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You’ve reached my Leaky Gut Revive review, a supplement made by Amy Myers, MD. 

Leaky gut is a complicated disease since not all doctors recognize it. It is also a complicated disease since no significant group of symptoms exists. For example, you might have digestive issues like bloating, gas, and trouble digesting food. 

Plus, it can have symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s disease, making it more complicated to diagnose. 

As a registered dietitian, I’ve dealt with hundreds of clients with digestive issues. While the food you eat plays a massive role in controlling the symptoms, you sometimes need external help. 

That is where supplements might come in handy. 

Leaky Gut Revive is a supplement that claims to reduce the symptoms of leaky gut. Today, we’re going to find out if that’s the truth.

In this article, I’ll review the ingredients, pros, cons, and features. Keep reading to determine if Leaky Gut Revive is the solution to your leaky gut. 

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Leaky Gut Revive By Amy Myers MD

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  • Can help reduce the symptoms of leaky gut.
  • Might decrease inflammation.
  • May help improve digestion.
  • Can help promote bowel movements.
  • Free shipping.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Available in two flavors: unflavored and strawberry lemonade.
  • Uses proprietary blends.
  • Some ingredients have little clinical research.
  • Some people may not like the flavor.
We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

About Leaky Gut Revive 

Leaky Gut Revive is made by a company named for its founder, Amy Myers, MD. It produces a wide range of supplements from collagen to multivitamins, enzymes, proteins, and probiotics. 

Amy Myers, MD, looks to improve your digestive system to help you improve your overall health. 

To understand a little more about the company, let’s talk about its founder, Dr. Amy Myers. 

Who is Amy Myers?

Dr. Amy Myers is a physician with a doctorate in medicine. She is a published medical researcher and two-time bestselling author. 

To date, Dr. Myers is responsible for formulating over 50 different supplements. 

Her main goal as a well-renowned functional doctor is to heal people who have been “failed by the conventional medical system.”. 

What is Leaky Gut Revive?

One of Dr. Myers’ top-selling supplements is Leaky Gut Revive. Before we dig into the details of this supplement, let’s take a closer look at leaky gut. 

The intestines are where you do the most absorbing and digesting of food. The walls of the intestines are semi-permeable. This means that it allows some substances to pass, but it controls others from entering the body. 

Leaky gut is when the intestines become more permeable. In other words, it allows bigger molecules like bacteria, viruses, and toxins to enter the body. It can cause the body more inflammation, a reduced immune system, and poor digestion. 

The causes of leaky gut are not known. Excessive sugar intake, a low fiber diet, nutrient deficiencies, stress, excessive alcohol intake, and poor gut health might play a role in leaky gut development. 

There is some controversy regarding this condition. Some doctors affirm it exists, while others deny its existence. 

Now that we know what leaky gut is and how it might affect your health, let’s talk about the supplement. 

Leaky Gut Revive is a supplement made with L-glutamine, Arabinogalactan, marshmallow root, licorice root, slippery elm, and aloe vera. The combination of these ingredients claims to reduce bloating, improve digestion, and heal the gut. 

I’ll talk about these ingredients much more in a few minutes.

Who is Leaky Gut Revive For?

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive might be the right solution for you if you want to heal your gut and improve your symptoms. It’s ideal for people that are having digestive issues like bloating, gas, diarrhea, and trouble digesting food. 

Is Leaky Gut Revive FDA-approved?

No, Leaky Gut Revive is not FDA-approved. The FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements. However, it is third-party tested, ensuring the high quality of the ingredients and the product. 

Leaky Gut Revive Max

There is another version of Leaky Gut Revive called Leaky Gut Revive Max. The difference is that it contains ImmunoLin. Max contains high levels of immunoglobulins, which can help boost the immune system and improve digestive health. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Leaky Gut Revive

Before making the first purchase, we need to talk about those things you need to consider before buying Leaky Gut Revive. 


amy myers md leaky gut revive considerations

No matter how many supplements you take, if you don’t change your habits, there is no way you can heal your gut. 

