I have listed the best resources for your health and fitness goals that I personally recommend and use myself on a daily basis.

Number one Intermittent Fasting App for your smartphone. Helps you keep track of your fasting schedules and provides fasting tips for beginners to advanced users.

It’s the only Intermittent Fasting app I use and recommend.

It’s worth filling out DoFastings short survey to better understand your needs and support during a fast. You can take a short survey here.

DoFasting Intermittent Fasting App

When it comes to losing weight having an accurate daily reading of your vital health metrics allows you to monitor your results in real-time and tweak your plan as you go.

I personally own a FitTrack scale and wish I found the brand sooner. I threw out the annoying $20 scale that I was constantly having problems with.

Fit Track Bodyweight BMI Smart Scales

You will have a snapshot of 17 vital metrics including body fat percentage and subcutaneous fat. You can learn more about FitTrack’s advanced scale technology by clicking here.

FitTrack Smart scales

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is one of the best Meal Kit brands in the industry.

They deliver fresh ingredients to your door with recipes options so you never get sick of the same meals and can easily track your calories and macros for effective weight loss and takes away the fear of meal prepping your own meals and saves you heaps of time to focus on rest, sleep and exercise.

Click here to see what Sun Basket has to offer.


Diet-To-Go is the best meal delivery service available in the industry. They offer many different diet plans and come completely ready made meals. No cooking or following recipes.

Again super convenient option for those tracking Marcos and prefer not to meal prep a heap of meals in advance. No need to grocery shop, follow recipes, or cook when you have ready-made healthy meals.

Click here to see what Diet-To-Go has to offer.

Eat This Much

Eat This Much offers a unique option for those who want to do all their meal prep.

You can calculate your total daily calories needs inside the service and Eat This Much provides meals based around your macronutrients and calories chosen by you with recipes and grocery lists.

You have choices in diet plans, from keto, vegan, paleo, and many more.

Click here to visit Eat This Much.


MyFitnesPal should be a staple fitness app. Just the simple ability to track your calorie intake and the large database of foods and verified calories of some of the biggest restaurants in the world make tracking your calorie intake super easy and convenient.

Rogue Fitness is my go-to for all my home gym requirements and accessories. If you are looking for the best quality gym equipment I highly recommend Rogue.

ATP Science is my favorite supplement company, based in Brisbane Australia but has facilities in the USA and can ship worldwide. Clean of any fillers and nasties. They take the development of all their supplements to the highest levels.

Here is the list of supplements I use daily.