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This is my honest Calibrate weight loss review in July 2023.

Have you ever lost weight following a meal plan, but still felt unhappy?

As a registered dietitian, I understand the struggles. Following a meal plan and workout program is beneficial. However, while you might lose weight, you may not feel your absolute best due to poor sleep quality, hunger pains and low energy levels that come with restricting your calories.

On top of that, you may experience mood swings. You might be happy and angry all of a sudden. The fat you lost, if any, may return as soon as you stop restricting calories and exercising. 

These are the precise problems Calibrate sets out to address. Calibrate does aim to target the root cause of weight gain and weight loss, but it takes a medical approach that weighs other health factors. 

A metabolic reset can be a catalyst for lasting change. This type of support is welcome for those who want to get rid of “stubborn” fat or feel a sense of well-being, not just thin.

Calibrate has a pretty good track record with an average weight loss of 15% reduction in body weight across their 20,000 growing membership.

The question is, are you in it for the long haul? It’s one thing to muster up the courage to get on a scale. But what about assessing your true health status and taking expert medical advice? 

Keep reading to find out whether or not Calibrate is right for you.

Calibrate Weight Loss

The Calibrate program is a combination of education, coaching, and medication.

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What is the Calibrate program?

The Calibrate program is a combination of education, coaching, and medication. It’s a program built by leading metabolic health experts and backed by science. But, I’ll share plenty more details about this coming up.

For right now, I find that Calibrate’s Chief Medical Officer, Kim Boyd M.D., puts it best:

“The Calibrate program is built on decades of research that shows incremental habit change through intensive lifestyle intervention in combination with medication that works on underlying biology is the most effective approach for sustained weight loss and improved metabolic health.”

That’s a mouthful, I know. But the bottom line is this:

Lifestyle Changes + Medication = Weight Loss That Lasts

How does Calibrate tackle the root cause of weight gain? Let’s find out more about how it works.

Calibrate: How It Works

Completing the Calibrate program takes one year. 

A whole year! 

This fact alone should tell you that they mean business. Every single part of the program is designed to thoroughly address your habits and biology.

Your year to a new you is broken down into four parts.

Level 1: Learning

You will spend the first three months of the program studying up. There are weekly lessons and biweekly meetings with someone from your coaching team.

If this sounds boring, hear me out. It’s one of my favorite parts of this program. During this time, you will start making necessary lifestyle changes, but not just because you’re told to.

You actually get to learn and understand why you’re making changes.

More than that, you’ll get to do some troubleshooting that lets you know what isn’t helpful. 

Phases like this are what make Calibrate a truly customized program. It won’t smother you with ideologies and instructions that aren’t relevant to you. 

Oh, speaking of the customization factor, there’s one more important thing.

Level 1 includes bloodwork. A Calibrate doctor will review your lab results with you via a telehealth appointment. This information is what your new lifestyle changes will be based on.

Level 2: Practice

Months 4-6 are all about implementing those habits that you and your coach believe will work. 

You’ll still be doing weekly lessons, but they will be more skill-based. You got the information you needed during Level 1, and Level 2 tells you more about using it.

As always, you will keep meeting with a team member twice a month

Level 3: Setting

How long does it take to make a habit stick? You’ve probably heard that it can be done in 21 days. 

The truth is, it can take a lot longer. One of the best studies we have on building new habits says it’s more like 18-254 days

So, those habits you love and have no problem adding into your life can stick in just a few weeks. Others can take months, which Calibrate is great at acknowledging.

Level 3 sees us taking the habits that work and making them part of our lives. 

Not the life you dream of, and not the life you want five years from now.

Our actual, for-real, everyday lives. 

During months 6-9, you can adjust your studies to focus on the areas you want to practice more.

Level 4: Sustaining

Are you prepared to go forward without a coaching team to hold you accountable?

Calibrate doesn’t drop you abruptly; Level 4 is meant to successfully transition you into your new life.

Also, this level features more lab work, so you can get a peek at your biological progress. 

Let’s take a moment to learn more about those prescriptions. 


When I first saw the GLP-1 medications as an integral part of the program, I was slightly concerned. After all, using medication as part of a weight loss program might be dangerous if it’s not followed by the right practitioner.

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The Calibrate program is a combination of education, coaching, and medication.

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We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

But after discovering exactly what the medication does and prescribed by doctors, all my concerns were settled.

