If you don’t have the My Curves band, then there are eight classes available that only require your body weight to be completed.

Audio Classes

If you are in a location where you cannot watch the workout videos, you can utilize any of the ten audio classes that verbally walk you through what you need to do.

Stretching & Recovery

Stretching and recovery are essential for preventing injuries and minimizing soreness caused by your other workouts. My Curves has created 11 different classes for you to follow along with!

Challenge Moves

This section is not the typical workout videos – instead, they are various exercise moves that you are challenged to complete a certain number of reps or do for a time period. 

This is a great way to measure your progress, as you are able to easily see strength improvements.

Health & Wellness Education Classes

Here, there are various classes provided that go over a different topic relevant to women’s health. Some of them are free, while others are priced at $129.99.

6-Week Challenge

This challenge is a prescriptive plan that is designed for those who want to jumpstart their fitness journey and give their muscles all the care they need. 

Three workouts need to be completed each week, and virtual coaching is included.

Nutrition Program

Whether your primary focus is to lose weight or build muscle, nutrition plays an even bigger role in making that happen than exercise. 

Set yourself up for success by also putting this balanced and healthy weight loss program to good use.

8-Week Body Project

If you are looking for a program that takes your becoming healthier to another level, try this 8-week project designed by Lindsay Vastola.

This coaching program will help you develop healthy habits with things such as drinking enough water and mindful eating.

Virtual Day of Fun

Get access to 36 videos covering various topics, from holiday mocktails to beauty and lifestyle.



If you are just starting your fitness journey, it is probably best to stick to the beginner classes.


Do you exercise regularly for your health? The intermediate classes are probably best for you, then!


If you have been exercising multiple days a week for many years and properly understand form and progressive overload, the advanced classes will be optimal for you.


10-15 Minutes 

Are you in a rush but still want to get a workout in? You can utilize the classes that are a bit shorter, and most of these fall into the express workout category.

30 Minutes 

Most of the classes will be around 30 minutes, so this is where you will find the majority of your workouts that allow you to burn a greater amount of calories.



The lower-intensity workouts tend to be primarily made up of yoga moves and have no high-impact exercises.


Most classes are of moderate intensity because you perform both strength training exercises and cardio movements during the 30 minutes.


The high-intensity classes are typically the cardio workouts because the focus is to keep your heart rate elevated and burn as many calories as possible!


No Band 

If you choose the program that doesn’t require you to have any equipment, you can follow along with the workouts that are bodyweight only. 

Full Body 

Target every muscle group efficiently with the full-body workouts that give equal attention to your upper and lower body.

Upper Body 

With these upper body workouts, you can effectively work the shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, and chest to improve both strength and appearance.


Balance plays a role in so many daily tasks, so staying diligent with improving your balance is important. Utilize the classes that focus on balance as much as you need!


Burn some calories while improving your stamina and the health of your heart and lungs with the workouts focused on cardio.


If you enjoy walking and the many benefits it brings, you need to try the walking classes!

Online Community 

For added support, there is an online community available with some subscriptions.

With the online community, you have access to the My Curve coaches for additional guidance and accountability, monthly challenges, workout recommendations, and nutrition tips. You also get to meet other women that are going through the program just like you!

Virtual Group Coaching

Depending on the membership you choose, you may be eligible for virtual group coaching with a My Curves coach. This can be very beneficial because you can ask more detailed questions about your fitness journey and they can offer you a boost of motivation.

Each coaching session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

Does My Curves offer workouts for beginners?

my curves home workout

My Curves online does offer many workouts that fall into the beginner category for a variety of factors, with one of them being that the workout is low-intensity.

If you would like to actually go to a My Curves gym, you will see that the hydraulic resistance machines they use are also suitable for beginners.

My Curves takes pride in its use of these machines because they are designed to help the members both look and feel good, no matter what point they are at on their fitness journey.

The machines don’t use weight; instead, they have you utilize resistance to challenge the muscles without putting you at risk for injury or having incorrect form. 

