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With a formidable marketing strategy, you might have heard of the company V Shred. Could this program be what you need to make that weight loss happen?

Losing weight without a plan can be difficult, a fact many V Shred fat loss extreme reviews touch on. Knowing what workouts to do and what to eat every single day can be overwhelming.

I know about the struggle. I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist, working daily with clients who want to improve their health and experience better energy levels by losing weight.

What everyone needs from a program or training experience is different based on their goals and lifestyle. Today, I’ll share everything you need to know about V Shred.

However, we’ve found that Superhero X12 for men and Found Weight Loss for women is a better alternative since it’s a practical plan for a busy person wanting to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and be healthier. 

Keep reading to learn more about V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him & Her.

About V Shred Fat Loss Extreme 

v shred fat loss extreme diet

The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme program was designed by Vince Sant to help people lose weight. 

Sant claims that in just 90 days, you can lose at least 21 pounds. Of course, you must be consistent with the exercise and nutrition tools provided.

What is V Shred Fat Loss Extreme? 

v shred fitness programs

Here’s a detailed overview of what you get when you join this fitness program. 

Step-by-Step Blueprint to Melt Away Fat

This blueprint claims to simplify the process of burning fat. The program is meant to help you lose weight, tone up, and provide you with diet plans to follow. 

Overall, this blueprint is not meant to take up too much of your time, but still get you the desired results. Vince says you will both lose the weight you have been wanting to get rid of and keep it off as well.

3 Body Transformation Secrets – FOOLPROOF 3-STEP FAT BURNING PROTOCOL

STEP 1:  Determine How Many Calories YOU Need

With this first step, Vince explains that losing weight isn’t dependent on what foods you are or are not eating. You can have your unhealthy foods, indulge in carbs, and follow whatever eating pattern you like.

What really matters with weight loss is how many calories you eat daily. He then goes through what a calorie is, as well as what macronutrients are.

To determine how many calories you need, you must find out what your maintenance calories are. This is the number of calories you eat to maintain your current weight.

Your maintenance calories can be a bit difficult to determine. The number is affected by factors such as gender, weight, height, age, metabolism, activity level, gut health, and hormones.

Vince suggests a good place to start is to take the number of pounds you weigh and multiply it by both 14 and 17. This will provide a range that your maintenance calories fall into.

Now, it is time to figure out how many calories puts you in a deficit that allows you to lose one to two pounds of primarily fat per week. Eat 80 percent of your maintenance calories to make this happen.

STEP 2: Exercise

Exercise plays an integral role in the program. Vince promotes aiming to lose fat rather than weight since the number on the scale can go up as you gain muscle.

Measurements, progress photos, and how clothes fit are much more reliable for progress than a scale. 

When it comes to exercise, cardio is included, but it is put on the back burner compared to weight training. 

Weight training is prioritized because it leads to increased muscle mass. Muscle mass can speed up your metabolic rate and help you burn more fat while at rest.

Building muscle also allows you to shape the body and create a physique that you feel confident in. 

Vince says when you do have to do cardio, choose high-intensity interval training (HIIT). According to him, it’s the most effective way to burn fat, isn’t time-consuming, and isn’t dull.

Step 3: Supplement With Science-Backed Thermogenics

The V Shred company also offers a thermogenic fat burner called BURN EVOLVED that they encourage you to purchase and take in step 3. 

This supplement is certainly not necessary for you to take to see your desired results.

What is V Shred?

V Shred is a company that creates plans for people wanting to transform their bodies. Their programs include workouts, meal plans, and support through private Facebook groups.

Who is Vince Sant?

Vince Sant is the co-founder of V Shred and the face of the business. He is also a fitness model, personal trainer, and author.

What is V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Her?

v shred fat loss extreme for her

The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Her program targets women who want to lose at least 20 pounds and are tired of trying various diets that don’t work.

Vince speaks on how women can use their step-by-step blueprint to avoid starving themselves or spending too much time in the gym to achieve a sexy, lean, feminine body.


In addition to counting calories, this program highly recommends you utilize carb cycling to maximize fat burning. This is because the body uses carbohydrates and fats for energy. 

Carbs are used first, and if there aren’t any, then the body starts burning fat stores – this leads to weight loss. 

However, this does not mean that you can just never eat carbs again and burn an endless amount of fat. Eventually, your metabolism slows down and weight loss becomes quite difficult.

So, to keep your metabolism from slowing down but still be able to use stored fat for fuel, you will go through a sequence of carb cycling. 

This entails cycling through low/no, moderate, and high-carb days.