Calibrate doctors prescribe GLP-1s (glucagon-like peptides-1). They do so because the research the program is based on states that GLP-1s are a safe and effective way to help make that 10% weight loss happen.

Calibrate makes a lot of claims about GLP-1s. For example:

“They work on the same receptors as powerful, naturally-occurring GLP-1 hormones that exist in your body, which improve your metabolic function, and regulate your digestion so you can feel full longer and maximize nutrient absorption. 

GLP-1s also have far-reaching benefits including reducing inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk to help you not only lose weight, but also live a longer and healthier life.”

There are various types of GLP-1s. The Calibrate Medical Team must review medication options (including what GLP-1s are clinically appropriate, in stock at a member’s preferred pharmacy, and covered by insurance at $25 or less a month after any deductible is met

What is Calibrate’s metabolic reset?

Have you ever tried to picture your metabolism?

It’s not an organ or muscle located in one specific area. Rather, your metabolism refers to a whole bunch of bodily processes and chemical reactions. 

Including fat-burning.

But while you might think your weight is the problem, it’s actually a symptom of the problem. And you cannot control your weight until the rest of your body (especially the metabolism) is on board with you.

The program is, in essence, all about rehabilitating your unique metabolic system. Calibrate wants to take a closer look at your emotions, sleep quality, diet, and exercise. 

A metabolic reset improves your biological response to these areas, including weight loss. Therefore, living a reasonably healthy life after a reset could be enough to continue melting away pounds. 

Calibrate Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Calibrate program.


  • The medical aspect of the program means participants get a level of professional support other weight loss programs do not offer.
  • It is designed for long-term wellness. No yo-yo dieting or dangerous methods.
  • Calibrate is discerning about who it allows in the program, further indicating that safety is a priority.
  • Your insurance may cover your medication. 
  • Calibrate emphasizes sustainability. You will work with a coaching team to realistically apply the principles to your life.


  • Calibrate may be cost-prohibitive for many. I’ll tell you more about the cost coming up.
  • Many people who want to lose weight will not qualify for the program. I discuss eligibility in this review, so stay tuned for that.
  • The program is not about instant or drastic results. It is not for people who want to lose weight fast.
  • This program requires prescription medication and studying lessons regularly for a year. Some would consider these large and/or unpleasant commitments. 

How do you get started on Calibrate?

Before anything else, you must take Calibrate’s eligibility quiz. It asks you some simple questions about your weight, lifestyle, and any medical conditions.

After taking the quiz, you will be told immediately whether or not you qualify. 

Once you qualify and choose your plan, you’ll need to get bloodwork done.

You’ll also receive the Welcome Kit that includes instructions to use the app, a scale, and a blood pressure cuff. 

Are you eligible to join Calibrate?

Many people who are interested in the program will not qualify. Even if you meet the physical qualification.

Calibrate is available in all U.S. states, however, you must be requirements below.

Who Can’t Join

You are ineligible to join Calibrate if you:

  • Are younger than 18 or older than 64
  • Have a BMI below 30 and are otherwise healthy
  • Have a BMI below 27 and have a metabolic condition
  • Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant soon, or are breastfeeding
  • Are currently undergoing cancer treatment
  • Have pancreatitis or a gallbladder disease
  • Are managing a substance abuse problem
  • Have an eating disorder or have recently had bariatric surgery

You may also be ineligible based on your health insurance status.

Fortunately, this is all addressed during that initial quiz, so you won’t be strung along. Calibrate makes no apologies for how choosy it is.

Alternatives: How Calibrate Compares

My Calibrate weight loss review wouldn’t be complete without an honest look at how it stacks up against other programs. Here’s what I discovered for you.

Found vs. Calibrate

Found and Calibrate are weight loss programs that have several similarities, but they also have some differences. 

Let’s start with the similarities. 

Found is a weight loss program that offers board-certified doctors for you to chat or meet online. It also offers medication in case you need it, and a personal coach for you to guide you through the process. 

However, one of the biggest differences between Found and Calibrate is the duration. 

While you can do Found for up to a year, it is not mandatory. You can subscribe month to month. 

On the other hand, in Calibrate, you need to commit for one year. While this sounds too much, in my experience, a long commitment might be better to successfully replace habits and have long-term results.

You can read more about Found here.

Noom vs. Calibrate

Noom is an app-focused, subscription-based weight loss plan. It educates you on healthy choices and has you record all of your efforts.

