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Hello, welcome to the fitMom review.

After giving birth, you’re all about connecting with your new baby. We get wrapped up in the whirlwind of emotions, hormones, diapers, fatigue, feedings, and JOY. 

Meanwhile, we might suffer a complete lack of connection with our bodies. Not only is it less important than the new baby, but we just don’t recognize it. We become occupants of a whole new planet.

fitMom is a way to take care of yourself while reconnecting with your body. This is not about “getting your body back.” 

Instead, fitMom uses practical methods that support the healing and rebuilding of the life-giving vessel that nurtures your child daily. 

Going back to your usual workout routine and diet might not work. Your needs are different now. To feel (and look) your best, you must take what your body’s recently been through to heart. 

fitMom does just that!

Keep reading to learn all about it through the fitMom review. 

What is fitMom review?

Okay, I have a confession. 

At its core, fitMom is a weight loss program. You’re getting a customized meal and exercise plan. 

However, that does not mean that it is focused on the tired (and frankly unfair) idea that you have to get back to your pre-baby weight. 

Our weight isn’t the most important thing in the world now. But it’s okay to join thousands of other moms who admit they want to lose those pregnancy pounds

Ultimately, fitMom is a wellness program made just for moms who have different needs. If you’re breastfeeding, have had a C-section, or are really stressed, you can’t use just any old diet and exercise program. 

In fact, doing so is just one reason why moms don’t get the results they want. 

Here’s a statement from the company:

fitmon review statement

This was very encouraging to me when I first checked out fitMom. They have Validation Institute certification and are a member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance

The program is a web application, so you’ll need your laptop, desktop, or tablet. Also, you can access it via a browser on your phone; the site is quite mobile-friendly. 

I assume they’ll develop their own dedicated mobile app in the future. In any case, the workout videos are better on a larger screen. It was easy to prop up my tablet and complete a quick ab workout in the middle of the living room.

Once you open the web app, you’ll take a quiz. You’ll answer some important health questions and share your goals. 

Personally, I was pretty worried about my core. We’ll talk more about that coming up, but fitMom was really reassuring about body concerns. 

At the same time, they promise there are no crazy workouts or strict diets.

fitmom quiz
fitmon review quiz

I love that fitMom factors in the time since you’ve given birth. This determines how much exercise you’re ready for, your caloric needs, and more. 

They even have plans for those intending to get pregnant. Weight impacts fertility, so it’s great to see future moms get the compassionate support they need. 

After you complete your quiz, you’ll choose the length of time you want to subscribe (I’ll talk about the cost later) and get your personalized meal and exercise plans. 

Short on time? Take the quiz by clicking here.

Does fitMom really work?

Yes, it absolutely can. 

Listen, the idea of personalized diet and exercise plans is not new or rare. In the Digital Age, it’s almost expected.

But how many specialize and dedicate themselves to postpartum women? Like I said at the start, it’s a whole new body after birth, and not just what you see in the mirror. 

Consider the following:

  • Post-pregnancy diet is crucial. Vitamin deficiencies are common after birth and throughout breastfeeding. You need a nutrient-rich diet that replaces the minerals, B vitamins, and more that you’re losing every day. 
  • Your hormones are all over the place. Oxytocin may be skyrocketing, but so may plenty of hormones that make you tired and/or anxious. 

A program that supports the metabolism and overall biology of the postpartum mom is much more beneficial. The alternative is usually some circus formulated by a triathlete who promises you’ll be ripped and ready to run in six weeks. Not happening.

  • You need to target different areas, exercise-wise. Diastasis recti, the disengagement or separation of your abdominal muscles, is extremely common after pregnancy. So is pelvic floor damage or weakness that makes you feel like you can’t control your bladder.

The exercise included in fitMom targets these areas and truly helps you recover from the impacts of pregnancy.  

Who should use fitMom?

I think all women could benefit from something fitMom offers.

The exercise strengthens the deep core muscles and the diet encourages hormonal balance – two things women at all stages of life can enjoy. 

However, it is specially created to support birth and recovery. I think fitMom is of particular interest to:

  • Women getting back on their feet several weeks after a C-section
  • New moms who plateaued in their postpartum weight loss
  • Moms who gave birth a year or two ago, but hadn’t yet found the time for themselves
  • Fitness-conscious moms who want to ease themselves back into a fitness routine
  • Overweight women who want to lose weight to support fertility
  • Busy or stressed moms who don’t know where to start on their postpartum wellness journey
  • Breastfeeding moms who are worried that regular dieting could affect their milk supply

fitMom Benefits

I know lots of diet tricks and fitness tips. I’ve dabbled in CrossFit, keto, intermittent fasting, kettlebells, paleo, barre, veganism – you name it, I’ve probably tried it.

