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This is my review of the Superhero SX12 program.

Torch fat and increase muscle – it’s a common goal. Is the stereotypical superhero body attainable for everyone, though? 

To be honest, I don’t look at pictures of Marvel superheroes and think, “That could be me.” But I do feel like there’s a missing link. A formula I haven’t tried yet that might bring me a little closer.

The Superhero X12 (SX12) program is a diet and exercise regimen that alleges it can give you the superhero physique. However, it doesn’t use the methods famous actors do to look that way.

I’ll explain that a bit more coming up. 

For right now, know this. If you’re at the end of your rope doing six workouts a week and eating nothing but chicken, rice, and broccoli, you’ll want to check this out.

Another thing I can tell you is that there’s a lot to go over in this program. But I’m breaking it down piece by piece, so you can be confident whether or not Superhero X12 is worth trying.

Is this a reliable way to get ripped or just more crazy marketing? Keep reading to find out.

Superhero X12 Review
Superhero X12 Review

What is the Superhero X12 program?

Listen, there’s no way to get around this. 

First up in my Superhero X12 review, we have to look at the official website. There’s rough, no-nonsense language and a lot of promises.

But the before and after pics? Pretty convincing.

As I told you, Superhero X12 is a diet and exercise program aimed at not just getting you fit, but lean and cut. 

The thing is, they do not want you to copy what actors who play superheroes do. In fact, Superhero X12 says these methods can “ruin your life.”

Sounds extreme, but it’s true. A lot of those incredible transformations involve rapid weight loss, which comes with serious risks.

Plus some other methods you should never use, which we also cover in the program.

Anyway, this candid confession – that emulating celebrities is dangerous and will not give you the results you want – made me wonder more about who was behind Superhero X12.

Superhero X12 Program

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Who is Keith Lai from FitMole?

Keith Lai Superhero X12 Creator
Keith Lai

The Superhero X12 program was developed by Keith Lai, founder of FitMole.

FitMole is a fitness blog I’m kind of familiar with that targets “average” guys.

Over the years he’s published tons of articles on topics like celebrity diets, bulking, intermittent fasting, and a lot more.

Here’s the real scoop, though.

Keith Lai is not a nutritionist, trainer, doctor, or any other impressive title. As far as I can tell, he’s just a dude on the internet. 

He doesn’t even have a huge social media following, so he’s not an influencer, either.

What he does appear to do is follow his own advice. 

This is what he says on his FitMole bio:

“I’m not like other fitness guys.

My training and nutrition methods are heavily grounded in reality.

I don’t expect you to workout 6x per week and give up all your favorite foods.

That’s just crazy talk.”

He lacks professional experience but is relatable for sure. 

Let’s dive into the program and see if that’s enough to make Superhero X12 a success.

Keith Lai Before & After
Keith Lai Before & After

Superhero X12: Getting Started Module

After purchasing the program, your first stop will be the Getting Started Module. The Getting Started Module is, “A big picture overview of what you can expect from SX 12.”

I found that it was much more than just that. There are some important instructions here. Getting Started contains two guides you’ll need to read.

Welcome Dashboard Superhero X12
Welcome Dashboard

The Getting Started Guide

First up is the Getting Started Guide. It’s a pretty quick read at 21 pages.

Lai starts off by rattling off names of actors with incredible bodies who star in action and superhero films. 

He explains that the hype they create is why men who want to get fit, fail at it. It’s just not realistic. 

And, he alleges, they might be taking steroids, among many other expensive and dangerous methods. 

This dose of reality is followed up by some criticism of the weight loss and fitness industry. SX12, we are assured, isn’t about gimmicks or hacks or tricks.

From there, we get down to the instructions.

Now we learn what the “X12” is for – SX12 is a 12-week program. That’s the timeline for goal setting.

Next, you’ll learn to be more realistic about what your goals should be as a beginner, intermediate, or “skinny fat” guy. 

Finally, there are instructions on how to track and measure your progress. 

You may be anxious to start, but I would not skip the guide. The next one is key also.

Getting Started
Getting Started Guide

Superhero Mindset

Superhero Mindset is a 40-page eBook on perspective, motivation, habits, fears, and more. Keith Lai speaks in a rough, blunt manner, but it’s clear and concise. 

Superhero Mindset helps unearth the real reason why you want to lose weight or build muscle. 

