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This is best pull up bar stand review for your home gym!

Pull-ups are one of those exercises you can’t do without building a robust V-shaped back. When it comes to home workouts, I tend to look for something I can do pull-ups on. Like a beam or tree branch, but it just outright sucks for gripping.

That’s why a suitable Pull Up Bar Stand is a good piece of home gym equipment.

I will take you through my Top 11 Best Pull-Up Bar Stands that I found to help make a choice much more comfortable and faster! I’ll walk you through what brands, features, and value for money you should look out for when picking the right pull up stand. 

On a side note, I also recommend some fantastic alternatives you may not have thought about for pull up bars. 

Let’s get started!

In a hurry? Here are the top three brands for Pull Up Bar Stands.

04/02/2024 08:54 am GMT

Top 11 Best Pull Up Bar Stands

#1 Sportsroyals Power Dip Station – The Number One Standing pull-up Bar

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04/02/2024 08:54 am GMT

My number one pick is the Sportsroyal. It was based on the construction, heaps of positive reviews, and the value for money. I like that you won’t need to jump or lift your legs as the pull-up bar is entirely height adjustable, and the backrest is too.

You’ll notice the armrest is tilted inwards to help prevent slipping out and discomfort, which in my opinion, is pretty standard when performing leg raises on these types of units.

When reading user reviews, they mention the unit wasn’t “wobbly or shaky” because they use locknuts, which keeps the unit tight during exercise.

Buyers say they spent 45-90 minutes assembling, which isn’t great, but it is a multi-function exercise power tower station. Overall the buyers were pretty impressed with the value for money and the construction for non-commercial home gym equipment.

I recommend taking a look at the Sportsroyal power tower station.


  • Value for money 
  • A 1-year warranty is provided.
  • Safety locknuts ensure minimal movement or squeaking.
  • Multi-function exercise equipment.
  • Sturdy steel frame and construction for a non-commercial unit.
  • 10 degree tilted inwards armrests prevent your arms from slipping and provide comfort.
  • Adjustable height can accommodate users of all sizes. 
  • Comfortable ergonomic padding.
  • A buyer noted excellent customer service.


  • The station is slightly narrow compared to other products, but you can still perform a wide range of movements. 
  • Assembly instructions are a little vague, and users took anywhere from 45-90 minutes to assemble.
  • Although some buyers mention the unit doesn’t shake, others mention it does. It can be an assembler error or faulty unit, but overall most say it’s sturdy, and I thought it’s worth mentioning. Keep in mind this isn’t a commercial high priced unit.


  • 26.6”(W)x43.2”(L)64.56”-88.18”(H)(inches).
  • Product weight: 58lbs. Max weight capacity: 400lbs.
  • Heavy-duty H-shape steel base. 
  • Adjustable four gear height.
  • Comfortable leather arm and backrests.
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar.

#2 Relife Power Tower – The Runner Up.

My Second favorite pick is the Relife power tower. I liked the adjustability features included in this tower, allowing me to extend the dip handles to fit the length of my arms, while also adjusting the backrest to come forward or backward to suit my posture. 

Looking at the reviews, it seems a few buyers have reported that the machine’s handles break after strenuous use, which isn’t great.

Despite this, I noticed most reviews on the Relife Power Tower show many happy customers who reported the machine to be a sturdy Power Tower. 


  • Sturdy steel frames. 
  • Comfy leather armrests and backrests. 
  • Fully adjustable and extendable dip stands. 
  • It can be used to complete a full range of exercises.
  • Multi-shaped pull-up bars allow for multiple pull-up actions to be completed.


  • Somewhat expensive, yet well worth the money.
  • Online reviews state that the steel frame can break easily, and the push-up bars can bend in particular. 
  • Grips can slide off and can end up tearing too. 


  • 26.4” x 35.4” x 58.5-89”.
  • Product weight: 63.9lbs. Max weight capacity 330lbs. 
  • Heavy-duty steel frame. 
  • Adjustable features.
  • Comfort grip handles. 
  • Push up handles and multi-grip pull-up bars included too. 

