Best Door Frame Pull Up Bar

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Building a strong V shape back is impressive. When starting out, pull-ups can be difficult to perform.

With anything worth while doing and ultimately better at, repetition is always the key.

Best part about pull ups is you can do this exercise just about anywhere.

Investing in the best door frame pull up bar will get the best results as you can exercise more regular from the comfort of your home.

When there’s less barrier to exercise, equals more gains!

If you’re a new to pull-ups or chin-ups, using a chair to rest your feet on to support your body weight while performing a assisted pull-up is a perfect way to start, or buy some resistance bands that will loop over the bar with your feet placed inside the opposite end of the loop to assist you perform pull-ups.

Either options can help you towards a stronger back.

To determine the best choice for a door pull up bar you should know the important factors beforehand making a decision.

  • Price: Depending on your budget can really factor what type of pull up bar you should buy. Cheap always isn’t the best option as quality and safety can be impacted if you go for those very low cost department store pull up bars.
  • Quality: You should look for pull up bars that are made with solid steel and bolts with quality foam grips. Rubber or foam guards to protect your walls from dents and avoid plastic as you will mark the frames. Skimping on quality because of price you will find that the cheaper units will not be sturdy, wobble too much during exercise and will cause damage to your door frames.
  • Installation: Door pull-up bars shouldn’t be complicated to use or assemble. Choosing a door pull up bar that takes only seconds to install for your workout is vital, otherwise it becomes a hassle and that isn’t necessary is you pick the right pull-up bar.
  • Functional: A functional bar should have multiple hand grips to perform wide, close, and hammer grip pull ups. Some bars also can come with accessories & attachments to perform whole body workouts.
  • Portable: Some bars are more compact and designed to travel with however if this isn’t something you require then it’s not important.
  • Weight Limit: Generally most bars can hold up to 300lbs/136kg of weight. Make sure to check the specs before making a purchase.

I could list a exhaustive list of doorway pull up bars like many other review websites.

But I know from experience how overwhelmed a huge list of brands and reviews can be, not to mention how much time wasting it all can be.

That’s why I’ve listed the top two that satisfies the above checklist so you can finish your research and choose from one comprehensive resource article.

1# Top Choice

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite

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Deciding the top choice wasn’t all that hard. Following the important factors outlined above gave it a clear and precise advantage. Perfect Fitness has 3 models to choose from.

The standout is the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite. Priced a little higher out of the three however boasts a much higher quality product.

Deciding the top choice wasn’t all that hard. Following the important factors outlined above gave it a clear and precise advantage.

Perfect Fitness has 3 models to choose from. The standout is the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite. Priced a little higher out of the three however boasts a much higher quality product.

Built with solid steel and bolts for a sturdy frame that can hold up to 300lbs/136kg of weight. A patented door frame guard that has a firm but thick foam pads to protect from leaving scratches or footprint.

The model fits door frames up to 33 inches wide and up to 6 inches deep and has multiple assembly variations for different woodwork.

Installation instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. To assemble the bar can take from 10-15 minutes depending on how fast you complete the step by step instruction.

Does not require to be screwed into the door frame. Just simply rest inner bar on the upper molding and front bar rest on the front outer door frames.

The model has 3 hand grips to perform wide, close, and hammer grip pull ups.

Can be used for dips, sit-ups and push ups on the floor however it’s primarily function is pull ups so don’t expect too much from performing the other types of exercises.

A common question is can the pull up bar be used as a TRX anchor point.

The short answer is no because of safety, but there is a door frame pull up bar that is suitable for a attachment gear which we will cover coming up.

If you travel a lot and prefer to fit a workout in everyday than the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Elite can be a option for travel, however it is a large piece of equipment and would require a larger suitcase or bag.

Recommend disassemble the unit to smaller pieces but be mindful it can still take a considerable room in your luggage.

2# Top Choice

Gym1 Power Fitness Package

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Been looking for a door frame pull up bar that can attach other exercise equipment or do Crossfit training safely?

The creators at Gorilla Gym have designed the Gym1 package to do the usual pull ups (wide, narrow and hammer) exercises but more impressively is the ability to do Crossfit style training like swinging kipp ups or a strict muscle ups due to the vise-grips technology that clamps to the door frame and keeps the unit safely anchored during more physical type training methods.

Additionally the package includes abs straps to do complete full abdominal workout or attach accessories like punching bags, anchor TRX training kits, resistant bands, ropes, gymnastic rings and other equipment that requires anchoring.

The Gym1 can attach a children’s play swings as the unit meets the ATM safety rating.

This means the unit has been tested and stressed to make sure the safety requirements are met for children’s play swings.

The co-founder went to the extreme to display the strength by successfully hanging a motorcycle to the unit.

Although the unit can withhold those extreme weight, the advertised maximum weight is 300lbs/136kg.

The maximum weight limit even though can withhold much more might be due to the door frame itself, could be a safety concern if exceeding 300lbs.

Gym1 Pull Up Bar

Source: Gorilla Gym

To reinforce the strength and prevent the bar from flexing when in use, the Gym1 was made with 2x thicker steel than regular pull up bars.

The design has a patented vise-grips and stabilizers that insures the unit is safely secured to your door. To prevent damage to the door frames the unit has a dense EVA padding. Fits most standard doorways 24″-36″ wide with regular trim.

Note your door frame must have trim otherwise it’s not safe to use. If the thickness of the door frame doesn’t fit the vise clamps you can purchase larger clamps here. All standard door frames the included clamps will fit.

Due to the extra capabilities the installation process takes a little longer than most pull up bars but once you have used it a couple of times the process becomes faster and easier.

Travel wise isn’t a option due to the extra pieces, however if you don’t mind completely disassembling then it can be done.

The Gym1 package is on the pricer end, but overall the product meets all key factors and can be a complete workout system that other competitors can’t compete.

Alternative Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Depending on your budget and available space a Power Tower can be a perfect alternative for a home exercise equipment.

The Power Tower is a sturdy free standing pull up bar where you can perform a range of exercises like pull ups, dips, leg raises, push ups and many accessories and attachments can be used.

If you want to learn more please read a comprehensive guide to Power Towers here.


There are many doorway pull up bars available, however it’s vital to choose wisely as they can be dangerous to use and not to mention the damage that can be caused to your door frame.

I’ve outlined the two best doorway pull up bars available on the market and left out any confusion with reviewing a bunch that can be leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Hope this article has made the process easier and if you have any question please leave a comment below.

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