It can be a tedious process, but the V Shred program provides a meal plan to follow to take out the guesswork.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIT workouts consist of doing high-intensity movements for predetermined periods of time, alternating with rest breaks.

Every week, you will be recommended to do three HIIT workouts that last 15 minutes each. The purpose of this is to avoid making you go through tedious steady-state cardio sessions.

Instead, HIIT can effectively help you burn fat and rev up your metabolism for up to 48 hours post-workout. 

What’s Included In the 12-Week Program:

1. Gym and at-home workouts.

Some people find a gym environment motivating. Others want to skip the commute and stay in the comfort of their homes. 

Either way, you get access to workouts you can complete to help you start shaping your body!

2. A web app/mobile access.

To keep everything organized, you will be given access to an app when you sign up for the 90-day program. Here, you can see your workouts on your phone or tablet.

3. Simple how-to videos of every single exercise.

Proper form during exercise is essential for maximizing the effects while minimizing your risk for injury. Because of this, videos of the exercises included in your workouts are provided to show you how to do everything correctly.

4. Customized 90-day diet plan.

Depending on your body type, you will receive a diet plan for the entirety of the program that also takes you through the carb cycling process.

5. About the calories.

Receive in-depth explanations about how calories work, how many you need to be eating for efficient weight loss, and techniques to burn the most in a short amount of time!

6. An easy-to-follow calendar. 

This calendar outlines what workouts to do on what days to ensure you stay on track.

7. Simple-to-follow ab workouts.

Many women sign up for this program because they want a slimmer waist and flatter stomach. These ab workouts may help make that happen in conjunction with fat loss.

8. Fast, easy 15-minute HIIT cardio. 

Skip the long treadmill sessions and follow along with the 15-minute HIIT cardio workouts provided for a more efficient way to break a sweat and burn fat.

9. Access to a private Facebook group.

If you need to be reminded that you are not alone in your journey, you can join this private Facebook group of women who are pursuing the same goals you are. 

You can also ask trainers any questions you may have about the program.

What Is V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him?

v shred fat loss extreme diet for him

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him is designed for men who want to shed pounds and build a more lean and muscular physique. It involves guidance with both exercise and nutrition.

What’s Included In the 12-Week Weight Training

1. 10 commandments of weight training.

This is a guidebook that gives you an insight into ten principles to follow daily to ensure you get the most out of your weight training sessions. 

2. How to shed fat.

With this program, you will learn how to burn as much fat as possible by utilizing certain techniques so you can be losing weight while both exercising and at rest.

3. 90-day fat-scorching, muscle-building program.

Everything you need to do exercise-wise is outlined for you in this 90-day program designed to help you burn fat while building muscle simultaneously.

4. Step-by-step video and text breakdowns of ALL exercises.

Maintaining proper form throughout every exercise is essential for preventing injury. Detailed videos and text help you stay safe during your workouts.

5. Ab-sculpting workouts.

Ab workouts are provided, so you have defined and strong abdominals to show through once you start burning fat.

6. 45-minute workouts. 

All of your workouts can be completed in 45 minutes or less in the gym.

Fat Shredding Nutrition

1. Shedding body fat through diet.

Certain foods speed up the metabolism more than others, and these are identified and encouraged in this program.

2. How to calculate the exact amount of macros you need a day.

Calories certainly play a vital role in fat loss, and understanding how much of each macro – carbs, fats, and protein – that you need to consume every day is essential as well.

3. Instructions on how to calculate a carb-cycling diet to shred fat.

While carb cycling can be a very helpful process, it can also be tedious and complex. Because of this, detailed instructions are provided to simplify everything.

4. How to have a “flexible diet” in your everyday life.

While there will be calorie and macro rules to follow, the program wants you to still be able to enjoy the foods you love, and instructions are provided on how to do so.

Supplement Truth

Science and research behind the best supplements in the industry.

Get education and advice about what high-quality supplements are recommended to maximize your results. 

While supplements certainly aren’t necessary for progress to be made, the program claims they can speed up the process.

Why is training different for men and women?

v shred fitness programs for men and women

Probably for marketing purposes.

Overall, training doesn’t have to be different for men and women. The general guidelines for calories and exercise are the same. 

Regarding nutrition, some women may need different macros than men depending on how their hormone levels differ.

With exercise, adjustments only need to be made between the genders if their goals are different. For example, a generalization of a man’s physique goals is to gain muscle mass while leaning out.

For women, the generalization would be that they want to lose weight and aren’t as concerned about adding muscle mass to their frame.