#3 Harison Power Tower – The Beast. 

Training Fitness Workout Station
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Comes with a heavy square steel frame constructed with scratch-resistant coat finish, our power tower can hold riders weight up to 150 kg and withstand long term use.
  • 8 GEAR REGULATION HEIGHT: The height of pull up bar can be adjusted from 165 to 235cm, suitable for all adult fitness needs at home, office. In order to prevent the nut from falling off in case of vibration, we adopt the locknut to keep the screw to be tightened.
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This is a monster of a machine and is one of my favorites pull up stands because of how many different exercises you can do on it.

With its dip handles extending in one direction and the bench and pulling up bars facing the other way, it could enable you and a workout partner to both use the machine simultaneously for versatility. 

Plus, the stand is also compatible and can fold away easily into any space in your home, which was not something I expected from a Power Tower of this size. But to be compatible, the brand had to accommodate a reasonably short bench into this machine, meaning it can be quite cramped trying to lay on the bench.

Still, I like how tactile yet functional this machine is compared to some others included on this list.


  • An extremely sturdy workstation.
  • It can use it to perform a variety of exercises. 
  • The bench can be folded up for efficient storage. 
  • Two people can use it at once.
  • It also offers resistance training features. 
  • Adjustable height.


  • It is costly, but it is definitely worth the price for the number of workouts you can complete. 
  • Online reviews state that the assembly instructions are hard to understand.
  • The foldable bench is tiny and hard to use for a bigger person. 


  • 56” x 38” x 93”
  • Product weight: 108lbs. Max weight capacity: over 500lbs. 
  • Durable reinforced steel frame. 
  • Non-slip U-shaped base. 
  • Adjustable height pull-up bar. 
  • Multiple workout stations were included.  
  • Compatibility features. 

#4 F2C Adjustable Squat Rack – Perfect For Full Body Exercise. 

I liked how this squat rack doubles as a pull-up bar. Squats are another staple exercise, and the option for a pull-up bar is a bonus for a home gym. Home gyms require less equipment but more multi-function machines because of limited space, and I believe this has that merit.

For a sturdiness, I would recommend adding heavyweights on the weight storage holders just for added safety.

But some buyers online have reported the stand’s assembly instructions to be misleading and unclear and that the frame itself comes in over 100 pieces making it super hard to assemble. Yet the majority of buyer reviews described the machine to be an excellent value for money and easy to use once set up. 


  • The solid frame provides full support for squats and pull-ups.  
  • It doesn’t take up much space in a home gym, which is essential.
  • The barbell rack is fully adjustable to your needs. 
  • The reinforced workout bar gives you more security. 
  • Includes a tactile stand for your barbell weights.


  • It does not allow you to perform the full range of bodyweight exercises seen in other stands. 
  • Buyers report it is hard to assemble, with misleading instructions and over 100 assembly parts. 
  • For safety, probably a good idea to add weights on the weight holder at the feet.


  • 44” x 48” x 83”. 
  • Product weight: 61.73lbs. 
  • Adjustable barbell rack. 
  • Pull up bar included. 
  • Steel frame, H-shaped base frame. 
  • It reinforced the overhead workout bar. 

#5 KARMAS Dip Station – A Compact Yet Strong Option. 

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04/03/2024 09:24 am GMT

I’d recommend this machine as an excellent option for those restricted on space at home. It is compact and can easily fit into any small area around your home. I liked how this feature is tactile yet allows you to perform pretty much the same range of workouts as the other stands on this list but more reasonably priced. 

Plus, when looking at the machine, I didn’t think it would be the most robust option on the list, but I was wrong as the KARMAS dip station can hold up to 330lbs and can be extended to 7 feet in height, putting it up there as one of the most durable stands on this list.

And with positive reviews also vouching for its durability, this is an imposing piece of home gym equipment.  


  • Tactile and compact. 
  • It is stable and can hold a decent weight. 
  • Adjustable and lightweight for moving around the home gym.
  • Great for beginners but can also enable you to complete a full range of exercises. 
  • Comfortable back, arm, and handle supports. 
  • Easy assembly. 


