Alexandra Kovacs, BsC, BA


Where Are You From?

King’s Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom


Bsc Strength and Conditioning and Rehabilitation


  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning and Sports Rehabilitation 
  • Level 4 Itec Sports Massage Therapist
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer, The Training Room
  • Level 2 In Fitness Instructing
  • Btec Customer Service
  • Level 2 Sports Nutrition
  • Boxing
  • Spinning
  • Circuit training

Passionate About

I am incredibly passionate about functional rehabilitation and performance training.

It involves focusing on essential skills like agility, strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, power, including olympic weightlifting and more.

 I believe an athlete’s potential lives within every one of us.

I am committed to helping individuals prevent injuries, manage existing ones, and optimize their overall performance, by ‘‘treating’’ the cause of the pain not the symptom. This approach helped many people during my career to improve their performance in the gym, their chosen sports, and everyday activities.

I make sure to personalize each session to meet my client’s unique needs and goals.


Traveling (reached my 30th country recently), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Blue belt British Champion), singing, playing on piano, reading, eating (who doesn’t) and I absolutely love coffee. 


I have 9+ years of experience in health, fitness and sports rehabilitation, and have worked with over 500+ clients.

I have gained valuable experience working alongside a physiotherapist for eight months and currently assisting a spinal specialist in rehabilitating individuals with severe conditions, including spinal cord injuries, conditions like cerebral palsy and general sports injuries.

I have also brought my online coaching platform, Mindlybody, alive, where I publish sports injury rehab courses, home based workouts and performance-enhancing courses for recreational athletes and gym enthusiasts! 

Moreover, I work closely with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes for energy specific conditioning. Adding sports massage to my arsenal in 2017 was game changer, as it’s a good supplementation for training and recovery

I have been featured on websites like:

  • Muscle & Lead
  • OxygenFitnessCT
  • Isagenix

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