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Welcome to my review of the 11 best pre workout for women. Based on my research, Cellucor C4 is the top pick.

As women, our hormones can significantly affect our energy levels. That is where pre-workouts come in. They can give you an energy boost and other features like promoting weight loss or improving recovery. 

I’m a registered dietitian, and I find pre-workouts are a handy tool in sports nutrition. However, with that many on the market, it might be overwhelming to choose the right one. 

If you are looking for the best, Cellucor C4 Original is the top choice. It’s a pre-workout ideal for men and women, so you don’t have to worry about buying two for your household. 

Also, it has good levels of caffeine without having too much to create an upset stomach or jitters. 

While Cellucor is the best option, I have 10 more to share. Keep reading to learn what makes them stand out and their pros and cons to help you choose the one for your needs. 

Preview: The Top 3 Best Pre Workouts for Women 

The top three pre-workouts for women are EHP Pride, Evlution Nutrition ENGN, and Cellucor C4. Each offers a distinctive formula that will boost your energy levels and help you give it your best at the gym. 

11. Cira Pre-Game

First on the list, we have Cira Pre-Game Pre-Workout. 

  • Price: $31.99 per jar
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (6,000 mg), beta-alanine (1,600 mg), betaine anhydrous (1,250 mg), L-tyrosine (500 mg), caffeine anhydrous (200 mg), L-theanine (100 mg), theobromine (50 mg), proprietary blend Astragin (Astragalus root and Panax ginseng). 

Cira Pre-Workout is ideal for those that need an energy boost without the crash. It contains the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. So, for caffeine-sensitive people, this might not be the best option. 

The L-citrulline dosage is within the recommended dosage (6,000 to 8,000 mg). Citrulline helps widen blood vessels allowing more blood flow to reach your muscles. In the end, this means more oxygen and nutrients are available to boost performance and recovery. 

Astragin (a proprietary blend of Astragalus root and Panax ginseng) seems to help improve nutrient intake and gut health. So, it might be a good option for those struggling with digestive issues. 

To buy Cira Pre-Game, click on the link. 

Cira Pre-Game Pros

  • Contains clinically proven ingredients. 
  • Most ingredients have clinically proven doses. 
  • Can increase blood flow. 
  • Might be easier to digest than other pre-workouts. 
  • Can boost your energy levels. 

Cira Pre-Game Cons 

  • High in caffeine. 
  • Only available in one flavor (peach bellini). 
  • Contains proprietary blend. 

10. Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster 

Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster

Coming up next is Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster. 

  • Price: $39.99 per jar
  • Ingredients (performance blend): L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, creatine monohydrate, L-citrulline malate, beta-alanine, L-tyrosine, and caffeine (100 mg). 

The company claims that this pre-workout can help boost your energy levels, drive muscle pump, increase focus, and have higher stamina. Lack of energy is a big barrier to reaching our fitness goals, so this sounds ideal. But is it?

Some ingredients like L-arginine and L-citrulline can help widen blood vessels, driving more oxygen into the muscle to give you that desired pump. Additionally, it contains creatine monohydrate, which can help boost performance by promoting more explosive exercises. 

However, since it hides behind a proprietary blend, it doesn’t matter if the ingredients work since you cannot check if it has clinically-proven doses. 

To buy Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster, click here. 

Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster Pros

  • Comes in two flavors: sweet peach or exotic fruits.
  • Clinically researched ingredients.  
  • Can help boost your energy thanks to its caffeine content. 
  • Might give you a muscle pump. 
  • May increase explosive energy. 

Women’s Best Pre-Workout Booster Cons 

  • Unclear label due to proprietary blend. 
  • Not for those that are caffeine sensitive. 

9. Alani Nu Pre-Workout 

On the number nine spot, we have Alani Nu Pre-Workout. 

  • Price: $29.99
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (6,000 mg), beta-alanine (1,600 mg), L-tyrosine (500 mg), caffeine (200 mg), L-theanine (200 mg). 