  • Lacks a lot of features that those training regularly might need. 
  • The backrest is slightly flimsy.
  • Pull-up bar grips are not very durable and can tear and slide off, which can be dangerous if you are on the machine.  


  • 25”x38.5”x61-84.6.”
  • Maximum weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Adjustable height. 
  • Comfortable leather padded arm and backrests. 
  • Stable steel square frame made for durability.

#6 Gold’s Gym XR Power Tower – Build Big Biceps.

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In my opinion, this machine is an excellent option for a home gym. It is a durable alternative that you can use for high-intensity workouts and not worry about putting the device through its paces. It comes from a big name brand and is an excellent price for its build and functionality.

I also found that this is a very sturdy yet lightweight pull-up stand, meaning you’ll feel supported when you lift your full weight onto the machine, but you can also easily transport this power tower around your home gym and has a minimal footprint.


  • Well known brand
  • Fits neatly into small spaces. 
  • It allows for multiple exercises to be performed. 
  • A multi-grip pull-up bar design helps you target specific muscle groups and smaller muscles. 
  • Comfortable padding in place to support your body. 
  • Has clear assembly instructions.
  • Easy assembly and clear instructions. 


  • Not a great product if you are over 6 feet tall. 
  • Not adjustable, although the pull-up bar is at the perfect height of 7 feet.
  • Buyers report that the dip bars may be too far apart in size, making it hard to perform dips properly. 


  • 58” x 20” x 84”.
  • Product weight: 88.1lbs. 
  • Comfortable padding. 
  • Multi-grip dip and pull-up station. 
  • Push up hand grips. 

#7 Marcy Cage Squat and pull-up Rack – The Heavy-Duty Stand. 

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I’d advise using this stand if you’re looking for a squat rack to handle a serious workload. The stand’s steel tubing is reinforced to provide a more durable squat rack and pull up bar, and gray powder coating added for aesthetics and wear protection.

My favorite feature is its secure and adjustable safety catches that can move up and down based on your height preferences, and for pull-ups, it has the added wide hand rings to target to increase the difficulty of pull-ups.

Suppose you’re planning on lifting a lot of weight. In that case, you should consider looking into a stand like this that is sturdy, durable, but most importantly, considers your safety when you’re training with free weights. 

Perfect functional squat rack with pull up bars that again, stable and durable but comes with a higher price and a bigger unit to shift around if required.

Some reviewers mention the unit had some wobble, but this can be an assembler error, or the unit was a defective one. And Marcy offers a two-year manufacturer warranty, a hassle, but least it’s a risk-free purchase.


  • A very sturdy and durable option.
  • Doubles up as a squat rack and pull-up rack, enabling you to exercise almost the whole of your body.
  • Has your safety in mind. 
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The Pull-up bar is not adjustable.
  • Takes up a large amount of room. 
  • Buyers online said that it took them a long time to assemble with some saying it took over 2 hours!


  • 47″x 54″x 83”.
  • Product weight: 94.8lbs. Maximum weight capacity 300lbs. 
  • Adjustable bar and safety catch. 
  • Multi-handle pull-up station. 
  • Squat rack and adjustable safety catch. 
  • Heavy-duty steel frame

#8 Marcy Olympic Home Gym System

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03/29/2024 07:10 am GMT

I had to choose a cheaper alternative from Marcy. Another multi-function fitness equipment with multiple pull up bar hand positions to challenge and improve your strength. Adjustable safety catches and bar catches for heavy squatting, although rated up to 300lbs, some reviews cautioned not to exceed that weight. 

If you love using resistance bands, there are two anchoring points for this as well. I noticed one buyer mentions it took 45 minutes to assemble, which isn’t bad compared to other fitness equipment. Although they offer a 2-year warranty, support may be slightly lacking, but staff support eventually assists.


  • Multi-functional, helps you train your whole body. 
  • Lets you perform both free weight and bodyweight exercises. 
  • It can fit in most places in your home. 
  • Sturdy steel frames. 
  • A multi-grip pull-up bar lets you target specific muscle groups. 
  • Tactile free weight storage system.
  • Olympic size storage plate holders


  • Non-adjustable pull-up bar, but this doesn’t matter too much as its height is perfect. 
  • Does not include non-slip floor grips. 
  • May start to sway when placed under larger loads.


