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Welcome to my BlazePod review. 

When it comes to fitness equipment and accessories, I’ve had some serious buyer’s remorse. In particular, the too-slippery $150 yoga mat and that stationary bike that collects laundry. 

And don’t even ask about the sauna suit in the basement. 

Needless to say, I’ve been a little wary of making those investments lately. A gym membership is much more economical anyway, right?

Well, today I’m reviewing a product that you can use anywhere you like to get active, including the gym. BlazePods are portable and versatile, as well as extremely practical. I find BlazePod to be excellent for improving coordination, agility, balance, and much more.

Could BlazePod be right for you? If you play sports or want to focus on functional fitness, there’s a good chance they are. 

Improving performance on the field or court is a common goal. But retaining sharpness and mobility as we age should be just as important.

You might even find that BlazePod helps motivate you to work out. 

Keep reading to learn a lot more.

What are BlazePods?

On the surface, BlazePods are simply small, durable discs that light up. 

In actuality, they facilitate more activities than any other single piece of gym equipment.

The pods will light up either when touched or to signal a movement. It all depends on the exercise or drill you’ve chosen.

The pods communicate with an app I’ll tell you much more about coming up. 

For right now, here are some key features from the BlazePod site:

  • Up to 40-meter Device-to-Pod range with auto-connection
  • Powerful RGB LED Lights with 8 bright color options
  • Durable and weatherproof for both indoors and out
  • Smash-proof exterior allows tap outs with your feet, heavy wall balls, boxing gloves, and more
Blazepod Review

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Are BlazePods worth it?

BlazePods are not cheap. The tech involved, the durability, and the effectiveness in helping you train all seem to warrant a larger price tag. 

But should you buy them? If any of the following applies, I’d definitely consider it.

You want to improve your reaction time.

Your reaction time may be important in sports, but don’t underrate how it can affect your day-to-day life. 

Swift reaction times help us prevent injury. I discuss this much more in my article on reaction time exercises.

You’re looking to improve your reflexes.

Unlike reactions, reflexes are actions we take without thinking. Work hard on improving reaction time, and certain movements will eventually become reflexive.

This is a great benefit if you want proper form built into your automatic reactions.

You’re sick of boring workouts and want to mix things up.

The list of drills and exercises you can do with BlazePods is always being updated. The pods themselves can attach to different bars and surfaces – even punching bags – so things never get stale.

If you’re craving creative, dynamic movement, there’s plenty to enjoy here.

You are an athlete.

Professional athletes use BlazePods to train. This video briefly demonstrates how a pro soccer player uses BlazePod to run drills.  

Of course, you don’t need to have gone pro to get the benefits of BlazePod. Any athlete at any level will find ways to refine aspects of their performance with this tool.

You like to play different sports.

BlazePods are not marketed toward one type of athlete. They are not better for one sport over another.

From basketball and tennis to martial arts and wrestling, it’s fully customizable for what you want to train.

You are a personal trainer or would like to become one.

Giving every client what they need requires access to a lot of resources. This isn’t guaranteed at every gym. 

If you work independently, resources become even more expensive and difficult to attain.

BlazePods are compact, go everywhere, and work for all types of exercises at various levels. From the client’s home, to the park, to their gym.

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You want to measure your progress accurately as you improve your level of fitness.

How are you currently measuring your fitness progress? The scale? The mirror? A stopwatch?

BlazePod’s app offers you data that shows you how your performance is improving. This type of insight is very valuable in defining what’s working, and specific areas you could improve. 

That saves you from wasting time on techniques that aren’t helping, or overtraining in one area while another suffers. 

Let’s look closer at the app.

The BlazePod App

Many products are affiliated with an app, but does that mean we’re going to use it? No. Personally, I find a lot of accompanying apps to be poorly made and beside the point of the product.

Not the case with the BlazePod app. It’s just not a product feature; it’s integral to using the product. Fortunately, it’s a well-made app that offers a good user experience.