Every person is different, but with the V Shred Fat Loss programs, more attention is given to men building muscle than women.

Who is V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For?

v shred fat loss extreme reviews

This program is designed for someone who wants to lose between 20 and 50 pounds to achieve a leaner physique.

If you’re trying to bulk and gain weight, then this program would be counterintuitive. It puts you in a caloric deficit for weight loss. 

It also heavily utilizes HIIT workouts designed to help you burn the maximum amount of fat.

Things to Consider Before Buying V Shred Fat Loss Extreme  

v shred fat loss extreme diet considerations

1. It’s a high-intensity workout. 

The cardio required for this program is HIIT. HIIT typically involves explosive movements that can be jarring to the knees, hips, and other joints. It’s only advisable for those who wouldn’t risk injury from this kind of movement.

2. DIY meal planning.

While you are given guidance with calories, macros, and carb cycling, it is up to you to actually create the meals and this will take a decent amount of time each week.

If, after looking at the program, you find that you still don’t know what to eat, you will need the assistance of a dietitian.

3. You do have to count calories.

With this program, one of the major ways to help you lose weight is to have you count your calories to ensure you are constantly in a deficit. 

This is an effective way to transform the body, but it is not for everybody. If you have a negative relationship with food, counting calories could make it worse.

4. It’s an online program – app required.

With V Shred, everything is online, so you need to have constant access to a phone or tablet to follow along with the program.

5. You will need self-motivation.

While the private Facebook group is certainly helpful for feeling as if you belong to a community, you do not directly have a trainer that is supporting you throughout the 90 days. 

If you are someone who needs a bit of extra accountability to follow through with the workout and diet plans, then this program may not be for you.

What happens after the 90 days?

Once you have completed the 90-day program, you are through, as it is a one-time purchase. 

If you find that you did not make any progress and your participation has been verified by a trainer, you are eligible for a refund.

Does V Shred Fat Loss Extreme really work? 

v shred fat loss extreme diet effectiveness

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I am easily able to identify in what ways this program could benefit clients but also where things could go wrong.

When it comes to nutrition, the theory of eating in a caloric deficit in combination with carb cycling is an effective method for losing weight. 

However, the average person cannot sustain the constant counting and calculating of numbers, especially for a full 90 days.

I believe it is unrealistic to expect anyone to be able to sustain that way of eating effortlessly. There are some people who will benefit from it, but most people will get frustrated or bored with the constant measuring and counting.

The fact that you are not restricted with what you can eat during the program is helpful because it provides flexibility in your calculations and what foods you have access to.

With the workouts, you are required to exercise three to four times a week, which is reasonable for the average person. The three weekly HIIT workouts are also recommended but optional.

While these expectations make sense, you will not have a trainer guiding you through the workouts live. This can be an issue because your form cannot be corrected and this could lead to injury.

Also, nothing about the program is personalized to your specific goals and lifestyle, which can slow down the rate at which you see your results.

If you want to do most of the work on your own, Superhero X12 seems to be the most reputable option. I’ll tell you why coming up. 

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Pros 

  • The workouts are fast and easy. 
  • Plans are customized plans for body type, gender, age, and activity level.
  • The program claims that you can eat the foods you love AND lose fat.
  • The workouts are 30 minutes long and can be done from home, the gym, or while you are traveling.
  • Attention is paid to a variety of fitness plans and health goals.
  • There is a refund policy (30-day money-back guarantee).
  • Community support is provided through the private Facebook group.

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Cons 

  • There is lots of up-selling of additional products.
  • There are many customer complaints stating things like the program isn’t unique, there are hidden charges, refunds have been refused, and attempts to contact customer service have been ignored.
  • Not everything is sold internationally.
  • The website is hard to navigate, and it isn’t easy to understand pricing and products.
  • Calorie counting is required.
  • The diet plan could be considered unreasonable for some people to stick with long-term.

How much is V Shred Fat Loss Extreme? 

v shred fat loss extreme diet price


Fat Loss Extreme For Him is a 12-week beginner program that was originally priced at $99, and it is now available on the site for $47.


Similar to the other program available, Fat Loss Extreme For Her is also designed for beginners and lasts 12 weeks. Originally priced at $99, it can now be purchased for $47.

How to cancel V Shred Fat Loss Extreme?

If you find that you want to cancel a V Shred order prior to processing, you can email [email protected]. Custom workout and diet plans are non-refundable. 

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered for digital videos.

