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Hey there, welcome to my Cycling Diet review. 

There’s something I’ve noticed about people who quit weight loss programs. Programs they choose are so drastically different from their current lifestyle that they end up cutting too many corners.

Naturally, they don’t get maximum results and give up.

I believe programs like Cycling Diet can help. It is centered around one specific type of exercise – cycling. This is for people who either already cycle or want to start. 

So already, you’re doing something you want to do, not throwing your life into a totally different direction. Therefore, your chances of sticking with it and doing it the right way are much greater. 

Also, I’m going to tell you exactly what you’re getting into before you start. The benefits, the food – everything. You can go into this with complete confidence.

Keep reading to learn all about Cycling Diet. 

What is Cycling Diet?

Cycling Diet is a weight loss and fitness program that combines cycling and a balanced diet. 

Before beginning, you’ll answer around 20 questions about your current health, goals, food preferences, and more. 

This information is used to tailor cycling and diet plans that will work together to serve your goals. 

NOTE: When you’re taking the quiz, Cycling Diet will give you the option to skip the diet plan. My advice is – don’t skip it. 

If you’re already an experienced cyclist who does not want to lose weight or build muscle, there are other (better) cycling-only programs you can use. The combination of cycling and diet is what makes this program really worth it.

Plus, there are a lot of options. Everyone’s welcome.

Cycling Diet Meal Plan
Cycling Diet Reviews

Cycling Diet is formulated with the help of nutritionists and trainers. It claims to create “long-term results through habit and behavior changes.” They also mention a study where 80% of more than 35,000 participants sustained weight loss over nine months using the program. 

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Cycling Diet Overview of the App

Much of Cycling Diet’s recent popularity can be chalked up to the addition of an app.

You can download the app and do the quiz there. Before you even buy the plan it tells you what kind of activity and caloric intake will be necessary to meet your goal. 

The information and graphics give you a very clear picture of what it takes.

Cycling Diet App Reviews

I can’t imagine the program ever working as well without the app. The app makes it easy to track your workouts and calories on the go. 

One thing the app is missing is a calorie lookup function, but there are other apps for that. What matters is that you enter them. If you stick to their diet and use their recipes, that will be very easy.

Cycling Diet Tracker

Here’s another important function. If at any time you feel your plan isn’t working or you want to make changes, you can adjust it in the app. 

For example, let’s say you start working the program and you’re feeling great. You want to make even more healthy changes, like cutting out red meat. 

Just let them know, and poof – red meat is off the menu. 

It goes both ways. If you overestimated your fitness capacity and the workouts are too killer, change it in the app. CyclingDiet is informed by pros, so they are very much about building you up in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Don’t give yourself an excuse to quit. It might take longer to reach your goal, but beginners need to learn one way or another that slow and steady wins the race.

EXTRA TIP: If you use the app to design and purchase your program, be sure to check your email for confirmation. 

Benefits of Cycling Diet

I’ve met readers who use programs as “inspiration.” Meaning, they don’t actually DO weight loss, wellness, or fitness programs. They just take the ideas behind them and work with that.

In a way, I get it. Why adhere to everything a complex low-carb lifestyle program entails when you can just take the advice “eat fewer carbs” and move on?

Why not just start cycling and eating less? Isn’t it the same thing?


Here are some benefits of Cycling Diet you’re much more likely to get with the program than you are on your own.

Personalized meal plans.

It’s been a long day. You’re tired and it’s dinner time. 

You order a pizza, promising yourself to resume your diet first thing in the morning. You don’t completely beat yourself up, but the guilt is there. You know it’s not the right choice. 

Now, it isn’t wrong to eat pizza. If eating pizza is wrong, I’m the wrong-est guy in fitness. 

HOWEVER, these scenarios are much less common when you prepare for them. Cycling Diet will offer you no shortage of recipes tailored to your dietary needs and preferences.

Shop your list on your day off when you’re not tired, and prep accordingly. This is how you achieve weight loss success through diet, plain and simple. 

If you are left making decisions on the fly while you’re tired, you will choose junk, every time. 

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Personalized workout plans.

I’m talking specifically to those of you who don’t currently work out regularly or are new to cycling:

You need a program to protect you and keep you accountable. 

Going it alone out of the gate leads to injury and lets you make more excuses. When you are building a new skill, you need instruction. 