BlazePod’s app is available to both Android and iPhone users. Per their website:

“Simply download our user-friendly App to your personal mobile device and easily connect and control multiple Pods at once using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Choose from predefined activities or create your own, from one of our many light logics. Track your and your clients’ performance down to the millisecond.”

The very first thing you’ll do with the app is connect your pods. To do this, you tap the pod icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen after you sign in.

Starting out, you’ll want to try as many of BlazePod’s predefined activities as you can. These are designed by professional trainers and include video demonstrations.

Use the handy filter feature to show activities that focus on what you want to train. There are categories such as Decision Making, Core, and many more.

This helps the app learn what type of exercises you prefer and show related drills in the For You section.

The ability to create your own drills is one of the best features and is pretty easy to do. You can choose how many stations, light pods, and players you want in the Create feature. 

Want to win? Engage Competitive Mode.

There are many settings and options in the app. Whether you’re refining your feed to show you just what you like or get really into inventing your own training program, the app is very accommodating. 

Finally, you don’t want to skip the Analytics feature. It stores all of the activity it detects from your pods.

Here, you can see your number of hits and the average reaction time for each activity.

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BlazePod Benefits

Before we go stack up the pros and cons, here are my favorite BlazePod benefits.

First, there is the ability to concentrate on one area and the trickle-down effect it has on total performance. 

I can dedicate a whole session to training with balance drills. This balance training translates to better performance in yoga. 

Ask BlazePods to help with coordination and speed, and before you know it, you can keep up in aerobics class.

Anything you want to be better at, BlazePods can train you up for it.

Second, I appreciate the rehabilitative uses. Not only do you not have to be an athlete, but you can use BlazePods to recover from injuries. In fact, physiologists use them to bring patients maximum mobility.

Finally, there’s flexibility. When I first became interested in reaction time drills, I discovered many drills require a partner. 

You can certainly use BlazePods to work out with your trainer, team, or friends, but it isn’t a must. You can use them alone in your backyard, if you prefer. 

In fact, on busy days, I’ve completed many drills right on my living room floor between work and dinner. 

BlazePod Pros and Cons

If you’re still unsure whether or not the BlazePod system is a good fit for you, here’s a quick breakdown of the pros and cons.

BlazePod Pros

  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Lets you work out alone or with a partner
  • Supplies accurate data to track progress
  • Excellent variety – does not get dull quickly

BlazePod Cons

  • Must use the metric system
  • Pretty expensive
  • Some drills are too advanced/hard to understand

BlazePod Workouts

Here’s a sampling of the types of workouts you can expect to find once you start with BlazePod.

Functional Fitness

The functional fitness category features exercises you can try at the gym or home. 

For example, one drill has you lying down on a mat, but instead of simple sit-ups, you are twisting during reps to tap the pod that lights up. Not only does this strengthen your reaction time, but it also works your obliques. 

It’s your familiar functional fitness exercise but elevated. 

Martial Arts 

BlazePod recognizes that a lot goes into a fighter’s skill set. Strength and conditioning are standard, but being quick on your feet and whittling down your reaction time are also big targets here. 

BlazePod’s website currently advertises dozens of martial arts drills, but bear in mind the library is always growing. Plus, trainers can create their own drills.

Blazepod Martial Arts

Individual Sports

Sometimes, an athlete’s success comes down to them alone. BlazePod offers drills that can benefit anyone who plays individual sports.

In addition to martial arts, this includes golfers, fencers, skaters, and more. 

Team Sports

Coaches, trainers, and players can make huge strides in team performance with BlazePod. Keeping track of every player’s progress is easy with the app.

Teammates can also use BlazePod to compete against one another during training. 

Home Activities

Agility drills, plank competitions, and more can be done from the convenience of home. 

If you want to refine certain areas of fitness and work with bodyweight exercises between gym sessions, there’s a lot to see and do here. 

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Where to Buy BlazePods

A range of BlazePod kits are now available on Amazon. 

As with many products you find there, be sure you are buying authentic BlazePods. Substandard imitations are already beginning to crop up and I cannot vouch for those; this is strictly a BlazePod review.