I learned a lot along the way and took with me what I thought worked well. Here’s why fitMom is worth trying.

You don’t have to think about what to eat.

If you’re a mom, you probably eat what is convenient to shove into your face at the random moment you feel like it’s safe to do so.

That’s okay sometimes. It’s survival.

But is it optimal? Certainly not. fitMom provides a blueprint of healthy, diverse, nutrient-rich food that isn’t hard to find or make. 

The meal plans can help reduce your mental load. If you ever feel guilt or indecision around caring for yourself, you need this. 

And after a few weeks of eating properly, you’ll feel stronger. With all of the sacrifices your body has made, a little compensation is in order. 

Short on time? Take the quiz by clicking here.

Your grocery shopping is done.

One less thing for a busy mom to do? Sign me up!

fitMom won’t just dump a load of recipes on you; they’ll break down what you need to buy for the week.  

Send your partner, friend, or family member out shopping with a clear, dedicated list of common foods that will add up to delicious, fast, healthy meals. 

With your shopping list sorted out, you might finally find time to wash your hair. 

The right kind of exercise that won’t let you down.

Why do so many workout programs think you have the time, will, and dedication to become an athlete in six weeks? 

This only creates disappointment. It cultivates feelings of inadequacy and failure that new moms often already battle. 

fitMom is realistic about the time you have.  

Besides, you need to target specific areas based on your pregnancy and quiz responses. While spot reducing is not a thing, fitMom is going to choose exercises that re-shape and tune up your body. 

And it’ll take very little time, I promise. I’ll share more about that in a minute. 

fitMom Pros and Cons

Before you invest any more precious time in this review, here’s my rapid-fire breakdown of the best and worst fitMom has to offer. 

fitMom Pros

  • Personalized plans to meet your goals
  • Different subscription levels make it more financially accessible
  • Web app is easy to navigate
  • Easy recipes with shopping list
  • Water balance feature tracks hydration goals
  • Fast workouts target pregnancy-relevant muscle groups
  • Cool add-ons available

fitMom Cons

  • No mobile app yet
  • No way to preview the program without giving your information
  • Must pay for extras
  • Not for people who want fast, drastic results

fitMom Exercise Plans

I want to talk a little bit more about the personalized exercise plans. What you’ll be doing, why, how long, and what you need to start.

Take a look at this user interface in the web app. On the left, you see an example exercise schedule. 

fitmom web application

The difficulty of your exercises will be based on your quiz responses. Here we have an Intermediate plan. 

Key things to know:

First, the workouts are short! Roughly 15 minutes a day is all you’ll need at times. 

However, this doesn’t mean no results – these crazy effective targeted exercises. 

As I mentioned earlier, diastasis recti is incredibly common after pregnancy. But what some women don’t realize is that diastasis recti doesn’t just change the appearance of your midsection. It’s also a reason so many of us deal with postpartum constipation, bloating, and back pain.

So trust me, this is THE postpartum exercise you need. I practiced them every day in addition to wearing a binder and saw improvements in a month. 

Two important notes here:

  1. Your doctor or OBGYN should be aware of your diastasis recti. Talk to them about it and make sure they monitor it as part of your postpartum treatment.
  1. Strenuous exercise is not good for diastasis recti. It can actually make it worse! Therefore, these short, targeted, postpartum-friendly exercises are precisely what you need. Do NOT push it hoping for better or faster results. 

Finally, your fitMom workouts won’t require any equipment or gym memberships. I do recommend a mat for floor work, but even that isn’t completely necessary. 

You can knock these out in 15 minutes in your own living room while the baby is napping. You can even tell fitMom you’d like to exercise with the baby and try some cool Mommy and Me exercises. 

Short on time? Take the quiz by clicking here.

fitMom Meal Plans

The biggest reservation I had about the meal plan was time. I worried that I had paid for a bunch of recipes with dozens of steps that take an hour – the kind of dinner you might have enjoyed making before you had kids. 

Fortunately, that isn’t the case. On average, I found myself spending five to ten minutes on breakfast and lunch, and maybe 20 making dinner. 

