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Here is my honest DoFasting App Review!

As someone who has been apart of the health and fitness scene for over 10 years and those who read this blog knows, I enjoy and recommend Intermittent Fasting. I wrote an article that is, in my opinion, one of the better Intermittent Fasting Beginners Guide there is currently on the internet. (Not to brag)

Unlike most articles reviewing DoFasting, I purchased it and used it regularly for over one year. It’s safe to say I’m qualified to give my unbiased opinion.

Here’s the thing, I do recommend DoFasting as your Intermittent Fasting tracker for beginners and advanced fasters, as it keeps you accountable and challenges you daily. It’s super simple, clean interface and user-friendly.

You can use their meal planning and workout programs which are a great resource, in my opinion. 

Let’s take a birds-eye view, continue reading!

An overview of the DoFasting app

DoFasting is different from most of the other health and fitness apps.

Its focus is on intermittent fasting and with a selection of the most popular methods of fasting pre-programmed or at a touch of a button, you can set your own fasting schedules. 

DoFasting App Review

With push notifications alerting you when your next fast starts and when it’s finishing, keeping you accountable and on track. They promote healthy, clean eating, nutrition tips and workout programs, all-in-one fasting app. 

We’ll dig a little deeper into what DoFasting offers.

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What does DoFasting offer?

Those learning about intermittent fasting will enjoy how easy and straightforward it is to get started with all the information you need to intermittent fast successfully.

You will also want the challenge mode to really test your fasting tolerances for those who are intermediate or advanced fasters.

This mode should be used by intermediate or advanced users who understand how to safely and effectively do extended fasting challenges. 

DoFasting has a timer and allows you to track your daily fasts accurately and easily every day. Before I found DoFasting I was always forgetting what time I started or how long I should fast.

I now select what schedule and time I want to start my fasts and it auto calculates my finish time. When I’m approaching my starting time it notifies me and when I’m approaching my finish times so I can start preparing for my first meal of the day.

It might sound simple, but this feature has saved me time and I never miss a start or finish time during my fast. No one wants to fast longer than they plan!

With a large library of delicious recipes, DoFasting receives a 10/10 for their meal plan options. Most people never see results because the food choices they make are poor during the “eating window”.

Pick your meals ahead of time and stick with your meal plan. Fasting can result in binge eating, so DoFasting recipe choices can help with breaking your fast with the best nutritional foods to replenish vital micro and macronutrients.

Not to mention, preventing you from binge eating or struggling to know what to eat for the best results.

Don’t have a workout plan? New to exercising? DoFasting also has a large range of workout guides with instructions and pictures to demonstrate each exercise.

No matter if your beginner to advance there is a massive selection of workouts.

DoFasting offers much more and I’ll cover in more detail everything and more that I have covered here to make sure my DoFasting review is fully comprehensive!

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Choose Your Fasting Type

DoFasting will ask your experience level. Based on your answer, they will recommend fasting schedules based on beginner, intermediate and expert. Choose what best fits your experience and slowly progress as you gain tolerance. 

I love the section where it shows your fasting state, explaining in detail what stage your body is in throughout the stages of a fast. 

You have full control of your start and end times based on the fasting schedule you choose. You can also pause and adjust times if needed. 

DoFasting Challenge Mode

This is where the fun starts. 

If you are like me, I love to push my limits and see what I’m made of. 

DoFasting has an advanced mode for those looking to challenge and learn about themselves, create healthy eating and habit-forming changes. 

You can start with 7 days, 14 days, or the holy grail of 28 days intermittent fasting. Meaning you break your fast every day, but you fast every day for 7, 14, or 28 days straight.

Do you have what it takes? 

DoFasting Meal Planning And Nutrition Tips

When fasting, nutrition and water are extremely important to staying healthy and limiting fasting side effects that may occur during a fast. 

DoFasting Meal Planning
DoFasting Recipes

DoFasting provides you with a library of meal plans, nutrition tips and how to break your fast and what you can or should eat while in a fast. 

