Kelsey Butler, MS, RDN


Where Are You From?

Pennsylvania, United States


Masters of Clinical Nutrition Science, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Bachelors of Human Nutrition and Food Science, Colorado State University


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
  • Culinary Nutrition Expert (in process)

Passionate About

I am most passionate about behavioral nutrition. I believe a mindset is a big factor when it comes to creating habits that lead to living a healthy lifestyle. So, I take a mindful approach toward health and value building relationships with all foods. I understand the importance of setting personalized goals for each of my clients, no matter their needs.


Cooking, traveling, running, working out, listening to music, and doing puzzles


I have worked with over 100 clients in 1:1 and group settings to help them reach their health goals. These goals include (but aren’t limited to) body recomposition, managing chronic conditions, and creating sustainable nutrition habits for long-term wellness.

I also have experience with nutrition research, meal planning, recipe development, and teaching cooking classes to clients. I currently work in nutrition technology and research field to build nutrition software for dietitians.

I’ve been featured on many websites, including:


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