Even worse than no energy is a roller coaster of ups and downs. The powerful combination of caffeine and L-theanine in Alani promises to give you that energy boost without crashing. Also, research shows that combining these ingredients can significantly increase your focus. 

Alani Nu contains the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee, so you must be careful when adding it late at night to prevent it from interrupting your sleep. 

The supplement is ideal for women that need an energy boost without worrying about a crash afterward. 

To check out Alani Nu Pre-Workout, click this link.

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Pros

  • Comes in several flavors: Rainbow Candy, Witch’s Brew, Cosmic Stardust, Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Island Crush, Breezeberry, Mimosa, Galaxy Lemonade, Rocket Pop, Blue Slush, and Arctic White. 
  • Contains scientifically proven ingredients with correct doses. 
  • Might give you an energy boost without a crash. 

Alani Nu Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Not ideal for those sensitive to caffeine. 
  • Could have other ingredients like creatine. 
  • Contains artificial flavors and preservatives. 

8. PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout 

Getting closer to the top pre-workout for women, we have PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout on the number eight spot. 

  • Price: $34.99
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (6,000 mg), betaine anhydrous (2,500 mg), taurine (1,500 mg), caffeine (320 mg), citicoline (250 mg), L-theanine (200 mg), Rhodiola Rosea (100 mg), and coffee fruit extract (100 mg). 

One of the benefits of Prolific is its high caffeine content. If you can’t get enough coffee before heading to the gym, pay attention. It contains 320 mg of caffeine, the same as almost 3.5 cups of coffee.

If you don’t get an energy boost from this dosage, I don’t know what will. 

Additionally, it has taurine, which can help increase performance by decreasing exercise muscle damage. In other words, it can delay fatigue so you can prolong your workout. 

PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout is ideal for women that need a greater caffeine boost to increase their energy levels and performance. 

To buy PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout, click here.

PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout Pros

  • Comes in several flavors: black cherry, sour peach candy, melon berry twist, sour green apple, raspberry lemonade, mango splash, strawberry kiwi, cotton candy, and tropical twist. 
  • Clinically proven ingredients with correct doses. 
  • Might give you an energy boost. 
  • Can reduce muscle soreness. 
  • May improve muscle pump. 

PEScience Prolific Pre-Workout Cons 

  • High doses of caffeine. 
  • Has artificial flavors and preservatives. 
  • Might produce stomach problems. 

7. Pulse Natural Pre-Workout 

Pulse Natural Pre-Workout is a supplement from the Legion Pulse Company, a well-established supplement brand. 

  • Price: $44.99
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (8,000 mg), beta-alanine (3,600 mg), betaine anhydrous (2,500 mg), caffeine anhydrous (350 mg), L-theanine (350 mg), and alpha-GPC (300 mg). 

One of my favorite things about this option is its caffeine-free pre-workout, which is ideal for those sensitive to caffeine. 

If you choose the caffeine option, you get a large dosage since each scoop contains the same amount of caffeine as more than three cups of coffee. With that said, it can increase your energy levels and help you improve your focus. 

One thing to remember is that this pre-workout is not made for women. While in some cases it shouldn’t matter, in this case, it might have a higher dose of ingredients than what you actually need. For that reason, you can start with only half a scoop. 

To buy Pulse Natural Pre-Workout, click on the following link.

Pulse Natural Pre-Workout Pros

  • Comes in many flavors: Fruit Punch, Strawberry Margarita, Apple Cider, Arctic Blast, Frosted Cranberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Blood Orange, Blue Raspberry, Blue Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, Grape, Green Apple, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Sour Candy, Tropical Punch, and Watermelon. 
  • Third-party tested. 
  • Money-back guarantee. 
  • Scientifically proven ingredients with correct doses. 
  • Might give you an energy boost. 
  • Can increase muscle pump. 
  • No artificial sweeteners or ingredients. 

Pulse Natural Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Expensive. 
  • High caffeine levels. 
  • Can produce stomach upset and heartburn. 
  • Not made for women. 

