8 Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel. 2019 Reviewed

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Thousands of wide-footed folks are introduced to the running world every year. However, many of us choose the wrong shoes for our foot shape.

When your toes get smashed together, it can cause real health problems – like bunions. Plus, it’s just plain painful!

Top 4 Men & Women Rated Shoes For For Wide Toe Box And Narrow Heels

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If finding the right fit for your everyday running shoe is a struggle, then check out this article. For all of us with triangle feet – wide forefoot and narrow heel – there are plenty of excellent running shoes out there that will make every step feel better.

And having the right fit can definitely improve your performance!

Best Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

Here is a rundown of the best options currently available on the market.

Top 8 Best Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box And Narrow Heel For 2019:

1. Men’s Brooks Ghost 11

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Are you a runner or active person who needs extra room in the toe box and a narrow heel?

The Brooks Ghost 11 shoe highly recommended. These highly responsive running shoes are perfect for active people who appreciate advanced cushioning with a new crash pad technology that evenly disperses impact throughout the foot no matter where you land.

Large range of colors and designs – these shoes look as good as they feel!

Trusted traction and a structured mesh upper, you’ll feel snug and secure through your run.


  • Wide toe box
  • Perfect for narrow heels
  • Versatile, all-around running shoe
  • Plenty of design and color options
  • Comfy cushioning and crash pads
  • Great traction
  • Secure, stable fit


  • A bit heavy/bulky
  • Little on the pricey side


I highly recommend these versatile running shoes as a great option for runners require a comfy, wide toe box and narrow heel running shoe.

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2. Women’s Altra Olympus 3

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If comfort is number one on your list, then the Altra Olympus 3 may be the shoe for you. These shoes feature unbelievable, plush cushioning for supreme comfort.

Not only do the Altra Olympus 3 shoes offer a roomy toe box, they also feature a zero drop from heel to toe, making them perfect for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or other types of foot pain.


  • Ultra-cushioned
  • Very stable
  • Light and flexible upper
  • Great option for anyone suffering from foot pain


  • Few color/design options to choose from
  • Run slightly small


No matter if you run on a treadmill, track, or trail, these shoes feature excellent out soles and traction, which will keep you supported and comfortable on any terrain.

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3. Men’s Running Asics GT-2000 6

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While a wide toe box is important, it’s equally important to have a narrow heel when your foot is more triangular in shape.

That’s where the Asics GT-2000 6 shoe comes in. These shoes have a fitted heel with a “clutching system” for an improved fit that offers maximum stability and support.

You’ll also appreciate the gel cushioning that absorbs shock and the impact guidance system that promotes a natural gait.


  • Narrow heel with excellent support
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Enhances your natural gait with patented impact guidance system
  • Moisture wicking sockliner


  • Toe mesh isn’t as durable as expected


The shoe is made from a breathable mesh that’s also very lightweight. And fans of this shoe especially love the ComfoDry sockliner.

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4. Hoka One One Clifton 4

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Hoka One One is a fan favorite for runners of all types, and the Clifton 4 is ideal for runners who like some extra wiggle room for their toes.

The curved arch also keeps your midfoot well-supported, and the top-notch cushioning minimizes the impact when you run. Plus, the shape actually propels you forward, so you’ll have an incredibly smooth running experience.


  • Superior responsiveness
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Thick cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Great traction
  • Durable


  • A bit bulky


Throw in the fact that these shoes are lightweight and breathable, and the Hoka One One Clifton 4 shoes officially have it all! They’re an easy choice for top running shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel.

5. Brooks PureFlow 7

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If you like a flexible shoe that still provides just enough support, check out the Brooks PureFlow 7 running shoes. This sleek, lightweight shoe features a wraparound heel collar to keep narrow heels secure.

Perhaps one of the best features of this shoe is the Omega Grooves, which allow for ultimate flexibility and balance while you’re running.