To guarantee a brand-new, authentic product, shop directly from their website. Use this EWS-exclusive link and get an automatic 15% off (applied at checkout).

BlazePod Accessories

BlazePod offers different kits to suit various needs. 

The home or solo trainer would likely prefer the Basic Bundle. Meanwhile, trainers, gyms, and sports teams would want to invest in the Professional Bundle or Trainer Pro kit.

Blazepod Professional Bundle

BlazePods has done an excellent job of choosing the right accessories for their kits, but there are still a few you can buy separately.

Specifically, there are adapters that let you attach your pods to walls, cones, or mirrors. Plus, straps to attach the pods to bars, kick bags, goal posts, and more. 

Some smaller kits are available that act as upgrades or add-ons to existing kits.

Trainers can also purchase the FRX Course.

BlazePod vs. FitLight 

I acknowledge that every program, product, and idea I review has a competitor. In this case, FitLight seems to be the one brand consumers would compare with BlazePod.

Both flash-train reaction times, but there are some key differences between the two. 

Basic kit retails for around $300Basic kit retails for around $1,000
Can be used with your smartphoneRequires FitLight’s proprietary tablet
Charge lasts approximately eight hoursCharge lasts approximately four hours
Bluetooth range of approximately 40 metersBluetooth range of approximately 75 meters
Touch-activatedTouch and motion-activated

FitLight’s kits are highly customizable, and as you can see, there are some great features here. Ultimately, the lower price and higher battery life make BlazePod the preferred pick for me. 

I also prefer BlazePod’s more modern, low-profile design.

How do you set up BlazePod?

BlazePod is pretty easy to use right out of the box. Your stack of pods, charging dock, and charging cable will come in a hard case. You will need your own adapter for the cable.

The pods charge while stacked on top of one another; no need to charge one at a time. If they’re green, they’re sufficiently charged.

With charged pods, all you need is the app. Download in the Apple or Google Play store, and sign up. Once this is done, I recommend taking the guided app tour.

From there, it takes moments to connect the pods wirelessly to the app and begin the workouts.

Frequently asked questions

I couldn’t easily find all of the answers to my questions on the official site, so I immediately knew my BlazePod review would cover some of those. 

How many pods can I connect to at one time?

It depends on your smartphone. Newer, completely up-to-date devices can connect 12. If you have an older phone or old software, that will decrease.

This is important for trainers and organizations to consider. The average person is only going to use four to six pods and should have no issue connecting that number. 

How far away do the pods work with mobile devices?

Approximately 40 meters. That’s 43 yards, and a little more than 130 feet.

What are custom activities?

When you work out with BlazePods, the predefined drills will show you how to distribute your pods and how to complete the drill. 

Custom activities let you do this yourself. To do this, you use the “Create” section of the app. 

How long does it take to charge BlazePod?

The maximum is around five hours, and the charge will last eight hours or even a bit more.

Can you punch BlazePods?

Yes. BlazePod states:

“The Pods are designed to be extremely durable and can withstand high-speed punches and intensive kicking from fighters at all weight levels.”

Are BlazePods waterproof?

Not exactly – they’re only splashproof. If there’s a bit of sprinkling rain or the ground is wet, they’ll be fine. But they should never be submerged in water or, for example, used in the pool.

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Final Verdict

Unlike other workout equipment, BlazePods stand out as a tool everyone can feasibly get benefits from.

Aging populations who want to preserve cognition, people recovering from an injury, professional athletes, busy moms, and regular folks who want to get 30 minutes of activity daily can all use BlazePod.

It is a great training tool for team sports. However, I’m ultimately impressed by how its larger goal is to make you a more physically functional human. 

Balance, agility, speed, coordination, and strength can easily be enhanced thanks to the targeted drills and performance data. These are qualities that add up to a long life of less pain, injury, and limitation.

If you ask me, that’s much more valuable than six-pack abs or slimmer thighs. Although if you really take off with BlazePod, you might get those, too.

That’s my BlazePod review. Try it for yourself, and let me know how you like it.

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