6. Bad Athletics Pre-Workout Powder for Women 

Bad Athletics Pre-Workout For Women

Next on our list is Bad Athletics Pre-Workout For Women. 

  • Price: $40.00
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (4,000 mg), betaine anhydrous (1,250 mg), beta-alanine (1,000 mg), taurine (750 mg), N-acetyl L-tyrosine (200 mg), organic caffeine (150 mg), L-theanine (100 mg), Senactiv (Panax ginseng and Rosa roxburghii), and BioPerine (5 mg). 

Bad Athletic Pre-Workout is an ideal option to help increase energy levels. It offers 150 mg of caffeine, the same as 1.5 cups of coffee. Additionally, its N-acetyl L-tyrosine content can help reduce stress and improve focus. 

Bad Athletic Pre-Workout is ideal for women that want an energy boost while managing stress and anxiety. 

Click here to buy Bad Athletic Pre-Workout.

Bad Athletics Pre-Workout Pros

  • Available in several flavors: Blueberry, Pineapple, Grape, Grapefruit, Blackberry, and Cherry Pie. 
  • Made with natural and artificial flavors and colors. 
  • Clinically-researched ingredients. 
  • May boost energy levels. 
  • Can increase focus and performance. 
  • It might reduce stress and anxiety levels.  

Bad Athletics Pre-Workout Cons 

  • High in caffeine. 
  • Might produce stomach upset. 
  • Contains some proprietary blends. 

5. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout 

Onto the top five pre-workout supplements for women. On the number five spot, we have Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout.  

  • Price: $32.99
  • Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate (3,000 mg), Astragin proprietary blend (Panax ginseng and Astragalus root), beta-alanine (1,500 mg), L-citrulline (750 mg), acetyl-L-carnitine (375 mg), N-acetyl L-tyrosine (250 mg), caffeine (175 mg), and citrus bioflavonoid complex (75 mg). 

One of the benefits of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout is that while it contains caffeine, it might not be as strong as other supplements. This gives you an energy boost without getting jitters or an energy crash. 

Also, its powerful blend of beta-alanine, L-citrulline, and creatine can give you that muscle pump to help you with muscle growth. 

Finally, they contain some vitamins and minerals, a nice way to help nurture the body. 

To buy Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout, click on the following link.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout Pros

  • Available in blueberry lemonade, fruit punch, green apple, and watermelon. 
  • Scientifically proven ingredients. 
  • Some doses are within the recommended guidelines. 
  • May increase energy levels. 
  • Might improve performance and focus. 
  • Contains some vitamins and minerals. 

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Contains some proprietary blends. 
  • Low creatine content for some people. 
  • Not ideal for people sensitive to caffeine.  

4. Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout 

Our next supplement is Transparent Labs LEAN Pre-Workout. 

  • Price: $49.99
  • Ingredients: Citrulline malate (6,000 mg), BCAA (2,500 mg), beta-alanine (2,000 mg), betaine anhydrous (1,500 mg), acetyl-L-carnitine (630 mc), choline bitartrate (500 mg), L-theanine (360 mg), caffeine anhydrous (180 mg), theobromine (50 mg), Infinergy (40 mg), and BioPerine (5 mg). 

One of the biggest differences between this pre-workout and others is its BCAA content. BCAAs are branch-chain amino acids. Research shows that taking BCAAs might help increase muscle synthesis, which leads to more muscle growth. 

However, they are below the recommended dosage (20 g). 

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout is an ideal option for women that needs an energy boost to increase their focus and reach better performance levels at the gym. 

To buy Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout, click on the following link.

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout Pros

  • Available in Sour Peach, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Orange, Cherry Limeade, Sour Grape, Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Punch, and Watermelon. 
  • Has scientifically proven ingredients. 
  • Some ingredients have correct doses. 
  • Might increase energy levels. 
  • May boost performance and focus. 

Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Expensive. 
  • Some ingredients are underdosed (BCAAs). 
  • Not ideal for people that are sensitive to caffeine. 