  • 51″x 65″ x 86.5″.
  • Product weight: 101.4lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs. 
  • Heavy metal frame. 
  • Multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Free weights storage. 
  • Squat rack and adjustable safety catch. 

#9 CAP Bodyweight Training Station – Simple And Compact. 

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04/01/2024 09:40 am GMT

It may not have all the bells and whistles, but a basic and budget-friendly bodyweight trainer is done right with steel tubing for strength and durability. It is slightly taller than other pull up bar stands, which may be an excellent pick for taller people. 

This stand can offer something for both beginners and more experienced trainers. I noticed some reviews saying how comfortable its backrest and arm pads were and how well its handle grips supported your hands and wrists when you’re suspended on the machine. 


  • Compact footprint, but height may be a problem without roof space or perfect option for taller people.
  • Smart design is easy on the eye. 
  • Long-lasting and durable. 
  • It’s sturdy and has your safety in mind. 
  • Comfortable padding. 
  • A broad frame base provides stability. 


  • Lacks a multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Does not come with non-slip footings on its base. 
  • The machine’s dip station may be too wide for some users. 
  • The pull-up bar may be a bit too far back in the machine, meaning your body can sometimes sway forwards and hit the backrest. 


  • 45”x38”x85”.
  • Product weight: 82lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 1000lbs
  • Sturdy steel frames.
  • Padded arm and backrests.
  • Compact and small frame shape. 
  • Includes four bodyweight training stations. 

#10 KT Multi-Pull Bar – The Portable Standing pull-up Bar. 

Portable, adjustable, and easy to pack down and reassemble, this is the outsider on my list. 

Resembling nothing like your average pull-up bar, I loved this pull-up bar purely because of its portability. As the only bar, I found that it can quickly be folded away. It is an excellent option if you’re limited on space in your home or can take it outdoors, in fact, take it anywhere!

You don’t have to use it just for working out either, as I noticed, some of the buyers used the stand for yoga stretches, and as a hammock stand too!


  • Portable. 
  • Easy and fast to assemble and pack down. 
  • Space-saving. 
  • A strong A-frame can take your full weight. 
  • Adjustable height. 
  • Great for body-stretching as well as strengthening your upper body. 
  • Compatible with multiple accessories. 


  • It only lets you perform a small range of workouts. 
  • The frame may also shake and wobble during intense exercises. 
  • Not the best option for fitness fanatics. 


  • 44’’ x 48’’ x (height is fully adjustable). 
  • Product weight: 63.9lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 771.6lbs. 
  • Solid steel alloy A-frame.
  • Foldable joints make it easy to pack up. 
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.

#11 Stamina 65-1460 Outdoors Power Tower – Great For Working Out In The Garden. 

This tower’s standout feature is that it can let you work out in the sun from your back yard. I loved the simple design, and although I found the green color a bit too extravagant for my tastes, the frame itself is corrosion resistant and is weatherproof, meaning that it will be safe from the elements all year round. 

Plus, it has some great reviews online, with many commending the product on its surprising functionality compared to other indoor stands on the market. I liked that it is very durable and can be anchored to the ground with bolts if needed.

This is great as if you’re using it on a concrete patio or slightly uneven surface, you’ll be safe knowing that this stand can hold your weight and stable. 


  • Hardware is designed to withstand outdoor weathering. 
  • Weather-resistant paint to prevent corrosion. 
  • Offers full functionality with multiple workstations.
  • Its steel frame provides excellent durability and reliable support. 
  • H-shaped base increases stability. 
  • The Pull-up bar has numerous grip styles, allowing you to target different muscle groups. 
  • Easy assembly. 


  • It does not come with a supportive backrest or armrest for leg raises. 
  • Neither does it come with hand grips on the pull-up bar or dip stands. 
  • The green color is not to everyone’s tastes. 
  • The Pull-up bar can be slippery when wet, but you can quickly put your grip accessories on to help stop your hands from slipping. 


