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This is our Perfect Body DNA Review (Beyond Body)! I will mention the name of the brand has recently changed to Beyond Body, but it’s still the same program however, they have upgraded and included much more!

I will refer to the program as Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) inside the review because many people still search for the old name as it’s only recently been changed.

Beyond Body

“We updated the name because all bodies are perfect in a way and Beyond Body is inclusive to all”

— Beyond Body

Ok, with all that out of the way, let’s get started!

When it comes to weight loss programs, the best ones should be easy to follow, sustainable and personalized for each person as we all have different body shapes and sizes, goals and nutritional requirements.

That’s why the 28 Days Perfect Body DNA Book (Beyond Body) did impress me for its super easy process to provide me with a personalized weight loss blueprint. It comes with 28-day meal plan with flexible ingredient alternatives and a customized workout routine.

They focus on teaching you the fundamentals of building long-term healthy habits and easy-to-digest lessons and tips for long term results.

To get the customized guidebook, I answered the short quiz and based on my answers, it provided me a fully personalized book to follow during your 28 days. 

Click here to take the short quiz from Beyond Body. (Formerly Perfect Body DNA)

What is 28 Days: Perfect Body DNA? (Beyond Body)

Perfect Body DNA is the first of it’s kind. It is a fully customized weight loss guide tailored to your personal needs. 

Most weight loss products are cookie cutter and made to appeal to the masses but don’t adjust for personal needs like dietary preferences, health conditions, or physical abilities. 

For the same personalized weight loss programs, you would need to pay a nutritionist and personal trainer who are not cheap to make a custom plan. Making it affordable for those who want to transform their bodies on a budget. 

It is an affordable one-time payment and no on-going expensive monthly payments like Noom and Weight Watchers.

To get a fully personalized guidebook, you answer a short quiz listing out your dietary preferences, health conditions, food allergies/intolerances and fitness level. Based on your quiz results, Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) generates a 28 Day weight loss blueprint making it truly personalized for you.

You have the option for an online version or the Perfect Body DNA Physical Book (Beyond Body) that is a little extra but can be much easier to manage the program to highlight certain sections and have it in hand.

Perfect Body DNA Physical Book


  • Offers online version or Perfect Body DNA Physical Book. (Beyond Body)
  • No subscription fee. One time payment.
  • Does offer a PerfectBody Assistant App to track weight loss, recipes, workout, etc.
  • 28 days worth of meal variety of choices and meal ideas. Including flexible ingredients, options, alternatives and substitutes.
  • No diet plans that make you change your entire fridge or pantry.
  • Full workout guides with pictures and instructions without buying exercise equipment.
  • Lessons on habit forming, motivation and mindset for long term success.
  • Offers online personal dietitian consultations for low fee.
  • Gives you the option for the online ebook or physical book. Saving you money.


  • No grocery list provided but does have everyday groceries items.
  • No video workout instructions, only pictures.
  • Doesn’t provide a full list of meal recipes. Rather alternatives or substitutes for basic meal ideas.
  • No way to track your success inside the ebook. However, they have a PerfectBody Assistant App that tracks your weight loss for a small monthly fee.

Click here to take the short quiz from Beyond Body. (Formerly Perfect Body DNA)

How Perfect Body DNA works

The 28 Days Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) tailors a unique personalized weight loss program based on the 26 quiz answers you provide. Each day has meals, workout and habit-forming strategies and lessons, so you learn something every day for your body shape and type.

28 Day Personal Body DNA Quiz

Understanding what exactly is behind the program can help determine if it fits your weight loss requirements. 

Generally, what makes a good weight loss program is how easy you can get started and how sustainable it is to follow in the long term and the results. 

Another is how personalized it is to your particular situation.

Learning the fundamentals of weight loss is step one and Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) does a great job of teaching the core fundamentals over 28 days.

They provide you with specific information on how to lose weight with your body type and shape. Understanding your body genetics enables you to have realistic results for your body. 

28 Day Perfect Body DNA Quiz Shape

Most weight loss programs fall short of these genetic attributes allowing people to have unrealistic comparisons to others with completely different body shapes and types.

What works for a person with a mesomorph body type isn’t the same as an endomorph.

You will be provided with a blueprint for 28 days to follow and start losing weight as fast as possible. 

Let’s talk about the core parts of Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) and why it works.

28 Day Meal Planner 

When taking the quiz, you will be asked a series of questions based on your dietary requirements, favorite foods and food allergies/intolerances.  

You now have a fully personalized meal plan making it much easier to get started and have simple but delicious meals to make today!