3. EHP Pride Pre-Workout 

We will now talk about the top three pre-workout supplements available for women. Starting with number three on the list, we have EHP Pride Pre-Workout. 

  • Price: $44.95
  • Ingredients: L-citrulline (2,500 mg), Nitrosigine (750 mg), betaine anhydrous (500 mg), EAA blend (2,500 mg), Pentaffeine (275 mg), bitter orange (50 mg), L-tyrosine (500 mg), taurine (250 mg), SerinAid (50 mg), and theobromine (25 mg). 

EHP calls itself the “King of Pre-Workouts” for a few reasons.

One of the biggest features that make this supplement stand out is its Pentaffeine blend. It contains five different types of caffeine (caffeine anhydrous, di-caffeine malate, green coffee extract, green tea extract, and yerba mate) for a five-stage energy boost.

In other words, it provides you slow releasing caffeine to prevent possible side effects like an energy crash. 

Also, it contains pump ingredients like L-citrulline and betaine anhydrous to help you improve your performance at the gym, helping you burn more calories. 

However, like with Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout, even though it contains an EAA blend, it is below the recommended dosage. 

EHP Pride Pre-Workout is ideal for women who need slow-release energy, like if you work long hours and hit the gym later in the day. 

Click here to try EHP Pride Pre-Workout.

EHP Pride Pre-Workout Pros

  • Available in Pina Colada, Voodoo Blackberry (limited edition), Fantasy Soda, Raspberry Twizzle Fo Shizzle, Blue Slushie, Sour Green Apple, Strawberry Snow Cone, and Cotton Candy. 
  • High caffeine content with a slow-release property. 
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients with the correct dosage (if you take 2 scoops). 
  • May increase your energy levels. 
  • Might help boost your focus and performance. 

EHP Pride Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Expensive. 
  • Not ideal for people sensitive to caffeine. 
  • Some ingredients have low doses. 

2. Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout

Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout for women

In the number two spot, we have Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout. 

  • Price: $34.99
  • Ingredients: Creatine monohydrate (2,000 mg), beta-alanine (1,600 mg), and ENGN Mind-to-Muscle Matrix Proprietary Blend (betaine anhydrous, choline bitartrate, L-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, VitaShure Caffeine, Mucuna Pruriens extract, theobroma cacao extract, L-theanine, Huperzine A, and BioPerine). 

Evlution Nutrition Offers a high caffeine dosage. One scoop offers 300 mg of caffeine, the same as three cups of coffee. So, this is not for those sensitive to caffeine. 

However, their mind-to-muscle blend offers other great ingredients to reduce your anxiety and stress, like L-theanine.

But since they hide behind a proprietary blend, it is unclear whether they are within the recommended dosages for each ingredient. Another con they have is that while they have creatine monohydrate to boost your performance, it is below the recommended dosage. 

To try Evlution Nutrition Pre-Workout, click the link.

Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout Pros

  • Available in Triple Berry, Ring Candy, Pink Starblast, Cherry Limeade, Bahama Blast, Furious Grape, Pink Lemonade, and Blue Razz. 
  • May boost energy levels. 
  • Can increase focus and performance. 
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients. 

Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre-Workout Cons 

  • Hides behind a proprietary blend. 
  • High levels of caffeine. 
  • Has artificial flavors and preservatives. 
  • Some ingredients have low doses (creatine). 

1. Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder 

Now, let’s talk about the best available pre-workout for women. Cellucor C4 is the number one option to boost your energy levels and increase your performance. 

  • Price: $29.99
  • Ingredients: CarnoSyn beta-alanine (1,600 mg), NO3-T creatine nitrate (1,000 mg), citrulline malate (1,000 mg), and explosive energy blend (caffeine anhydrous, Velvet Bean, and theacrine). 

So, what makes C4 the number one pre-workout for women?

One of the benefits is that it is not only for women. If you live with your partner and don’t want to spend money buying two different supplements, C4 can benefit both. The recommended dosage might change depending on your size.

