5 Best Deltoid Muscle Exercises

Deltoid Muscle Exercises

Strong arms aren’t the only important thing when it comes to lifting, powerful shoulders are just as vital. Deltoids encase your shoulder joint, providing you with the strength for carrying items from A to B, prevent injury and maintain proper posture. What are the best exercises for your Deltoids, allowing you to isolate the muscle … Read more

Best Machines For Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnant Yoga Poses

Aches? Back pains? Swollen ankles? There is no running away from it during your pregnancy. However, regular exercise may reduce many of the aches and pains that come with carrying your child. Not only that but it reduces stress and increases the possibility of faster labor and fewer complications – who would not want that? … Read more

3 Seated Cable Row Alternatives

Seated Cable Row Alternatives

The seated cable row is a classic exercise that works your upper back, mid-back, and biceps. However, there are many rowing exercise alternatives that are just as effective and work the same muscles out. These alternatives target muscles that minimize back pain as it strengthens the muscles responsible for proper posture. It can be difficult … Read more

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