  • 49 x 50 x 81
  • Product weight: 88lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 300lbs. 
  • Multiple workstations for multiple bodyweight exercises.
  • Durable and has special corrosion-free paint that lets you safely use it outdoors.
  • Wide steel frame base and suction cups. 


If you are limited in space, I have chosen some alternatives to pull up bars suitable for different circumstances.

Doorway pull-up Bars. 

Work out from your doorway in your home, doorway pull-up bars hook neatly and safely around most door frames and provide a tactile and sometimes cheaper alternative to a pull-up bar stand. Be mindful if you are renting a home, it may leave some marks over long term usage.

Check out the Iron Age Doorway pull-up Bar. Its smart hook technology allows the bar to spread out the force impacting your doorframe, reducing the risk of damaging your property and keeping you safe while hanging from a great height. 

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Wall-Mounted pull-up Bars.

Wall-mounted pull-up bars are a slightly sturdier alternative to door frame pull-up bars, and securing them to your wall means they’re a great space-saving alternative.

Holding a maximum weight of 500lbs, make sure you check out the ONETWOFIT pull-up bar for an incredibly stable alternative to a self-standing pull-up bar. This alternative comes with the same padding supports and steel construction you see on a standing pull-up bar but is way more tactile and space-saving. 

Ceiling Mounted pull-up Bars. 

This is probably the best space-saving product on the market. It’s so out of the way you won’t even know it’s there half the time! Promountings I-Beam pull-up Bar hangs from your ceiling and using its three different grip positions. You can perform a variety of pull-up exercises to strengthen your upper body. 

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04/04/2024 09:39 am GMT

Picking The Right Bar For You – The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need. 

But how do you know what option will help you achieve your fitness goals? 

This buyer’s guide sets out several factors you need to consider before investing in a new pull-up bar stand. I’ll provide you with the information you need to help you pick the right equipment for you. 

The different kinds of pull-up stand. 

There are several different types of pull-up stands, and depending on your budget and your home gym requirements, you’ll need to consider which kind of stand is right for you!

 The Classic Free-Standing Pull-Up Stand.  

You don’t always need to lift weights to build muscle and get toned. Research even suggests that ‘no external load’ training can be as beneficial for you as training with free weights, and that’s why having a free-standing pull-up bar might be a great addition to your home gym!

The classic free-standing pull-up stand lets you perform a range of bodyweight exercises from pull-ups to leg raises using multiple workout stations. It can help you improve your aerobic fitness as well as build muscle mass.

In my opinion, it’s a great piece of equipment that can help beginners and more experienced fitness fanatics reach their workout goals.

Free-Standing Pull-Up Power Racks. 

You might want to pick up a free-standing pull-up power rack for those who have a little more room and are a little more experienced.

A power rack usually comes in the form of a steel cage and is a standard piece of gym equipment, enabling its users to safely perform weighted exercises like squats, lunges, and bench press using a barbell. 

These stands are more suitable for experienced gym-goers looking to gain large muscle mass, train their whole body, and utilize the power rack’s mechanical spotting mechanisms to ensure they are safe while lifting bigger weights.  

Portable And Foldable Pull-Up Racks.

Are you working with limited space? I recommend you consider investing in a portable power rack. They are great as you can pack them up and assemble them quickly and even use them outside! 

Although they aren’t entirely suitable for those looking to build lots of muscles fast, they are great if you’re just starting on your fitness journey or are looking for a space-saving bit of kit that can help you stay in shape.  

Ceiling Mounted or Wal Mounted.

If you prefer to use free space on the roof, this is the perfect option. Wall and ceiling mounted pull up bars just look cool too and take up very little space when space is valuable in a home gym setup. 

These training items are mostly pretty affordable and built strong but do require power tools to install. Not to mention you will be drilling holes in the walls to install, so may not be suitable for people renting.

However, asking the landlord if you can install a permanent pull-up bar even after moving on may be convincible.

The Top 5 Key Features To Look Out For When Purchasing a pull-up Bar Stand. 