So, the supplement won’t affect you if you still have high sugar, high fat, and low fiber consumption. 

Before you buy, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. Also, make sure you are eating less sugar and saturated fats. 

Pregnancy and Lactation 

While you might be able to take this supplement if pregnant or lactating, it is still best to ask your doctor before trying Leaky Gut Revive.

Additionally, if you have any other underlying conditions or are taking medications, make sure you ask your healthcare provider. 


One month’s supply of Leaky Gut Revive costs you $54.97, meaning it has a price of $1.83 per scoop. 

This is comparable to other gut healing supplements, but you still need to consider whether it is within your budget. As with many supplements, you may get better results with consistent use.

Leaky Gut Revive Features & Benefits 

Moving on in this Leaky Gut Revive, let’s pinpoint what makes this supplement stand out from the other supplements available. 

Here is a list of the key features and benefits you might obtain from taking Leaky Gut Revive. 

Ingredients May Reduce Bloating

leaky gut revive max benefits

Bloating is uncomfortable, to say the least. It may inhibit mobility and even make your clothes look and feel tight. 

Leaky Gut Revive has ingredients like slippery elm and aloe vera that can reduce bloating. This can make you feel more comfortable, confident, and productive.

Promotes Regular Bowel Movements

Nowadays, people don’t consume enough fiber. This can lead to an increased risk of constipation. Whenever you don’t go to the bathroom, it can accumulate, causing you to feel uncomfortable and cranky. 

Leaky Gut Revive contains aloe vera, a natural laxative that can help reduce constipation. It is likely that when you take this supplement, going to the bathroom can be an easier task.

Reduces Inflammation

It is very common to see chronic inflammation. With a poor diet and overconsumption of vegetable oils (like sunflower oil) that are high in omega-6, it is the perfect recipe for inflammation. 

Leaky Gut Revive contains ingredients that are high in antioxidants. Aloe vera, slippery elm, and marshmallow root can help reduce inflammation in the body. 

Boost the Immune System

The gut is one of the modulators of the immune system. So, poor gut health typically means a poor immune system. 

A poor immune system can increase the risk of catching a cold. This can mean less family time, missed time at work, and skipping the gym. 

Ingredients like arabinogalactans can help improve your gut health and immune system. With that said, you are less likely to spend time in bed recovering and more time doing what you love. 

Supports Gut Mucosal Lining

When your intestines have more permeability, it can lead to more harmful bacteria and toxins entering the body. This can lead to more digestive issues or problems with your overall health (for example, more fatigue). 

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive contains L-glutamine, which acts like a glue in the intestines. As we will see later in the article, it can help reduce the intestine’s permeability. 

Also, slippery elm and marshmallow roots create a lining that prevents acid or other factors from irritating the gut. 

Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout for $10 off
Leaky Gut Revive By Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD has given an exclusive code to Exercise With Style readers. Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout and receive $10 off your order.

Buy From Official Amy Myers Store
We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

Does Leaky Gut Revive really work?

Based on the ingredients they use and the reviews, Leaky Gut Revive may work for some people. It might help you heal your gut and improve any digestive symptoms you are experiencing. 

With that said, remember that everyone reacts differently to supplements.

Leaky Gut Revive Ingredients

Leaky Gut Revive is a combination of six ingredients that can help reduce bloating, improve digestion, and overall improve the symptoms of a leaky gut. 

But what does the scientific evidence say about each ingredient? Let’s take a closer look. Here is a list of the ingredients you can find in the supplement: 

  • L-Glutamine
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Aloe Vera Leaf
  • Slippery Elm Extract
  • Larch Arabinogalactan
  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Powder

Since the company uses a proprietary formula, it is unclear how many grams of each product they use. So, even though the ingredient has scientific evidence backing up their claims, we cannot determine if they use clinically-proven doses. 


L-glutamine is an amino acid with many important roles in the body. 