This makes them safer and easier to use for beginners.

Does Curves offer diet plans for women?

my curves online for women

Exercise benefits the body in many ways, but nutrition can play an even bigger role in how you look and feel. Luckily, My Curves online has you covered with their Nutrition and Weight Management program. 

When you sign up for the program, you get access to a three-phase weight loss plan designed to be balanced and sustainable.

You are assigned a coach, and you get to meet with them once a week to go over the week and ask any questions you may have. You can also choose whether you want these meetings to occur online or in person.

With this weight loss program, you get the following:

  • Weekly learning that covers various nutrition topics at your own pace
  • Program content you can stream from any device
  • Weight loss meal plans at the beginning of each of the three phases
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Access to a community of women pursuing the same path

If you are already a premium member, the cost of this program is between $89 and $129. If you don’t have a membership yet, then the cost will range from $178 to $259.

What equipment is needed?

curves gym equipment needed

When you get a subscription with the My Curves on Demand app, you get a resistance band that will be used during most of the workouts. You don’t need any equipment otherwise.

My Curves on Demand Pros 

  • The workouts last only 30 minutes.
  • You are able to complete the workouts wherever you are, whether you be in your living room or traveling.
  • The program is designed for women of all shapes and sizes, so it is very inclusive.
  • The workouts cater to all fitness levels, especially those who consider themselves to be beginners.
  • Every month, new content is uploaded.
  • It is a well-known program that has been around for over 30 years.
  • Only a resistance band is required for the workouts.

My Curves on Demand Cons 

  • It is difficult to navigate the website to gain information on how everything works.
  • To get access and really be able to see how the program and everything works, you have to pay the subscription fee first.
  • The My Curves on Demand app is required, and it is up to your self-motivation to keep going.
  • There are no meal plans included unless you pay extra.
  • It is unlikely you will gain any muscle with this program.
  • It’s more expensive than similar programs.

My Curves On Demand vs. Curves Fitness Clubs

My Curves On Demand vs Curves Fitness Clubs

With My Curves on Demand, you can do all the workouts at home by streaming them on a device. If you go to a Curves gym, the workouts will also last 30 minutes, but they will be in a class setting with a coach.

At home, you are going to use a resistance band, whereas, in person, you will use their hydraulic resistance machines. 

At the gym, there is a new workout every week that consists of a circuit alternating between strength training and four different conditioning exercises.

Real Customer My Curves on Demand Reviews 

Let’s take a look at some My Curves on Demand reviews from real users, as well as an overall consensus of the program. 

Positive Consensus:

  • Great for beginners, seniors, and those who are overweight
  • Good for those who are nervous about going to a gym
  • 15-minute workouts are available for busy days
  • There is diversity in the app with workouts
  • You can get in your workouts at home without an issue

Negative Consensus:

  • Workouts are not hard enough
  • Trainers and gym members typically aren’t in very good shape
  • You are unlikely to make progress beyond “newbie gains”
  • Progressive overload is minimal
  • You have to provide your own motivation to get the workouts done

I think Curves is great for getting people out who normally wouldn’t do any fitness. For anyone who is actually into fitness and looking for real results and the ability to go “to the next level”, Curves is not going to do it.

If you are a senior woman or an overweight middle aged woman however, Curves will be great. It seems to be the market they are targeting.

  • LoudSar

I love this app! From the live tour, to instructional videos, many different class options for different fitness levels targeting different skills and body areas, 15 minute workouts when you’re pressed for time, stretching and meditation classes, Coach led classes, a Nutrition program, and lots of other health and wellness classes on topics important to women – this app has it all! Plus, how many other exercise apps offer the option of coaching? This app saved me when my gym was closed during COVID, and I continue to use it now that the gym is open. One more tool in the toolbox for staying on track with my health goals!