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme vs. Ripped in 90 Days

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme vs. Ripped in 90 Days

While V Shred Fat Loss Extreme is geared toward beginners, Ripped in 90 Days is for more experienced users. They both cover a 12-week period and are priced the same.

Ripped in 90 Days is a program for men that provides workouts and a diet plan with mobile access. It is similar to the fat loss program in that you are provided with 45-minute lifting workouts, ab workouts, and HIIT routines.

A sample meal plan is also provided and carb cycling isn’t mentioned.

Real Customer V Shred Fat Loss Extreme Reviews 

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme reviews give true insight into what it’s actually like to go through the program. Take a look at some reviews below and an overall consensus!

Positive Consensus

  • The strategy used of “calories in, calories out” is effective.
  • The programs are affordable.
  • There are results to show that the programs can make a positive difference.

Negative Consensus

  • The supplement is pushed too hard in your inbox once you sign up.
  • No unique information is provided.
  • The app could be better.
  • Everything in the program can be found elsewhere for free.
  • The creator is a salesman more than a trainer.

Anything attached to that name [V Shred] is a huge red flag. You should run as far away as possible and spend your money on someone that actually knows what they are doing

  • WannSeeTrustIssues

They give some diet guides and recipe programs. The recipes are bad, but the programs are broken out into macros and could work for meal prepping. However, I would like to be able to pick from a menu and have it kick out a shopping list. The app is weak. It just sends you to YouTube for workout guides. The diet guides and informational literature is literally stuff you can find on the internet for free.

The worst part is the pill pushing. They “strongly suggest” a plethora of supplements and they will DESTROY your inbox in two days.

That being said, it’s not for me but some people do quite well.

  • Vaff_Superstar

It is a scam in that there is zero reason to spend money on information you can get for free.

  • Anonymous

V Shred is possibly the worst fitness youtuber around, he copies other peoples videos and doesn’t understand what it is he’s actually saying. The best thing to do if you want to lose weight is read the basics on the wiki, no need to spend money on it.

  • ChrisF4321

Alternatives To V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Her

v shred fat loss extreme diet alternatives

Found Weight Loss

Found offers a weight loss program for people who require a little more attention and guidance from board-certified clinicians and a personal coach to help start your fat loss journey.

Found clinicians customize a plan to your goals and requirements with a Doctor precribed medication to assist in fat loss if required and a focus on life long sustainable support by behavoiral experts, community support, recipes and the Found mobile app.


  • Offers board-certified doctors available for you to call or meet via video. 
    • Virtual appointments, no in-person office or traveling required.
  • In case you need medication, it comes in the package, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing it. 
  • Medication is delivered to your door.
  • A flexible program that promotes long-lasting and sustainable results. 
  • You have a personal coach that guides you along the process and helps with diet and exercise plans.
  • Facebook community to have extra support and motivation. 
  • App available for iOS and Android App, has a number of tools (only available to members).
  • Found offer a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • There is no trial period available for you to try it out.
  • The Rx Program used in this program is not available in all states.
  • With the medication you may take, you could experience potential side effects.
  • It may not fit within your budget to start Found.
Found. Top Rated Weight Loss Experts
Found Weight Loss

Do you struggle with fat loss even when dieting and exercising? Fill out the quick survey and speak with Found experts. You may be eligible for Doctor prescribed medication to help with an effective weight loss plan.

Read Testimonials
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Alternatives To V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him 

v shred fitness programs alternatives

SuperHero X12

Superhero X12 is another fitness and nutrition program that has been designed to help nearly anyone get a cut and lean physique without disrupting their busy lifestyle.

The purpose of this program is to help you develop sustainable, healthy habits. The program lays out a plan for you to follow that will allow you to keep up with a fit body that will have you feeling more energized and confident.

Superhero X12 was designed by an “average guy” who recognized that most people are unable to exercise six days a week and don’t want to give up their favorite foods.

Identifying this issue with most fitness programs, he made alterations so anyone can get fit and healthy, even if they are crazy busy.

For the exercise, only a mere four hours a week are required for you to see results, meaning almost anyone has time to get in shape with this plan. 

The creator also made sure to maximize the workouts’ efficiency by prioritizing exercises ideal for muscle building.

As for nutrition, an 80-page guide is provided to ensure you have all the diet tools and information you need to properly fuel your body throughout the program.

This way, you can take your new education and apply it to your preferences and skills. Macros are covered here, but you won’t have to do a bunch of math every day.

Another great plus of Superhero X12 is that while you don’t have your own trainer, you are encouraged to reach out to the creator if you have any questions!

Given the doubts many V Shred users have about the creator’s expertise, the direct access SX12 allows is nice. 