Another benefit is its caffeine content. While it might not have as much caffeine as other supplements, I find that it offers enough for women to prevent any jitters, headaches, or sleep disruption. One scoop provides the same as 1.5 cups of coffee. 

Additionally, since it contains essential vitamins like vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, C4 can also help nourish the body. 

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of this supplement comes from the reviews. Hundreds of people support the claims made by the company that it helps boost their energy levels without any noticeable side effects (remember that each person might react differently to every supplement).  

With that said, if you are looking for an energy boost and a supplement to help take your performance at the gym to another level, C4 is a supplement worth trying. 

To buy C4 Original Pre-Workout, click on the following link. 

Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder Pros 

  • Available in Frozen Bombsicle, Icy Blue Razz, Grape, Strawberry Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Orange Burst, and Fruit Punch.  
  • High caffeine content. 
  • Contains essential vitamins. 
  • Has clinically proven ingredients. 
  • Might increase energy levels. 
  • May boost performance and focus 
  • Good taste. 

Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder Cons 

  • Has artificial flavors and preservatives. 
  • Several ingredients have low doses. 
  • Some ingredients hide behind a proprietary blend. 

Top 3 Pre-Workouts For Women Comparison

This is a lot of information. However, when it comes to supplements, the more you know, the better. 

While C4 might be the best option on the market, it might not be for you. 

The following table summarizes the main features of the top three supplements to help you choose the best for your needs. 

FeatureCellucor C4Evlution Nutrition ENGNEHP Pride
Supply cost$29.99$34.99$44.95
Price per serving (1 scoop)$1.00$1.17$2.25
Money-back guaranteeNoNoNo
Subscription savingsYesYesYes
Application PowderPowderPowder
How many per day 1-2 scoops1-2 scoops1-2 scoops

Pre-Workout for Women: Buying Guide & Recommendations

best pre workout for women

As seen before Cellucor C4, Evlution Nutrition ENGN, and EHP Pride are the best pre-workouts available on the market for women. 

However, if you still need convincing or you simply want to double-check what you currently have, here are some guidelines.


First, look for those extra things that the company provides. 

Does it give you a money-back guarantee? Or does it allow you to save when you subscribe or add bundles? 

The company can also add value through its customer service or by providing free consultations with health professionals or dietitians. 


Most ingredients in a pre-workout are safe. However, there might be options that can interact with certain medications you are taking or affect any condition you have. 

For that reason, always consult your doctor before taking any new supplement. 

Also, to ensure the quality of the supplement, look for certifications that ensure the safety of their ingredients. 


The ingredients might vary according to your preferences and the benefits you want.

For example, if you are sensitive to caffeine, consider looking for a caffeine-free pre-workout option. 

Also, consider those supplements that have clinically researched ingredients. It doesn’t matter what the label says if there is no research backing up their claims. 

Hidden Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends are not bad. 

After all, some of the best pre-workouts come in proprietary blends. However, it makes it harder to determine if the supplement works and if it contains clinically proven doses. 


So, the pre-workout has a clear label and clinical research behind it, but the dosages are very low. Low doses are unlikely to bring the benefits associated with that ingredient.

For that reason, make sure that each ingredient is within the recommended dosage. 


Reviews help you know any feedback that the company doesn’t provide. For example, if the supplement is as effective as it claims to be. It can also help you determine the flavor and texture of the products. 

Also, in some cases, it might be helpful to determine any possible side effects that might arise. 


Pre-workouts are a relatively inexpensive product. Usually, they cost around $30 to $40. For someone on a tight budget, this might represent a significant amount.

So, before you buy the supplement, break down the cost per serving and ensure you’re getting a good deal.


Everyone has a different palate. 

Opt for a company that offers you the flavors you like; the more it has, the better. Everyone gets sick of having the same flavor eventually.

Extra Characteristics 

If you lead a vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet, you need to look for those supplements that go along with your lifestyle. 

Make sure they have the ideal certifications to guarantee no particle contamination, especially if you need it to be gluten-free. 


The calories play an important role in anything you add, especially if you are on a weight loss journey. 