One of the most fundamental roles is related to the immune system. Some of the most important cells that protect the body use glutamine as fuel. 

So, when there is not enough in the body, it needs to break down the muscle to gather it. 

Research shows that supplementing with glutamine can help support the immune system. It might help decrease the risk of infection. 

Additionally, it has an important role in digestive health. 

Glutamine is also fuel for the cells in your intestines. Studies also show that it can help maintain the barriers within the intestines strong, reducing the permeability (reducing the risk of leaky gut). 

Finally, it seems that supplementing with glutamine can also impact performance. It might help decrease muscle soreness, improving post-exercise recovery. 

Recommended dosage: > 5 g

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root, also known as Althaea Officinalis, is a native herb from Europe. 

It seems it can help prevent digestive issues like constipation and heartburn. Animal studies show that it might help treat gastric ulcers. 

Additionally, other studies have shown that it can help heal the gut lining. It seems that it can form a protective barrier in the intestines along with supporting cell rejuvenation. 

However, there is still more research to be done regarding the relationship between this ingredient and gut health. 

Aloe Vera Leaf

amy myers leaky gut revive ingredients

Aloe vera is a plant high in antioxidants and nutrients that can help decrease inflammation in the body. 

It is a treatment often used for fighting constipation thanks to its natural laxative properties. Also, thanks to its high fiber content, it can help control blood sugar levels

There is some controversy regarding aloe vera. Some reports state that chronic use of aloe vera might increase the risk of liver problems. Exercise caution when taking supplements with aloe vera.

Possible recommended dosage: 300 mg 

Slippery Elm Extract

Slippery Elm can help reduce inflammation in the stomach and intestines by creating a lining that protects them from harm. 

Research shows that consuming slippery elm can reduce the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and IBS. 

Larch Arabinogalactan

Arabinogalactans is one of the major groups in the carb family. You can find them in roots, seeds, and fruits. Research shows that it can help support the immune system

Additionally, supplementing with this ingredient might help decrease the symptoms of IBS by 60-70%.  

Nonetheless, there is still a lack of research linking how this ingredient might benefit those with leaky gut. 

Licorice Root Powder

leaky gut revive ingredients

Licorice root is a plant with a powerful antioxidant capacity that can help reduce inflammation in the body. 

It seems that it can also help reduce peptic ulcers by increasing the mucosal lining in the stomach, increasing its protection. 

Recommended dosage: 150 to 300 mg

How does Leaky Gut Revive work?

Now that we have analyzed each ingredient, how does Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive help you improve gut health? It does it in three different mechanisms. 

1. Restoring the gut lining’s delicate cell layer.

As mentioned before, leaky gut is when there is a higher permeable membrane, meaning there are wider gaps between the cells. 

L-glutamine is the glue in the intestine walls, making the gaps smaller. 

2. Strengthening the mucous membrane, promoting regular bowel pattern.

The combination of marshmallow root and slippery elm can create a coating that protects the stomach lining and intestines. This can neutralize the acid’s damage, reducing the risk of ulcers. 

3. Repairing gut with probiotics.

Finally, arabinogalactan is a prebiotic that can help keep the gut microbiome healthy. Prebiotics are the food that keeps the bacteria in the intestines (probiotics) alive. 

This can promote good digestion, boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of leaky gut. 

Available Flavors

leaky gut revive review

Leaky Gut Revive comes in two flavors:

  • Unflavored
  • Strawberry Lemonade

Leaky Gut Revive Pros and Cons

Let’s break down the pros and cons of using Leaky Gut Revive. 

Leaky Gut Revive Pros

  • Can help reduce the symptoms of leaky gut. 
  • Might decrease inflammation. 
  • May help improve digestion. 
  • Can help promote bowel movements. 
  • Free shipping. 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Available in two flavors: unflavored and strawberry lemonade. 

Leaky Gut Revive Cons 

  • Uses proprietary blends. 
  • Some ingredients have little clinical research. 
  • Some people may not like the flavor. 
Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout for $10 off
Leaky Gut Revive By Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD has given an exclusive code to Exercise With Style readers. Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout and receive $10 off your order.

