Assault AirRunner vs Regular Treadmill

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Treadmills these days come in many shapes, sizes, forms and dedicated uses. When it comes to comparing an Assault AirRunner and a regular treadmill there are a few key factors that make them so different.

Assault AirRunner vs Regular Treadmill

It can be rather difficult knowing which kind of treadmill is the best option for you and what you really get out of one or the other.

Not to worry though, although it is a confusing mess, we have simplified it down so you can easily spot the differences between the two so you can determine which one you truly need.

Curved vs Flat

When you first look at an  Assault AirRunner and compare it to a regular treadmill you can easily recognise one distinguishable difference – the platform.

A regular treadmill has a flat platform that allows you to burn calories, work on your cardio and minimize impact on your joints and strain on your muscles. On an Assault AirRunner the platform is actually curved.

This curve of an  Assault AirRunner allows the treadmill to provide you with many benefits.

Firstly, it improves your running form and allows you to adapt a better gait (stride pattern). An improved form and stride minimizes injuries and improves efficiency which is vital for any serious runner. 

Did you know a better gait also improves posture which in turn reduces back and neck aches?

The curved surface also allows the user to burn 30% more calories during their workout. This is due to the additional energy it takes to manually drive the belt.

You are also taking advantage of various muscle groups when using a curved platform. You are sure to get a intense workout with an Assault AirRunner.

Motorized vs Non Motorized

One major difference is the power source. A regular treadmill is often powered by a motor which is run by electricity.

On the other hand you have the  Assault AirRunner which is motorless, instead the user ‘powers’ the treadmill to create the momentum required to keep the belt moving. As the Assault AirRunner is non motorized the belt is able to move smoothly on roller bearings.

There are bonus’ to both motorized and non motorized treadmills. With a motorized one the motor does some of the work for you as it pulls your feet back along the platform.

On the other hand a non motorized treadmill allows you to do all the work so you are getting a proper work out.

You also have the additional bonus of a non motorized treadmill being environmentally friendly, so it is going to save you money too!  

Assault AirRunner vs Regular Treadmill?

Although regular treadmills are effective, efficient and have sufficed over the years an Assault AirRunner is a step up for many reasons.

Easier On The Body

Minimal impact on muscles and joints, feels as if you are running on air, better transition between strides and speeds, decreased likelihood of being injured

Did you know 79% of runners will get injured at least once during the year?

Better Calorie Burn

No matter the speed you are going to burn more calories on an Assault AirRunner compared to running the same speed on a regular treadmill.

If you want to burn more calories quickly the  Assault AirRunner is your answer

Less Service and Maintenance

With a 150,000 mile (241, 401km) warranty you can be certain that you are going to get the support you need and with no motor you’re not going to have to replace or repair many parts.

The main concern is the connection to the digital interface and the treadmill which displays your data but that is relatively a minor fix, also you may have to swap out the batteries here and there, but that isn’t very much when it comes to maintenance

With an electric treadmill the motor is the most important aspect of it and is most likely the part that is going to fail or have an issue.

You don’t have to worry about with with an Assault AirRunner allowing you to cross out the most important and likely failure on a regular treadmill.

You Do The Work

An Assault AirRunner it relates much better to running outdoors. When you stop or slow your momentum the treadmill belt on the Assault AirRunner responds rather quickly and naturally.

You also use other muscles groups more at an increased effectiveness, this includes your hamstrings, glutes and posterior chainFsur

Improved Gait

The curved treadmill allows you to adapt a better and more natural form and stride.

This encourages a more natural gait pattern which minimizes aches and pains, decreases the likelihood of injury and ensures efficiency when running. 

Why an Assault AirRunner?

Still not convinced that an Assault AirRunner is a good choice for you? There are a few more factors as to why you should consider an AirRunner vs a regular treadmill. 

  • There is no speed limit allowing you to run at full pace and push as hard and as fast as you want without any issues. 
  • You don’t have to worry about safety when it comes to an AirRunner. On a regular treadmill with the slightest misstep you may see your life flash before your eyes as you are catapulted into oblivion. However, with the AirRunner as it is a manual treadmill it is constantly readjusting to your speed so you can slow down and speed up with ease and know that you are safe doing so. Even if you fall or misstep you aren’t going to be catapulted into oblivion!
  • Ever heard one of those runners on a standard treadmill making a racket? You don’t have to worry about that with the AirRunner, it is literally silent. You can push and push, sprint as hard and as fast as you can without anyone turning their head to you because of the noise you are making. 
  • Although a standard treadmill is constructed to minimize the impact forces on your joints it just doesn’t quite meet the standards of the Assault AirRunner. The manual treadmill provides you with a naturally smooth work out that is high power and low impact – a standard treadmill could never compete against. 

Drawbacks of the AirRunner? 

Just like anything there are pros and cons to everything and the AirRunner is no different. When it comes to the AirRunner the drawbacks of it are: 

Distance Targets

When it comes to hitting distance targets on an AirRunner you need to be aware that you are using up to 30% more energy so you are not going to hit your usual targets easily. You can either opt for a short distance or get much fitter. 

Resemblance Of Running Up A Smooth Hill

This isn’t necessarily a downfall but can be a rather large turn off for many runners, especially those who hate hills.

Just remember that an AirRunner is different to a regular treadmill to improve form and efficiency, so your ego may take a few knocks but it is often worth it in the long run. 

Gauging Performance

This is where electric treadmills get the step up.

The  Assault AirRunner requires you to use up to 30% additional energy, oxygen intake etc which can make is difficult to compare to running outdoors if you are training for an upcoming race. Just something to be aware of.



Powder Coated Steel Frame



Product Weight

208 lbs (127kg)


69.9” (177.5cm)


32.8” (83.3cm)


64” (162.6cm)

Maximum User Weight

350 lbs (158.8kg)

Key Features

  • No speed limit
  • 122 roller bearings
  • 150,000 miles of running usage
  • Digital console (HIIT and heart rate programs)
  • Corrosion resistance frame and hardware
  • Built in hand rail and transport wheels
  • No electricity (low carbon footprint)
  • All skill levels
  • 3 year warranty for parts
  • 1 year labor warranty


Overall, when it comes to comparing an Assault AirRunner to a regular treadmill it really depends on what your needs are.

Whether you are looking at improving your form and gait pattern, or just working on your cardio and burning calories the AirRunner is a great investment, however, it is not for everyone.

What ever you decide, a non motorized, curved treadmill or a flat motorized treadmill, keep on running. 


How does a curved treadmill work?

With a mix of gravity, friction and force the non motorized, curved treadmill runs smoothly.

As your foot starts at the front on the high point of the treadmill and moves down the curve to the rear it creates a momentum that allows the belt to move.

As you walk, run or job on the belt it adjusts to your natural pace with every stride you take. 

Why aren’t I meeting my regular targets? You are going to burn a lot more calories and energy on a AirRunner, up to 30% more so you are more than likely not going to hit your regular targets. 

Don’t be discouraged by this. You are going to burn a huge amount of calories in a much shorter time frame.  

A good thing to remember is the 20% rule.

This pretty much means that whatever you are doing on a curved treadmill is 20% more difficult than on a regular treadmill at a 1% gradient.

It will take time to build up your fitness so you can hit your regular targets on an AirRunner. 

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