The meals are selected based on two criteria. 

First is your dietary restrictions and preferences, which you share while answering the quiz. 

Second is the caloric intake fitMom determines is right for you to meet the goals you set. So, you should be getting both what you like and what you need. 

As discussed, there are shopping lists to accompany the menu. If you can’t find an ingredient at your store or don’t like the recipe, you can swap it out for another option. 

I loved the simplicity and wholesomeness of the menu options. I also greatly appreciated the inclusion of super-fast snacks, especially fresh fruit and nut butter. Eating a little something satisfying between meals is so necessary when breastfeeding. 

Overall, you won’t feel deprived, the food is fast and easy to make, and the shopping list sets you up for success. 

fitMom Add-Ons

In addition to the meal and exercise plans, fitMom has a few more tools you can use for a little extra money.

First is the Desserts eBook. It includes more than 50 dietitian-approved recipes for cookies, sweet, shake-style smoothies, cake, and more. 

I do recommend this if you have a sweet tooth and are worried about blowing your diet on the package of Oreos in the pantry. If you’re more of a savory craver, skip it.

Next up is my favorite – the guided meditation library. You guys, peace is so essential to wellness, even externally

The tension release even helped me improve my poor posture, which can slow down the diastasis recti healing process.

A lot of the meditations are short and all are created by meditation experts. They’re ideal for setting the tone for the day in the morning or as a mid-day reset. 

Meditation is really effective in improving patience, which all moms need, so give it a shot. 

fitMom Price

How much does fitMom cost? Well, the longer you commit, the cheaper it gets.

If you want to go month to month, you will be charged $29 every month.

If you want the three-month plan, it costs $65, which breaks down to $21.67 a month.

Feeling confident fitMom is for you? Seriously committed to long-term change? Buy the six-month plan for $89, which breaks down to a very nice $14.83 monthly. 

The add-ons I just showed you each cost $9.99. Considering lots of people are already paying for meditation apps anyway, it could be worth switching over to bundle with your diet and exercise plan provider.  

Fitmom Alternatives

fitMom is perfect for women who are looking to bounce back fast. Beyond Body is a great alternative for healthy weight loss, meal plans and exercise routines.

At a low cost, it’s a personalized weight loss coach and an online version or hard copy book can be delivered.

If you are unsure whether fitMom is right for you then click here for Beyond Body Reviews.

fitMom review FAQ

Before I wrap this up, let’s go over a few common questions you might have come up with while reading. 

Is it safe to use fitMom while breastfeeding?

Yes, yes, yes. 

Like others, I worried that fitMom being tailored to postpartum women didn’t exactly mean they tailor plans for the unique needs of breastfeeding moms. You know how companies selling you something get sneaky and specific with language. But they do. 

You’ll get the right amount of calories, nutrients, and advice.

Can I work out after a c-section?

This is definitely a question for your doctor; always consult your physician about when it’s safe to get back to exercising. 

Generally speaking, you must wait at least six weeks after the procedure. Once you’re cleared by your doctor, you will let fitMom know about your c-section during the quiz. 

How long after the baby should I wait? 

This is completely up to you and your doctor, but there are some general guidelines.

Like we just covered, you have to wait until six weeks are up (minimum) after a c-section. For vaginal birth, some women can resume gentle exercise a mere few days later. 

If you worked out a lot before pregnancy, you should slowly build yourself back up. I did not resume my normal activity level until I was four or five months postpartum, based on how I felt and my OBGYN’s advice. 

What equipment do I need to start?

Nothing, nada, zip. Just your commitment. 

Actually, there’s one exception – if you want to do Mommy and Me exercises, you’ll need your baby!

Short on time? Take the quiz by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

A survey of more than 7,000 moms revealed that around 60% didn’t get back in shape as quickly as they thought they would. Even more shared that their self-image suffered because of this.

We underrate how challenging it is to maintain some control over our bodies after giving so much to the process of creating new life. 

In truth, it can feel so challenging that we simply let go. We pour ourselves into our families and keep the shame and dissatisfaction inside. We stop paying attention to ourselves.

Programs like fitMom make you feel less alone. It also gives you solutions to the problems posed by getting back in shape postpartum. It’s a safe, compassionate way to tend to your needs and feel your best. 

This can make you a better mom, but it can also make you a happier person.

Thanks for reading! I hope my fitMom review helped. Let me know if you decide to give it a try.

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