Buy From Official Amy Myers Store
We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

How to Use Leaky Gut Revive 

You can add Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive to your favorite drink. Mix one scoop of the supplement with eight ounces of liquid. It can be taken morning or night.

Recommended Dosage

Don’t have more than one scoop per day. This might increase the risk of side effects like bloating, gas, and diarrhea. 

Preparation Steps

  1. Take one scoop of Leaky Gut Revive. 
  2. Mix into 8 oz of water, juice, or tea until dissolved.

Real Customer Leaky Gut Revive Reviews 

Customer reviews are a good way to determine if a supplement works, how it tastes, or any side effects that might arise. 

Leaky Gut Revive has an average rating of 4.7 stars with over 1,583 reviews. Their Amazon website is similar. They have a 4.2-star rating with over 1,047 reviews. 

So, what are the people saying about the supplement?

Here is a summary of the positive things people have to say about this supplement. 

  • Users reported that it did improve gut health. 
  • Customer reported a reduction in bloating and constipation. 
  • Users reported a reduction in acid reflux.
  • Customers like the fact it has high-quality ingredients. 

Here is a summary of the negative things people say about taking Leaky Gut Revive.

  • Some users didn’t like the taste. 
  • A small portion of customers said no changes occurred. 
  • A couple of customers experienced only temporary relief. 
  • Higher priced supplement.

I’ve went through one whole container and boy was it hard. I mixed it with greens, orange juice, water, or smoothies. It always altered whatever I put it in and I just couldn’t stomach the taste at all. But it definitely helped my gut!

  • Maureen 

“I have IBS C and silent acid reflux, also have had gallbladder removed. I tried one other product like this one and had good results but it had artificial sweetener in it and I can’t stand the aftertaste. 

I tried this product and have had good results. I started with one scoop as directed but had diarrhea for the whole day…the next day I tried a 1/2 scoop and that seems to be working better for me. I still have a gas problem but the bloating and IBS and constipation are better. Maybe the gas issue will take some time, meanwhile I will stick with this product and gas.

  • Bears

You get what you pay for with this product. Amy Myers is a quality company. This will help improve digestion and overall body health. I personally like to take this after I eat because that’s what works for my stomach…Honestly, you will be hard-pressed to find something as effective as this that addresses your gut apart from a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Jared
Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout for $10 off
Leaky Gut Revive By Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD has given an exclusive code to Exercise With Style readers. Use code IFEXERCISE10 at checkout and receive $10 off your order.

Buy From Official Amy Myers Store
We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

Leaky Gut Revive Alternatives

Leaky Gut Revive seems to be a quality supplement. However, if you don’t get the results you’re hoping for to heal your gut, here are some alternatives for Leaky Gut Revive. 

Unify Health Labs Multi GI 5

Unify Health Labs Multi GI 5 is a combination of prebiotics (inulin), L-glutamine, zinc, magnesium, licorice root, black pepper extract, berberine, and a probiotic blend. 

Thanks to its combination of pre and probiotics, it can help produce a positive balance in the gut microbiome, helping reduce digestive issues, improving digestion, and boosting the immune system. 


  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics. 
  • Has clinically proven ingredients. 
  • May aid support digestion. 
  • 90-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian. 


  • Higher priced supplement.
  • Uses a proprietary blend. 

Gundry MD Total Restore

Gundry MD contains 25 different ingredients that can help boost your gut health. It has green powders, enzymes, probiotics, and several herbs that might aid improve digestion and support the immune system. 

Additionally, it contains ingredients (bitter melon, green tea extract, and ginger root) that can help improve weight loss by slightly increasing your metabolism. 


  • Might boost your immune system. 
  • May help improve gut health. 
  • Can prevent weight loss. 


  • Higher priced supplements. 
  • Users proprietary blend. 
  • Only available in one flavor (green apple). 