  • Good value
  • Ideal amount of flexibility and responsiveness
  • Removable sockliner
  • Secure heel


  • Not as wide of a toe box as some


These shoes are relatively inexpensive for a pair of Brooks running shoes, so you get a quality running shoe at a great value! Experience both the freedom of movement and the stability you need in a running shoe with the Brooks PureFlow 7.

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6. Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 2

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This shoe may be the ultimate choice for anyone with triangle feet. The wide toe box is extra roomy, so even the widest feet will be happy in a pair of Fli-Lites. Plus, they’re unbelievably light and comfortable.

And if you have any foot pain, the zero heel to toe drop will keep your feet and legs pain-free through longer runs.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Extra wide toe box
  • Zero heel to toe drop


  • Few color or design options


While there aren’t a lot of color options to choose from, the Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 2 shoes are very attractive – and the seamless design makes them even more comfortable. You’ll love the foot-friendly design of these running shoes!

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7. Inov-8 F-Lite 230

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While you may be looking for a running shoe, you might also want a shoe that fits like a glove for all your other activities – like hitting the gym for cross training or weightlifting.

The Inov-8 F-Lite 230 is the original cross training shoe that’s perfect for the gym or the track, and it features a wide toe box and narrow heel as well.


  • Ideal for a wide range of activities
  • Durable
  • Minimalist shoe with low heel drop
  • Flexible design


  • Minimal cushioning


While there’s not a lot of extra padding, this shoe still boasts plenty of support and is  a comfortable all-around shoe. And the low drop helps promote a natural running form. Fans of this brand also love the durability!

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8. Newton Gravity 7

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Do you have a foot that seems impossible to fit? Then this shoe is for you. The Newton Gravity 7 running shoe features a stretchy metatarsal panel for a customized fit, no matter the shape of your foot.

And thanks to the breathable mesh, your feet will stay cool and comfy. These shoes also have a moulded heel counter and heel lace lock to help keep your heel in place and prevent any slipping.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Stretches for a customized fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Responsive foam cushioning


  • Very few color options


 When you’re out on a long run, you’ll appreciate the highly responsive foam cushioning in the Newton Gravity 7 – it will keep a pep in your step, mile after mile.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does wide toe box mean?

A: The toe box is the front part of the shoe where your toes are, and toe boxes come in many different shapes. While you may have heard of wide width shoes, these aren’t the same as shoes with a wide toe box.

Wide width shoes are for people who have uniformly wide feet. Shoes with a wide toe box are designed specifically for people with a wider forefoot.

When you have a wide toe box, your toes can spread out naturally – as if you’re barefoot.

Shoes with a regular or narrow toe box may cramp your toes together and make walking or running a really painful experience.

Q: What widths are available in a running shoe?

A: There are many different widths available if you’re looking for a wider width shoe.

For men:

  • Narrow: B
  • Standard: D
  • Wide: 2E
  • Extra Wide: 4E

For women:

  • Narrow: 2A
  • Standard: B
  • Wide: D
  • Extra Wide: 2E

Most stores will display the standard (B or D) widths in the store. However, they may have other options available in their storeroom or online.

It’s also worth mentioning again that these wider widths are designed to suit people with a uniformly wide foot, not necessarily someone who just needs a wider toe box.

Q: Are my shoes too narrow?

A: You may think your shoes should be snug in order to give you plenty of support. But beware: You may be buying shoes that are just too tight! When trying on shoes, your forefoot should have room to splay out, just like it would if you placed your barefoot on the ground.

Not sure if your shoes have a wide enough toe box? Take out the insole, place it on the ground, and step on it barefoot. If your foot hangs off the sides of the insole, then the shoe’s toe box is too narrow.

Q: How can I make more toe room in my shoes?

A: If you just can’t let go of your favorite pair of sneakers, you can try two different techniques to try to make a little more wiggle room for your toes.

First, you can try different lacing techniques. Lace your shoe loosely at the front and see if that helps your toes breathe.

Second, you can stretch your shoes. Here’s a great article to teach you how to stretch shoes that are just a bit too snug.

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