To learn more, read our Superhero X12 review here.

Our Recommendation 

Programs like V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him certainly have their pros and cons, but Superhero X12 appears to be one of the best and highly recommended options.

Superhero X12 is focused on being inclusive for everyone, especially the average Joe who wants to better their health. This serves as an advantage over V Shred due to its complexity with the nutrition plan.

While V Shred is focused on counting calories and carb cycling, Superhero X12 provides an extensive guide that educates you on making simple and necessary changes to your diet. No tedious tracking required!

Superhero X12 gives you all the information you need to be successful without interrupting your normal routine. The point is not to have to disrupt your day-to-day life and still make significant progress toward your end goal.

While V Shred is advertised for beginners, Superhero X12 appears to be more beginner-friendly. This is because the creator is a regular person who simply wanted to better their health in a reasonable manner. 

For many people, it can be intimidating to see processes like carb cycling and macro tracking being required for a program like V Shred to succeed.

The creator of Superhero X12 recognized this and wanted to make a fitness program that was doable and effective for someone with a busy lifestyle.

Because of this, nearly anybody can see results from the program; this includes those that are already in great shape but want to enhance their current physique further.

Due to many people who buy the Superhero X12 program being beginners, the creator was sure to make the program as educational as possible. By doing so, everyone has access to a wealth of information that will help them make efficient, measurable progress.

Overall, compared to V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him, Superhero X12 is more user-friendly, realistic, and sustainable. Also, there have been no reviews left about it being a scam and a waste of your money! 

It’s a better experience for someone wanting to implement new healthy habits.

Take a look at the pros and cons below to better understand what Superhero X12 entails.


  • You are provided with over 75 exercises and mobility drills.
  • Not a lot of cardio is required.
  • You are given access to a comprehensive nutrition module.
  • A 2-Day Workout Playbook is provided for those super busy weeks when you have minimal time and can’t follow the normal workout routine.
  • Additional support and motivation are provided in the private Facebook group.
  • There are no subscriptions; you simply make the one-time payment and have access to the program for life.


  • There could be more visuals provided.
  • If you have alternative goals like improving your flexibility or speed, this program isn’t ideal.

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For Him vs. SuperHero X12 

V Shred Fat Loss Extreme For HimSuperhero X12
Target AudienceBeginnersAll levels
Price$47$49 – $159 one-off payment
Program Length90 days90 days 
Supplementary MaterialsApp with workouts and nutrition guide to counting calories and carb cyclingWorkout plans and guides, Exercise video demonstrations, cheat sheets, nutrition guide, nutrition calculator, and grocery list

Where to Buy Superhero X12

Click here to learn about Superhero X12 program from their official website.

Final Recommendations 

We hope that you enjoyed our review of the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme diet and workout program! 

V Shred certainly has its pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide if it or another program is best suited for your lifestyle.

As a trainer, I personally think the workout aspect of V Shred is great, but the diet aspect is unrealistic and tedious. Most people would not want to stick with it for a 90-day period. 

It’s also telling that many users are frustrated with how hard they push their branded supplements.

Instead, click here to take a deeper dive into the Superhero X12 program or Found Weight Loss.

Leave a comment below about your weight loss goal, and don’t forget to share this review with anyone who may find it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do you lose weight on V Shred Fat Loss Extreme?

By following along with the workouts provided in the V Shred fitness programs and following the V Shred fat loss extreme diet, you are put in a caloric deficit that will allow you to lose weight.

Does V Shred Fat Loss Extreme have recipes?

There is a recipe guide that you can buy separately if you want access to recommended recipes for weight loss.

Can I drink alcohol on V Shred fat loss extreme?

While you can drink alcohol with the V Shred fat loss extreme diet, it is not encouraged because it will slow down the rate at which you will see results.

Does V Shred Toned in 90 days work?

For some people, this is one of the V Shred fitness programs that does work for them. However, everyone is different, so it may or may not be suitable for your lifestyle.

Does V Shred charge you monthly?

V Shred has a flat rate that you pay at the beginning of the program, so you do not have to worry about monthly charges or subscriptions.

What is the V Shred Quiz?

This quiz gives insight into what your body type is, allowing a more accurate plan to be formed for the next steps to take toward weight loss.

Is V shred legit?

According to many V Shred fat loss extreme reviews, the V Shred fitness programs may be a scam or at least not worth it according to reports from customers. Many customers are stating that Vince may replicate workouts from other major fitness influencers, and everything provided in the programs can be found for free online.

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