Organixx ProBiotixx+

Organixx Probiotixx is an alternative if you are looking to supplement only with probiotics. It contains Lactobacillus plantarum, which can help improve digestion, decrease the symptoms of IBS, and boost the immune system. 


  • Third-party testing. 
  • Might help you support gut health. 
  • May boost the immune system. 
  • Can help regulate bowel movements. 


  • Only contains probiotics. 
  • Comes in capsule form. 

Potential Side Effects 

leaky gut revive side effects

The supplement’s main goal is to help reduce digestive issues. However, while your body adapts to the ingredients, there might be increased digestive side effects like bloating, gas, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. 

Nonetheless, they usually tend to go away after a couple of days. 

Regarding the consumption of aloe vera, you need to be careful. As mentioned before, research shows that chronic use of aloe vera can lead to dehydration and possible liver problems. 

Leaky Gut Revive Price

Leaky Gut Revive costs $54.97 per jar. However, you can save 15% on your order if you subscribe monthly. This means that instead of paying $54.97, you end up paying $46.72. 

Where to Buy Leaky Gut Revive

You can purchase Leaky Gut Revive on their official website. 

Leaky Gut Revive Shipping and Returns

One of the benefits of the company is that it offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product or don’t get the desired results, email [email protected] and request a refund.

Regarding shipping, it might take one to five days for the product to arrive. However, it depends on the location and the type of shipping (overnight or not). 

The company offers international shipping, but it depends on which country you live in. If you want more information about ordering Leaky Gut Revive in your country, check the following link. 

Company Details

The company is located in Austin, Texas. If you want more information regarding the supplement, you can check their website 

In case you have a question or need to return an item, you can email them at [email protected]

Leaky Gut Revive Verdict 

We’ve concluded this Leaky Gut Revive review. 

Leaky Gut Revive might be a great way to improve the symptoms of leaky gut. Combined with good nutritional habits like reducing the intake of sugars and saturated fats, it can help bring your gut health closer to normal. 

The supplement contains some clinically-proven ingredients like L-glutamine and slippery elm that can help heal the gut and provide a lining to ulcers. 

However, its aloe vera content is a concern since research shows that chronic use can lead to liver problems. Additionally, since it hides behind a proprietary blend, we cannot analyze if they use clinically proven doses. 

Still, Leaky Gut Revive is an excellent option for those looking to improve their overall gut health. 

If you decide Leaky Gut Revive is the right supplement, you can purchase it through their website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What time of day to take Leaky Gut Revive?

You can take Leaky Gut Revive any time during the day. You can take it in the morning or before going to bed. 

Is Leaky Gut Revive a probiotic?

No, Leaky Gut Revive is not a probiotic. It contains prebiotics like arabinogalactan that can help feed the bacteria in the gut, but it doesn’t contain live bacteria. 

What are the ingredients in Leaky Gut Revive?

There are six ingredients in Leaky Gut Revive: L-glutamine, marshmallow root, aloe vera, slippery elm extract, and arabinogalactan.

What are the signs that a leaky gut is healing?

When you see improvement in your digestive system, it is a sign of leaky gut healing. For example, you might experience less bloating, gas, constipation, and better digestion.

How long does it take to restore leaky gut?

Restoring your gut might take a couple of weeks to several months. It all depends on how long you had bad gut health. In some cases, it might take years for the gut to heal. 

What’s the best probiotic for leaky gut?

The best probiotic for leaky gut contains at least five strands with at least five billion CFU. It should also have Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium as its main probiotics. 

As long as it follows these conditions, you can purchase any probiotic. 

What is the fastest way to seal a leaky gut?

Make sure you are changing your lifestyle habits to help heal leaky gut. Reduce your sugar intake and consume more fiber, fruits, and vegetables to nurture the body. 

Additionally, you might want to supplement with L-glutamine since it is an amino acid that can help heal the gut.

When should I take my probiotic, morning or night?

It seems that taking the probiotics first thing in the morning or before going to bed is the best time to take them.

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