It also provides a little behavioral therapy, showing you how to catch and reframe your thoughts.

All of it is easy to understand. If you could use a pep talk, here it is. If not, there are still some helpful concepts.

Toward the end, we find out that SX12 involves working out just four hours a week. That’s the next module we’ll be looking at. 

Superhero Mindset Module
Superhero Mindset Module

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Superhero X12 Workout Module

This module covers the exercise portion of the Superhero X12 program. I’ll go over the various components, but first, you have to read the guide.

SX12 Workout Guide

The Workout Guide is a 57-page eBook that’s integral to completing the program. 

In it, it becomes obvious how much research Keith Lai has done on fitness as well as his personal philosophy on it.

He admits that his style of training isn’t ideal if you want to improve speed and flexibility. He also doesn’t think much of cardio.

That sounds a little wild, but it could be good advice for some. Lai maintains that diet is the best way to take care of fat loss. Exercise in the SX12 program is primarily for muscle building.

There’s a lot more to learn in the guide, but I won’t spoil all of it here. He breaks down various styles of training, advice for those joining as beginners, and very importantly, how to train through plateaus.

When all is said and done, the Workout Guide might be one of the most valuable products in the program. But we’re not nearly finished with the Workout Module.

Superhero X12 Workout PDF
Superhero X12 Workout PDF

Nova Series (Beginners)

Once you start reviewing the workouts, Lai’s style and goals with the program begin to come together.

Each series features workouts in all of the different styles presented in the Workout Guide.

Again, I’m not going to spoil the whole thing. But for the Nova Series, one part of a Straight Set workout might look like five different weighted exercises. You’d complete two or three sets of six to eight reps, short rest, move on to the next. 

There are also warmups and mobility exercises included on some sheets, along with an invitation to email Keith directly if you have questions.

Superhero X12 Nova Series Beginner Workout PDF
Superhero X12 Nova Series Beginner Workout PDF

Titan Series (Intermediates)

Those training at the intermediate level are advised to have 6-12 months of recent training. The Titan Series includes five three or four-day training regimens. 

You are advised to select one and stick with it for the duration of the 12-week program.

There are included scheduling options for your Titan workouts, as well as the mobility exercises like in the Nova Series.

Superhero X12 Titan Series Intermediates Workout PDF
Superhero X12 Titan Series Intermediates Workout PDF

75+ Exercises and Mobility Drills in Superhero X12

As I reviewed the workout instructions, I felt disappointed at the lack of visuals. And that’s as an intermediate who just wants to review and maintain good form – imagine how lost a beginner might be.

Superhero X12 Demo Exercise Vault
Superhero X12 Demo Exercise Vault

This part of the module provides what we’re looking for – video instruction. You get clear, well-made videos of a trainer demonstrating more than 75 exercises, including the warmups.

When you choose your workout, I definitely recommend heading over to the video vault and reviewing each exercise a few times before beginning.

Video Exercise Vault
Video Exercise Vault

Exercise Substitution Cheat Sheet

This is a two-page PDF file that is exactly how it sounds – you get options for each type of exercise.

There are groups of deadlift variations, back exercises, squat variations, and more.

This way, there are no excuses for skipping sets. If one exercise in your chosen workout isn’t, well, working out, your substitutes are neatly laid out for you.

As a reminder, SX12 isn’t a cardio-heavy program. We’re relying on diet for much of our fat loss, so let’s check that out.

Diet & Nutrition Module

Keith introduces this module with a warm, “Welcome to dieting, motherf**ker.”

This module is ruled by the Superhero X12 Diet & Nutrition Guide, as well as a few extra tools I’ll tell you about shortly.

The guide is comprehensive at 80+ pages, breaking down calorie formulas, macros, portion sizes, and much more. 

In short, if you want to approach your diet in a rather scientific and regimented way, this is for you. However, it’s more of a mindset and less of a restrictive lifestyle, as Lai does not discourage beer, wings, carbs, and most other stuff we actually enjoy.

Rather, Lai thoroughly instructs on dynamic calorie adjustments and more mindful choices. And yes, fruits and vegetables are really important. 

Other topics, like protein sources, what supplements actually matter, and how to eat around workouts, are covered also. 

There’s some great myth-busting in this guide and I highly recommend reading the whole thing at least once. After all, Lai points out that diet is where most people fail. 

My favorite section? How to Track Macros Without Driving Yourself Insane. 