  • KarenJ65

This app has saved my life. I don’t live close to a Curves so on the days I can’t make it in I use this app. It has so many different workouts, I can choose a different one every day. It’s super user friendly. You get the same workout that you get in that gym. Lol it’s no joke you will work hard and sweat. I give it 5 stars because it deserves it

  • little–one

My Curves on Demand Alternatives

My Curves on Demand app alternatives

Found Weight Loss

Unfortunately, for some people, simply following along with a My Curves home workout isn’t going to be enough to help them hit their weight loss goals.

Some people have underlying issues that need to be addressed to ensure a safe weight loss journey, and this is where Found comes in.


  • You are given access to board-certified doctors you can speak to on the phone or through video chat.
  • The focus of the program is sustainable results achieved in a flexible way.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you find the program isn’t for you.


  • There is no free trial period available.
  • The Rx Program is utilized, but it isn’t available in all states.
  • With any medication you may take as part of the program, you may experience side effects.

Read our Found review here.

FlexIt Fit 

Similar to My Curves on Demand, FlexIt Fit allows you to get your workouts done from your own home, but you have the guidance and accountability of a trainer. 

This ensures that you stick with your routine. Also, it minimizes the risk of injury from improper form. The workouts are also personalized to your needs.


  • You can mix and match the trainers you want to take you through your workouts.
  • You can use the FlexIt Fit app anywhere.
  • Having an online trainer is generally more affordable than an in-person trainer.
  • Because your first workout session is free, you are given the opportunity to see if FlexIt Fit is a good fit.


  • If your preferred training style is in-person, this isn’t an option.
  • You are limited to the equipment you already have in your home.
  • Some customers have stated that the app could be optimized.

Read our FlexIt Fit review.

How much does My Curves on Demand cost?

With My Curves on Demand, you have the following four choices when it comes to purchasing your subscription.

My Curves on Demand$24.99/mo
My Curves on Demand + group coaching$69.99/mo
My Curves on Demand + nutrition + group coaching$159.99/mo
My Curves on Demand quick start (no equipment included)$24.99/mo

Does My Curves offer a free trial? 

If you sign up for a monthly subscription at the price of $24.99, you are granted a free trial for seven days.

How do I cancel my Curves subscription?

Luckily, it is easy enough to cancel your subscription, and there aren’t really any My Curves on Demand reviews that argue otherwise. 

All you need to do is log into your account, click on “My Account,” go to “Manage Subscriptions,” and then click “Cancel Subscription.”

Company Details


There are approximately 200 Curves gyms in the United States and a few dozen more spread throughout Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 


If you wish to reach out to Curves, use the following email: [email protected] 


We hope that you enjoyed our review of My Curves on Demand and found some insight into whether or not it is a suitable program for you.

True to its brand, Curves is inclusive and accessible for all women. If you have a lot of progress to make or have never really exercised before, Curves is a good place to start. 

If you are someone who needs a more intense workout regimen, then it is unlikely that the Curves workouts will be enough for you to see real progress.

If you are a beginner with fitness and prefer low-impact exercises, then it may be just what you need! Click here to take a look at the website.

Comment below your thoughts on Curves, and don’t forget to share this with anyone else who may find it helpful!

Frequently asked questions

Are Curves workouts effective?

For some people, Curves workouts are effective. However, if you are someone who already exercises regularly and you wish to build muscle, you will likely find that the Curves workouts aren’t intense enough.

Does Curves help with weight loss?

Curves workouts can help with weight loss as long as the workouts are putting you in enough of a caloric deficit in combination with how many calories you eat daily.

How many calories does a Curves workout burn?

How many calories you burn during a Curves workout is dependent on numerous factors, including your height, weight, and age. 

However, it would be realistic to expect a Curves workout to not burn very many calories compared to other workouts due to the low intensity.

What is the Curves Complete program?

Curves Complete is a nutrition program that lasts 16 weeks and is designed to help you lower your body fat percentage.

Is Curves Club still a thing?

Curves Club is certainly still a thing, although there aren’t nearly as many gyms as there were 10-20 years ago.

Does My Curves accept the Silver Sneakers members program? 

They do not, and they do not participate in any other memberships or programs.

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