Unlike Calibrate, there are no doctors or medications. Noom will personalize a program for you, but it involves no bloodwork, no telehealth appointments, and you don’t have to use it for a whole year. 

At the end of the day, Noom is less expensive, but also less intense. It’s more for those who would like to lose a bit of weight and learn how to maybe keep it off. A metabolic reset like Calibrate is a more serious commitment. 

You can read more about Noom here.

Weight Watchers vs. Calibrate

Weight Watchers has been around for the better part of a century. That’s reason enough to assume it works – for some.

Weight Watchers uses a point system to measure food and exercise. If you haven’t tried Weight Watchers, you’ve at least seen food packaging at the grocery store stating how many “smart points” it is. 

For example, a slice of pizza is approximately seven points. The number of points you’re allowed to eat daily will be based on your goals and current weight. You can get more daily points by exercising. 

Weight Watchers is flexible, and honestly, it couldn’t be more different from Calibrate. Calibrate is a solid year of medical intervention complete with prescription medicine. 

Weight Watchers is more of a traditional diet that has you adjust food and exercise. 

Form Health vs. Calibrate

Form Health is much more similar to Calibrate than other diet programs. Here, you are paired with a doctor and dietician. 

Like Calibrate, you may even be prescribed weight loss medication. Eligibility for the program is also quite similar.

However, Form Health is not marketed as a one-year metabolic reset. It is a month-to-month program that differs from the four-level plan Calibrate offers. 

On the plus side, it is less expensive and you are meeting with doctors and dieticians, not coaches. But Calibrate could be better for those who need a longer amount of time to make those lifestyle adjustments stick. 

What weight loss results does Calibrate claim?

There’s a good chance you read this Calibrate weight loss review to see, well, how much weight you could lose.

I like that Calibrate is very transparent and realistic about its weight loss “promises”.

Calibrate intends to reduce your weight by 10%. For example, if you start at 200 pounds, they aim to have you at 180 pounds by the end of the program.

For a lot of people who are anxious to lose weight, this doesn’t sound like very much.

However, Calibrate has carefully chosen this figure based on medical studies. It is a target they have selected to reduce our risk of common diseases where weight is a factor. 

Plus, since it sounds like a modest goal, it is more attainable to a broader range of people.

There’s certainly the potential to lose more weight than that during your year with Calibrate. 

On their website, Calibrate says that members lose an average of 15% of their body weight. “Average”, of course, means that some of those lose considerably more.

Still, in this case, your health is the focus, not what the tag inside of your jeans says.

Calibrate Weight Loss Review Testimonial

Calibrate seem to have good real customer reviews. According to the website, they have a 4.7-star rating with over 300 reviews. So, it seems like a good weight loss program. 

Here are the positive consensus people are saying about Calibrate.

  • Most users report having a weight loss of over 10% of their body weight. 
  • Many users report finding the solution to their weight problems through Calibrate. 
  • A lot of the users report having good support and feedback from their Calibrate coaches. 
  • Some users report they managed to learn how to eat and keep long-lasting results. 

Here are the negative consensus people say about Calibrate. 

  • Some users report not achieving their weight goal. 
  • Some users report customer service could improve.

“Ever since having my kids, I have struggled BIG time getting and keeping the excess weight off. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to try and achieve/maintain a healthy lifestyle and nothing was working. I stumbled across Calibrate and it’s been life changing! I’m already down 40lbs in 4 months and I feel AMAZING! My coach Mollie has been PHENOMENAL in our biweekly 1:1s giving me great advice and encouraging me in my quest to a healthier lifestyle. I’m forever indebted to this program and plan to stick with it even after I’ve reached my goal. If you’re considering this journey, I HIGHLY recommend you start today!”

  • Anonymous 

“I am so happy I never gave up in my quest to lose weight! After trying and failing numerous times, I finally succeeded with Calibrate, and I lost 25 lbs! First, they use medications that actually work, they help you build lifelong habits, give you a year-long curriculum, and a coach. Everything about this program is top notch. I loved my counselor, Lauren A. I looked forward to meeting with her every two weeks. She was a fantastic listener, helped to gently guide me in the right direction, and had such a sweet and encouraging demeanor. I was so impressed with the program that I signed up for the Master’s program. Thank you Calibrate!”

  • Carmen 

“Excellent program. Weigh daily and consult with coach every other week in a partnership to learn how to eat correctly. Best part is you can still eat almost all food albeit in moderation! Medications are available via prescription if needed to kick start your weight loss.”