Unlike other weight loss programs, you generally will receive cookie-cutter meal plans without any options to swap out ingredients or provide alternatives. Most require you to become a Masterchef or do an overhaul of your pantry, making it super expensive and hard to stick to a particular diet. 

28 Day Personal Body DNA Dietary Choices

Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) arms you with everyday grocery items that you most likely already have in your pantry and fridge. No particular diet to follow other than clean, healthy eating.

Inside the book is unique visual customization of ingredients to mix up all your meals. Swap tomato for cucumber or brussel sprouts for green beans. The endless variations are limitless and keep things fresh. 

Season how you like or add some dressing which are included in the book.

They cater to these type of food allergies and intolerances:

  • Lactose
  • Cow’s Milk
  • Eggs
  • Tree Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat and Gluten
  • Soy

Another great resource is their restaurant guide and alcohol cheat sheet. This is perfect for those who enjoy after-work drinks but believe they can’t participate when losing weight. With the cheat sheet, you can enjoy your time out and have a few drinks guilt free AND lose weight!

Click here to take the short quiz from Beyond Body. (Formerly Perfect Body DNA)

Customized Workout Planner

During the 28 Day Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) checkout process, you will have the option to include a 28 day training plan. I highly recommend this optional extra as it’s well worth the investment. 

It includes all pictures and instructions of your daily workout planners. It doesn’t require any equipment or gym memberships saving you money and the convenience of exercising in the comfort of your own home, giving you extra time to relax. 

28 Day Personal Body DNA Workout Plans

I’m a firm believer in learning bodyweight exercises and HIIT training. This builds muscle and improves your cardiovascular health and of course, burns body fat effectively. 

They have planned out an entire four weeks of daily workouts for fat burning and super fun to do for any level of fitness. Unlike other workout guides with exercise equipment requirements, you don’t need any equipment.

Fundamental Habit-Forming Strategy Guides

Throughout the book are habit strategies, weight loss tips, and other useful, healthy living information to help you break weight-loss plateaus, motivation, and mindset problems that occur during any new programs. 

Most people believe it’s easy to lose weight and keep it off. The truth is, it isn’t. Most people fall off the wagon after just 7 days on a weight loss program

28 Day Personal Body DNA Habit Forming

With all the mindset and motivation information, you will learn just how to stick with the program until you reach your health goals. 

This is one of the most powerful components of the book and allows you to lose weight over time without drastic lifestyle changes that aren’t sustainable.

Click here to take the short quiz from Beyond Body. (Formerly Perfect Body DNA)

Want personal nutritional advice?

Oh, Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) offers a personal Dietitian to answer the most common question you may have about yourself if you choose the extra option at checkout. 

I don’t know what other weight loss plans offer one-on-one with an online dietitian consultant. These services are generally expensive but are an option at checkout for one low cost. I highly recommended it if you have a question regarding your diet.

Perfect Body DNA Dietitian Consultant

What other people had to say about Perfect Body DNA Book Reviews

One of the most important parts of reviewing any weight loss program is looking at the social proof of the program and customer support.

For such a new weight loss program it can be difficult to get a fair evaluation of a program but their Facebook and Instagram pages boast nearly 40k followers across the two platforms.

With any brand there are positive and negative reviews however looking at the small sample of reviews on Trust Pilot it appears there is the majority of positive reviews.

Perfect Body DNA Trust Pilot Reviews

Most of the negative reviews were based on not receiving the PDF or book fast enough but support was there to assist with customer support which is what we look for in a brand.

Below are some video testimonials I found on Youtube and what was most common was how easy it was to get started and no complicated meal plans or difficult exercise workouts.

I did manage to find people with weight loss testimonials with one woman stating she lost 9kg and people commenting how easy it is to stick to.

Perfect Body DNA Book Customer Reviews

Click here to take the short quiz from Beyond Body. (Formerly Perfect Body DNA)

Final Verdict

If you are looking for something over the top and includes bells and whistles this isn’t for you.

Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body) is a to-the-point, wholesome weight loss book with all the important elements of effective weight loss without the fluff and complicated strategies that a lot of diets and weight loss programs mostly have.

Finding an affordable weight loss program that offers a personalized plan for my individual needs is the best part of the Perfect Body DNA program (Beyond Body). 

Generally, these types of programs are expensive, but for a small one-time payment with additional options, you can have a personal dietitian answer any nutritional queries.

Based on what’s inside the Perfect Body DNA (Beyond Body), including positive reviews, I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

You can take the quiz here to receive your copy today and use the Beyond Body coupon code EWS30 for 30% off!