If you want to lose weight, try finding a pre-workout with less than 30 kcal per serving. 

However, if you cannot have a pre-workout snack, adding some calories and carbs to the pre-workout supplement can give you that extra boost. 

It all comes down to your needs. 


Finally, think about the features you want the supplement to provide. 

Does it need to aid in weight loss? Or the most important thing is to give you an energy boost?

Ask yourself why you want it and what you hope to get out of it. 

How does pre-workout for women work? 

As seen throughout the article, most pre-workouts hope to boost energy levels and increase performance. However, how can they achieve that? 

Let’s talk about each feature of a pre-workout. 

Boosts physical and mental energy levels.

features of pre-workout for women

Caffeine helps stimulate the central nervous system (CNS). That is why taking a cup of coffee can help reduce fatigue and boost energy levels. 

This brings me to the next benefit. 

Improves focus for workout performance and endurance.

When there is a reduction in your fatigue, you can increase performance. 

A study showed that consuming caffeine can decrease the time to exhaustion (when you feel fatigued) by 12%

So, pre-workouts might make it easier to hit the gym and give it your all for the best results. 

When is the best time to take a pre-workout?

The most effective time to take a pre-workout is 30-60 minutes before training. If you train at night, you might want to switch to early in the morning to prevent it from affecting your sleep. 

What is the difference between pre-workout for men and women?

The difference might be in the doses. In most cases, the same ingredients are used, but since women are typically smaller, the amount of an ingredient may be less.

With that said, some supplements are appropriate for both sexes. For example, the top option, C4, is for men and women. 

Top 10 Most Effective Ingredients in Pre-Workout For Women

Now that we are almost at the end of the article, let’s talk about those ingredients that are ideal to have on a pre-workout. 

I’ll talk about what you can get from them and their ideal doses. 


As mentioned before, caffeine can help reduce fatigue, increase performance, and boost your energy levels. Additionally, it can help increase your metabolism, helping you burn more calories without any extra work. 

Recommended dosage: 100-200 mg


Beta-alanine forms into carnosine which helps create a buffer for acid accumulation. This helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. 

Recommended dosage: 3,200 to 6,400 mg

L- Citrulline

L-citrulline increases nitric oxide levels which helps widen blood vessels allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles. This can increase both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. 

Recommended dosage: 6,000 to 8,000 mg


Arginine has the same effect as citrulline. It helps increase nitric oxide, widening blood vessels. More blood flow means better performance and reduced fatigue. 

Recommended dosage: 3-6 g


Creatine helps create explosive energy. It can help increase your performance, strength, and resistance capacity. 

Recommended dosage: 5 g (or higher)

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAAs can help improve strength and muscle recovery. They also can help increase muscle growth, which means more muscle mass means you can burn more calories aiding in weight loss.  

Recommended dosage: 20 g

Vitamin B

Vitamins from the B complex help convert the food you eat into usable energy in the body. This allows you to have more available energy and better performance. 


Protein can help improve muscle mass and recovery. However, too much protein can make it more difficult to digest, affecting performance and causing stomach issues like bloating. 

If you have a pre-workout with protein, make sure to have it 60 minutes before to ensure adequate digestion. 


Carbohydrates are the main energy source in the body. Adding some carbs to the pre-workout mix gives you more available energy, increasing your performance.

It is ideal for those that don’t have enough time to have a pre-workout snack. 


Finally, L-theanine allows you to reduce stress without feeling drowsy. It pairs well with caffeine since caffeine boosts energy and L-theanine helps you remain calm. 

Recommended dosage: 100 to 200 mg

Benefits of Using Pre-Workout for Women

Here’s a list of some benefits you might experience using a pre-workout. 

  • May boost workout performance and endurance. 
  • Can aid in weight loss. 
  • May increase energy and focus. 
  • Might Improve recovery. 
  • Can help build lean muscle. 

May boost workout performance and endurance.

Ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, and citrulline all play a role in helping boost performance and endurance. 

By reducing acid accumulation or boosting energy, it makes it easier to give it your best at the gym and last for longer. 

