Edna Skopljak, MD

Medical Reviewer

Edna Skopljak, MD is a practicing physician and her role with Exercise With Style is to review content published on Exercise With Style for medical accuracy and transparency to ensure that citations to research are appropriately contextualized.

Where are you from?

Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Medical Faculty, University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (2014 – 2020) – Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana (2022) – Diploma Recognition (MD)


  • EFORT Webinar Total Ankle Replacement: Enhancing Indications and Outcomes, February 2022.
  • Online course Orthopedic problems of school age, February 2022.
  • ·Mind the Bleep Radiology series: Knee, Ankle and Foot X Rays – Structured Approach, Cases and Common Pittfalls, December 2021.
  • EFORT Webinar Total Hip Replacement and Lumbar Spine, October 2021.
  • Global Surgery Symposium “The Past, Present, The Future”, ARU Surgical Society, May 2021.
  • Global Surgery Symposium “The Past, Present, The Future”, ARU Surgical Society, May 2021.
  • Foundation Skills in Surgery 2021, Imperial College Surgical Society and the Association of Surgeons in Training, February 2021.
  • Surgery Made Easy Lecture Series “Rectal bleeding”, Dundee University Surgical Society, February 2021.
  • Symposium Neuro-Oncological Aspects in Modern Neurosurgery of 21st Century, Sarajevo, 2020.
  • 1st Musculoskeletal Oncology Course, December, Sarajevo, 2019.
  • Sports Orthopedic Symposium, Sarajevo, 2019.
  • 14th Foot and Ankle Surgery Course, Istanbul, 2019.

Passionate About

Orthopedics, musculoskeletal health, and sports medicine


Hiking, enjoying early-morning, long walks by the sea


Working with orthopedic patients and injured sportists.

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