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Welcome to my HUM Skinny Bird review. 

Some women really struggle with weight loss, especially after having kids or reaching a certain age. 

While you might follow a diet and exercise program to the letter, you can still battle cravings and increased hunger levels. 

As a Registered Dietitian and, most importantly, a woman, I know that our hormones play a crucial role in our appetite. This means that sometimes we might need external aid to help reduce our hunger levels. 

That is where HUM Skinny Bird comes into play.  

HUM Skinny Bird is an option for women who need to regulate their hormones to decrease their hunger levels. If you find yourself constantly stressed, and as a result, you snack throughout the day, you’ll want to learn more about this. 

In this article, I will explore all the benefits of HUM Skinny Bird. 

Keep reading to learn how the ingredients in this supplement might reduce your cravings and help you lose weight. 

Hum Skinny Bird Weight Management Supplement

HUM Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce cravings, balances glucose levels, and supports stress eating. 

  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Might help reduce cravings.
  • Can help boost your mood.
  • May aid in weight loss.
  • Might help manage blood glucose levels.
  • Some ingredients have low doses.
  • Expensive.
We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

About HUM Skinny Bird 

HUM Skinny Bird is a supplement from a company called HUM Nutrition. 

The company’s founders (Walter and Chris) had skin problems that wouldn’t go away. A nutritionist advised them they could manage the problem with proper nutrition. After all, you are what you eat. 

From there, HUM Nutrition started creating supplements to help conditions like gut health, digestive issues, PMS, skin, hair, nails, mood, and weight loss. 

Their dietitians are in charge of formulating the supplements with clinically proven ingredients. 

What is HUM Skinny Bird? 

HUM Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce cravings, balances glucose levels, and supports stress eating. 

It claims to do this with a combination of chromium, 5-HTP, Caralluma Fimbriata, and green tea extract. 

How does HUM Nutrition Skinny Bird work?

HUM weight loss

HUM Nutrition claims to work by helping you regulate your glucose levels. 

Chromium is supposed to support more stable sugar levels. Stable sugar means that you are less likely to have cravings or energy swings throughout the day. 

Plus, ingredients in HUM appetite suppressants like Caralluma Fimbriata can help achieve weight loss. 

According to a study, Caralluma Fimbriata can help you reduce your caloric intake by up to 230 kcal per day. 

Reducing your calories without you noticing can be the last piece of the puzzle on your weight loss journey. After all, to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs. This is called a caloric deficit. 

Later in the article, I will go more in-depth about this supplement’s ingredients. 

Things to Consider Before Buying HUM Skinny Bird

HUM weight loss supplements already sound great. However, before you make the first purchase, there are some things to consider.

The Price

The bottle comes with 90 capsules, which is a one-month supply. 

You need to invest $40 monthly to get all of its benefits. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this might be an expensive solution for you. 

Nutrition and Exercise

HUM Skinny Bird Reviews

The supplement can help reduce your cravings. 

Nonetheless, if you don’t change your movement or eating habits, you won’t get the results you are after. 

While HUM appetite suppressants can help reduce some calories, if you end up consuming them at other meal times, it won’t work. 

HUM Skinny Bird Features 

Now, let’s review some features and see what makes HUM stand out against other weight loss supplements. 

Helps manage stress eating.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to lead a stress-free life. With careers, chores, and children, increased stress is common.

An increase in your stress can lead to an increase in cortisol levels, which leads to an increase in cravings. 

That’s why junk food sounds like the best thing in the world whenever you’re stressed. 

However, thanks to its 5-HTP content, HUM weight loss supplements can help reduce stress, leading to less stress eating.  

This is another way HUM may help reduce your caloric intake, leading to weight loss.

Might help reduce appetite.

You might be doing everything right, but your hormones think otherwise. 

Since you don’t have control over your hormones, you can’t control your hunger levels. This leads to constantly feeling hungry. 

The combination of Caralluma Fimbriata and 5-HTP can significantly reduce your appetite, making weight loss easier. 

Balances your blood sugar levels.

HUM appetite suppressant features

Unstable glucose levels are another possible reason for hunger and energy imbalances. One of HUM Skinny Bird’s ingredients (chromium) can help balance your glucose levels.

This increase in energy levels can make it easier to go to the gym, play around with your kids, or take your dog on longer walks. 

Boost your metabolism.

Finally, HUM Skinny Bird can help increase your metabolism thanks to green tea extract. It can give you an extra edge on your weight loss journey. 