Can aid in weight loss. 

benefits of pre-workout for women

Pre-workouts don’t directly aid in weight loss. While some ingredients can help boost your metabolism (like caffeine), it mainly works by helping you burn more calories throughout the day. 

With that said, it may make it easier to reach a caloric deficit. 

May increase energy and focus.

As mentioned throughout the article, one of the biggest benefits of pre-workouts is their ability to reduce fatigue and increase energy. 

If you feel that you need a nap in the middle of the day or cannot hit the gym because you are just too tired, pre-workout can be the solution. 

Might improve recovery.

With delayed fatigue and improved muscle function, pre-workouts can help improve recovery. This can help reduce muscle fatigue so you are ready to work out the following day, too. 

Can help build lean muscle. 

Finally, ingredients like BCAAs and creatine can help build lean muscle. It may give you more strength to lift heavier or help increase protein synthesis. 

What are the side effects?

Any supplement can have different side effects.

It all depends on the ingredient, the doses, and how your body reacts to them. The best way to know if the supplement can give you a side effect is to read the reviews. 

Caffeine is a supplement that most likely can create headaches (as well as citrulline), jitters, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and heart palpitations. If you experience any of these symptoms, ask your doctor. 

Other ingredients like creatine might cause an upset stomach or some bloating. 

High levels of niacin might cause flushing in certain people and create a tingling sensation due to the beta-alanine content. 

Finally, some ingredients (like caffeine) might cause some dehydration since it may make you visit the bathroom more frequently. Ensure you drink plenty of water whenever you add a pre-workout and exercise. 

Our Final Recommendation

We’ve come to the end of this review of the top 11 pre-workouts for women. There are plenty of great options if you want an energy boost and to take your gym performance to the next level. 

However, if you are looking for the best option available on the market, C4 is the best of the best. 

It provides the equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee to give you an energy boost, improve your focus, and improve performance. 

Plus, if you are worried about having a crash after taking this supplement, its caffeine content is not that high. This reduces the risk of unwanted side effects. 

Also, it gives you nutrients like vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, and B12, all of which play an essential role in women’s health. 

To take your gym performance to the next step, visit the Cellucor C4 pre-workout website to make the first purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should women use different pre-workout than men?

No, women and men can use the same pre-workout. However, in some cases, the ones made for both sexes might have higher doses of ingredients. This might create more side effects in women like jitters, insomnia, and stomach issues. 

Are pre-workout supplements healthy?

Yes, pre-workout supplements can be a healthy option. However, you still need to consult your doctor to determine if they are healthy for you.

Does pre-workout help with weight loss?

Pre-workout might aid in weight loss. Caffeine can help increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories without doing any additional stuff. 

Also, higher energy and performance mean you can burn more calories at the gym, which helps in weight loss. 

Does pre-workout help burn fat?

Yes, pre-workout can help you achieve a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than your body needs) which is essential to burn fat. 

Does pre-workout help build muscle?

Yes, pre-workouts can help you build muscle, especially those with creatine monohydrate, L-citrulline, and beta-alanine. This allows you to have more explosive energy and muscle pump. 

However, remember that you need a caloric surplus (eating more calories than the body needs) to gain muscle. 

Is it bad to take pre-workout every day?

You can take pre-workouts every day, but your body might get used to them after a while. For that reason, I always recommend giving them a break once in a while. For example, take them for one month and then have a couple of weeks as a break. 

Is pre-workout good for beginners?

Yes, but I recommend taking half the dosage. If the company recommends taking one scoop, start with half to check for any possible symptoms that might arise, like jitters, insomnia, headaches, and stomach issues. 

How long does pre-workout last?

Depends on your caffeine sensitivity. For some people, it might last only a couple of hours, but for others, you might experience the effect for more than five to six hours. 

Side effects of pre-workout long-term?

Side effects that might arise from using long-term pre-workouts are dehydration, heart problems, anxiety, insomnia, jitters, stomach cramps, nausea, and bloating.

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