Did you know that in 2016, 10% of men, and 5% of women who visited the ER due to work out related accidents, had to do so because of a pull-up bar? Mainly if you are doing bodyweight exercises, you need to consider purchasing equipment that is stable enough to support your weight. For a tower with added stability, check out the KARMAS Dip Station. 


Men’s Journal reports that an intense full-body workout can help you burn fat faster and more efficient use of time than training muscle groups intermittently. I advise you to purchase a stand that offers you as many workout stations as possible. Take a look at the ZJDU Training Station for a stand with multiple workout stations. 


Having the ability to adjust your workout equipment to tailor your workout needs can help you get toned more efficiently. Plus, it’s also a great idea to chose a stand that can be adjusted and packed away so you can save more space around your home. For full adjustability, I recommend looking at the KT Multi-Pull Bar. 

Value For Money 

With the average monthly cost of a gym membership going up to around $58 in the US, now might be a better time than ever to save some money, and start thinking about investing in your home gym equipment instead. For the best value for money, I’d advise choosing a durable stand with great functionality that is affordable and comes with a good warranty, like the Sportsroyals Power Dip Station. 


No one wants their home to be cluttered with clunky workout equipment. That’s why its always good to consider purchasing a stand that will help you achieve your fitness goals but can also be stored neatly in your home. The KARMAS dip station is a great stand that fits compactly into most spaces around the house. 

My Evaluation Criteria

I have considered several factors when picking my top 11 pull-up bars,

One of the main factors is the brand. When looking for a reliable stand that will last a long time, I check the makers of the stand first to ensure I’m purchasing from a reputable company. 

Secondly, customer reviews play a big part, as a stand with low reviews, and user experience will not make the cut. 

Plus, the quality of the stand balanced against the price is a vital toss-up I always consider. I won’t recommend you buy a stand that is simply not worth the price you pay for it. 

Lastly, I always ask myself, can the stand functionally support my own fitness needs, and would I enjoy using the stand myself? Ultimately you want to get good results from your workout equipment. To get into my top 11 pull-up bar stands list, each product must help you achieve your fitness goals and make your workouts enjoyable! 

The Best pull-up Bar Brands


The designers behind the Sportsroyals power dip tower have an industry prestige, having produced fitness equipment for 20 years. Made by athletes for athletes, they have your fitness goals in mind when designing productive and high-quality fitness products. 


With over 30 years of experience in the industry, CAP knows their stuff regarding providing high quality and affordable fitness equipment. 


Delivering the latest technology in fitness equipment to your home, Harison is one of my favorite brands offering innovative equipment that can not only improve your workout routine but improve your lifestyle too. 

Frequently asked questions      

Is there free standing pull up bars for outdoor use?

Yes. Take a look at the KT Multi-Pull bar and the Stamina 65-1460 pull-up bars included on this list for two great outdoor options. 

Can accessories be used with a standing pull up bar?

Yes, one common accessory I have mentioned are resistance bands. Many pull-up stands have built-in resistance band latches to tie your bands to and perform a full workout. You can also add other accessories like pull-up handgrips.

Can you get ripped with just a pull-up bar?

A pull-up bar on its own is not going to get you ripped. Sure, you’ll be able to build a great set of biceps doing pull-ups all day, but you should purchase a stand with multiple workout stations that will allow you to train your whole body.

How much weight can a home pull-up bar hold?

The average pull-up bar can hold around 300lbs in weight. But the more durable stands can hold anything from 500lbs to 1000lbs.

How much does an at-home pull-up bar cost?

On average, a pull-up stand will cost around $130 for a basic model, higher-spec models coming in at about $200, for a power rack, ranging from around $200 to $500 depending on the model’s specification and features. 

The Bottom Line.            

Ultimately, bodyweight training can offer massive health benefits, and that is why a standing pull-up bar is a great option to help you improve your physical fitness. My top choice pulls up bar is the Sportsroyals Power Dip Station, a cost-effective, stable pull-up bar you can use to bulk up fast. 

Find out more about my number one choice here

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