So, if you find yourself at a weight loss plateau (your weight is staying the same), this can be just the boost your body needs to get things rolling again.

Hum Skinny Bird Weight Management Supplement

HUM Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce cravings, balances glucose levels, and supports stress eating. 

We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

What’s In HUM Skinny Bird

HUM Skinny Bird has a short list of ingredients. Each capsule has:

  • 5-HTP
  • Green tea extract
  • Caralluma Fimbriata 
  • Chromium 

The following doses are for one capsule. 

5-HTP (100 mg)

There are several benefits of using 5-HTP, but the reason it’s in HUM weight loss supplements is that it can aid in weight loss and improve your mood. 

Research shows that 5-HTP can help decrease your appetite by reducing the production of hunger-inducing hormones. 

In a study, 25 overweight subjects took a placebo or 750 mg of 5-HTP per day. The results showed that those who took the 5-HTP had a reduction of around 400 calories per day.

Also, 5-HTP has a positive effect on your mood. 5-HTP is a molecule that can turn into serotonin (the happy hormone). 

Recommended dosage: 300 to 500 mg

HUM Skinny Bird contains the recommended amount. One capsule has 100 mg, and you take three capsules daily, meaning you consume 300 mg daily. 

Green Tea Extract (66 mg)

HUM weight loss ingredients

Green tea is high in antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation. Research shows that there is a link between obesity and inflammation in the body.

On top of that, thanks to its caffeine content, it can help promote weight loss. 

In a study, people who consumed a combination of caffeine, green tea extract, and guarana extract burned more calories (179 kcal) than those who took the placebo pill. 

However, there is still mixed evidence, with some stating that it might not affect those who are used to caffeine

Recommended dosage: 400 to 500 mg

HUM Skinny Bird contains 66 mg of green tea extract per capsule. For the entire day, you would consume 198 mg of green tea extract which is under the recommended dosage. 

Caralluma Fimbriata (333 mg)

Caralluma Fimbriata is part of a cactus. 

There is limited research regarding this ingredient. However, some studies that have used it obtained good results in weight loss since it can reduce a person’s appetite. 

One study used 1,000 mg of Caralluma Fimbriata. 

HUM Skinny bird almost uses the recommended amount. You consume 999 mg per day of Caralluma Fimbriata. 

Chromium (200 mcg)

Finally, chromium can have positive effects on your blood glucose levels. 

Research shows that it can make your insulin (the hormone in charge of handling your glucose levels) work better. 

In the end, this means you have more stable glucose levels, which leads to more stable energy levels and fewer cravings. 

Recommended intake: 1,000 mg of picolinate chromium

The dosage is below the recommended amount since you consume 600 mcg of chromium per day. 

How to Use HUM Skinny Bird

The company recommends consuming one capsule 30 minutes before a meal three times per day. 

Is HUM Skinny Bird safe? 

Yes, HUM Skinny Bird is safe to take. 

All of its ingredients have proven evidence to help back up its claims. 

Also, their ingredients are less likely to have side effects. However, they still might arise, but more on that later in the article. 

Pros and Cons of HUM Skinny Bird

We are halfway through my HUM Skinny Bird review. To help summarize everything, here’s a quick list of the pros and cons. 


  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Might help reduce cravings. 
  • Can help boost your mood. 
  • May aid in weight loss. 
  • Might help manage blood glucose levels. 


  • Some ingredients have low doses. 
  • Expensive. 
Hum Skinny Bird Weight Management Supplement

HUM Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce cravings, balances glucose levels, and supports stress eating. 

We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

HUM Skinny Bird Weight Loss Reviews 

HUM Skinny Bird reviews net a total 4.4-star rating on its website. Let’s see what people are saying about the HUM weight loss supplement. 

“I have tried SO many different things wasted so much money that all claim to do what this product ACTUALLY does……after 4 bites you’re genuinely full and no cravings if you buy nothing else and you’re trying to lose weight BUY THIS I’m down 8lbs and have only been taking it for 1 month!!!”

– Jaclyn 

“This stuff really works. Combine it with “Flatter Me” for best results. I took the advice of another customer. I lost 2 pounds on my first day. You have to do your part. I was eating healthy. Lots of fruit, veggies, and chicken.

I have never had a product work so fast. I have hypothyroidism so it’s difficult.”

– Janelle 

“I haven’t been that sick since I was a kid. Never again will I take this and I’ve pulled it from the shelves of my shop. To clarify, this review is specifically for Skinny Bird. I’ve taken other supplements from this brand and really like them.”