Look at it this way. If you had the skill and motivation to get on your bike several times a week, all on your own, you’d be doing that already. 

We talk all the time about how regular exercise reduces the risk of long-term disease. What we don’t talk about enough are the psychological benefits, especially with an exhilarating cardio exercise like cycling.

So, forget being super toned and lean for a moment. Think about being happier. Think about getting a good night’s sleep. Think about being the person who is excited to exercise and get those brain chemicals pumping. 

This comes with time and consistency. Cycling Diet will put you on a schedule that will deliver you there. 

Progress Tracker and Calendar

The tools Cycling Diet provides give users something to look forward to. 

There are estimates of weight loss, mood, and sleep changes with the health forecaster, plus a calendar so you know your schedule well ahead of time. 

If you’re the type to envision big results and will settle for nothing less, you need this. You don’t want to miss the small victories along the way; they help you sustain motivation.  

These features also won’t let you neglect those crucial factors people tend to focus less on, like hydration and sleep. If you’re cycling outdoors, both are critical to preventing injury.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick, black-and-white rundown of what I like about Cycling Diet, and what I think others might want to watch out for.

Cycling Diet Pros

  • There are as many psychological benefits as there are physical
  • You can use your stationary bike indoors if preferred
  • There are different subscription levels
  • Wide range of diets accommodated
  • The information is backed and informed by professional nutritionists and trainers

Cycling Diet Cons

  • A bicycle is required, stationary or not
  • Can be demanding; you will need to work everything into your schedule
  • Do not expect any sort of fast result, the program aims to build you up slowly
  • If you try cycling and decide you don’t like it, you won’t get the full benefits of this program

Cycling Diet Exercise Plan

How your exercise plan looks depends on your answers from the quiz. Therefore, your mileage will quite literally vary.

There are a few things about the exercise plan you should note, however. 

The first is that you aren’t going to go hard on Day One. Cycling Diet will provide some brief, essential reading on diet that you should definitely go over. 

There’s a prominent emphasis on warm-ups, stretching, and cooling down. Like I said, cycling trainers helped formulate these workouts. 

You’d do well to follow that advice if you want healthy joints and improved flexibility and stamina. 

My Week One schedule set me up for three sessions a week. Each took about an hour, including the warm-up and cool down. I had the option to add a fourth cross-training day or rest. 

Cycle Diet Workout Plan

Cycling Diet Meal Plans

Another feature dependent on your quiz responses, your personalized meal plan will include complete recipes made up of whole, nutritious foods. 

Cycling Diet Meal Recipes
Cycling Diet Plans
Cycling Diet Nutrition

There’s wiggle room for substitutions and as you can see, you can change or skip the meal. 

If you are doing the program to lose more than 20 pounds, put more work and attention into this part. 

Using Cycling Diet’s recipes and doing meal prep makes your calorie expectations and estimates more reliable than if you were guessing and building meals on your own.

Your Nutrition area will also cover water intake and projected weight loss. 

The diet styles Cycling Diet supports also gives you the chance to try a new, healthier diet. 

For example, making a longer-term switch to a Mediterranean diet will help you out more than just cutting calories or using meal replacement shakes for a few weeks. 

Cycling Diet Price

The program is customizable and hey – so is the price. 

What you pay depends on how long you’d like to use the program, any extras (which I’ll talk about next), and whether or not Cycling Diet has any promotions going on. 

Trainer & Nutritionist Consultations

The primary add-on Cycling Diet offers are consultations with certified nutritionists and trainers. Many of you won’t need this, but here’s who should consider it:

  • Those recovering from an injury/working around an injury
  • Anyone who wants to make a drastic change in diet
  • People who want ways to maximize results
  • The information-driven who want more instructions and reasoning for the methods the program uses

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Cycling Diet: My Final Thoughts

Did you get a Peloton for Christmas and watch as it gathered dust?

Is your plan for a cleaner diet always tabled until the next day, week, or month?

Do you watch cyclists whiz by as you sit in traffic, wishing you had just a little more energy to get through your day?

And be honest – did you completely forget your New Year’s Resolution by the second week of February?

You know what kind of result you want, and the general idea of how to get there, but you’re not getting it done.  

Cycling Diet tells you what you need to do every day. Do this program one day at a time, and it adds up to the life you’ve been putting off starting. 

Have you tried Cycling Diet, and if not, what’s holding you back?

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