Next, let’s look at two of the tools that will help you ace this module.

Superhero X12 Nutrition Diet Plan
Superhero X12 Nutrition Plan

SX12 Nutrition Calculator

Reading a novel about Keith Lai’s nutrition philosophy is one thing. Digesting it all and then doing some math might not sound appealing. 

You’re not alone. For that, SX12 provides a nutrition calculator.

You’ll enter some personal stats, your experience level, your goal, fat intake, and protein intake. The calculator will automatically spit out what your macros and calories should be. 

It’s easy, straightforward, and a tool you should use more than once during the 12 weeks you’re doing the program.

Superhero X12 Nutrition Calculator
Superhero X12 Nutrition Calculator

SX12 Idiot-Proof Grocery List

The Idiot-Proof Grocery List is a two-page PDF you can keep on hand. There’s a list of common foods for each macro plus the program’s fruit and veggie picks.

Finally, there’s a list of recommended foods for gaining muscle. 

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Recommended Tools Module

If you’re really serious about making huge progress during the 12 weeks spent on SX12, this module will help.

It’s a pretty simple list of Lai-approved resources including workout equipment, supplements, books, and a few other things.

You don’t need this stuff to do the program (I didn’t), but if you’re a total beginner you could benefit from it.

SX12 Recommended Tools
SX12 Recommended Tools

Superhero X12 VIP Bonus Gift Bundle

It seems like every fitness program out there is looking to sweeten the deal with “VIP” offerings. SX12 is no different. Here’s what their VIP bundle includes.

Bonus SX12 Meal Plans

There are two types of meal plans here – bulking and cutting. There are five bulking plans, including one for vegans. There are four meal plans for cutting. 

Which plan you choose depends on your goal weight. These are not comprehensive meal plans; it gives you recipes and instructions for one full day of eating. 

It’s a great way to get an example and ideas, but unless you plan on eating the same thing daily, it’s no substitute for the diet module.

Superhero X12 Sample Meal Plan
Superhero X12 Sample Meal Plan

Superhero Proportions Calculator

This is a really simple tool you might like if you’re after a specific look. You enter your height and find the “ideal” waist-to-shoulder ratio for your size. 

Note that SX12 put “ideal” in quotes, too. You do not need to worry about this. It goes in the “nice to know” category.

2-Day Workout Playbook

Now this is a great bonus. 

The Superhero X12 program has you working out three to four times a week.

What happens if you need to miss a workout or two? Again, there’s a safety net for your excuses, and it’s this playbook.

Lai warns that if you fall back on the 2-day playbook too much, you will definitely lose some muscle.

But if you’re a beginner who hasn’t put on a ton of lean muscle yet, there isn’t too much to worry about.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend going for the two-day workout plan for the entire 12 weeks. But it’s a good fallback if you have to travel or get extra busy one week.

Superhero X12 2-Day Workout Playbook
Superhero X12 2-Day Workout Playbook

SX12 Quick Start Guide

If you hated reading, you probably wouldn’t be 2k deep in my Superhero X12 review. But do you still wish you had CliffsNotes for SX12?

This is that.

Keith explains it this way:

“Most people who buy online programs, buy them to feel good but just toss it to the side after.

They love the rush and excitement of buying the program and daydreaming about how it’s going

to change their life but when it comes to actually putting in the work, people chicken out.

Horrible habit.”

Agreed. Again, SX12 provides a tool to neutralize your excuses. 

I strongly believe that the longer guides in the program are necessary, but if nothing else, read the quick start.

SX12 5-Minute Quick Start Guide
SX12 5-Minute Quick Start Guide

SX Syndicate Facebook Group

Superhero X12’s Facebook group is a private, members-only way to ask questions and link up with others using the program. 

Keith manually verifies each member so it can take a day or two to get in. Once you do, you’ll have access to an active community of 1,000+ SX12 devotees.

Scroll through some of the older posts and see if your questions have been answered before. It’s a good place to go with your more specific queries, but again, Keith is always encouraging participants to email him directly.

Additional Program Add-Ons to Purchase

SX12 does offer extra program-related products you can buy.

Thankfully, It’s not useless, corny upsell material. It can help you optimize and tailor your 12 weeks and beyond. 

Accelerator Package

So, from the start, we’re told that get-ripped-quick methods celebrities use are dangerous. SX12 prides itself on sustainability, good habits, and so on.