  • Daniel

What medications does Calibrate use?

Earlier in my Calibrate weight loss review, I told you a bit about GLP-1s.

This is the type of medication Calibrate insists makes their program more effective than others. 

This made me wonder – why don’t people just go get GLP-1s from their doctor instead of doing a pricey yearlong program?

The truth is, while the medication is important, Calibrate states that their specific combination of meds, education, and coaching works two to three times better for weight loss than the medication alone. 

So, the prescribed GLP-1s aren’t the whole point of the program, but they’re one of the foundations of it. 

GLP-1s come in various forms and brand names. Some participants even take injectable medications. Calibrate doctors prescribe which type is best for you. 

Here’s a sample of some of the medications Calibrate doctors prescribe. Calibrate states that they are all FDA-approved, non-stimulant, and non-habit forming:

  • Wegovy™
  • Saxenda®
  • Trulicity®
  • Ozempic®
  • Rybelsus®

If you’re worried about the cost of medication, Calibrate offers eligible participants a Medication Coverage Guarantee. Per their website:

“We guarantee that the cost of your GLP-1 medication with insurance will be $25/month or less after any deductible is met, or you’re eligible for a refund on the program minus the $249 Metabolic Health Assessment cost.”

Is Calibrate covered by insurance?

Calibrate may accept enough insurance to give you some breathing room, but not much. 

There’s the medication coverage guarantee I just shared with you. Plus, depending on what kind of insurance coverage you have, your labs may cost less. 

Please note that Calibrate does not work with federal healthcare plans like Medicare. They say they are able to work with “the vast majority of commercial/employer insurance plans.”

As for the one-year program itself, as well as the standalone Metabolic Health Assessment, insurance is not accepted. You can expect to pay full price, which is the next bit of info I have for you.

How much does Calibrate cost?

At this point, you’ve probably gathered that Calibrate isn’t fooling around when it comes to costs. Let me tell you exactly how expensive it gets.

The One-Year Metabolic Reset starts at $138 a month. Or, you can pay $1,649 upfront for the full year. This cost includes your Metabolic Health Assessment & Ongoing Medical Care, personalized coaching, and the Welcome Kit. 

Let’s say you are eligible for the program and want to lose weight, but you’re not sure if a metabolic reset is exactly what you need. In this case, you might consider only getting the Metabolic Health Assessment. 

The Metabolic Health Assessment can be had for $249. A Calibrate doctor will order the labs. Then, they’ll have a telehealth appointment with you to review the results.

If you get your results and decide you can benefit from the One-Year Metabolic Reset, Calibrate will take the $249 you spend on the assessment and apply it to the fee for the full program.

My Final Verdict

We’ve reached the end of my Calibrate weight loss review. You’ve got the basic details and the price.

So, what do I think? Here goes. 

What Calibrate lacks in accessibility, it makes up for in duration.

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The Calibrate program is a combination of education, coaching, and medication.

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We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

It’s a pretty exclusive program. If you’re one of the eligible ones, you’ll have to pay a hefty fee and commit to an entire year to see the results they advertise. 

However, you’re not getting scammed. You’re getting lab work done and having your individual health attended to. It’s overseen by practicing doctors. You’re getting a legit education, rooted in science, on how to change your life. 

The long length of the program is actually a great quality. Calibrate does everything it can to reinforce better habits and foster long-term weight loss success.

But is the cost really worth it?

Here’s the thing: no one will know exactly how successful the program is until they complete the year. As always, your results will vary! Let’s say you lost 50 pounds and felt capable of keeping it off. You’re sleeping better and are less moody.

In that case, the $1,500+ is probably worth it to you. 

But when you compare Calibrate to other medical weight loss programs, there’s one big sticking point. Certain programs that cost less have doctors or other certified professionals, such as nutritionists, meeting with you. 

You’ll see a doctor for lab work, but your biweekly meetings are with coaches. These coaches have undergone training and earned a Calibrate Coaching Certification. They might have other relevant certifications, but all that’s guaranteed is that Calibrate trained them. 

For the money, you might prefer specific credentials. 

Overall, Calibrate provides solid, intense intervention. It’s best for people who have been unable to lose weight and feel their quality of life is suffering because of it.

Have you tried Calibrate? You can join with an exclusive discount by clicking here and using code “JOIN50” at checkout.

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