– Sharla

Most negative HUM Skinny Bird reviews are because the user didn’t see any noticeable changes or because they got side effects like vomiting, headache, or stomach aches. 

Alternatives to HUM Skinny Bird

Like any other supplement, HUM might not work for you. So, if you are looking for other alternatives, here are some you might want to consider. 



  • Contains scientifically proven ingredients. 
  • Good caffeine dose. 
  • Can help increase metabolism and fat burning. 
  • Might reduce appetite. 
  • May increase energy levels. 


  • Some ingredients are underdosed. 
  • Has artificial colors. 
  • Uses a proprietary blend. 

Read our full comprehensive PhenQ review.



  • Has natural ingredients. 
  • All ingredients have scientific evidence. 
  • Might help increase your metabolism. 
  • GMP-certified. 
  • You only need to take one pill per day. 
  • Offers worldwide shipping. 


  • Expensive.
  • Contains stimulants.
  • Low dosages. 
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. 

Read my full Trimtone review for more info.



  • Made from natural ingredients. 
  • Can help reduce cravings. 
  • Might increase your focus. 
  • May help you increase fat burning. 
  • It’s FDA and GMP-certified. 


  • Only available through their website. 
  • Expensive. 
  • Not all ingredients are scientifically proven. 
  • You need to take up to 6 pills per day. 

Read my full Leanbean review here.

Health Benefits of HUM Skinny Bird

HUM appetite suppressant benefits

All throughout the article, we’ve seen that HUM Skinny Bird can have several health benefits. Here are some you might experience when taken as directed: 

  • Might help reduce your glucose levels. 
  • Can improve energy levels and reduce cravings.
  • Can aid in weight loss. 
  • May reduce inflammation thanks to its antioxidant properties. 

HUM Skinny Bird Side Effects

The most common side effects you might encounter are digestive issues. Most people experience nausea, headaches, or stomach cramps. 

If you are nauseous from taking the supplement, the company recommends consuming it 15 minutes before every meal (instead of 30 minutes). 

For some people, the caffeine content provided by green tea extract can increase jitters and insomnia. If this is the case, make sure to consume it early in the day and not close to your bedtime. 

HUM Flatter Me vs. Skinny Bird 

HUM Flatter Me is another popular supplement from HUM Nutrition. 

HUM Flatter Me is a combination of digestive enzymes that can help your body digest carbs, fats, proteins, and lactose better. This leads to a reduction in digestive issues (like bloating) and better nutrient absorption. 

Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement solely intended to help you shed those extra pounds. 

One of the benefits is that you can take them together to get better results. One can aid in weight loss while the other can make your digestion better. 

HUM Skinny Bird Price

HUM Skinny Bird costs $40 for a bottle with 90 capsules (enough for one month). 

They have a subscription service to get a 15 or 25% discount. You can pause or cancel the subscription at any time you want. 

Hum Skinny Bird Weight Management Supplement

HUM Skinny Bird is a weight loss supplement that helps reduce cravings, balances glucose levels, and supports stress eating. 

We are reader funded, which means we earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. We appreciate the support!

Company Details

  • Phone: (888) 647-8880

Final Recommendations

We’ve come to the end of my HUM Skinny Bird review. 

If you’re like many of my clients, you know what it takes to lose weight. Diet and exercise are the keys to long-term, sustainable weight loss. But low energy, stress, hormones, and cravings get in the way.

This supplement might help reduce cravings, regulate glucose levels, and burn extra calories. All to help you lose those pounds you’ve had a hard time letting go of.

Thanks to its combination of natural ingredients, it is a viable option to reduce stress eating and finally win your battle with your weight. 

If you’re ready to try HUM, you can head to their website to make the first purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take Skinny Bird and Flatter Me together?

Yes, you can take Skinny Bird and Flatter Me together. Skinny bird works as a weight loss supplement to help reduce your cravings and decrease your caloric intake. On the other hand, Flatter Me provides you with enzymes for better digestion.

What are the effects of HUM?

HUM’s natural ingredients are supposed to help stabilize glucose levels and improve mood and energy. These can help you make the most of your diet and exercise when trying to lose weight. 

How long does it take for HUM Skinny Bird to work?

According to their website, it can take two to twelve weeks to see any noticeable changes.

Where can I buy HUM Skinny Bird?

Is HUM Skinny Bird FDA-approved?

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements. However, HUM Skinny Bird is made in a facility with GMP certification, meaning they have high quality standards. 

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