That’s why I was a little surprised to see the Accelerator Package. It includes two eBooks, Superhero Chaos and Superhero Finishers. 

It’s aimed at those who want to get bigger, faster results. It may be good for guys who have a big event coming up or have a lot of weight to lose.

Superhero Finishers contains additional exercises and is not recommended for beginners already doing the regular SX12 workouts. 

Superhero Chaos
Superhero Finishers

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SX12 Cookbook

This add-on actually contains three cookbooks: FitMole’s High Protein Recipe Book, Fitmole’s Protein Packed Vegetarian Recipe Book, and the SX Cookbook.

There are a ton of recipes here with detailed instructions and high-quality photos. The variety is incredible as is the focus on fresh, nutritious ingredients.

I was left scratching my head as to why none of these cookbooks are included in the program. Lai could easily lift the price a little and include one. 

SX Cookbook
SX 12 Cookbooks

Bodyweight 100

The Bodyweight 100 exercise book and demonstration library are another great value. 

The title says it all – these are bodyweight-only workouts you can do pretty much anywhere. You only need a towel. 

You won’t get the results you do from the weight-training SX12 involves, but it’s great for those without a home gym. If you get derailed one day and can’t make it to your gym, do one of these at home instead.

Fitmole Bodyweight 100
Fitmole Bodyweight 100

Easy Done-for-You Meal Plans

This add-on includes 14 different meal plans for either fat loss or lean bulk in a range of daily calorie limits.

This is good for those in the program who know how many calories they should get a day and bought a food scale, but kind of give up from there. 

It breaks down macros, tells you the general type of food to eat, and how much that portion should weigh. 

Fitmole Done-For-You Meal Plans
Fitmole Done-For-You Meal Plans

What Superhero X12 Does Well

What SX12 does well is inclusivity. 

First, the program was created by someone who really does seem to be a “regular” guy. 

Some might think this makes it less trustworthy, but just as many love how relatable and “real” that is.

Where it really excels is in its suitability for beginners and intermediates. Fit people have a program where they can maximize and refine their physique. 

Meanwhile, overweight or skinny-fat guys who normally don’t diet or exercise have a starting point. 

If you have a medical condition or are morbidly obese, ask a doctor if SX12 is okay to try. But otherwise, most men can use it to build lean muscle.

Superhero X12 is also really educational. This is a major plus for the newbies who still eat mostly from the microwave and don’t know what to do at the gym. 

Those types of guys are sitting ducks for fads and misinformation. I see it all the time. 

You don’t have to agree with Keith Lai’s tone or philosophy. However, what he shares is a comprehensive overview of what some of the best professional trainers in the game would tell those guys – if they had the money or access to get that.

Lastly, SX12 might bait you with the idea of a movie superhero, but it destroys all notions that that’s the way every man should look. 

It doesn’t sell you dreams and ideas. There are regular reality checks throughout the program.

What Superhero X12 Could Improve

One of the same things that makes the program great can drag it down, depending on who is looking at it.

The educational aspect can be too much. I know a lot of guys who would rather watch some YouTube videos or listen to audio, like a podcast, instead of reading all of the eBooks.

I could read about fitness strategy all day, so it didn’t deter me. Yet I still think having the exercise demonstration videos separate from the workout plan PDFs is a missed opportunity. 

Saving that week’s workout on my phone was easy because I already knew how the exercises were done. But new guys will have a tougher time navigating the program on the go.

The lack of recipes in the main program is a little sad, too. Like I said when I went over the add-ons, it would be so easy to include this in the program to give the dietary-challenged users a better idea of what to eat.

Lai acknowledges that people fail at dieting much more than they do exercise. I believe that a big reason they fail is because they get bored of typical fitness diets. 

They also don’t know how to change it up or make their own meals. A cookbook would help more than the near-avalanche of diet theory the main program offers.

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Superhero X12 Review: Final Thoughts

You will rarely find a fitness program that:

  1. Is this affordable. 
  2. Offers direct support from the creator themselves.
  3. Is open to people of all fitness levels.

It’s also true that there are no real gimmicks here, and as I said, Keith Lai makes sure to bust myths frequently throughout. 

In the end, it takes honest, dependable fitness foundations and lays it all out for you in detail. I see no reason why a regular guy who followed it wouldn’t see results. 

If you try Superhero X12, make sure to tell me what you think.