Depending on what diet you follow when fasting, they have an excellent selection for you to choose. If you count calories or macros, they have all the nutrition value and cooking instructions available.

If you are craving a certain type of meal, DoFasting gives you a category list of meals you can try. Choose from Stews, pasta dishes, soups, smoothies and a whole range of categories.

All recipes have ingredients, cooking instructions, calories and macros if you track your food intake.

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Daily Water Intake Tracker

Most people don’t drink enough water the best of times. But when intermittent fasting, drinking water is very important and as simple as it is, I love how you can document your daily water intake. 

DoFasting Water Tracker

I generally underestimate my water intake, but the functionality to track my water is an awesome feature. 

DoFasting Workout Guides

DoFasting covers all levels of fitness, beginner, intermediate and advanced workout programs. Their library of workouts are all bodyweight and HIIT style training so no expensive fitness equipment or gym memberships are required. 

DoFasting Exercises
DoFasting Workout Programs

The length of workouts depends on the level of your fitness, so choose the duration for your fitness.

Food Log & Weight Loss Progress Tracker

Much like MyFitnessPal, DoFasting has a searchable food library that tracks all your calories and macros. I find this super handy when logging my food, saving me time and accurately tracking my macros.

I find it has the majority of the most common food sources and it also has all of the DoFasting recipes to make tracking easier. 

DoFasting Calorie Tracker
DoFasting Food Log

You can track your weight loss progress over time if that’s your goal and get a snapshot of your journey. 

What are Dofasting Prices

Users are given several different options when paying for the app. On the “get plan,” you will be greeted with a one-time offer to save a lot of money on a membership. 

Annual Plan  

$264 charged annually
One Time Offer > $66 (75% off)

6-Month Plan 

$92 charged every six months
One Time Offer > $46 (50% off)

3-Month Plan

$66 charged every three months
One Time Offer > $33 (50% off)

Prices may change as of the time of writing the DoFasting review.

They do offer big discounts on the one-time offer page and I highly recommend taking it at the discount, this way, I believe the value for money is worth the investment.

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DoFasting Quiz

Before joining DoFasting, you will answer 13 questions to personalize the experience. I’ll cover what they are below so you are ready to take the quiz. 

  • What is your gender?
  • How familiar are you with fasting? 
  • At what time during the day do you fell hungry the most?
  • What time do you usually eat breakfast?
  • What time do you usually eat lunch?
  • At what time do you usually eat dinner?
  • How do you prepare your meals?
  • Fasting on weekends – is it for you?
  • How physically active are you?
  • What are your working hours?
  • Describe your job activity level.
  • How willing are you to lose weight?
  • Enter your measurements.

The DoFasting Reviews from real customers

I decided to find the reviews in the apple app store to see what people had to say.

The majority of the DoFasting reviews were positive, with an overall 4.5 star out of 5.

DoFasting Apple Store Reviews

The consensus is DoFasting has helped people throughout the pandemic with home workouts and an easy interface to track everything. People have reported weight loss testimonials which is no surprise to me.

DoFasting Reviews
DoFasting Positive Reviews

Surprisingly I did notice people complaining about the app not working or its functionality wasn’t as advertised. In my opinion, DoFasting does precisely what it advertises. 

Another common issue was how difficult it is to cancel. You will need to email their support to cancel your subscription.

Here is the email for DoFasting support: hello @

I’m not a fan of this process when any company makes it harder to cancel your subscription but this is somewhat normal because people may be canceling due to technical issues and that’s why it’s better to contact the brand first.

A good idea is to put their support email on your phone so when you are finished with the service, send them an email. 

DoFasting Facebook App Reviews

Final Verdict

Before deciding whether you should subscribe to DoFasting, make sure to read all the information and decide whether the investment is worth it.

If you are reading this review, you are more than likely doing your homework to understand whether paying for a fasting app is a worthy investment. 

Based on the time using DoFasting, it has been super useful, tracking my fasting and holding me accountable. You can focus on more important tasks rather than focusing on your fasting schedule and let DoFasting notify you when it’s time to start your fast or break it!

Take the DoFasting Quiz here.

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