If you’re passionate about fitness, you’ve likely seen Sommer Ray on social media. 

Young, ambitious, and positive, she’s influenced women all over the world who want nothing more than to try a Sommer Ray workout routine and Sommer Ray diet.

Perhaps most of all, her millions of followers strive to get the Sommer Ray booty. Luckily, Sommer isn’t one for major restrictions. She says she wants to be able to both enjoy life and look good.

This means that moderation is key! 

I’ve been a personal trainer for many years. After analyzing the Sommer Ray workout plan and Sommer Ray diet, I have the subjective opinion that it is sustainable for the average person.

Sommer is undoubtedly putting in the work at the gym but gives herself the weekends off. She also eats fairly healthy and high-protein, but she allows herself to give into cravings when it’s reasonable and not over-the-top.

Keep reading to learn exactly where this influencer started and her rituals!

Sommer Ray Current Bio and Stats

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Sommer Ray first entered the fitness world at the young age of 16 to compete in bikini bodybuilding shows. Growing up with athletic parents, Sommer was able to learn from a healthy lifestyle at home and uses those habits to influence people online positively.

Sommer has millions of supporters on her Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. She started out primarily as a fitness influencer but has since made appearances on TV and other media outlets due to her immense success with modeling.

She currently also has a website where she sells workout clothes, booty bands, exercise programs, and more.

  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: Estimated 121 pounds
  • Birthday: September 15, 1996
  • Occupation: Model, actress, fitness influencer, YouTuber, social media influencer
  • Retired/Active: Active

Sommer Ray Workout Fundamentals

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Sommer Ray workout plan fundamentals

Sommer Ray certainly has a busy schedule, but she still makes hitting the gym a priority! 

She says that she exercises four to five times a week. The sessions last 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how busy her day is.

She leaves her weekends open for recovery. As for what time of day she trains, it appears that it varies based on her schedule for the week.

Even though Sommer has a lot of commitments, the fact that she is consistent in the gym makes the difference. This consistency makes it possible to maintain a slim waist, larger glutes, and an overall athletic appearance!

Sommer Ray Workout Routine

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Sommer Ray workout routine

Because Sommer started bodybuilding at a young age, she understands the many benefits of weight training. She spends her workout time in the gym and is also diligent with recovery.

As everyone should, she listens to her body. She says that she has to work with a bad knee and has discovered that her leg muscles can get incredibly tight quickly. 

Because of this, she makes foam rolling before every workout session a non-negotiable to prevent further injuries.

As for cardio, Sommer doesn’t appear to be doing too much beyond things like the stairs and jump rope that serves as warm-up and cool-down sessions. 

She also mentioned that she keeps abdominal exercises to a minimum because while she wants to have a strong core, she is trying to avoid the whole six-pack look.

While she’s certainly intentional with her workout routine, everything seems manageable and realistic for anyone considering following along with her schedule.

Sommer Ray Workout Plan 

Booty workout + stairsUpper body workoutRest dayLower body workout + jump ropeUpper body workout + absRest dayRest day

Sommer Ray Booty Workout Routine

As far as Sommer’s physique goes, it can be argued that she is most well-known for her Sommer Ray booty. She says that this is her go-to workout every week.

Warm-up: six minutes on the Stairmaster while alternating between one minute of stepping normal and one minute of skipping steps

Lifting: do three sets of 15 reps of the following exercises while increasing the weight you lift with each set:

  • Leg press machine
  • Cable kickback
  • Abductor machine
  • Adductor machine
  • Hip thrust on hamstring curl machine
  • Single leg press on assisted pull-up machine
  • Donkey kick with ankle weight
  • Squat on Smith machine

Cardio: Do six sets of alternating jumping rope for one minute and rest for 30 seconds

Sommer Ray Dieting and Food Preferences

Sommer Ray diet preferences

Overall, Sommer appears to follow a diet that is very realistic for the average person because it is not too restrictive. 

She says that her main focuses are to consume at least 70 grams of protein a day and many healthy carb sources.

By doing this, she can meet her goal of maintaining a fit body and steer clear of becoming “skinny fat” due to her high metabolism.

She also allows herself to give into her cravings in moderation because she wants to enjoy life while looking good.

As for alcohol, she says she does have a drink on the weekends and sometimes during the week, with her favorite being tequila.

Breakfast Preferences

Sommer says that she isn’t the biggest breakfast person, so she tends to have something light, such as protein shakes or smoothies.

Lunch Preferences

Ray says that when she does cook at home, her meal usually consists of chicken for protein along with steamed rice and veggies for healthy sources of carbohydrates.

Dinner Preferences

Because she is such a fan of eating out, Sommer seems to have more meals at restaurants than at home. 

While this can be a challenging habit for someone trying to maintain a physique like hers, portion control and choosing healthier options are a few great steps to take to make it realistic.

She says that In n’ Out and Jersey Mikes are a few of her go-tos. At other restaurants, she will order a meal consisting of seasoned chicken and veggies.

Late Night Preferences

If Sommer finds herself craving certain foods past dinner, it seems that she does give in every once in a while. 

However, if she is craving pizza, she doesn’t have multiple slices. Instead, she would just have one to satisfy the cravings but still be able to keep her fitness goals in mind.

Snack Preferences

Sommer Ray is a huge advocate for healthy carbs and says she loves to snack on things like rice cakes and sweet potatoes!

Sommer Ray Diet Plan 

Sommer Ray diet plan

Here, I’ve recreated what appears to be what Sommer would eat on an average day based on what she stated her food preferences are. 

Overall, these meals are nutrient-dense, high-protein, and a great foundation for achieving an athletic physique.  

Meal 1

Smoothie with two handfuls of spinach, a couple of scoops of protein powder, flaxseeds, and a liquid base


Caramel rice cakes

Meal 2

Grilled chicken with veggies and steamed rice


Baked sweet potato fries

Meal 3

Burger without the bun from In n’ Out

Sommer Ray Supplement Preferences

Sommer Ray supplements

Based on videos that Sommer has posted, protein powder is the only fitness supplement she uses. 

Protein powder is great for anyone wanting to build muscle and maintain an athletic physique because it readily provides your muscles with the fuel that it needs.

We know that Sommer starts off her morning with protein powder, whether it be mixed into a smoothie or a shake on its own. 

Another great time to consume protein powder is right after your workouts when your muscles are starting the process of repairing.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed my summary of the Sommer Ray workout routine! 

Overall, she’s a positive influencer who could provide everyone with some helpful fitness guidance, even if you just want to try a Sommer Ray butt workout.

At the end of the day, Sommer says what matters most isn’t your appearance but rather how confident you are. She believes that when you feel good, you look good!

Comment below your thoughts on the Sommer Ray diet and Sommer Ray workout plan, and don’t forget to share this article with any Sommer Ray fans you know. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sommer Ray a personal trainer? 

Sommer Ray offers personal training services on Fitplan! To get started with her, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial. There is a monthly cost of $15.99 afterward.

What is Sommer Ray famous for?

Sommer Ray has a massive online following due to her constant production of content revolving around fitness, modeling, entrepreneurship, and her newest passion – music. 

She is also known for her Sommer Ray booty!

What is Sommer Ray’s body type?

It appears that Sommer Ray has a mesomorph body type.

The characteristics of a mesomorph include a more athletic shape and naturally wider hips and shoulders than the waist.

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